January 21, 2020

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Saturday, 25 September 2010 09:45

Malta: Danica Muscat Impresses in Io Canto

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Time and time again, I have gone on record stating that we have a very good selection of artists here in the Maltese Islands and what is even greater is that they come in all different ages. One of the people who impressed me a couple of years ago is making a name for herself at the moment. I am speaking with regards to Danica Muscat, an artist whose first experience in a previous edition of the Malta Junior Eurosong.

The young prodigy now aged sixteen (16) has been singing since 1997 when she just fell in love with the soundtrack song of the movie "Titanic" starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio. When one works out the mathematics behind this, they would realise that she would just three (3) years old back then. Danica Muscat came to be known to Maltese viewers in 2006 when she finished sixth with the song "Play Your Violin"  and a year later for her self-penned entry "Stolen" which finished as the runner-up in the Malta Junior Eurovision back in 2007, before returning to the same festival in 2008 with two songs; "Trust and Believe" and "Touch of Joy" with the former finishing in sixth place as well.

The Times of Malta have been in contact with Danica Muscat after seeing her on Canale 5's show Io Canto presented by Gerry Scotti and they managed to find out how she managed to get onto the popular show. In fact, her Italian singing teacher let her know that a talent scout would be coming to our Islands to conduct a search for a singer and give the chosen candidate the opportunity on the  famous television show. With regards to her experience thus far, this is what she had to say "This is a unique experience. I’m making so many friends and meeting famous people. It’s nice to represent Malta." Danica's quest to win Io Canto continues having made it into her third week.

All of the Editorial team here at ESCflashmalta.com wish Danica Muscat the very best of luck!

Source: Times of Malta, Canale 5


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