September 20, 2019

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Monday, 09 March 2015 18:40

GħTP 2015: Interview with Ana-Maria Grima

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On the 21st March 2015, L-Għanja tal-Poplu, a local music competition known to breathe life into the music industry, will be turning thirty-nine. Following the huge success of "Jien Ma Naħdimx", composed by Mark Scicluna to the lyrics of Rita Pace, with vocals provided by Karen DeBattista, a surge of interest was reported, as a record number of 105 submissions were received. in partnership with the organising committee has been given the opportunity to have a chat with the sixteen competing acts, whilst also presenting an exclusive 30 second snippet of each respective entry in contention. Act number five is Ana-Maria Grima, and her entry is entitled "Dawn L-Għajnejn", composed by Siobhan Vassallo, to the lyrics of Rita Attard.

For the most part, you are a relative newcomer to the music scene, despite having previously taken part in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and the Summer Hit Song Contest. What was the main reason behind your submission in L-Għanja tal-Poplu, and what experience do you bring from your previous experience in local competitions? 

I always had my eyes on l-Għanja tal-Poplu but this year specifically felt likeI was ready to submit the song Dawn l-Għajnejn that me and my friend Siobhan Vassallo (composer) and Rita Attard (author) had been working on this past year, also The reason behind this is that L-għanja tal-Poplu gives the opportunity to local musicians and singers to express themselves musically in Maltese.  Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2011, Summer Hit Song 2014 and being one of 48 semi-finalists for the Malta Eurovision 2015 definitely helped me getting noticed and it also helped in my confidence and it strengthen my artistic side  which i am  looking forward on showing my ability  on the final night of Għanja tal-Poplu.

“Dawn L-Għajnejn”, composed by Siobhan Vassallo, to the lyrics of Rita Attard is the song that you will be presenting in this years’ edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu. Would you care to explain the meaning behind the lyrics and the genre that the song encompasses?

The meaning behind this song is very close to my heart, and I decided to put amongst other topics my personal experience which defiantly helps in showing emotion and where people can relate very easily. The topics are very current like bullying, anoxia, bulimia   peer pressure self harm etc... It’s about a mother trying to persuade her daughter to see what she sees in her which is beauty, no matter what other people think of her.

In 2015, L-Għanja tal-Poplu is turning thirty-nine (39), and during the years, it has earned a positive reputation, by virtue of breathing life into the music industry. It is no secret that the lyrics of each entry could cause controversy amongst the public. What is your view with regards to this statement, and do you believe that your entry challenges public perception?

I think as an artist I have the right to express my artistic side how I like it and people should open more and stop judging artists creativity unless it doesn’t hurt anyone I don’t see how it is a problem by having no filters.  I understand that the song can create challenges but i am aware of it, because i believe in my song and i have the right answers to defend my song if any controversy occurs 

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