December 07, 2019

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Sunday, 31 July 2011 23:18

MSHSC 2011: The Final taking place this Evening

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Today marks the beginning of a new month, the pinnacle of the Summer season in Malta. The endeavours of the local music scene continue to take centre stage and this evening will see a nineteen acts competing for the title of the best song this season within the 'Malta Summer Hit Song Contest' which has been given ample promotion through a weekly programme on ONE Television entitled 'Celebrity Weekends' hosted by Natius Farrugia and Deo Grech as well as our very own web-portal, ESCflashmalta which brought you biographical information about each of the performances and a review of each of the entries thanks to our esteemed panel of experts; Maltese local Disc Jockey, Nathan D, Portuguese singer, Evelyne Filipe and last but not least Irish songwriter, Niall Mooney.

The final which will be taking place at Portomaso will be aired on ONE Television next Sunday evening although we will be letting you know of the results of the show later on in the evening on Tuesday actually. It should be quite an interesting showcase with the various genres competing for the title. Apart from the top three awards which will be handed out based on 100% Expert Jury Voting, there will be a public award which has remained completely mysterious this year to increase the anticipation even more. According to our experts, the favourites are; Floren, Petra, Izzy, Joseph Refalo and minik ft. Siconix but tomorrow night things might prove to be different because the live performance there and then might prove to be detrimental. Below you can view the full list of competitors in the way they were presented during the weeks leading up to the festival. On behalf of the whole editorial team at ESCflashmalta, I would like to wish each of the competitors the very best of luck in this evenings' competition.

Love Trap - Domenique
Composer: Clinton Paul
Author: Clinton Paul

Hysterical - Joanna Attard
Composer: Elton Zarb
Author: Rita Pace

Galaxy - Marlon Chircop
Composer: Marlon Chircop
Author: Marlon Chircop

Queen of My Heart - Joseph Refalo
Composer: Miriam Christine
Author: Gerard James Borg

Stay - Ina Robinich
Composer: Andrew Zahra
Author: Rita Pace

Let's Party - minik ft Siconix
Composer: Siconix
Author: Siconix

Memoirs - Karen Debattista
Composer: Mark Scicluna
Author: Daniel Muscat

Someday One Day - Marie Claire
Composer: Mark Scicluna
Author: Billy J.

Turn on the lights - Walter Anthony
Composer: Philip Vella
Author: Philip Vella

Ain't My Kind of Love - Janice Mangion
Composer: Mark Scicluna
Author: Rita Pace

Ale'O - Malcolm Pisani
Composer: minik
Author: Billy J.

Heaven Awaits - Francesca Borg
Composer: Marco Debono
Author: Rita Pace

Labyrinth - Christian
Composer: Philip Vella
Author: Mark Amaira

Thank You - Floren
Composer: Elton Zarb
Author: Rita Pace

Ladies Night - Izzy
Composer: Elton Zarb
Author: Muxu

Day after Day - Kylie
Composer: Andrew Zammit
Author: Joe Julian Farrugia

Silver Rain - Luisana Bartolo
Composer: Philip Vella
Author: Luisana Bartolo

Forget my Name - Petra
Composer: Heathcliffe Balzan
Author: Natasha Turner

Source: ONE Television, Celebrity Weekends

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