October 20, 2019

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Friday, 04 May 2012 09:10

Exclusive: Natalie Gauci Releasing New Single in Malta

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Popular music reality television show Idol has proven to be extremely fruitful in a number of countries presenting a large number of new artists who ultimately find fame through the music they release. One of such artists is Natalie Gauci who took part in the Australian version of the franchise a couple of years back and finishing on a nigh by virtue of winning. Since then, she has gone onto come over here to our Islands for the 2008 edition of the Malta Song for Europe performing two tracks from her debut album and also a duet of the song Angel with songbird Chiara. When she won the Australian Idol, she signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia and released her debut single entitled Here I Am which peaked at number #2 in the Official Australian Singles Chart (ARIA) whilst also gaining a renowned gold disc for a high amount of sales. In the meantime, the single preceded the release of her debut album The Winner's Journey which despite stalled at number #11 on the charts, still managed to sell quite a large amount of copies gaining platinum certification.

In the past couple of months, Natalie has been touring around Europe including; Spain, Belgium, Italy and The Netherlands before meeting up with the like of Victoria Ekeberg who fell in love with the several qualities that make up the artist that Natalie has become today. The first words passed forth from Victory were 'what are you doing in Berlin, you should be living in Sweden doing dance pop music, your voice is amazing'. Following this statement, Natalie decided to move house and is now working and living in Sweden and within just two months, she wrote a single with Jonas Vonderburg and will be releasing it with Four on the Flour Record Label. In the Scandinavian country, Natalie has been working with some stunning individuals and will be using her experiences to give her inspiration to write and be much more creative. Her latest single entitled Just Dance will be launched on 89.7 Bay Radio this weekend during Nate's Malta Top 10. She is planning to release more material here in Malta so keep on the look out for a brand new Maltese artist releasing music.

Source: Press Relations Team

Last modified on Friday, 04 May 2012 09:27