December 13, 2019

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010 07:42

Malta: An Impeccable Performance

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Yesterday evening, Thea Garrett took to the stage for the second dress rehearsal which will also serve as the basis on which the juries across the seventeen competing countries as well as France, Germany and Spain will be voting on. Many websites were very positive on the rehearsal that our representative gave with only one website saying that she started it out a bit nervous.

In the meantime, our team in Oslo, Norway have now clarified that this was not the case as you can hear in the video that they shot below. She was sublime, beautiful and note perfect throughout the whole performance. This video is not based on what you will be seeing on the monitor this evening but is based on the stage performance which she gave. We would like to thank Juergen Boernig, Eric Lehmann, Klaus Berg, Ross Bennett and Lilian Brunell, the collaborators for for the amazing footage this year.