October 23, 2019

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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 11:27

Malta: The Latest Local Chart update on Bay Radio

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Over the past couple of weeks, we have been keeping tabs on the latest chart updates as brought to you live each Sunday afternoon by Nathan D on Bay Radio. We have seen the rise of two of the featured acts on our very own web-portal being none other than Relikc and The Crowns but the number of acts getting airplay is astounding at the moment with a new number of songs making the play-list of the same aforementioned station.

In this latest chart update, there has not been a lot of movement true as the number one spot has been held by none other than the group No Snow/No Alps and their song 'Far Into The Night (Without You)' but the new number two position has now been taken up by The Crowns whose debut single 'Memories' is doing extremely well with the listeners. Also rising this week a position of one spot to number three is the song 'Sun Won't Shine' by the ever so popular group Wintermoods. Other songs and acts on the rise surely include Bridget Bone now on at number five with the song 'Monkey Role', Permanent State Feat. Taya Cade with their track 'Really Care' at position number seven and Relikc's 'Take The Blame' which climbs up one spot to number nine in the latest update.

In the meantime, this week also saw the downward spiral of two acts in particular, the first being that of Ellie and the Oscars whose song 'Dancing in the Rain' a former number one has now gone down to number four as well as the song 'Sticks and Stones' by Ivan Filletti, also a former number one that has gone down to number ten, moving out of the list. The only new entry comes in at number eight with Airport Impressions front Errol joining forces with one of the most important individuals in the local club scene Toby on the track 'Tomorrow'. In the meantime, Nathan also played one of the latest songs to make the play-list of the station which is none other by Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist Raquela whose track 'Entertain Me' composed by Boris Cezek and penned by Dean Muscat surely set to make a hit.

Source: Bay Radio

Last modified on Thursday, 16 June 2011 22:16