December 09, 2019

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Monday, 24 May 2010 18:15

Oslo 2010: Day 9 Dress Rehearsal 2 - Review

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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very sorry for the delay that was caused just after the first dress rehearsal but we had to undergo some updates with regards to our comments system. We thank you for understand and co-operating with us. This evening is extremely important actually due to the fact that the Juries will be giving their votes based on this evenings' dress rehearsal which is set to start at 21:00 CET.

In the afternoon, Thea Garrett really impressed in the arena and many expect the same this evening in front of the European Judges who seem to be the chance for Malta to shine this year. This will be another run-through with the hosts and the postcards as if it was tomorrows' live show therefore it is of utter importance that all goes well as should anything go wrong tomorrow evening, this will be the show they would put on. Peter Walsh from All Kinds of Everything is covering the rehearsal for us this evening.


Opening sequence of bubbles appearing all over Oslo and leading us to Telenor Arena.  then we see the 3 presenters, who talk about the history of the Eurovision Song Contest before the actual event for 2010 actually commences.


Energetic performance , vocals fine, a good opener, Set mainly blue, Nice opener but I'm not sure they are definite qualifiers. At the end of the song, there is no close up on the artists thanking the audience which is a pity.


now, dry ice and wind machine. Black and silver set. NIce camera work. Hall is virtually empty so hard to gauge reaction. This could qualify but its very borderline.


Great vocals and camera work . Very quirky presentation which could actually score well with juries I think. Could this sneak in ?


Vocals very ropey. Green set. Kristina not interacting with the cameras.  This may be damaging her chances with the jury votes.


Postcards for all songs so far look very well, a little repetitive. Great set for this , everyone in white, set blue, dry ice. Great vocals, this is a much better performance than Slovakia before it.


The presenter is talking about  the history of some countries in the Eurovision Song Contest, mentioning Ireland's seven wins. as well Then we move to the audience with the other female presenter sitting among the fans.


Aisha outfit is dreadful.  Looks like a bathrobe. Her vocals are not as bad as this afternoon, though they did get worse.  I cant see this qualifying though.


Milan in his blue jacket, good vocals, the probs not always turning at the right time. Nice set and pyro, and the balls drop down the back of the set later in the song.  This is definitely qualifying I think.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Red jacket, dry ice, red jacket is a good idea.  Lots of bright white light. Good camera shots , great vocals, Backing singers are interacting well. I did not see this as a qualifier before getting here, but its got a great chance now I think.


Marcin's vocals are great, presentation also good, but I think that the ripping of the bodice from one of dancers will alienate some of the televotes, also some dodgy camera shots. I think this will struggle to qualify.


Now its to the green room and the presenters welcome Poland to their table, where they feverously wave the Polish flag in the background. Then they introduce Belgium through knitting!


Simple black and gold set. Tom dressed in his blue trousers and waistcoat. Excellent performance. great vocals.  This just has to qualify.


Thea on now for Malta. She is in her stage dress, surrounded by her seagull. Vocals very strong. Seagull has grey face makeup and a beak. Great presentation.  To be , this is a borderline qualifier


Great energetic set but the vocals not coming across brilliantly on screen. I thought this was a potential winner before I got here.  I don't think that anymore, but I'd say its a qualifier.


Greece next on. All in glowing white. Outfits a much tighter fit than earlier today!  Golden set.  The only bad part of this is the middle part, still not right.  Great reaction.  This is so qualifying.


Filipa next for Portugal. Classy purple set.   Nice hairstyle, great vocals. Interacting really well with cameras.


Now a break where we see the artists behind the scenes during rehearsal week. Then the presenters are back to remind us to vote.

FYR Macedonia

Now the writhing black dancers are on stage whichmay get them votes but how many. Its a nice song and its well presented , similar set to Bosnia but I think Bosnia is stronger.  There is a chance they could both get through., but I'm not confident this would happen.


Good harmonies, sound mix is really good.  Classy golden set. Then we have the butterfly dresses. No butterfly confetti on stage either. This should qualify unless the dresses adversely affect their chances.


Hera dressed in a red dress. Great vocally, and looks good on screen.  This is qualifying.

Last modified on Monday, 24 May 2010 21:09