October 23, 2019

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The local music scene is currently going through one of the most positive periods in years with several areas enjoying prestige especially when one brings about the idea of a number of artists who are exporting their musical product abroad achieving success. Still, one can never forget the Maltese national language which is duly promoted in a number of showcases over the course of the year. Still, one of the projects which the Public Broadcasting Services took up for the new television season has been none other than the musical drama series 'D.R.E.A.M.S' which features a number of intriguing story-lines, all of which surround the students of a prestigious sixth form education facility.

The first five weeks have proven to be a sublime introduction to the live of the main protagonists and now, a month has passed since the beginning of the scholastic year and viewers will be treated to the development of a number of stories. The day that everyone has been working hard for has finally arrived and that only means one thing, the first tests of sixth form to prove the direction in which that the students are heading as they hope to reach the top of the mountain. A number of students take a lot of notice whilst others don't mind such tests but then again, this episode would like to promote the message that 'in life, in order to succeed and get to where you would like to, then you would have to dream and work hard to achieve'. One of the main protagonists of the series is Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar), a basketball jock whose interest is to play but he needs to get his grades up to a 'B', something which he sought the help of Antoinette (Annalise Psaila).

Also keeping an eye on Brandon during this period will be none other than Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese) who is definitely looking forward to exams ending especially after asking him on a date, which they will get to do once this period of time blows over completely. Turning the focus to Jasmine (Rachael Tedesco Triccas) and her family, it will be quite intriguing to see whether her father, Joe (Martin Catania) will be able to get the help he requires or whether he even wants it noting that it could bring him to peace with his daughter and his wife (Mariella Chetcuti Delmar). This and more will be the highlights of the sixth episode of the television series 'D.R.E.A.M.S' which is airing through the state broadcasters' main television station being TVM every Monday night after the evening news, in a prime-time slot.

This television series is the original work of Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber who in turn write the lyrics toa ll of the track performed as opposed to the music which is written by Ray Agius, the man who wrote the last two winners of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' as well as the Maltese Eurovision entries in 1995 entitled 'Keep Me In Mind' and in 1997 bearing the name 'Let Me Fly'. A number of supporting members of the cast have stunning musical credentials including former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Nicole Azzopardi and Daniel Testa, former Malta Eurosong finalist and host; Ruth Sammut Casingena and the ever so stunning winner of 'ID'; Annalise Psaila. Therefore don't forget to tune in to Television Malta (TVM) this evening after the evening news at about 20:40 CET for another episode of 'D.R.E.A.M.S'.

Source: Press Release

One of the perks of a leading festivity is surely the possibility to spend time with family in the best possible way and whether that means celebrating outside of watching television inside, it surely beats either being a long or having to work in such a joyous occasion. All of the respective broadcasters in Malta have compiled their very own schedules for the holidays but then again, the weekly shows are twisted in the best possible way with the addition of brand new features in order to impress the general public. One of the specials which is being aired to commemorate Christmas Eve is that on the television programme 'Sas-Sitta' which is aired from five minutes past two till six o'clock in the evening.

Spiteri Lucas Entertainment who produce the show have prepared a stunning lineup to keep you entertained during the afternoon with special performers including former Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Glen Vella and Fabrizio Faniello as well as members of the cast of the hit musical drama series 'Deja Vu inlcluding Christine Haber, Eileen Montesin, Jurgen Manicolo and Mark Haber. Amongst the features on the show, there will be 'Koppja vs Koppja' which brings about the personalities of the contestants as well as the illustiont from Brian Role, dancers from Keith Dance Studio and the resident singers including former Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Debbie Scerri and Ludwig Galea along with Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2005 finalist; Neville Refalo. Therefore this afternoon on NET Televisio presented by Ray Attard and Janice Darmanin, another programme of 'Sas-Sitta'.

Source: Press Release

One of the up and coming bands in the local music scene is surely 'The Crowns' made up of five members including none other than Victorio Gauci on vocals, Gianluca Cappitta on guitars, Chris Ciantar on bass, Jean-Paul Mollicone on keyboards and Luke Vella Clark on drums. Their premier release entitled 'Memories' was a huge hit managing to peak at number #1 on Bay Radio and Xfm, which are the premier broadcasters for local music. Following a number of promotional gigs around Malta, the group are looking forward to promoting their second single which has just been released a couple of days ago and bears the name 'Out of Nowhere'.

The relation between the group and the Malta Eurosong comes due to the fact that the lead vocalist, Victorio Gauci was part of the finals back in 2009 alongside none other than renowned singer Dorothy Bezzina in the duet 'Promises' which finished in sixteenth place. The new song which is somewhat very much different than their first single has been given promotion already during the festivities inter-connected with the Independence Holiday. They will also be headlining two important events, one of them being 'Kinnie Campus Fest 2011' taking place on the 7th October 2011 at the University of Malta and the second being 'Birgufest' taking place within the aforementioned city of Birgu (Vittoriosa) on the 8th October 2011. The success of this single is already being seen on Bay Radio noting that they have entered the charts at position number 9.

Rating: ★

Source: Facebook

On a quaint Sunday evening, with the beginning of a brand new week looming, a number of people sit in front of their television sets, ready to take in that final pace of relaxation. They tend to flicker through the channels if they do not know what will be aired but people have become accustomed to a brand new musical drama which takes place on NET Television under the name of 'Déjà Vu'. The series, produced by the notable Eileen Montesin features real-life stituations which people endure putting things into a perspective.

This week will mark the fourth episode since its original airing and it will be quite an interesting one to follow actually especially due to the fact, that last week, the viewer noticed that Josie (Eileen Montesin) had a vision which turned out to be true with her neighbour, Edith, dying of a heart attack during the previous night. The fact that this took place scares the wits out of her but then she is terrified to touch someone who is very close with her seeing another vision but is it really that bad that she should be inclined to worry? This is something that is not common amongst people and therefore seeks the help of a professional doctor who will surely have his own theory about the story.

In the meantime, Beth (Christine Haber) is still trying to catch the affections of her secret crush, Luke (Francesco Catania) and the fact that this assignment was given with the respective pairings, it could be the best possible opportunity for her to make her move. Surrounding the confines of the school environment, Hazel (Clare Agius) notices that the after school classes are not a hit with the students and therefore trouble arises from within casing the Headmistress (Mary Spiteri) to call on one of the students, who is also the Mayor's daughter, Sally to send an example to her peers by making herself present. Hazel (Clare Agius), still of course employed by the school, would like to organize something for Halloween and thus the preparations begin.

Starring for yet another time this evening will be none other than; Malta Song for Europe finalist, Neville Refalo, former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mary Spiteri, Junior Eurosong finalist; Christine Haber and of course Former Hosts of the Malta Song for Europe, Clare Agius and Eileen Montesin. Tune into NET Television this evening at 20:30 CET, just after the news to follow the second episode of this series and you will notice when the show will be commencing as the opening theme song is none other than the song 'Déjà Vu' performed by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Olivia Lewis in the Malta Song for Europe back in 2005.

Source: Press Release

The interest in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is suddenly growing knowing that everyone is becoming anxious to learn how their performances in the second phase of the competition held last Saturday went out with the appointed members of the Jury. In the meantime though, things are quickly gaining the pace with a number of events being organized to keep people busy but if one does not like to make such appearances at events then, he can always switch on Television Malta (TVM), the main platform of the Public Broadcasting Services on a Monday evening and following the musical drama series under the running name of 'D.R.E.A.M.S' which features multiple story-lines about the students, teachers and other individuals inter-related to the sixth form college which is seen predominantly throughout the episodes.

During the last episode which was aired on the 7th November 2011, there were a number of revelations which the viewers were surely shocked to note because people definitely end up going to great lengths in order to achieve something that they would really like to obtain. The individual concerned with this concept is surely Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar) who had been told at the beginning of the scholastic year that he needs to at least get his grades up to a 'B' in order to be able to carry out his hobby and play basketball, a sport which brings out the best qualities in him. What he did though was unacceptable especially stealing the test papers, something which the viewer has not been told how it happened but when studying with Antoinette (Analise Psaila), the same English essay featuring the picture of a pair of shoes was present and therefore that is surely enough not to be a coincidence.

In the last episode, we also got to know one of the most mysterious characters in the storyline in the form of Finnagan (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) who is surely being the person representing those individuals who sole aim in life is to bring everyone down, torment them and have them do her dirty deeds. One of her minions, Jake Perry (Jean Paul Carbonaro) seems to have deserted her in order to concentrate on his studies or is he really interesting in a love life as well? This is yet to be seen especially when Emma (Kayleigh Vella), his love interest is battling her own demons in the form of the fictional Petra (Maria Farrugia) who seems to live only in her mind despite the fact that she argues continuously with her mother that this is not the case. One of their teachers, Mr. Robert Soler (Andre Penza) is worried with his own issues but then again he is phase with a new problem, that of Maria (Marie Claire Sammut) who seems to be coming at a crossroads in life about her sexuality.

This television series is the original work of Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber who in turn write the lyrics to all of the tracks performed as opposed to the music which is written by Ray Agius, the man who wrote the last two winners of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' as well as the Maltese Eurovision entries in 1995 entitled 'Keep Me In Mind' and in 1997 bearing the name 'Let Me Fly'. A number of supporting members of the cast have stunning musical credentials including former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Nicole Azzopardi and Daniel Testa, former Malta Eurosong finalist and host; Ruth Sammut Casingena, former Sfida Contestant Rachel Genovese, Malta Eurovision 2012 hopeful Rachael Tedesco Triccas and the ever so stunning winner of 'ID'; Analise Psaila. Therefore don't forget to tune in to Television Malta (TVM) this evening after the special broadcast from the Maltese Parliament at about 21:20 CET for another episode of 'D.R.E.A.M.S'.

Source: Rewind Productions, Jessica Vella De Sauveterre

Another  week has started for all of us, getting back to work after the weekend, or getting back to school, or more than that and to add pressure, starting the most-threatened exams like in my case! But, putting everything behind your shoulders in the evening, putting your feet up and relaxing maybe on the sofa cuddling to someone (hehe!) in your favourite pajama with a glass of wine or simply, a cup of tea, is the ideal way to end a tough day and relax to affront another one. And to keep you company during your relaxing hour, on Monday evening returns ‘D.R.E.A.M.S’, aired straight after the 8pm news, starting about 8.40pm. The musical drama series known is produced by Rewind Productions and since its launch, it has maintained strong audiences and Television Malta (TVM) is surely proud to have taken up this series as part of their broadcasting schedule for autumn and winter of 2011/2012.

So, where did we stop in last week’s episode? We saw Clive’s bachelor’s party and we got to know about his paternity after spending one of his last nights as a bachelor with an ‘unknown’ woman. He admits with Claire that he got to know about his daughter from a phone call which that woman did to him after getting to know that she was infact pregnant with his child. He also admits that upon seeing a photograph of his newborn child, he couldn’t resist not helping, and thus, every month, he would send her some money to help her raise his now, sixteen year old daughter. But the question still arises … is he really saying the truth, or is he just ‘bullshitting’? Is Claire ready to forget everything and start all over again by accepting his ‘sorry’ and accepting that it was just a mistake and it was the alchohol that drove him to that woman? Robert (Andre' Penza) found loads of things in Gloria’s (Joanne Busuttil) drawer, for example the pink lipstick, which he found it all smudged on his car. Is Gloria in any way part of the mystery behind does chain ‘love’ letters? Or it’s just an indirect way to make them loose each other, and thus, their relationship breaks up and their marriage fails? But who is doing this action towards such a couple who seem so united and so in love?

Ahhhh, the famous 6th form Ball … every student is eager to take his 'dolce meta' with him or with her, but who will be taking who? On the other hand, we find Finnigin (Evelyn Saliba La Rosa), who is keeping under his control Sally (Nicole Azzopardi) and him, Jake Perry (Jean Paul Carbonaro), and even Emma (Kayleigh Cassar), who seems to have feelings towards Jake, and thus, she wants to be near him, even though trouble is all that he can give her at the moment … but perhaps, he does actually feel something for her? Nevertheless, there is the interesting love triangle between Brandon (Jean Pierre Cassar), Jade Vella Petroni (Rachel Genovese) and Antoinette (Analise Psaila). Joe, who was sentenced away from his daughter because of his alcohol problem, and who was the main problem that led to the failure of his marriage. He visits Therese, Doreen’s sister and threatens her to give him money … and moreover, he wants her to tell Doreen that he is working, but will she do so? If she doesn't obey him, what will happen? Is there something from her past that he can actually reveal?

This television series is the original work of Evelyn Saliba La Rosa and Michael Vella Haber who in turn write the lyrics to all of the tracks performed as opposed to the music which is written by Ray Agius, the man who wrote the last two winners of the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' as well as the Maltese Eurovision entries in 1995 entitled 'Keep Me In Mind' and in 1997 bearing the name 'Let Me Fly'. A number of supporting members of the cast have stunning musical credentials including former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives; Nicole Azzopardi and Daniel Testa, former Malta Eurosong finalist and host; Ruth Sammut Casingena, former Sfida Contestant Rachel Genovese, performer Rachael Tedesco Triccas and the ever so stunning winner of 'ID'; Analise Psaila. Therefore don't forget to tune in to Television Malta (TVM) this evening after the special broadcast from the Maltese Parliament at about 21:20 CET for another episode of 'D.R.E.A.M.S'.

Source: Press Release, Jessica Vella De Sauveterre

The beginning of October is always one of the most pleasant times of the year with a brand new television schedule devised and ready to commence, attracting viewers all of ages to the various degrees of genres that are being offered. One of the most anticipated shows that will take off this evening is surely the drama series, Déjà Vu produced by none other than popular television host and personality Eileen Montesin. It will be featuring an all star cast as can only be expected and will be airing after the evening news at 20:30 on NET Television, a private station.

The story of the drama will be situated within a fictional school known as 'St Louis College' and will be dealing with a number of typical every day life issues which teenagers and also their superiors go through. The medium of music has always been one of the most important to use in order to get messages across and this will surely be the case in Déjà Vu. Amongst the people who have been cast within this series are none other than former Eurovision Song Contest representative Mary Spiteri, this years' second runner-up at the national selection, Kurt Calleja as well as recent Malta Summer Hit Song Contest winner, Dominic Cini along with various popular personalities such as Xandru Grech.

Fans of former Eurovision Song Contest representative Olivia Lewis will also be pleasantly entertained each and every week when the theme song of the series, Déjà Vu, a runner-up of the 2005 Malta Song for Europe will also be played at the start and finish of each respective episode. Therefore, this evening, at 20:30 after the evening news on NET Television, be sure to watch Déjà Vu, the musical drama series that will surely keep you at the edge of your seats during the whole programme. ESCflashmalta is proud to promote local talent when it comes to the various fields of the arts and therefore, we would like to wish all of the cast, the very best of luck with this production.

Source: EMH, Facebook

This year, private radio broadcaster, ONE, is celebrating its 20 years on air, and the management have decided to celebrate this special anniversary with a grand musical night, showcasing ‘la crème della crème’ of the Maltese music scene compiling together a number of talented artists. They will be performing some of the most well known hits in their repertoires and that in itself will definitely make it an evening not to miss out on.

The list of performers includes; 1992 Eurovision Song Contest representative Mary Spiteri, renowned local band Wintermoods, 2002 Eurovision Song Contest representative and Rock-Chic, Ira Losco, renowned local band Airport Impressions, 1975 Eurovision Song Contest representative Renato, Tony Camilleri, 2011 Eurovision Song Contest representative Glen Vella, Maestro Archibald Mizzi, Tenishia, Maestro Paul Abela, Ray Mahoney, Freddie Portelli and Mary Rose Mallia. Maestro Sigmund Mifsud will be directing a live orchestra during the evening. The 'ONE Tribute” will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta on Saturday 29th October at 20.30. Tickets can be purchased from ONE Studios in Marsa, REDTOUCH Ħamrun, and from the PL Local Centre in Rabat, Gozo. For more information, please phone 25682568.

Source: Facebook (Quinton Scerri)

Vodafone Malta, The Palace Hotel and Sigmund Mifsud recently launched a competition which bares the name Vodafone Upcoming Artist for 2011! A number of artists made it through to the first stage where they were divided into four jamming sessions, with the two acts qualifying to the final night which will be took place last night at the Temptasian, The Palace Hotel, Sliema. The finalists were: Chris Grech, Stephanie Desjardins, Mikaela, Victorio Gauci, Rebecca, Lyndsay, Paul & Kevin and Gianluca.

The public had the opportunity to vote for each finalist via sms as videos were put online and the public was encouraged to vote for his favourite act. All sessions were highly attended by fans of local live music, family members and friends of the participants – everyone supporting who in their eyes thought was best. The competition was tough but Mikaela emerged as the winner of the first edition of the Vodafone Upcoming Artist for 2011.

Mikaela continues to ride on the wave of success as she was recently nominated for Best Female Artist at the Malta Music Awards and was also voted as the Best New Artist in the same awards. So this achievement is another success in her young career, and will surely be an artist who Malta will look out for in the coming months. Those who follow local gigs and the local music scene know that Mikaela is a force to be reckoned in the local music scene.

Source: Facebook

Traditions are quite important to be respected over the years and when it comes to Malta, the day following Christmas is one in which the population turns to their television screens to watch and follow a charitable cause known as 'L-Istrina' in which a number of organizations benefit noting how much financial support they require all round the year. A number of personalities including artists from past editions of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as well as former representatives at the largest musical event in Europe come over to the show and keep people entertained.

The showcase began at noon and is hosted by leading compères from the three major broadcasters featuring Peppi Azzopardi (TVM), John Bundy (ONE), Alfred Zammit (ONE), Stephanie Spiteri (NET), Claudette Pace (TVM), Valerie Vella (ONE/TVM), Christine Haber (NET), Ryan Galea (TVM), Quinton Scerri (ONE), Angie Laus (TVM) and Ylenia Caruana (TVM). The showcase which airs throughout the day until midnight has become a national cause organized by His Excellency The President George Abela, the Chairman of the Malta Community Chestfund. It is an event which brings about even the political parties together. On behalf of the whole editorial board here at ESCflashmalta, I would like to encourage you from wherever you are to pick up your landlines or even your mobiles and give your donations for this cause as so much support is required.

51602027 (Phone Call - 25)

51702011 (Phone Call - 15)

51802012 (Phone Call - 10)

50619201 (SMS - 11.65)

50618918 (SMS - 6.99)

At this point in time, the event is already successful as the real-time counter is increasing by the second and despite the fact that not even an hour passed thus far, thousands of funds have already been gathered therefore I also thank all of the Maltese around the world for being so generous. Apart from the numbers which you can find above, you can also send in your donations through Facebook for the very first time this year following event the latest auctions including from one of the most leading characters in Malta being Gladys from the hit television show 'Deċeduti' who is currently auctioning off her Jewellery for this honourable cause. The final sum raised thanks to all of the contributions amounted to 2,600,000.

Source: TVM, ONE, NET, Facebook