December 12, 2019

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Saturday, 16 February 2013 19:10

Italy: Final Night of Sanremo 2013 - LIVE

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RAI, the broadcaster responsible for the Italian participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is known to have been the mastermind behind the idea of a music competition by virtue of presenting their own national formula in a sense of grandeur. The showcase known as Sanremo is being held for the sixty-third (63rd) time this evening and it seems to be growing in popularity considering that the fourth night managed to attract around eleven and a half million viewers. This evening, the renowned Italian town of Sanremo will be hosting the final night, and thus, all of the artists competing in this years' Campioni category will take to the stage to perform their entries, the ones which the public and the press thought were best to take them to the resounding stages of the competition. As always, the show could be seen through the official website of the broadcaster but the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest is also offering a webcast this evening.

This years' edition of Sanremo is being organised by Fabio Fazio, a renowned television presenter who is leading the showcase for the third year in his career. He is joined by Luciana Littizetto, a comedian who knows when it has become too much of a thing and thus been very light and funny at the same time. RAI 1 has been doing a marvelous job this week and should be commended on such a formal, positive presentation of a world renowned showcase. It is garnering popularity due to the effort put in and therefore, this evening, the viewing figures should be well through the roof. This running order of this evening is going to be uploaded as the show progresses and it will surely be interesting to see who will shine through this evening. Multiple guests are expected amongst them, Andrea Bocelli, the world renowned tenor who won the Giovani Section a couple of years back. 

The Show (Part 1)

The pre-show for Sanremo has just come to an end and following a round of adverts, it is expected that the show will commence. The logo of the European Broadcasting Union has just been showcased and the sponsors of the competition are currently being shown on screen. As always, the Ariston Theatre looking stunning and grand and it seems that this evenings' opening will include a montage of orchestras playing, which will most likely lead to the orchestra of Sanremo playing the same tune but wait, the audience are applauding and Fabio Fazio quickly takes to the stage, in the attire that he has been using for all of the except for yesterday. He hands the conductor his equipment and a grand opening indeed as the orchestra plays a signature classical tune. Indeed, that was slick and wonderful, setting the right tone. 

Fabio Fazio is back on stage and introduces the maestro before welcoming the crowd and the television audience to the final evening of Sanremo. Luciana Littizetto is introduced onto the stage and se is wearing a black shirt, black trousers and a large butterfly costume in honour of the butterfly that Belen Rodriguez showed during last years' edition of Sanremo. Following yet another round of adverts, we're back in the theatre and might commence the show sometime soon especially now having changed into a stunning red and black dress which suits her beautifully! Well, the hosts are both speaking about the running order of the evening as well as the tele-voting which will account for around 25% of the votes this evening. The voting is officially open and therefore the performances can begin.

Raphael Gualazzi: Sai (ci basta un sogno)

The first performance of the evening comes from the former representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, Raphael Gualazzi who seemed to have more charisma in the past. He is playing the piano and is wearing a black suit, minus the bow-tie or the tie, leaving the top button open. The lighting is dark blue and the camera work is just right. The vocals are just right this evening and he seems to have left his power for this evenings' performance especially having literally ruined Luce last night. This is a beautiful song but nevertheless, not expecting him to be chosen to head to the Eurovision Song Contesty once more. I love how the song picks up and everything is live with such a masterful orchestra.

Almamegretta: Mamma non lo sa

I am not the biggest fan of this group but nevertheless, they did win my respect for their stunning performance last night, especially by bringing in their amazing guest female star. Clad in urban clothing gone formal, they are doing the best they could with the genre, which seems to be very much a fusion of pop and r'n'b really. The vocals are hoarse, and sound extremely Italian but they do suit the genre once more and therefore, make up the perfect compilation. This is a strong performance and one has to admire the electric guitar within the performance, as it seems to be the item that indeed gives it an edge. They will not be winning this evening neither will they head to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Daniele Silvestri: A bocca chiusa 

This is one of the favourites with the press this evening especially due to the fact that it has a meaning behind it's message, one which is very much understood beyond the boundaries of music. Daniele takes to the stage on the piano, wearing a dark suit and he is joined on stage by another male individual who is renacting the song through sign language and this is coming across really well on screen. The vocals by Daniele are just overwhelming and they are so good, that you listen to each of the lyrics as they are performed. Epic! He is literally showering the audience with emotion this evening! All of the people on stage are now doing sign language and the people are rather enjoying this element! This is beautiful and silent in the hall as they listen to every word. Well done, this might win but will not be heading to Eurovision!

Modà: Se si potesse non morire

Modà are the fourth act this evening and they are seen to be the ones to beat considering that they have been runners-up of the competition just two years ago alongside Emma. The lead performer is wearing a completely black suit and whilst he starts performing with a microphone stand, he removes it early on and feels the emotion of the song running high and it seems that this is going to be quite the evening. This is a ballad which is built up well through violins. The band give the song authenticity and make it whoel really with their lead oozing charisma throughout the performance. This is wonderful and another contender. It would be fabolous to have this group at the Eurovision Song Contest but I doubt it.

The Show (Part 2)

The hosts are back on stage and speak about the foundation created in the honour of Mike Buongiorno before introducing their second guest of the evening, Balti, a renowned model who shows her beautiful body through a stunning dress. Another long break in between the songs it seems as the conversation between the guest and the hosts continues to flourish. Many comedic moments it seems considering that smiles are all round.

Simone Cristicchi: La prima volta (che sono morto) 

Starting the song off with the title has never really gone down well in my books but it seems that this is one of those songs where you have to pay attention to the lyrics. Italians have been known to be extremely sentimental and their most successful songs are actually those which have a message. Simone won the 2007 Sanremo competition and he takes to a dark stage lit in white only on his persona with the best vocals he has provided all week. The audience is enjoying this performance and some claps were heard mid-way. His conversation mid-way through the song works wonders and despite being a beautifully written track, I cannot see it succeeding this evening. Nevertheless, congratulations in order as I am loving the whole staging of this.

Maria Nazionale: E’ colpa mia

The first couple of notes are clearly copied from Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word by Elton John but then it changes completely because the sultry vocals of Maria Nazionale literally make you listen to what she is performing. One is clearly reminded of Pastora Soler because it is a similar genre, and as a matter of fact many did not realise Maria is Italian. This evening, she is wearing a beautiful floorlength blue gown which suits her skin tone perfectly. The track is a ballad, one which builds up relatively slowly but which the public have grown to enjoy. At some parts, it is so slow that it feels like she is talking to the public. The vocals are strong and at their best, despite never faltering throughout the week. This is beautiful, stunning and should go far if justice is served. Huge applause!

Annalisa: Scintille

The first real uptempo track of the evening is Scintille and it is performed by a potential Eurovision Song Contest representative according to our sources. Annalisa has finally got her fashion sense right considering that she is wearing a beautiful green dress complete with a skirt. The vocals are once more really strong and I wouldn't mind her taking this track to the competition abroad. Last night, she performed with last years' winner, Emma Marrone because they were both students of Amici Di Maria de Filippi. This is a really strong song to be honest and should actually do well with the juries following a bout of slow songs. The public are currently putting this in third place and therefore, a respectably large applause is expected, and indeed, it is well given. 

The Show (Part 3)

As always, the hosts of this evenings' showcase are stting on the steps of the stage, something which has become somewhat a custom in this years' edition of Sanremo. I am honestly going to miss Luciana Littizetto, having somewhat been watching her throughout the weak. Her squeaky voice will not really be missed but her astonishing character will definitely. The hosts are bantering between them but suddenly, it is only Luciana who is left on stage and she is chatting directly with the audience who laugh at every turn possible prior to an applause. She continues her chat with the audience as the orchestra plays background music, meaning that she is most likely telling them a story. A signoro Foster takes to the stage as one of the intervals this evening.

Max Gazze': Sotto Casa

Well, it seems that Max Gazze has managed to scare Fabio Fazio, who did not realise that Max is actually wearing a contact lense in one particular eye. This genre has become extremely typical in Italy in recent years following its introduction by the likes of Malika Ayane and Arisa who are both notable individuals for the music scene. I must say that whilst I have not really been keen on this track, there is an aura of eletronica and rock that I seem to enjoy. This is really not an easy track because the musical tones are going up and down constantly yet Max is handling it like a pro and it sounds really well. He is definitely not heading to the Eurovision Song Contest but well done on a stunning performance which scared many this evening! Gazze gets the crowd going and as it reaches the end, he orchestrated the crowd into a routine clap as well as performing themselves.

The Show (Part 4)

Well, the guests are seemingly popular in Sanremo as another one is introduced and this one seems to be a sportsman, one who looks close to an ogre with that that much hair on his head and his face. There are joking about the earlier butterfly outfit it seems especially because of the furore that was caused by Belen Rodriguez last year. The hall is really going for this because the humour is well understood and it seems that honour plays a part in the performance of each guest really because as soon as he opens his mouth, suddenly, the audience applauds. Nevertheless, wouldn't have introduced a guest just after one performance and a long-ish break just before!

Chiara Galiazzo: Il futuro che sarà

Galiazzo is currently in fourth place with the public this evening and this pop/jazz number is clearly not everyones' cup of tea but nevertheless, it seems to have a new lease of life this evening maybe because the presentation looks more superior. The performer is wearing a beautiful black dress, which is well suited to the body and skin tone. I do not believe that the violinist was being seen before but nevertheless, he gets shown in this performance. The vocals are at their best and following last nights' murder of the Mia Martini classic, she is back to performing what suits her the most and that is pop. This sounds far better this evening and wouldn't mind hearing this at the Eurovision Song Contest considering that indeed it is a favourite as a whole package.

Marta sui Tubi: Vorrei

The opening notes of this performance are very reminiscent of the tracks that are currently being released by the group Fun whose success has recently been recognised at the Grammy Awards. Marta Sui Tubi did not really rank high in my expectations because their addition to the competition was definitely to increase an area demographic, particular to their specific pop/rock genre, which seemed to be lacking in the performers that made up the competition. The vocals by the lead performer are quite good this evening, and doesn't really over do it, which is also a positive. This is a strong performance but they will not trouble the top three this evening.

The Show (Part 5)

Biancha Balti and Luciana take to the stage once more and they seem to have become friends backstage but where is Fazio? Oh there he is coming down the stairs after an orchestrated entrance, with a song which seems to be well dedicated to all the men in the audience. The hosting duties are somewhat well divided now it seems, because Biancha seems to have taken centre stage and all three of them introduce the next act, being none other than Malika Ayane who became popular in the scene not too long ago.

Malika Ayane: E se poi

Malika Ayane is wearing a floor-length black gown and her hair is the only element standing out because the bright yellow/white locks have a lasting effect on the audience it seems. The song is quite slow and we are back to ballads, having seen several uptempo numbers in a row this evening and the vocals are strong, as normal by Malika. She does not have a lot to prove anymore having achieved resounding success in recent years. The performance is simple and she is just aided by stunning visuals behind her. Malika is one of the artists touted to be heading to the Eurovision Song Contest but the problem is that such a song might be forgotten at the event.

The Show (Part 6)

Once more, Fabio Fazio is back on stage and he introduces his next guest on stage, and once more, he seems to be a comedian. Therefore, it seems that if you would like to be a comedian, try not to go to Italy because you might not find work considering how many are seemingly taking to the Sanremo stage. The audience is clapping everytime he utters anything and thus it may prove to be a good thing to take up the profession in Italy. Stunning, he is shouting at them and they clap as well. Another extremely long break ongoing!

Elio e le storie tese: La canzone mononota

Elio is the lead performer of this group and this is set to be quite the comical entry, continuing the trend of this evenings' guests really. He is clad in extremely formal attire for the first time this week. This is a ballad in the beginning but suddenly becomes an up-tempo entry which people start to dance along to and funnily enough, it seems that they gone for a different setting this evening because the track sounds more big band than it used to and funnily enough, sounds much better. They will be trying to win more votes with this presentation. The vocals are strong and people cannot help but enjoy this performance especially due to the fact thart when you think it ihas come to an end, it just continues and thus the applause mid-way through works wonders. I wouldn't be surprised by this doing well tonight.

Marco Mengoni: L'Essenziale


Marco Mengoni receives huge applause prior to walking out on stage and he has decided to ditch the weird hairstyle that he had last night in favour of one without a quiff but nevertheless, he still looks dashing, and young in a dark suit, fashionable as ever in violet/burgundy. This evening, he is literally putting everything into the performance and it seems that the orchestra have changed their arrangement slightly for the overall outcome. The vocals are extremely strong and I would not be surprised that if chosen to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest, he would go with this song. This was just stunning and he might just manage to win the votes of the jury because he has the public in the palm of his hand. The crowd is chanting his name.

Simona Molinari con Peter Cincotti: La Felicita'

Once more, a slight change in the opening chords for this evenings' performance and it seems that Simona Molinaro has stolen Nina Zilli's outfit from the Eurovision Song Contest and is performing this catchy little ditty of a number in the best possible way. It is incredible that with everyone competing this evening, the game has been upped a lot. The male vocals are well needed in this song and Peter does an amazing job with that bit of reverb inserted to give it a bit of electronic touch. This is the type of Charleston genre which the Maltese grew accustomed to thanks to Janvil as a matter of fact. This performance is breathtaking, well done! I mean, it could very much be a dark horse this evening and it would not be out of place at the Eurovision Song Contest, indeed! 

The Show (Part 7)

Fabio Fazio, the producer of this years' showcase is currently on stage and he has closed the tele-voting but nevertheless, he explains that the system this year, if I understood correctly, will be 50% Tele-Voting and 50% Jury-Voting and therefore, it is quite important to vote. The top three will be announced in a super-final soon enough and the vote will be held once more. Another international guest now, in the form of the world renowned tenor, Andrea Bocelli! I cannot believe I am saying this but Birdy is performing at Sanremo and she is doing Skinny Love, what a remarkable performance!

Premio Della Critica 'Mia Martini' - Elio e le storie tese: La canzone mononota

Premio Migliore ArrangamentoElio e le storie tese: La canzone mononota (Peppe Vessichio) 

Our hosts this evening are now singing prior to announcing the super-finalists. A montage of the city of Sanremo is currently being shown, once more prior to the announcement of the super-finalists and the confirmation of Marco Mengoni as the Eurovision Song Contest representative. Well, the moment that everyone has been waiting for, the announcement of the super-finalists as per the order of the running order they performed within.

Elio e le storie tese: La canzone mononota

In my opinion, despite them being extremely fun to watch and listen, they are the surprising act in the top three but nevertheless, the jury were on the same frame as the critics it seems and the winners of all of the awards thus far are through to perform once more! It seems that this performance is slightly subdued considering that they wtook it up a notch earlier on this evening but nevertheless, they are enjoying themselves. The female backing vocalists are a nice addition. The mixture of genres works brilliantly and could this be a surprise winner? I would definitely not rule it out considering that it has amassed notable awards. The applause mid-way through once more and Elio continues with the performance. Whoa! His higher register is spot on!

Modà: Se si potesse non morire 

Well, this was the expected qualifier this evening, most likely achieving second place in both the jury and the public vote and the audience are enjoying this performance considering that they applauding just a bit after the song commenced. The lead singer has been on form this evening and his vocals are hitting the right notes, the way they should sound. The track in itself is a ballad which evolves as it goes along but one can instantly note that there is a twang of country in certain parts, emphasized through an acoustic guitar. The orchestra enjoy playing this song really, it shows because it is musically strong. The conductor, Adriano Pennino produced the Bosnian entry at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. This is a masterful performance from the group and I would not be surprised should this come out as a winner especially if they come second with the juries and the public vote.

Marco Mengoni: L'Essenziale

Marco Mengoni, the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest representative is receiving a strong reaction in the hall for his entry and I believe they might just torch the venue should he not be named the winner this evening. The staging is all in purple, and he compliments it with his attire, a burgundy suit. The song, a ballad is clearly reminiscent of some of the tracks that have won the Sanremo competition in the past and that is quite important, because these elements are definitely always looked at, when the jury is voting. He seems to be the public favourite but what about them, is he appealing to the critics this evening? If so, he might just manage to pull off this victory. He gave his all earlier on this evening and whilst I believe that he is more relaxed this time round, he is still giving a strong performance.

The Show (Part 8)

Luciana Littizzetto is back on stage alongside Marco Mengoni and it seems that there around seven minutes of voting time left. Remember, that the public has around 50% of the final voting this evening. Marco Mengoni will be winning those but nevertheless, the runners-up will somewhat be intriguing to make up the mixture of the 50% set to be put forward by the panel of renowned critics. This might be one of the most intriguing Sanremo results in years. The winner of this years' edition of Sanremo is none other than Marco Mengoni with the track L'Essenziale. So this is a double victory, as Mengoni will be going to the Eurovision Song Contest and he is the winning of Sanremo. This does add to the credibility of the competition.

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