January 21, 2020

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012 02:24

The Critics Choice: '7 Days'

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Some people tend to hold a photographic memory which entitles them to remember all of the events that have come up to this point in time but then again, others who might not be so lucky to have such a trait might still remember because of the impact that it left as an individual. Rolling back the years to not so long ago, there was a crop of artists who have become leading figures in the current music industry. This fact is not only known to the Maltese Islands but even in foreign waters with the rise of several individuals, all ready to compete against the former heavyweights in both award shows and also the charts. Nurturing is one of the many important things that should always be considered when a child shows promise in any kind of talent but when it comes to vocal capabilities, a coach should be quickly sought to guide in the right direction. This is the case with Danica Muscat who is the next artist whom the critics discussed.

The competition welcomes yet another debutant with Danica coming of age just a couple of months making her eligible to compete within the largest musical showcase in the country. Despite the fact that she is quite young, she can be the one to follow in the footsteps of some of the youngest individuals who have done well at the Eurovision Song Contest including the thirteen (13) year old Belgian Sandra Kim who lied about her age to compete with the song 'J'Aime La Vie' eventually winning the competition in a resounding manner. Her age is tender and minimal but her experience is somewhat the opposite having racked up a lot of competition participation and promotional ventures over the years. The very first major event which she actually entered was the Junior Malta Song for Europe in 2006 with the song 'Play Your Violin' finishing in sixth place. she would eventually return the following year belting out the track 'Stolen' in her small frame and this time being pipped in second position. She would give it one last shot in 2008 with two songs being 'Trust and Believe' and 'Touch of Joy' with the former making it to the final finishing in sixth place once more. Still that competition was not the only one for the young prodigy.

She has represented the country in international forums including the prestigious 'Ti Amo Festival' held in Romania, the 'Tralcio D'Oro Festival' in Italy, 'Asteriks Festival' in FYR Macedonia and most recently the 'Carpathia Festival' in Poland. Despite all these showcases, nothing can be the fact that she has been a part of the show 'Io Canto' which airs on Mediaset Canale 5. During the time on the show, she gained confidence and experience by performing with some of the most astounding stars in the industry such as Ron. Her most recent local participation in a competition came during the twentieth edition of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' where she performed the track 'Kliem Li M'Għidtlek Qatt' composed by Mark Debono and penned by Christopher Azzopardi finishing in the middle of the field garnering tenth position. In this last event, the artist showed maturity and grace, two elements which will aid in making her a leading lady in the near future. It is quite interesting that the artist began singing for the very time at the tender age of three (3) having listened to the song 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion during the movie 'Titanic' falling in love with the melody and the voice noting what she wanted to carry out in the future.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – An In-depth Analysis

The debut of any participant in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest could prove to be intimidating but this is not the case with Danica who is taking every inch of this experience to help her grow an artist. She has brought to the competition a song entitled '7 Days' which is a classic ballad which fans of the Eurovision Song Contest tend to appreciate for sheer quality although some have commented that the track might be slightly too mature for her to perform but one could surely hear her emotion throughout the track which has been written completely by Philip Vella, an individual who does not need a lot of introduction in the local music industry having been around for quite a number of years, managing to pose a threat to the competition every time.

This is one of the five tracks that Philip Vella is presenting to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and the first of two that he has written on his own. We have already published one of his other tracks this year being 'Pure' to be performed by Claudia Faniello with the lyrics having been penned by Gerard James Borg. Despite an astounding profile, the songwriter is yet to manage to write a song by himself and finish at the helm of the scoreboard. In the past decade, he managed to compose five of the respective songs but then again one has to remember that Philip Vella also accompanied Debbie Scerri at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest as a guitarist to add a very reputable sixth appearance at the largest musical event organized in Europe.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 48%

Steve Allen: Fresh kid and looks nice, shame they didn't give her a remotely decent lyric to sing, this one is bland, no hought into the words,  to ryhme the words Away with.. Away is lazy writing, as in 'moon in June'.

Carlos Coelho: Simple and pleasant song, it could make a good Eurovision song.

Sharon Vaughn: Beautiful young singer, sounds like a country-ish song. She needs a more contemporary song.

Martin Isherwood: Competent, strong opening, but 3rd person. Sing to me! Some clichés 7 days of extremes! Oh Dear! "Goodbye. Goodbye" - is this the real title / meaning as 7 days doesn't say anything other a duration. It's not the main idea of the song.  It only lasted a week - get over it. Nice voice.  Competent, nice musical hooks but lyrically all over the place.

Charlie Rapino: She looks young and fresh .. finally! Still though, the song doesn't suit her because it is an adult ballad.

Source of Audio Visual Material: PBS, Fotoclassic

Last modified on Tuesday, 17 January 2012 03:47