December 13, 2019

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010 12:37

Oslo 2010 - Semifinal 2 - Dress Rehearsal 1 - Review

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Good Afternoon people and welcome to the first dress rehearsal of the hottest semi-final of the year and that is the one which is taking place tomorrow evening at 9pm within the Telenor Arena in Baerum, Oslo in the Scandinavian country of Norway, This will be the first run through of the second show actually and therefore it will be quite crucial for the fans.

We had a live stream from the Press Working Area and are about to kick off in fact the hosts are currently presenting the show in a very fine manner although they might sound a bit too rehearsed for my liking. Alas we are off with the postcards. In the meantime, the team of the Irish Blog All Kinds of Everything will be blogging through the first dress rehearsal and therefore we will be bringing you their comments.


Keith: Very effective overhead shot and flashing rim on the stage. Dancing "men" in the stage backdrop and the pants come off. Cannot be eliminated from contention.


Keith: Camerawork is a bit shakey here and Eva isn't always finding the camera. More elaborate clothes on the men. Vocally fine. Certain qualifier.


Keith: Harel in a dark suit and open shirt pours hois heart out in a pale blue spotlight. Better eye contact at the start but then it's back to closed eyes. Harel BADLY missses one note and undercooks another. I'm far from certain of this qualifying.


Keith: N'Evergreen is still off key at the start but generally the vocals are better. The staging is being captured better on camera and the lighting and pyros on the key change are better. Now back in contention to qualify, based on this, but far from certain.


Keith: Michael is fine, but the backing singers are WAY off at points. It looks a bit tame until the key change and the pyros. This needs to be perfect to qualify as the Swiss have no guaranteed points. That was far from perfect and this is struggling to make it.


Keith: Anna is now wearing a knee length white dress. The performance is great, Anna is warm and works the camera, she sounds more confident, the the backing singers REALLY stand out. A certain finalist.


Keith: Safura's dancer now holds her hand as she comes down the stairs. It looks ridiculous and it sets the seen for some of the most overblown and pointless choreography I've seen in many a day. Safura looks awkward getting to the catwalk  and ridiculous running back. Vocally it's fine, Not a guaranteed finalist and not a winner, based on this. "Less is more".


Keith: Same as before, fine vocally and it has a strong chance of making the cut.

The Netherlands

Keith: Sieneke's hair is now longer at the back but she's still wearing thhat "autie at a wedding" outfit, The mock organ is featured a lot on camera. It will get the older ESC fans going but I see it going the way of Finland last night and not qualifying.


Keith: Paula haas ditched the dreadful silver catsuit and is back in black. Ovi makes some rather unfortunarte facial expressions but the climax is great and unlike the Danes, there is chemistry on stage. Qualifying.


Keith: Same as before and not a hope of qualifying.


Keith: Niamh's frock is FABULOUS (and believe me, I could have been very critical). It really gives her a statuesque quality. She's holding back vocally but it's still sweet and after Slovenia it stands out a miles.


Keith: Same as before, visually great and Miro sings well, but the song just doesn't cut it between Ireland and Cyprus. Not qualifying.


Keith: Lovely and understated after Bulgaria. I would still have more light on stage, trim Jon's fringe a little a move the microphone to one side so that you can see him. Vocally fine. This is in with a chance.


Keith: VERY shakey today, a couple of bum notes, messy camera work. I love this song, but this presentation is just not working for me. It needs to be a lot tigher vocally and visually. Still likely to qualify though.


Keith: More OTT choreography featuring Sofia in the "push me, pull me" role. Vocally fine, but too busy on screen and not helped by coming after the similar Croatian entry. I still think that it should make it.


Keith: Still monochrome and featuring a lot of Fermin with his "altar boy" haircut. Visually striking and the camerawork is better today. Standing out from the pack and qualifying.

Last modified on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 15:22