December 13, 2019

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010 18:51

Oslo 2010 - Semifinal 2 - Dress Rehearsal 2 - Review

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Good Evening people and welcome to the second dress rehearsal of the hottest semi-final of the year and that is the one which is taking place tomorrow evening at 9pm within the Telenor Arena in Baerum, Oslo in the Scandinavian country of Norway, This will be the second run through of the second show actually and therefore it will be quite crucial for the fans whilst it will be the one where the juries will be voting.

We had a live stream from the Press Working Area and are about to kick off in fact the hosts are currently presenting the show in a very fine manner although they might sound a bit too rehearsed for my liking. Alas we are off with the postcards. In the meantime, the team of the Irish Blog All Kinds of Everything will be blogging through the second dress rehearsal and therefore we will be bringing you their comments as well as my personal comments through a live feed.


Marc: The boys are dressed up in smart casual attire and have a number of musical instruments which are of course not actually being used. The lyrics are dodgy and funny but the vocals are not there tonight and therefore this will surely hurt their chances with the juries. I actually still think that Lithuania have a chance especially due to the fact that they remove the trousers to unveil glittery underwear which blend well with the multi coloured.

Peter: Inculto on first for Lithuania. Vocally good, dancing men on the backdrop.  Set changes for blue to multicoloured. Some great wide stage shots but vocals did struggle at the end. Moldova qualified singing first.  Can Lithuania?


Marc: Her hair is lusciously beautiful and so is the dress which she is sporting which sees a merge of peach and white. She is joined on stage by a number of backing vocalists and just one dancer. The backdrop changes from Green to Orange and this looks brilliant. That was an ultimate mess towards the end vocally with the high notes being atrociously bad. Yet this is still a qualifier.

Peter: Now Eva for Armenia. A great up tempo number.  Good camera shots and mostly good vocals.  Great reaction from the small crowd in the hall.  This has a great chance to qualify


Marc: A very dark backdrop for Israel but blends well with this melancholic number. The song is a slow ballad which mainly features on the vocal range of the artist and probably he is one of the best vocalists that the Eurovision Song Contest has seen in recent years. The lighting is just amazing and I can see Israel winning this years' edition of the festival. It is currently 3rd in the betting odds and one could surely know why.

Peter: Israel next. A long gap between the end of the postcard and the start of the song. Some great split screen shots. Blue set. Vocals the best all week, but he went off key in the last 30 seconds.


Marc: "For As Long As Remember", the first line sung almost completely off tune but then a lovely Chanee comes on to sings and saves him just a bit and when then merge together, it sounds so bad that might want to kill yourself. The backdrop is blue whilst the split screen is used in the beginning of the performance. Mid way through the song, they grab each others' hands and walk down the catwalk although this does not look like a proper relationship but more like a brother-sister bonding. I am not sure that they can make it tomorrow evening with such an atrocious performance.

Peter: Now, Chanee and N'Evergreen.  Blue set. , Dry Ice. Again, vocals best all week but again, off key in last 30 seconds .  Will this qualify or do a 'Kate Ryan'?


Peter: Switzerland next on . Michael on stage in gold. Golden set. Good backing vocals from the backing singers. Great golden pyrotechnics.  Michael's vocals are great.  Best swiss vocals in years.  He still does the run towards the stage .  Could Switzerland make it this year??  Unlikely unfortunately.


Marc: Anna is dressed in a beautiful yellow ensemble. The vocals are very strong actually and the red backdrop is irresistible. She received a large applause from the hall and she can surely qualify to the final round of this years' competition. She is this years' dark horse actually and one can surely note why.


Marc: The hot favourite for 2010 namely Safura is now on stage wearing a blue/green dress which is equipped with LED lights. She comes down the steps which also have LED lights in them and shine when she hits them with her shortened high heels. She is joined on stage by one dancer and four backing vocalists. The vocals are good though not amazing this evening and this will surely be the one to be next Saturday in my opinion. I would definitely bet on it !

Peter: Now its Safura. The dancer helps her down the steps. She's out of tune! This is Safura's worst performance since rehearsals began.  She still scurries from the platform back to the stage.  Her confidence seemed to have deserted her. What a surprise!


Marc: Well, Well, Well, This is one of my favourites because it definitely puts you in an interesting mood. The vocals are utterly amazing and I must say that they must be the best that we have seen this year especially from such a rock chick. Now she takes to the stage alone with a very classy piece of attire which looks like a see-through piece of curtain in order to explain the meaning of the song. I bet that this will qualify.

Peter:  Alyosha next on for Ukraine. She is dressed in a skin coloured dress and a dark headscarf.  Wind machine starts early on this one. Like this song or not, she has sung it brilliantly.  I never gave this a prayer before rehearsals began but I think its a strong possibility now.

The Netherlands

Marc: She is dressed in white attire and her hair looks to be made up in a way that she looks some forty years old. She has a Dutch organ on stage and she is joined by a number of backing vocalists. The lighting is pretty colourful and the vocals are quite good actually. This was quite pleasant and it will be failing the country yet again.

Peter: After 2 power ballads , its time for Sieneke and the Netherlands with her happy song.  A colourful set with some great wide screen shots and close ups of the 2 on the organ. Sieneke's vocals were great .  She has done the best she can but is the song good enough to qualify?


Marc: Another dark horse within this semi-final and an outsiders to win this years' event. The stage is bathed in yellow and red with a lot of pyrotechnics being used including fire from their hands or so it seems. They are joined by three backing vocalists, all of which are female. The piano is really cool and puts this performance above par with regards to quality this year. The vocals are good and they are not shouting at each other as they did earlier on in the week. Paula has amazing vocal capabilities and in the meantime, prefer the black catsuit to the silver one used earlier on whilst Ovi is just as brilliant with a black suit.

Peter:  Then we go to the green room as they introduce the Dutch delegation returning. And then its in to Romania. One of their best performances.  They are interacting with each other .  She is in the black catsuit which looks so much better than the silver.  This is a definite qualifier.


Marc: Well, what can I say, this has to be a replica of the popular yet non-qualified entry from Austria in 2005. It is nothing amazing though combining folk with rock and it all seems to be going against them as it is just a pure mess. I just cannot see this qualifying though and many people would know why.

Peter: Slovenia next on. Some shaky camera shots!!!  Dark set with hues of red. It brightens up later in the song.  Vocally it was fine.  They have done the best they can with the song but I honestly cannot see this getting through.


Peter: Purple dress  Hair golden. Great set for the song. Nice close up on the tin whistle. Backing singers in purple, male ones in black.. Vocals were great UNTIL the last note which she did hit JUST, but  only held it for a split second! It was a good performance but it would have been much better had she held the final note


Peter:  Bulgaria next up. White outfits, bright set, bare chested male backing dancers and wings.  Good vocals and a good overall performance.  Personally though, I think that this will struggle to qualify.


Marc: I must say that this has really grown on me and sounds just brilliant in the Press Working Area. The backdrop for this one is blue and looks quite well with the song though I might have used a shade of orange or green because of the word "Spring" in the title. The vocals are spot on and I must say that Cyprus could be in the final for the very first time since 2004 should all go well. People end up clapping along to it and there was a nice applause at the end.


Marc: The girls look utterly beautiful in their short peach dresses with a nice train to compliment it. Now they start the song singing on a park bench but this does not look bad on the screen. The vocals are really strong and I am sure that the judges are noticing the potential on this one. Despite the fact that I think it will not be winning, it has a fair chance at the top five this year whilst it will run into the final round of this years' competition.


Peter:  Georgia is the penultimate song on. I really don't get the manipulation of Sofia on stage.  Why can;t she just stand still?  Having said that, despite all of her stage movements, her vocals are faultless.  Some great wide stage shots here. Stage moves from red to black and she is lifted up at the end, followed by LOTS of fire on the front of the stage.


Marc: Very dark staging for this one actually but it merges well with this rock song which maNga have presented the European crowds. The vocals are faultless yet the presentation could be better in my opinion. In the meantime, this is definitely in the final of this years' competition and it is only within the top ten thanks to Diaspora.

Last modified on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 21:01