September 18, 2019

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Monday, 08 October 2012 16:32

Malta: Let's Make It Happen with Lyndsay and Dimal

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One of the main reasons why most local artists remain current is because of their consistent drive to release work which would have been carefully written and ultimately produced and one of the names that has many people talking is surely that of Lyndsay who has most recently released a brand new track entitled Let's Make It Happen but it is to be noted that she is joined by none other than Dimal, the Russian rapper who is based in Malta and has even tried his luck on entering the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in the past, to no avail unfortunately. It is quite intriguing to see these two working together but then again, the final product which is currently on all local radio stations is hitting the right notes with the listeners of 89.7 Bay requesting the song quite heftily noting a weekly increase in airplay. 

Dimal, has been quite quiet as of late but commenting on this track he states 'I'm always open to collaborations. I don't mind if the artist is well-known or not - I don't work with artists because of their popularity but because of their talent'. He would go onto add that the vocals from Lyndsay were a perfect with to the song and the female artist, who is a chart topper by her own standards went on record stating that working with 'such a talented and determined artist' was a pleasant experience. The genre is actually very different to what Lyndsay is used to especially this being more in Dimal framework of music having been awarded with the best hip/hop and r'n'b artist award back in the 2010 edition of the Malta Music Awards. Stay tuned to for more information about Lyndsay's and other artists' upcoming releases in the coming days, weeks and months.

Source: Press Release, Times of Malta

Last modified on Monday, 08 October 2012 17:01