December 13, 2019

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:21

ESC 2010: An Opinion for this Evening

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Admittedly this year I have become a little sceptical of the entries this year. I have now grown to love them and I just wanted to share my views. There is a complete mixed bag of songs in this semi final. I can’t say I like them all but here is a review of the songs I’d love to see in the final.

The first one I have grown partial to is Slovakia, not only because the singer is beautiful she actually has a lovely voice and the song has a captivating melody.  I can’t see it being a winner, but I would love to see it getting votes on the final scoreboard. The next I would like to see in the final is Malta. I myself am not Maltese but I actually think this song has real charm and I really like how she manages to sing the high notes flawlessly. I am not sure how this will be presented on the stage, but I am certain she will do a great job.

Belarus, Butterflies is a very basic gentle ballad that I think should get them in the final, just as it is gimmick free and the promo video is actually very well put together.  The next song is Iceland. I must hand it to Iceland for a country with a population that is smaller than the average European town they have once again sent a decent song to Eurovision. Hera has proven to be bubbly and enthusiastic  as well as become loved by the fans.

There are a few songs that are a little weird. Finland seems to be something that only Finns would understand and others are full of gimmicks or like Moldova that seems very dated to say the least.

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