October 23, 2019

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The 2011 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest continues to be hailed by national and foreign press as one of the best national finals in terms of song quality and definitely the best with regards to the show production but the number of artists which presented themselves is astounding and the fruit that they planted is being reaped quite well. The latest name to release new material onto the music scene is none other than this years' runner-up Richard Edwards.

The singer who has become ultimately one of the most recognized people within the industry has just released his brand new single 'You're Gonna Thank Me' onto the radio stations including Bay Radio, Radio 101, ONE Radio, Radju Malta, Calypso, Smash and even RTK amongst others accepting it within their play-list. It will also headline the play-list of XFM as of next week. The credits for this song surely go to the composer Jan Van Dijck and to the singer himself who penned the lyrics, the same team behind the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 entry 'Finally' which won over both local and foreign people.

The song can be seen also through the video link found on youtube below as uploaded by the artist himself. We would like to wish Richard Edwards the very best of luck with his new material noting the fact that he is currently working on his debut solo album which should be out early next year most probably.

Source: Facebook

One of the most prestigious events in the local music industry is surely the Bay Music Awards – which give recognition to artists whose music has been successful on 89.7FM. In contrast to the Malta Music Awards, these awards give more weight to the listeners at home who can vote for their favourite nominee. The event this year will take place on the eve of a public holiday; Sunday the 12th of December at the Bay Eden Arena in St Julian’s.

This will be the 7th edition of the awards and the organizers have decided that the theme for this year’s awards should be ‘Invading Your Senses’. Some of the top local artists will be entertaining the crowd present at such a prestigious event with tunes that have dominated the local airwaves for the past twelve months. A CD featuring the entire line-up on the night will also be issued and the profits from this CD will go to Bay Kids Foundation which this year is helping Dar il-Kaptan.

Here are the Nominees:

Best Newcomer - SMS 5061 5301
•    Bletchley Park
•    Dolls for Idols
•    Saving Alexis
•    Ellie and the Oscars

Best Dance Tune/Remix - SMS 5061 5302
•    Kristina Casolani - DJ Ruby Remix - Get Out (DJ Ruby Remix)
•    Toby & Scott Walker feat. Taya Cade - Blame
•    U-Bahn - Jo Micali Remix - Beautiful Eyes (Jo Micali Remix)
•    Joseph Armani feat. Eugene Noiz - Under the Water 2010

Best Band - SMS 5061 5303
•    Airport Impressions
•    Red Electrick
•    Scar
•    Wintermoods

Best Solo Artist - SMS 5061 5304
•    Muxu
•    Kristina Casolani
•    Brooke
•    Lyndsay

Best Song - SMS 5061 5305
•    Scar - Untenable
•    Ellie and the Oscars - Pretty Rival
•    Airport Impressions - Walk With Me
•    Winter Moods - My Neverland

Another three awards will also be given on the night – these are the Bay Bands Trophy, the Bay Presenters’ Choice Award and also the Viewer’s Choice Award. From these three awards, the public can only vote for the latter – SMS 5061 5300. Voting is limited to three votes per mobile phone and to vote all one needs to do is write the name of the artist or song he is voting for and sends a message in the number allocated to each category.

The event will be aired on Christmas Day on TVM around 4PM with other further repeats. Those who wish to attend the event and experience the electric buzz should know that tickets are out on sale from the Eden Century Cinemas Box Office. So if you’re interested in attending – hurry up and grab your tickets now.

Source: BMA's & VisitPaceville.com

The effect of music on an individual can be one which scintillates in more than one variety in fact, it is said that  “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” Once more, we are going to bring you the latest chart update as announced last weekend by Nathan D on his Chart Show which is aired live every Saturday from half past one until half past two.

At the top of this weeks' charts there have been no changes actually with No Snow/No Alps holding onto the top spot with the song 'Far Into The Night (Without You)'. They are once more followed by The Crowns and their song 'Memories' in position number #2 and 'Sun Won't Shine' sung by WinterMoods in position number #3. The first alteration within the chart actually comes in the next two positions with the new upcoming group Bridget Bone moving up to position number #4 as well as Permanent State featuring Taya Cade and their song 'Really Care' moving up to position #5 in this weeks' update. In the meantime, one of the groups that has been featured a number of times on ESCflashmalta, namely Relikc are steadily climbing up hitting position number #7 in this weeks' update.

In the meantime, what makes the local charts interesting is to see an artist reach the charts for the very first time and this is the case for the 2011 Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist Raquela whose recently released single 'Entertain Me' enters the chart within it's first week at position number #8. Still this is not the only new entry for the week as the upcoming singer Davinia has managed to enter the chart at position number #6 with the song 'Bottled My Teardrops'. Another group on the rise is Cable 35 and their song 'Memories' is now at number #10. In the meantime, some artists are not that lucky to continue their ascent and one of such songs is 'Tomorrow' by Dj Toby and Errol of  the group Airport Impressions with the song falling to position number #9 this week.

Source: Bay Radio

Malta's Official Countdown [MT10] 11/06/2011 by MaltaOfficialCountdown

The last batch of songs are set to air today, after the other twelve finalists were aired in the last two weeks with their their videos shortly made available online after their respective performances. This week’s show hosted by Deo Grech and Natius Farrugia will surely be an entertaining one as joining them on the sofa of ‘Celebrity Weekends’ is none other than Mary Spiteri who is also set to perform the Maltese version of her 1992 Eurovision entry ‘Little Child’.

Shifting back to the Summer Hit Song Contest which is now the main show case of the programme – the last six will interpret their entry for the very first time on TV. The public can vote for their favourite song during the whole week as a clip of all the songs is airing in different times of the day on ONE TV. In the upcoming programmes the singers will interpret their songs again, this time alongside side a popular singer for the innovative celebrity duet.

Celebrity Weekends airs every Saturday afternoon on ONE TV. The last batch of six songs that will be sung this week are;

Queen of Heart - Joseph Refalo (Miriam Christine/Gerard James Borg)
Let's Party - Minik & Siconix (Siconix)
Ain't my kind of love - Janice Mangion (Mark Scicluna/Rita Pace)
Heaven Awaits - Francesca Borg (Marco Debono/Rita Pace)
Thank You – Floren (Elton Zarb/Rita Pace)
Day After Day – Kylie (Andrew Zammit/Joe Julian Farrugia)

Source: Press Release

One of the newcomers in the Malta Eurosong 2010 has been going quite strong in recent months, working day and night on coming up with new material which would be performed within the music scene continuing what he always wanted to do. I am speaking with regards to Ryan Dale who made waves by making it to the Maltese national selection with a song written by himself and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Jon Lukas Woodenman.

The young singer has achieved a lot within his career having represented the nation in various festivals abroad when he was even younger and also made our country proud whenever he performed abroad be it as a soloist or within a choir. Coached and taught by Ruth Sammut Casingena, also a former finalist in the same festival, he managed to see things from a different perspective as the aforementioned individual got Ryan an audition with British based Manager/Producer, Juliana Storace, a woman who knows a thing or two about the business having been within it for the last four decades. She was clearly impressed and signed him up as her protege becoming his new manager. In recent weeks and months, Ryan, has been in the United Kingdom composing and recording songs for his debut album along with both Juliana and Canadian songwriter Tristan Palumbo.

Infact, that is how we get to the new of the first single "Time To Fly" which will be launched in the very near future. The song is getting airplay on various radio stations here in Malta with the singer also being asked to perform on a number of day-time and night-time television shows on the major television stations. As mentioned below within the comments, Ryan Dale is also entered in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and we would like to wish him the very best of luck in making it through to the upcoming selection!

Source: Juliana Storace

Over the past couple of months, the local music scene has been establishing itself as one of the most impressive with new, upcoming talent taking over from the well known stars which used to make up the scene. This new mixture of sounds is actually quite interesting as it makes things somewhat diverse. One of these is surely none other than the band Relikc' whose recently released single 'Take The Blame' has entered the Bay Music Charts where it has maintained it place for a couple of weeks and has peaked to number 9 in the latest update.

This band would like to prove themselves worthy of a place amongst the elite and in order to do so they have decided to release the music video for the same aforemtioned song which is by the way, their second single to have charted within the same chat based on station airplay. One should note that the Bay Music Charts are the only Maltese charts which base on local music and of course the airplay which they get. You can view the video for the song below, and as you can hear correctly, the lyrics are portrayed equally within the music video. Enjoy!

Source: Relikc Official Facebook Page

In the past couple of weeks, we have been taking a look at the entries within this years' edition of the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest with three experts listening to the competing entries and marking them on various categories with a verdict ultimately reached. Today, marks the beginning of a new feature, one which we have been thinking about for quite some time. This new form of editorial will be undertaking the task of analyzing a performer through their experiences in time following a one time participation in the annual Malta Eurovision Song Contest. These so called one hit wonders might surprise some of you through their talent outside of the local competition. To kick off today, we have decided to tackle a female, by the name of Isabelle.

The young, charming and extremely talented Isabelle came to the Malta Song for Europe in 2007 with a song entitled 'My Love' composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg, the most successful team of the past decade with a total of five entries coming in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2008. Building up a nice reputation as a versatile singer over the years, it was quite interesting to see her getting through to the semi-final stages of the competition. She performed the ballad on the night to absolute brilliance, with no flaws whatsoever but the jury and the people did not see it fit to give it a ticket to the finals and thus, that would remain her first and only national final appearance as a main singer noting that she would accompany Glen Vella and his song 'One Life' as a backing singer both in Malta and ultimately abroad.

Isabelle's first shot to prominence came during the 2006 edition of the 'Għanja tal-Poplu' when she submitted the song 'Dak Bla Ġlekk' written by the well known Augusto Cardinali. This heartfelt ballad had been submitted into the small local showcase when it was still popular and this song managed to finish in the top three, second ultimately, gaining very good ground for an aspiring artist. In the same year, she also got through to the finals of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipedenza for the very first time joining 'Għanja tal-Poplu' winner JAnvil and soprano Claire Caruana in the song 'Għanjet Il-Malti' which was appreciated by the general public for the sheer use of so many traditional local elements.

The following year was quite one to remember though for Isabelle because not only did she make the semi-finals of the Malta Song for Europe but she was also in the finals of the 'Għanja tal-Poplu' with the song 'Lingwiti' composed by Augusto Cardinali and penned by Giovann Attard and also the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' with the song 'Muża' composed by Philip Vella and penned by her brother Keith Zammit. The atmosphere of the venus is one which many artists actually love to experience and she haunted the Granaries with astonishing vocals once more although the results were not always achieved. She was always happy to give her all and then see what comes of it in the end.

Unfortunately, the Malta Song for Europe is still a dream for Isabelle especially for her to compete as a solo performer but she kept on reaching various successes by making the finals of more and more festivals, reaching the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' once more in 2009 with the song 'L-Għajnejn ta' Pittur' yet again composed by Philip Vella with lyrics by Keith Zammit. This song was very special and dear to the singer in a way that beautifully experienced the song and sang it truly from her heart. This year was special because it marked to her return in performing in English making it the finals of the Malta Hit Song Contest with the song 'I Can't and I Won't composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg. Many say that it was her entry for the Malta Eurosong which failed to make it through but this has never been proven. The song was somewhat different to what we had heard from Isabelle but in a very good way.

Her final solo performance over the past couple of months has come during the Malta International Hit Song Contest where she performed a song which was completely out of her comfort zone as it hit notes for an upbeat sort of r'n'b. The entry which bore the name 'Babysitter' was composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Rita Pace, a completely new team which were definitely experimenting with her voice seeing what suits her best giving her a new fringe, a new tinge of style. In my opinion, she could really build on this style in the future. Following this though, she instantly starting working with Glen Vella on his song 'One Life' doing the live backing vocals on the night of the song festival here in Malta joining Pamela and Angela on stage as the help in vocals. The song would go onto win and represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest giving Isabelle her premier experience in the annual event. Where will she go on from here now? Definitely a one hit wonder for the Malta Song for Europe festival but reaching new heights of success with each passing day!

Source: Għanja Fest, Personal CD Collection, Youtube

The local festival ‘L-Għanja Tal-Poplu’ was held yesterday night at the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana. The show was broadcasted live on ONE TV through the popular programme ‘Bla Agenda’. The fourteen competing songs were all sung live and accompanied on stage by live instruments – this is something which makes this festival unique as the musicians along with the singers can experience the sensation of singing and playing the instruments live.

The show was hosted by local presenter and lyricist Deo Grech who replaced Vanni Pule after the latter pulled out of the show at the last minute citing personal reasons. On a different note, the songs lyrics in Maltese are of utmost importance and this was stated over and over again in the live broadcast – in fact the organisers each year award a song which has the ‘Best Social Theme’ whilst they also present the award for the ‘Best Interpretation’ along with the best three songs on the night according to a panel of experts.

The big winner on the night was certainly Corazon who triumphed with the self-penned entry ‘Mill-Għajnejn ta’ Tifla’. Corazon managed to take both the best interpretation award and also first place. This is Corazon’s third victory in this festival, after she triumphed last year with the song ‘Ta’ L-Ahhar’ where she sung in a duet with Walter Micallef - who was tonight’s special guest. Corazon also won the festival in 2007 when she participated for only the second time with the song ‘Hawn Jien’ whilst in 2008 she was rewarded the prize for the best interpretation for the song ‘Illejla B’Xejn’.

ESCflashmalta has spoken to the winner and this is what she had to say "This year I experimented with a different collaboration with 5 great musicians. I am so proud of my musicians who did an excellent job in the rendition of 'Mill-Għajnejn ta' Tifla'. I feel that the win is all theirs, due to the collective effort that they all put into this performance. This year I would like to take a step back from the merits of this result and simply feel so proud that my composition was executed so beautifully, before such a warm audience - that alone, is enough for me." For more information about Corazon, be sure to visit her official website here.

In second place was Petra Zammit with the song ‘Rakkont ta’ Omm’ composed by Heathcliff Balzan to the lyrics of Deo Grech. The latter was also awarded the prize for the best social theme in this year’s festival. Rita Pace managed a satisfying third with her self-penned entry ‘Indunajt’. The judges on the night were; Prof. Manwel Mifsud, Steve Borg, Joan Haber, Olvin Vella, Siro Camilleri, Doreen Galea and Rosanna Miceli Donolly.

All the three winning songs feature rather strong social themes – the winner speaks about how children see the world through their eyes and their sincerity. The second placed song speaks about what single mothers feel whilst the third placed song speaks about the injustice in local spheres.  One has to remind the readers that the aim of this festival apart from promoting local music is also for a good cause and those who either bought the ticket to attend to the show or decided to buy the CD would have carried out a good deed. The CD of the event is also out for sale, those interested in buying one of the CD's can do so from YTC Valletta.

Source: GħanjaFest.com

There was a time when the local music industry was close to being non-existent but with the development of management houses, and recording labels, it seems that things are changing quite fast. One of the emerging talents of this new age which we are presently living in is none other than the group, Airport Impressions who are currently being looked after by their manager, Howard Keith of Jagged House. Starting off with recording new material, they compiled everything into an album but everyone now and then, a new single is released onto the radios and thus an extremely well organized event takes place.

The upcoming release from the group bears the name 'Retro Star' and the song will be sent to the radio stations just after the anticipated launching event which is in turn being held within the club known as Numero Uno. Airport Impressions as a group have just been over to perform in Sweden. Their first international gig was deemed a huge success and other projects are definitely in the pipeline for the popular local band. Attendance to this particular event can only be achieved through a number of limited invites which have been published and distributed in local businesses such as Celio, Tom Tailor and Tally Weijl meaning all of the clothing establishments that fall under the Square Deal Limited. Once more, the group will not only be launching a single but they will also be playing a full live electric gig for their loyal fans who will be present.

Source: Facebook, Allen Venables

In recent years, the Maltese Islands have been playing host to a variety of well known singers including Michael Bolton, Laura Pausini, Bryan Adams, Dionne Warwick, Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias amongst others and this time round it is no different as the Dire Straits Co-Founder, David Knopfler is set to perform at the Manoel Theater tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday and he has made sure to pick some amazing local talent as supporting acts.

Following his departure from the popular band Dire Straits, he has managed to hold on quite strongly and has managed an extremely modest solo career. During the three day extravaganza, he has picked the bands "Explicit", "The Creepers" and "Jewls Verse ft. Aldo Spiteri" to support him on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively but he also made another decision and that is for a Maltese singer to accompany him on the duet of the popular song "Tears Fall" which managed to break through a number of international charts. The artist chosen is none other than former Malta Song for Europe finalist Fiona Cauchi whose best result came back in 2009 with along with the group Q and their song "Before You Walk Away". It is also rumoured that the aforementioned artist has not submitted for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 due to other commitments.

Source: Manoel Theater Website