September 23, 2019

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Friday, 05 October 2012 10:35

Malta: Kurt Calleja Enters 89.7 Bay Local Chart

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89.7 Bay has always spearheaded the importance of the local music scene and it is extremely refreshing to see that the existing divide between radio and local competitions is coming to an end because of the evolution of the respective acts that are coming forth and taking reigns over their respective music careers. In recent weeks, Ira Losco was leading the local chart with her hit single What I'd Give which still finds itself in position number #3 just behind the likes of the group Scar, former entrants in the Malta Song for Europe for starters who have most recently released their latest track White Lie. Nevertheless, the focus of the past two weeks has surely been Kurt Calleja who has found his way onto the chart with a brand new song which is definitely giving him an edge over the prior music he released. The song entitled Boomerang co-written by K-Warren could be found at number #10.

People have become somewhat infatuated with the track noting that it was also at number #2 on iTunes following it's release and prior to the performance giving on the Granaries at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. There is a lot riding on his follow up to the song This Is The Night which saw Malta advance to their first final of the Eurovision Song Contest since Chiara had done the honour in 2009 with the track What If We. Enlisted to help out in the final mix was Dan Pursey, a man who does not need a lot of introduction having worked with Five, Westlife, Kate Winslet, Ronan Keating  Clay Aiken, The Saturdays, Il Divo, Leona Lewis and Will Young just to mention a few. On the backing track, there are Matthew James Borg of Red Electrick and Kurt's very own brother, Kevin! The editorial board of would like to wish Kurt the very best with his new single and hopefully, it will scale up the chart a little bit higher in the weeks to come whilst reminding you to tune in every Monday night to listen to the Chart Update by Nathan D on 89.7 Bay.

Source: 89.7 Bay

Last modified on Friday, 05 October 2012 10:49