September 18, 2019

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Friday, 14 December 2012 09:45

Malta: Lyndsay Hoping for International Success

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89.7 Bay have been known to create a number of successful artists throughout the years through airplay and opportunity to perform at some of their most esteemed events and one endorsement which they have given in recent times is that of Lyndsay who has been gradually building her solo career from scratch with a variety of sounds which all point to that one individual. It has been well noted that she has performed in ample television shows as well including Pjazza, Saturday Night and most recently, Ħadd Għalik on the national broadcaster; Television Malta. System Overload, Zip It Up, Love Sick and Going Under are four tracks which bear a touch of elegance, some sultry vocals and a lot of energy, ultimately showcasing the talent that Lyndsay bears which seems to have been noticed by producers of Britain's Got Talent, led by Simon Cowell who has successfully created the careers of Susan BoyleOne DirectionLeona Lewis, JLSOlly Murs and Rebecca Ferguson amongst others who came out of such shows as well as his sister show known as the X Factor.

Just a couple of days back, Lyndsay performed at the Bay Music Awards with Dimal noting that she features on his latest single Let's Make It Happen earning him a nomination for Best Newcomer in the field missing out on the opportunity with the award going to Cryptic Street who released their debut video Indecisive on earlier this year. The local performer is not the only one who got the opportunity to audition for Britain's Got Talent noting that Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and 2013 semi-finalist; Domenique has also managed to get the call as noted through the television programme; Sibtek and an earlier press release sent to all major media outlets. In the meantime, Lyndsay is looking to close the year on a high by virtue of a live acoustic gig at the Plaza before the year comes to an end with many fantastic things coming forth in the next couple of months including a music video for a brand new single which will be showing Lyndsay in a completely different light as she plans to strip down to the basics, though enough said about that and let the mystery unravel later. Stay tuned to for more news in the coming days about local artists.

Source: Lyndsay

Last modified on Friday, 14 December 2012 09:46