January 25, 2020

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RAI, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest have enjoyed relative success on their return to the competition in the past two years with the acts chosen from the Sanremo competition achieving top ten results. An internal panel of appointed music experts were behind the initial two decisions whilst a consensus also needs to be reached with a particular record label which would represent a number of the competing artists within the competition, whether in the Campioni or the Giovani category. Rumours have been on the increase in the past couple of weeks, noting that the public would like to see Marco Mengoni fly the flag on behalf of the country. It could be a strong consideration if the broadcaster, RAI is aiming for high viewing figures.

This years’ edition of Sanremo will be taking place in the week starting 11th February and escflashmalta.com will be on hand to cover the event in the best possible manner. Our senior editor, Elaine Camilleri will be taking over her annual duties to cover the event along with the rest of the editorial board. Italy have won the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, the first time in 1964 with Non Ho L’Eta performed by Gigliola Cinquetti and the second time in 1990 with Insieme: 1992 sung by Toto Cotungo. RAI confirms that the choice of the artist will be made from the Sanremo competition and therefore the list of potential candidates has been brought down to twenty one (21) acts in total, eight competing in the Giovani category with thirteen (13) competing in the Campioni Category. The list of potential representatives could be found just below.

Campioni Category:

Giovani Category:

Whilst it is highly unlikely, there is a possibility that former representative; Raphael Gualazzi might be select to represent Italy for a second time. He has gained considerable fame since his experience in Dusseldorf and might choose to take up the proposal again but in the meantime, there are a number of intriguing candidates including Max Gazze’ who has performed with 2002 Eurovision Song Contest representative; Ira Losco in the past couple of months during one of his notable tours. Competing in this years’ Sanremo as well is former winner; Simone Cristicchi. In the meantime, we would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news from this years’ edition of Sanremo as well as the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmo, Sweden.

Source: RAI, Eurovision.tv


RAI has always been extremely influential in the concepts adopted by the European Broadcasting Union and in fact, one of the most popular music competitions to take place in Europe is surely Sanremo noting that surrounding countries are known to tune in and increase viewership during all of the evenings especially because the cream of the crop are always known to be in the final running order. Just a couple of hours ago, the broadcaster made the revelation of the fourteen artists who will ultimately compete for the elite prize. One of the acts will most likely also become the Italian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest considering that this years' representative; Nina Zilli competed amongst the established performers and ultimately achieved ninth place in Baku, Azerbaijan with her track L'Amore e Femmina despite being one of the bookies' favourites to win.

The fourteen acts that will be competing in the next edition of Sanremo will be performing two songs each and this element has been introduced by Fabio Fazio, the new director in a bid to let all of the renowned artists chosen to compete throughout all of the week with the best possible song as chosen by the jury and the public. The list of performers is actually quite intriguing this time round as it seems that there is more star power than the past two years in particular noting that artists from reality shows such as X Factor and Amici make a comeback in the form of Annalisa and Marco Mengoni. The latter is apparently the favourite of the public to represent Italy in the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and therefore his participation in Sanremo makes this a viable option by RAI should the broadcaster and his record label come to a general compromise.

  • Almamegretta (Mamma non lo sa / Onda che vai)
  • Annalisa (Non so ballare / Scintille)
  • Chiara (L’esperienza dell’amore / Il futuro che sarà)
  • Daniele Silvestri (A bocca chiusa / Il bisogno di te)
  • Elio e le storie tese (Dannati forever / La canzone mononota)
  • Malika Ayane (Niente . E se poi)
  • Marco Mengoni (Bellissimo / L’essenziale)
  • Maria Nazionale (Quando non parlo / E’ colpa mia)
  • Marta sui tubi (Dispari / Vorrei)
  • Max Gazze’ (Sotto casa / I tuoi maledettisimi impegni)
  • Modà (Come l’acqua dentro il mare / Se si potesse non morire)
  • Raphael Gualazzi (Sai (ci basta un sogno) / Senza ritegno)
  • Simona Molinari con Peter Cincotti (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide / La felicità)
  • Simone Cristicchi (Mi manchi / La prima volta)

It is quite intriguing that former winners return to the fray and 2013 seems to be no different because Simone Cristicchi who was propelled to fame following his victory in 2007, returns as well along with the 2011 runners-up Modà. Nevertheless, the biggest surprise is surely when it comes to Raphael Gualazzi who represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Dusseldorf, Germany back in 2011 with Madness of Love finishing in second place just behind Running Scared performed by Ell & Nikki on behalf of Azerbaijan. Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest twice, the first time thanks to Gigliola Cinquetti with Non Ho L'Eta and the second time round with Toto Cotugno and his track Insieme. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com as we keep you posted with all of the latest happenings from Italy as we plan to cover the selection procedure as it unravels as we had done earlier year.

Source: RAI



The European Broadcasting Union did not come up with the idea of the Eurovision Song Contest alone noting that the very first original idea for a music competition was already initiated by the Italian broadcaster; RAI whose local edition of the Sanremo competition featuring some of the most notable talent in the country was adopted on a larger scale and open to most of the countries in the continent. Italy have been part of the historic Eurovision Song Contest and following a gap of more than ten years, they returned in 2011 to great success finishing in the runner-up slot thanks to the representation of Raphael Gualazzi with the song Follia D'Amore whilst managing to reach the top ten in 2012 with the track L'Amore è Femmina performed by Nina Zilli. The competition in Italy is still extremely well followed by the local tabloids and also in Malta with many fans of the showcase. In 2013, following two years of an organization led by singer Gianni Morandi, it will be Fabio Fazio who takes on the main role.

The renowned television host has decided to bring in a brand new formula for the 2012 edition of the Sanremo competition with an aim to attract artists of national fame, something which has become increasing difficult for the organizers as the artists know how much their credibility is hurt should they be eliminated in the first couple of nights. In fact, what Fabio is proposing is that there will be fourteen artists in total, all of which would have to perform two (2) songs each with the publc making the decision on which song is the best for it to make it through to the final. It will be quite interesting to see how the final details of this brand new format will work out but it seems that the reception from the industry has been very positive because in this manner, everyone will compete in the final and no one will be eliminated. Italy is expected to take part in the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest even though, there is yet to be an official confirmation about the matter. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Ilkar.blogspot.com


The 62nd edition of Sanremo is just two days away, and like every year, it will be held at the Ariston Theatre, one of the most prestigious theatres in Italy. The festival’s first night will be next Tuesday, on the 14th February, followed by 4 others, leading to the final night, on Saturday 18th February. The last press conference held on the 1st February, revealed all the special guests and also, each night’s programme. This year’s presenter is once again Gianni Morandi, with the help of Rocco Papaleo and the top model, Ivana Mrazova. With the anticipation of seeing this new edition of this year’s festival, here’s a taste of this year’s scheduled nights, which surely, each viewer is interested in!

So, there will be 5 nights, which Morandi started last year and which have proved to be a great success. Last year’s co-presenters, ex-Le Iene, Luca and Paolo, will infact open the first night, introducing the ‘super presenter’, who in turn, will present the actor, Rocco Papleo and the 19- year old top model, Ivana Mrazova, who Morandi is introducing her to the Italian public as ‘’ a surprise’’. And if many of you are questioning why an international model was chosen and not, at least, an Italian one … well, please don’t start complaining again because the Italians wanted her to be pure Italian, but they were disappointed, and you can imagine the fuss they have made … and moreover, the questions arose even on Rocco Papleo, because they wanted two ladies … ehhh, these Italians, you have to understand them! ;) The presence of one of the most loved artist by the Italians, Adriano Celentano, from the first night, is still uncertain. The artist will be free to choose to participate in more than one nights or on one night only. We’ll see, but at least, his presence in the festival per se`, is certain. The 14 big artists will interpret their songs, of which two will be eliminated by a very professional jury, thus, leaving 12 songs to participate the following day.

In Wednesday’s second part of the night, there will be the presence of Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis, who will pass on officially, the ‘vallette’ title to Ivana Mrazova. And now, the most important part of the festival … ‘la gara canora’. The 12 artists who passed from Tuesday night will interpret their songs, of which, only 10 will pass for the 4th night. In the second part of the night, ‘la gara dei Giovani di SanremoSocial’ will start with the first two ‘sfide dirette’, which will lead to an immediate elimation.

Thursday night is dedicated to the Italian music around the world, in which each and every artist, even those temporarily eliminated by the jury, will have the opportunity to duet with 14 international artists. ‘’La madrina’’ of this year’s event will be Federica Pellegrini, who will make her presence on this night. Through televoting, the winner of the night will be announced (the artists + international singers), and 2 out of the four eliminated songs will have the opportunity to take part again in the last round of the competition. At the same time, the Sanremo Social competition will be taking place, always with 2 artists competing against each other, with an immediate and definite elimination. Friday night will open with an exhibition from David Garrett, a professional english/german violinist, on the musical notes of Nirvana, together with the dancer, Simona Atzori, on the professional choreography of Daniel Ezralow.

Popular actors will be present on this night, Alessandro Siani and Sabrina Ferilli. Which regards to the actual competition, the 12 finalists will have the opportunity to sing their song ‘’liberamente riadatta’’ by duetting with another artist/artists of their choice. We are expected to see Alessandra Amoroso duet with Emma, Gianluca Grignani with Pierdavide Carone and Lucio Dalla, Scala & Kolacny Brothers with Francesco Renga and Davide Van De Sfroos with Irene Fornaciari. At this point, the most 10voted artists will proceed to the final night, whilst on this night, the SanremoSocial winner will be announced. We have to wait and see if once again, the winner from this category will be given the opportunity to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

‘’Il gran finale’’ o televoting will then play an important role, thus revealing this year’s winner, who will have the opportunity to sing the winning song once again Saturday 18th February will see the participation of Geppi Cucciari and the Cranberries. The popular jury and the Sanremo Festival Orchestra will vote for the best songs and the most three voted songs will sing their song for the last time and then whilst another selective panel will reveal the song for the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

During this week, make sure to keep yourself tuned to escflashmalta.com to get the latest updates on this year’s Sanremo, and moreover, we encourage you to go through our daily live reports. Enjoy this prestigious European festival through our site, and many thanks for your continuous support!

Source: RAI, ESCflashmalta

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 19:26

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Day 1: LIVE


Good evening dear readers, or better, ‘Buona sera’! Welcome to the first night of one of the most  prestigious festivals around Europe, Sanremo! The 62nd edition of this festival, spread over 5 nights, is being held, as usual, in the Ariston Theatre. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti. The only thing I can anticipate from tonight is, that we will get to listen ALL the 14 songs of the ‘Big’ category, and unfortunately, we will also see the first two eliminations, but don’t panic! On Thursday night, 2 out of the 4 eliminated songs will be lucky enough to take part in the final night, Saturday 18th.

The Competition (Part 1)

And surprise surprise! From the Anteprima of the show … Gianni Morandi confirmed the presence of Adriano Celentano!

A clip from last year's famous satirical duet of Luca and Paolo opened the show ... and here they are live now opening the night and opening the


festival with another satirical song :) You gotta love these two!!! I guess Morandi and the show producers' have played a wild card with this opening, since firstly, the Italians like or better, adore satirical songs, talking about politics and current issues and secondly, these two, ex-Le Iene, are top favourites with the Italian people! They seem they can't stop talking ... all the issues through which the country has passed through the past year are clearly listed in their introduction, especially the change in government! Infact, on the notes 'a cappella' of the famous 'Va pensiero', they just summarized everything ;)

With a simple wirting on a small whiteboard (weird but different haha!), they introduced the presenter of the festival, Gianni Morandi, who enjoyed a triumphant entrance and just declared officially the opening of the festival. A dance show, featuring 'astronouts' and 'aliens' in the 'space' environment, opens the night. Orchestra sounding great. Gianni Morandi defines this opening act as 'L'archa dell'amore'. Found it a bit weird, but interesting.

Running Order

Firstly, it's important to note that tonight, we will listen ONLY to the 'Big' songs, that is, the main songs in the competition. 12 songs will pass from the 14 actual songs in the competition, and 300 people forming 'the jury' will choose the 12 songs today, eliminating two, which will get the chance to re-compete on Thursday. All these songs are being heard for the first time today.

DolceNera - Ci Vediamo A Casa (DolceNera)

DolceNera has such a particular voice. She's wearing her typical attire, a bit rockish,whilst trying to be glamorous at the same time. Beautiful opening to the competition. Popish song, with a touch of violins, making it a bit classical at the same time.The lyrics, well, simply talking about the happiness and joy her other half brings at home  ... ehhh, 'l'amore' is a theme Italians love too much ... and mainly, the songs focus on this theme.

Samuele Bersani - Un Pallone (Samuale Bersani)

hmmm .... the comical song of the festival? Although the lyrics are very meaningful though, talking mainly about feeling excluded from the society and the consequences. Very easy beat and quite catchy. The voice ... not bad, a bit shaky at times I guess. The electric guitar part gives it a modern touch.


Already 'a break' ... the jury seem to be having problems with the voting system unfortunately. Thus, Gianni Morandi presents his co-presenter, actor Rocco Papleo. Unfortunately, Ivana Mrazova, the 19-year old that should be also co-presenting the show, has had to be rushed to hospital because she got too excited ... ehhh.

Noemi - Sono solo parole (Fabrizio Moro)

Oh my God ... shocking pink and shocking red/orange hair, I don't know how to define that colour actually. At least, she's wearing quite formal. I think that the song pitch starts too low for her. Infact, the second part of the song sounds a bit better, although she's sounding a bit off at times ... don't know if this is intentional or not or because of her particular voice ... She could have done much, much better, although once again, the lyrics are beautiful, talking about how 'love' should not only be another simple word.

Francesco Renga - La tua bellezza (Renga, Mancino, Rani)

Ok, started off. But he instantly recuparates. Beuatiful Renga ... already my favourite I guess :) ehh, he has such a particular voice, and the popish, rockish song suits so much his high-pitched voice. His attire is a plus and the lyrics are pure poetry. The most powerful song till now, for sure.

Chiara Civello - Al posto del mondo (Civello, Teira)

A first-time competitor. Jazzy, popish song with a 'tango' touch that gives it a particular 'sensual' touch ... the best female artist till now. Her look is classical and she seems in such a great form. Love it.

Irene Fornaciari - Grande Mistero (Davide Van De Sfroos)

What a strong voice! Could have chosen a better look .... but the pop song and her voice replace everything ;) The lyrics ... hmmm guess they are mainly talking about 'her biggest secret' ... can be a favourite if the Italians don't be too conservative and stick to 'traditional' songs.

Interval Act

A weird start to the after-break part ... World War III happening on stage :P Impressive visuals though ... and a stunning orchestra, all to welcome an all-time favourite artist and the most-awaited guest ... Adriano Celentano. He makes his stage all his ... he seems very emotional. Standing ovation. He starts his 'mini-show' with a monologue ... very profound, using biblical references ... talking mainly about 'why we are living', that is, to finally reach Paradise, and we are not living to experience war (that is why he entered the show with a 'war' entrance). His argument is pointed out to the priests. I see it too much for the first night, his tone and his words are too tough for a festival. Well, his words can be appreciated by some, not that appreciated by others ... but Italians love Sanremo also for these 'talking and argumentative' parts. Erm ... Elisabetta Canalis entered the stage representing 'Italy' ... drama much? But that's what I call a 'full artist' heh. Sings to a jazzy/blues song ... sounds great, Celentano is Celentano. Views at this point can rise or literally, experience a downfall ... longish break much ... ? heh, I want songs ... ! Come on! From the audience's applause ... they seem they are loving this part ... but politics and current affairs dominate too much this festival I guess. Italians talk too much ... TRUE FACT!!!! Let's zip it up and listen ... aaaa and here's another artist who wanted a part in the show ... Pupo ... too much now.

FINALLY MUSICCCCCCC! :D yayyyy ... Celentano and jazzy blues ... LIKEEEE :D and now pop ... *sigh of relieffffff* ... p.s - I'm not understanding his English though ... sorry :P If his presence was in doubt, we can now confirm that he wanted a great part of the show to be totally his. Adriano's monologue is concluded by Morandi and Adriano together, or I thought it was being concluded actually ... maaaaaa this is taking too long though ... and this is getting boring, totally boring ... and even on current Sanremo blogs, there are viewers arguing that this is too much now. At least, I'm not the only one saying this. Don't know if I'm watching the actual 'Sanremo' or 'Ballaro`', that is, an argumentative program. Some are arguing that not even HE doesn't know what he is saying. Bla bla bla, and so on and so forth. No one is actually understanding his argument. We want music, Italian music, REAL ITALIAN MUSIC. Enough said about this part, I'm fed up of this so called 'song festival of the Italian music'. So where's the music huh?! Can't understand why the public applaude ... and YES, I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE PUBLICITY AT LONG LAST! (even listening to the hail and rain outside is less boring than Celentano, just saying)

The Competition (Part 2)

Emma - Non e` l'Inferno

Very strong song, lyrically and musically. The song talks about social and economic problems. Her rigid voice makes it even more strong and the words are perfectly pronounced. I simply adore her look. Great song, a must-favourite.

Marlene Kuntz - Canzone per un figlio

Soft start by the rock group, turns kinda rockish in the 'ritornello' ... not really my tastes. Can't really understand the lyrics ...

Interval Act 2

Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis singing to the notes of 'Beauty and the Beast', obvious, singing to satirical words ... playback ... God help me ... but gorgeous outfits I must say, especially Belen.

Eugenio Finardi - E tu lo chiami Dio (Roberta di Lorenzo)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh beautiful :) not the very strong of voices ... but the melody is too angelic and too perfect, and the electric guitar gives it a modern touch. The lyrics are quite religious, it could be a sort of 'prayer'. A traditional, but wonderful song indeed. Very 'Roberto Vecchioni' inspired. Finardi impressed me.

Gigi d'Alessio & Loredana Berte`- Respirare (D'Alessio, D'Agostino)

The most awaited duet. D'Alessio sounds great ... but Berte's voice is a bit weak, despite, the mixture of the two seems not bad, though it's a weak duet. Rock style to keep to Berte's taste, but I admit, I had higher expectations. Pity, D'Alessio is a great artist, but Loredana Berte` weakened the song. The style and the music and the melody are great, it's HER voice that I'm not that sure about.

Nina Zilli - Per Sempre ( Casalino, Zilli)

An enormous 'NO, NO' to that dress and another big 'NO, NO' to that hair ... BUT ... the song sounds great. Very simple, very traditional, very classical, very meaningful love lyrics, very Italian. A true Sanremo song ... a gem ;) THIS IS WHAT I CALL REAL ITALIAN MUSIC!

Interval Act 3

Again ... a monologue, at least, the piano in the background ... from the co-presenter. I'm so getting sleepy with all these speeches . . . . zzzzZZZzzz

Pier Davide Carone ft. Lucio Dalla - Nani (Carone, Dalla)

Lullabyic much? Lucio Dalla took over the orchestra ... though a very particular song. PierDavide turned from blonde to black ahahahaha! But Dalla gives the song a tiny twist. Not 100% sure about the song as a whole though ...


Arisa - La notte (Giuseppe Anastasi)

Ulalaaaa, no spectacles from Arisa! Very classical look, I love it. New style from her, a totally new style! ... it definitely suits her! Beautiful Arisa! Sounding great indeed! Another classical Italian song, a big wow. Arisa truly impressed me with her new musical style and everything. Another must-favourite!

Mattia Bazaar - Sei tu

And pink seems a favourite with the lead singer too :P sounds a bit familiar though ... not bad from Mattia Bazaar ... didn't surprise me that much though. Strong voice. A big dislike at the dress ... seems like one of Cruela Devil's dress ... thankgod it's not black and white.


Finally, we get a taste from the SanremoSocial songs, which we will hear in full tomorrow and which official competition starts tomorrow.

Wish you all a goodnight dear readers, and we hope to meet up once again tomorrow for another live report, which 'BIG' competition will be even harsher, since no one was eliminated tonight because of the technical problems in the voting system.

Stay tuned! :) x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 18:56

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Day 2: LIVE


Good evening dear readers, or better, ‘Buona sera’! Welcome to the second night of one of the most  prestigious festivals around Europe, Sanremo! The 62nd edition of this festival, spread over 5 nights, is being held, as usual, in the Ariston Theatre. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti. Last night, all of the participants in the 'festival' category meaning fourteen (14) performed their entries but because of a problem in the voting of the people, no one was eliminated. There was also controversy surrounding Celetano's monologue which attacked morality and the Church as an institution it seems. Nevertheless, this evening all of the artists in the 'festival' and 'giovani' categories will perform live with the orchestra. 4 songs from the 'Big' category will be eliminated after yesterday's fail in the voting system, in which 2 songs were supposes to be eliminated, thus making tonight's competition more tense. Two 'sfide dirette' will see the elimination of 1 one of the 'SanremoSocial' songs. It will surely be an interesting night to watch out, thus, keep yourself tuned here for all the top news! :)

Another spectacular dance show opens the second night, which theme is 'racism', with the dancers painted from head to toe in black or white. The dancers start the routine separated, but when they get closer to each other, one can note how the paint spreads on each one of them, thus emphasizing the importance of 'equality'.

The 'Big' Competition (Part 1)

Nina Zilli - Per Sempre (Casalino, Zilli)

Change of outfit tonight. Not bad, very original, better than yesterday at least. A classical opening to tonight's competition. A true Sanremo song. I love the 'calming' melody of this song. Her voice is at the top, and the violins in the bridge give it more that 'Sanremo' touch. Wonderful.

Arisa - La Notte (Giuseppe Anastasi)

Lady in Black. Stunning look, modern, yet classical. The song speaks alone, Arisa's 'softish' voice makes the melody even more mellowing. The electric guitar gives it a modern twist, but it's another classical Italian song. This new style definintely suits her. Keep it up Arisa.

Gigi d'Alessio/Loredana Berte` - Respirare (D'Alessio, D'Agostino)

Rock look for both of them. Hmmm, tonight I have to admit it, I'm liking this song a bit more, though I'm still not sure about Berte`'s voice. It has an upbeat tempo which I quite like. Can be a surprise.

PierDavide Carone ft. Lucio Dalla - Nani (Carone, Dalla)

Such a sweet song. Traditional meets Modernism. Dalla's voice give it that Napoletean touch. This is the kind of song Dalla writes. Carone has a very powerful voice though. Second time listening to it, and it sounds better.

Sfida Giovani 1

Alessandro Casillo - E` Vero Che Ci Sei (Fratelli Bassi)

Excitement at its best I guess. Started off unfortunately. Personally, I don't find his voice that stunning, but, he's only 15 years old, his voice is yet to mature. The song is quite flowing ... casual or sporty look dear Alessandro? I guess he didn't know what look to grab thus he decided to bring the best out of both them. The lyrics are a pure love poem. As the song proceeds, his voice seems to settle down. He is much loved by the Italian teen girls after his participation in 'Io Canto', transmitted on Canale 5.

Giordana Angi - Incognita` Poesia (Giordana Angi)

She's just 18 years old ... but she is a really mature lady and an already mature singer. Simple, yet stunning song. Very powerful lyrics, and she seems she put the excitment at the back.


Matia Bazaar - Sei Tu

Beautiful red dress from the lead singer. She has a very powerful voice indeed, but the song doesn't let her expand it that much. Pity.

Eugenio Finardi - E Tu Lo Chiamo Dio (Roberta Di Lorenzo)

The 'Roberto Vecchioni' inspired song, but it sounds so perfect. 'Vorrei volare ma non posso' starts the song ... but the melody, the lyrics and his voice makes us fly and enjoy 3 beautiful minutes indeed. Finardi puts so much emotions whilst singing.

Sfida Giovani 2

IOHOSEMPREVOGLIA - Incredibile (Vittoria Naci)

Classical pop song ... they seem a very united band. They sound great, modern look, though the lead singer is a bit shaky ...

Celeste Gaia - E`

The song describes her ideal man ... Carlo with green eyes. Too teenagish look I guess ... A very particular song, not bad though ... catchy.


Emma - Non E` l'Inferno

Sounding even more strong today. Her look compliments this very powerful song. The song talks about the social and economic problems ... and Emma pronounces each and and every single word so strong. Great interpretation. Emma is musically growing so much.

Marlene Kuntz - Canzone Per Un Figlio

And once again, I can't understand what he's saying!!! But it seems that the lyrics are mainly based on finding happiness. A big no no song ... sorry.

Irene Fornaciari - Grande Mistero (Davide Van De Sfroos)

Particular voice, powerful song, very 'Van De Sfroos' style ... don't know if the Italians truly love this type of song though.

Samuele Bersani - Un Pallone (Samuale Bersani)

Just the lyrics make it a good song. Nothing else.

Interval Act/s

Very poor today. Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis take over a bit the show, and they finally introduce the feminine co-presenter, Ivana Mrazova. And two 'comics' try to sing ... At least, today it is characterised by music and not 'parole, parole, parole' ... !

P.S - Ok, you have a nice tattoo Belen ... under that skirt. No need to show-off ...

Sfida Giovani 3

Erica Mou - Nella Vasca Da Bagno Del Tempo (Erica Mou)

So sweet! She's sitting down on a stool, playing the guitar, her voice is a bit shaky at times, but very 'Sanremo' style. I love it :)

Bidiel - Sono un Errore

No, too 'babyish', too simple, too 'English' inspired. May be ok for Eurovision though ...


Chiara Civello - Al Posto Del Mondo (Civello, Teira)

ahhhh what a shocking pink dress ... great contrast from yesterday's classical look. This is what I call real music ... that tango-ish touch is just a wow ... she seems so into the song. Another great performance from Civello. She really wants to impress the Italians.

Noemi - Sono Solo Parole (Fabrizio Moro)

'Voce Rock' ... that's supposed to be her. Beautiful black dress tonight, classical, yet modern. But that 'rosso fuoco' hair is a bit too much my dear. I'm liking the song though ... very Fabrizio Moro style ... remember him winning the Giovani section with 'Pensa' ... very rockish? His style matches completely Noemi's, and yes, it's turning out to be a song on the lookout ... although the song starts a bit too low for her.

Sfida Giovani 4

Marco Guazzone - Guasto

Not a strong start. A sweet start on the piano, a sweet and a very particular song indeed. Beautiful interpretation, some shaky instances, but quite good.

Gulia Anania - La mail che non ti ho scritto

Immediately catchy. Shaky voice. Singing a love mail ... her voice remains shaky throughout the whole performance.


Francesco Renga - La Tua Bellezza (Renga, Mancino, Rani)

I have to admit it ... I love this guy, I adore his voice. He's dressed smart/casual ... that tiny 'shakyness' in the beginning ... but otherwise, it's the perfect love poem. A very difficult song to sing, particularly because of his high-pitched voice.

DolceNera - Ci Vediamo A Casa (DolceNera)

Dressed in black tonight, I love the dress! Another feminine strong voice! Strong lyrics ... and she sings out every single word so clear. Guess she is even better than Emma ...












Thursday, 16 February 2012 18:58

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Day 3: LIVE


Good evening dear readers, or better, ‘Buona sera’! Welcome to the second night of one of the most  prestigious festivals around Europe, Sanremo! The 62nd edition of this festival, spread over 5 nights, is being held, as usual, in the Ariston Theatre. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti.

Last night, we saw the elimination of 4 artists from the ‘Big’ section, namely PierDavide Carone with Lucio Dalla, Gigi d’Alessio with Loredana Berte`, Marlene Kuntz and Irene Fornaciari. Big disappoint mostly from D’Alessio, who had a potentially good song, but which was desperately put down by Berte’s bad voice.  Also yesterday, we saw the elimination of 4 artists from the giovani section, dropping them to 4 finalists, which final will take place tomorrow evening. It will be particularly interesting because most probably, one of them will be Italy’s representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We’ll see! :)

And let’s move on to tonight. So, tonight is sort of, ‘The International Gala Night’, in which all 14 artists will sing classical Italian songs with an international artist. It will be a particular night indeed. An award to the 'winner' of the night will be given. Yesterday's 'big' artists will get the chance this evening to take part in the ‘ripescaggio’, that is, two of them will get their second chance, thus, will be participating in the final night next Saturday.Tonight's special guest will be no other than Federica Pellegrini, one of the most loved Italian athletes, who was the one who actually had to co-present this year's Sanremo together with Gianni Morandi, but since this is the Olympics year, she had to concentrate on her career rather than 'starting a new one'. Most probably, she will be infact co-presenting the show next year. At least tonight we won't see any comedians

No need to tell you, dear  readers, keep yourselves tuned here, on our site for the latest updates, whilst thanking you for your infinite support, especially during this Sanremo week, which is being covered everyday on our site for the very first time and seeing those high hits is really giving us a boost! Many thanks and wish you all a good, relaxing evening in the company of the Sanremo songs!  :)

The Show (Part 1)

Classical start to tonight's evening. Orchestra playing various classics, including 'Gloria', 'Gli Uomini Non Cambiano' and 'Volare', and Gianni Morandi starts off the night ... singing these classics :) The orchestra sounds too great; the live orchestra is what I actually miss most from the Eurovision.

Shaggy and Chiara Civello

So, they entered the scene with Ennio Morricone's music ... and now, Mr.Bombastic in Sanremo ... omg! Mr.Bean is missing though ... that was just a taste actually to let us know who Shaggy actually is. And now, Shaggy is trying to sing 'Io che non vivo piu` di un ora senza te' or 'You don't have to love me' (English Translation) ... a desperate attempt. Civello sings magnificently, but Shaggy's voice is so not matching with hers. And now he is rapping ... no, I didn't like this mixture. They are too far apart muscially, sorry.

Goran Bregovic and Samuale Bersani

Singing 'Romagna Mia' with traditional 'Yugoslavian' instruments ... I love it :) It sounds very particular ... Bregovi brought over his band hehe! Great mixture and great interpretation. Keep it up Samuale, good choice! Bregovic is currently touring around the world promoting his 'Yugoslovian' folklore.

Skye Edwards and Nina Zilli

Singing one of Mina's classics, 'Grande, Grande, Grande' ... in English, 'Never, Never, Never'. Two beautiful ladies, but Nina, that dress is too short I guess for an appearance in Sanremo! Their voices are perfectly combined ... and Nina's English can be easily understood. This has been the best duet so far, beautiful.

Al Jarreau and Matia Bazar

I was eagerly waiting for this. The theme from 'Il Padrino', 'Parla piu` piano' (Speak softly Love). Enchanting. Goosebumps all over my body. Words can't describe this fantastic duet, plus, her dress is a wow! :) Obviously, Al Jarreau sings one of his RnB songs ... wuw :)

Gary Go and Emma Marone

Emma is wearing a transparent shirt tonight ... who has the figure, better flaunt it heh. They are singing 'Il Paradiso' (If Paradise is half as nice). Not bad, Emma's voice is very strong. Gary Go sings one of his famous songs ... 'We are Wonderful'. It sounds great in this Sanremo atmosphere, though Emma's English is hopeless :P

Jose` Feliciano and Arisa

I admire this man loads, he's blind, but his love for music is above eveything. Jose` is playing the guitar beautifully and Arisa's voice is everyday more perfect. He is singing in Spanish and the mix between Italian and Spanish sounds wonderful. Ahhh I'm in love with this duet and moreover, Arisa is wearing a simple white dress with a couple gems. Beautiful in every way this duet. And the live orchestra ... wow! Again, goosebumpssss! And with a surprise, Morandi is duetting with Jose`and Arisa joins in. What a spectacular show this evening! :D

> A magical interval act, Federica Pellegrini just enterd the stage and is dancing to a Waltz with Gianni Morandi whilst they do a tiny discussion. Such a sweet girl in a wonderful, long, white dress :) Such an interesting 'chat' ... interesting :) And now ... haha ... disco music :P

Sergio Dalma and Francesco Renga

Il mondo (El mondo) ... at the moment is in Spain's chart! Piano ballad ... ahhhh! Wowww, beautiful choice of song ... the best male singer in the competition for sure. God how I love this man! Great duet! Dalma is now singing one of his classics .. powerful voice indeed.

Mads Langer and Pierdavide Carone and Lucio Dalla

I still get taste of this blackish Pierdavide ... he was such a cute Italian blonde :( Lucio Dalla on the piano singing 'Aneme e core' ... a typical Napoletean song. Ahhhh, Mads Langer gives it such a modern touch with an English pronounciation. Not the best of the 'duets' but very classical and very particular. And obviously, Mads Langer needs to sing his most popular song, 'You're not Alone'. Wonderful interpretation from him together with Pierdavide Carone.

Brain May and Kerry Ellis and Irene Fornaciari

'I have nothing' (Uno dei tanti) ... very powerful! Classical start ... and off to very pop, nearly disco style. Brain May on the electric guitar, sounding great! And obviously ... where there's Brian May, there's 'We will rock you'! ;)

Patti Smith and Marlene Kuntz

...singing 'The World became the World' (Impressioni di Settembre) ... Patti Smith has a very strong voice. Beautiful rock song tonight and Marlene Kuntz seem much more comfortable. Patti Smith seems like a man though but ... ahhh the classical 'Because the night' written with Bruce Springsteen ... great music :D

Macy Gray and Loredana Berte` and Gigi d'Alessio

Loredana always impresses me with her outfits (bleh) and Macy Gray seems like she just had a shock ... but the song they chose is 'Almeno tu nell'Universo' (Flame) sung by the late Mia Martini. Gigi d'Alessio is on the piano and he starts singing. His voice is not bad, but I guess it's too 'high pitched' for him this song. Loredana seems better this evening ... but Macy Gray fails to start where she was suppose to ... don't find this song particularly her style ... but she's doing her best ... from this trio, Gigi has the 'best' voice ... not bad, though not the most thrilling performance of the night. The song is such a classical ... you have to love it no matter what. And infact, Loredana gets very emotional whislt singing this song ... she and Mia Martini were very close friends.

Noa and Eugenio Finardi

What a great woman, greeting the public with 'Shalom' and greeting Morandi with a hug. They will sing 'Torna a Surriento' ... she in Napoletean and he in English American. They are accompanied by a string quartet. Noa has just started singing ... and goosebumps already! Her Napoletean is not bad infact! And a twist in the song ... Finardi singing rock! :O ulalaaaa! Greatttttttttt! :D Finardi has a great English accent since he lived in the States earlier in his life. Noa has just launched an album with Napoletean ... 'Noapolis'. She loves this music :) And if Noa doesn't sing 'Smile' ... we can't say that she was here! Magnificient :D

Professor Green and DolceNera

Vita Spericolata ... from Vasco Rossi, readapted in English for Professor Green. DolceNera starts on the piano ... her voice is a bit 'Vasco Rossi' style infact. Splendind female rock voice. Ahhhh and at least, the rapper has a decent part in the song and the mix is brilliant! I was in doubt regarding this duet, but oh my god, I'm astonished! :O & there's a really 'good feeling' between them ... rap, and modern Italian song can go together after all and their song 'Non ho paura' is simply great! wuw! :)

Sarah Jane Morris and Noemi

Noemi seems soooo excited! They will sing 'Amarsi un po' (To feel in love) ... one of Lucio Battisti's classic ... such a deepppppp voice Sarah Jane has. The voices mix purely together ... it sounds great :)



Pierdavide Carone and Lucio Dalla - Nani (Carone, Dalla)

Sounding powerful and nice. May make it to the final I guess. I like it ... yes. Sounding beutiful today.

Gigi d'Alessio and Loredana Berte` - Respirare (d'Alessio, d'Agostino)

A big favourite to make a return. Loredana Berte` is a favourite with the Italians. Gigi's voice sounds great with this very pop and modern song. Berte's voice is sounding more familiar today, well, that's her voice, a bit outrageous and harsh. mmmm ... and no sunglasses tonight Berte`... yes, they are sounding better together tonight. They surely want to pass and make it to the final.

Irene Fornaciari - Grande Mistero (Davide Van De Sfroos)

Wearing red and black tonight ... such a powerful song, I personally love it more than the above two. It would be a pity if THIS is left out. But the Italians can be a bit conservative unfortuantely. Her voice is purely wonderful. You've got to love it.

Marlene Kuntz - Canzone per un Figlio

It's a sweetish song, but no, it doesn't merit to pass ... it has a nice climax in the 'ritornello' though ... but still ...



GIGI D'ALESSIO AND LOREDANA BERTE` (seems a pure favourite ... )

Hope you enjoyed this 3rd night together with us dear readers, meet up again tomorrow!

Goodnight and stay tuned! ;) x

Friday, 17 February 2012 19:30

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Day 4: LIVE


Good evening dear readers, or better, ‘Buona sera’! Welcome to the fourth night of one of the most prestigious festivals around Europe, Sanremo! The 62nd edition of this festival, spread over 5 nights, is being held, as usual, in the Ariston Theatre. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti. Last night, we enjoyed an evening in the company of Italian classic songs which have toured the world, and the 'big' competitors duetted with international stars, such us Professor Green and Brian May. Marlene Kuntz won the 'Sala Stampa' award yesterday after duetting with Patti Smith. Gigi d'Alessio together with Loredana Berte` and Pierdavide Carone together with Lucio Dalla have made it to tonight's semifinal after yesterday, they were 'televoted the most' by the Italian public, thus, definetely eliminating Irene Fornaciari and Marlene Kunz.   Tonight, the semifinalist will duet with Italian guests of their choice and by the end of the night, we should get to know tomorrow's 10 finalists. The 'SanremoSocial' winner, or better, the 'Giovani' winner, will be known tonight, and most probably, he or she will be the one to represent Italy in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Watch out for a tribute to Whitney Houston, who unfortunately was found dead last Saturday.

No need to tell you, dear  readers, keep yourselves tuned here, on our site for the latest updates, whilst thanking you for your infinite support, especially during this Sanremo week, which is being covered everyday on our site for the very first time and seeing those high hits is really giving us a boost! Many thanks and wish you all a good, relaxing evening in the company of the Sanremo songs! :)


> Tonight's show started off with the world-fastest violinst, David Garrett.

The 'Big' Competition

(1) Noemi with Gaetano Curreri

I still think that the song starts too low for Noemi, infact in the second part of the song, her voice boosts up. Gaetano Curreri is playing the piano, and 'trying' to reach Noemi's high voice. Not a bad duet ... not the best of voice I guess. Noemi is wearing a beautiful 'prom' style balck dress and Gaetano ... a military jacket ... guess his luggage didn't arrive ...

(2) PierDavide Carone and Lucio Dalla with Gianluca Grigniani - Nani

Grigniani doesn't have the best of voices and his voice doesn't mix up well with PierDavide's for sure. PierDavide seems in form ... I didn't hear Dalla's voice though ...

(3) DolceNera with Max Gazze` - Ci Vediamo A Casa

DolceNera has a very powerful and strong voice; she always impresses me indeed. Her voice with Gazze's is a good mix, although she's the one that 'strengthens' the song. Gazze is wearing a smart casual outfit, whilst DolceNera is wearing a short black dress. Gazze` has a very 'soft' voice being a man ... but the song has the right balance. Successful duet I must say

(4) Gigi d'Alessio and Loredana Berte` with DJ Mario Fargetta - Respirare

Wuwwwww! Dance version of the song ... !!!! :D Sounding greattttt indeed! Ahhh, to say the truth, it's better than the original actuallyyy :P I don't know what Berte` is wearing though haha, but the song sounds great ... I bet that this will make it for sure with the finalists. Just a side note, this would sound great in the ESC no? And look at the amount of people dancing ... haha ... omgggg, this was surely a surprise tonight!!! Great!

(5) Chiara Civello with Francesca Michelin - Al Posto Del Mondo

Both singers are playing the piano ... Civello starts off. Strong voice, and also Michelin, an Xfactor participant. Beautiful mixture of voices ... a soft and strong voice, although they are not the best of tonight I guess. Michelin has a bit of uncertaintities at times, she infact seems a bit uncomfortable playing the piano and singing, or perhaps, that bulky shocking pink dress is making her feel this uncomfortable. Pity, since it's a great song.

> Interval Act: Sabrina Ferrilli enters the stage ... she's good at chatting ... but bad in singing ... oh my God ...

(6) Samuele Bersani with Paolo Rossi - Un Pallone

Bersani wearing football shoes ... there's something wrong. 'Football' perhaps? hmmm ... good duet though ... the voice are perfectly combined. And some comedy is included today .. ehhh.

(7) Eugenio Finardi with Pippo Servillo and the 'Piccolo Ensemble Futuro' form the Milan Conservatory - E Tu Lo Chiami Dio

This is one of my favourites songs. This song has that particular 'angelic' melody. And Finardi puts so much emotions in this song. Servillo has a voice very similar to Finardi and the 'mix' is so perfect. Ahhh this is sounding so beautiful, 'Roberto Vecchioni' inspired for sure, but very nice.

(8) Nina Zilli with Giuliano Palma and Fabrizio Bosso - Per Sempre

Gold, long dress for Zilli tonight ... ahhhhhhhh so beautiful. The two voices are so perfect together. One of the best duets of the night. Fabrizio Bosso is playing the trumpet softly and it gives it that jazzy feeling. The 'violin' part has remained intact ... she has such a powerful voice and so 'playful'. Great 'solo' on the trumpet from Bosso.

(9) Arisa with Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi - La Notte

Piano and violin ballad tonight ... it's even more magical. Arisa is wearing a long, plain dress. Ahhhh it gives you goosebumps. Her voice is spectacular and when they sing together ... it's paradise :)

> Interval Act: Alessandro Siani takes the stage ... he's a great Italian comedian :)

(10) Emma with Alessandra Amoroso - Non E` L'Inferno

Emma wearing a green strapless dress, whilst Alessandra is all in black wearing a sort of polo-neck very long dress. Two 'Amici' winners. Two very strong voices.

(11) Mattia Bazar with Platinette - Sei Tu

That halter neck is too much :P but ... otherwise ... Platinette is doing a short monologue, that is, he is 'speaking out' the first verse of the song... rendering this song an even better 'gem' :)

(12) Francesco Renga with Scala & Kolacny Brothers - La Tua Bellezza

The choir starts singing to the piano ... magical .... and Renga's voice mixed with theirs is amazing ... ahhhh *goosebumpssss* :D It's like you're listening to the angels in Paradise ... 'troppo bella' questa canzone .... well done Francesco, great 'duet' ... it sounds even better than the original song I must say ... violins, piano ... and magical voices.


Hehe ... blue, white and red dominates here. They look like sailors :P They must sing together live ... otherwise you can't hear a single thing ... but 'What makes you beautiful' is an ever green song :)

The 'Giovani' section (Televoting + Sanremo Orchestra)

(1) Alessandro Casillo - E` Vero

The smart/casual/sporty guy ... I'm still not convinced about his voice unfortunately ... perhaps he's excited? His voice is too weak though. The song, not bad and the lyrics, heh, pure love poetry, but I don't see this song as 'winning'. But don't forget that he's a favourite with most of the Italian teen girls.

(2) IOHOSEMPREVOGLIA - Incredibile

I see them in Eurovision. Yes. I'm loving this song tonight ... his voice is not the best, but with the melody of the song, it's ok.

(3) Marco Guazzone - Guasto

Ulalaaa how glittery! The start seems like a lullaby or a nursery rhyme ... but it's sweet. His voice ... hmmm ... much much better than the first night. Yes, it's sounding much better tonight I must say ... he has a very melodious voice. I like it, yeppp :)

(4) Erica Mou - Nella vasca da bagno del tempo

THIS SHOULD BE THE WINNER! So beautiful ... her eyes speak alone. Very sweet song with very powerful lyrics with a sweet melody. Her voice is perfect ... ahhh it makes you sing ... 'voglio diventare vecchia, con le rughe tattuate sulla pelle ...' :)

> Interval Act - Anna Tatangelo, Marco del Vecchio and Bobo Vieri ... please shoot me now. They are participating in a TV programme on Rai and they came to promote hah ... and la Tatangelo ... she's supporting her 'Gigi' ... I so hate this fake promotion ... at least, you have a beautiful blue dress Anna. Oh sure ... we're gonna dance even tonight ... & Milly Carlucci had the microphone and she too is wearing a long dress ... everything programmed and planned etc ... ehhhh. & Anna Tatangelo is mentioning the disco dance ... because her Gigi tonight has a 'disco' song ;) And to ads to the show, the teachers come to show us their knowledge and everything ... it's enjoyable at least listening to the live orchestra :)














Unfortunately, Chiara Civello and Matia Bazar didn't make it to the final.

Once again, I thankyou for your infinite support dear readers, and I hope that tomorrow you will also tune to our site for the final night coverage of this prestigious festival, which final will be reported LIVE by Marc Calleja Bayliss. It was a great experience reporting this year's Sanremo ...

... and once again, MANY MANY THANKS! Hugs :) x



Saturday, 18 February 2012 19:17

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Emma Wins


'Buona Sera!' and welcome to the fifth and final night of the most prestigious music competition in Italy and the rest of Europe known as Sanremo. The history of the competition has stretched a total of sixty two years thus far and it is the event which the Eurovision Song Contest was eventually based on. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti.

The main focus of the fourth evening, was surely the 'Giovani' Category noting the astounding victory of the fifteen year old Alessandro Casillo and his composition ''E` Vero' garnering the support of the orchestra, the public and also the internet voters. In second place was none other than Erica Mou, an upcoming singer/songwriter who won the radio vote last night. In the meantime, from the category known as 'Artisti', former Eurovision Song Contest representatives Matia Bazar were eliminated alongside Chiara Civello. Tonight, the final will be held which will include the announcement of the representatives in Baku, as well as a number of winners including those as decided by the press, the jury and the tele-voting.

The Show (Part 1)

Quite the opening this evening featuring a dance routine involving a lot of kissing to the track 'All You Need Is Love' which builds up well with the orchestra just after they played some of the notes of the Italian National Anthem. Indeed, the act continues as the host of the evening, singer Gianni Morandi comes onto the stage to speak to the choreographer in a dapper black suit. He introduces his co-hosts for the evening who have been helping him throughout the week. The beautiful model and the well known Italian actor. The tele-voting numbers are being introduced for each act just after the reminder that Alessandro was the winner of the 'Giovani' section last night.

Running Order

01. Nina Zilli - Per Sempre (Casalino, Zilli)

Wearing a beautiful floor length blue dress, Nina Zilli is on the Ariston stage and believe me, she does indeed own it because she commands it as if she has been born to perform. This evening, she really looks like the late Amy Winehouse and the song is clearly one of the few which will be timed as classics of the competition for many years to come. It is not easy to open the evening especially with the calibre of this festival in tow but she does it brilliantly and the vocals are spot on this evening as they have been all week. Astounding, ravishing and one of the possible winners tonight whilst there has even been some talk of her going to the Eurovision Song Contest, so we will see what happens!

02. Gigi d'Alessio/Loredana Berte` - Respirare (D'Alessio, D'Agostino)

Well this act was the one to beat when the names were announced many weeks ago but since then, they have somewhat faded despite the fact that they are extremely well known. During the first elimination on Wednesday, they were eliminated but returning to the competition the following day following a great performance. The song which was written between the Gigi's is quite beautiful and will definitely be a radio hit. This evening, Loredana, still dons black but the suit is just beautiful and suits her well although never got the gist of the sunglasses. Gigi on the other hand is looking well in his black suit and grey slim tie. The singing today is strong once more and they are outsiders for the victory though I would not be surprised if they were to walk away as the winners tonight!


Following a promotional break as an aid to the sponsors, it is important to note that once more there will be another special guest in the form of a co-host and she comes down the stairs shoe-less and Gianni Morandi is the one who has to help her wear her shoes. He goes down on his knees and does the job well and gets the opportunity to touch her legs just a bit. They engage in a long conversation between them and the co-host gets a monologue for the evening. She spends a number of minutes on the show but she was just about to leave when Gianni gabbed her arm and took her back. Together they introduce the next act.

03. Emma - Non E` l'Inferno

Emma looks extremely stylish in a tight black leather dress and it is quite interesting that the opening is very similar 'I Who Have Nothing' but it changes quite drastically after the first half minute becoming a pop/rock song which she performs very well actually. The artist has quickly grown into a well known individual in Italy having finished second in last years' edition of Sanremo. She is currently being touted as a possible artist to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest and indeed, such a song would go down very well. The vocals have to be spot on and strong for such a song and they are this evening although I am not sure about this being her best performance. Nevertheless, good enough but can she do one better than last year? We'll wait and see!

04. Samuele Bersani - Un Pallone (Samuale Bersani)

I have grown to adore Italian music in the past couple of years but this is one of the songs which I still do not understand even after having heard it each and every day in the competition. The lyrics are interesting, granted! but then again, this  is a whole package type of competition and the song just does not strike a chord of tick any of the boxes of former winners of the Sanremo competition. He is clad in a black suits, actually tails but then again, he looks smart. He is enjoying the performance though and mid-way through it goes down near the conductor and dances with him. It is a catchy beat but it is not a classic and never will be. The vocals are good but this is surely one which will not win this evening. Sorry!

05. DolceNera - Ci Vediamo A Casa (DolceNera)

DolceNera is one of the four acts being touted for the Eurovision Song Contest and she takes to the stage in a short black dress similar to the one seen above in the image. She is performing a pop/rock type of song which does goes down well in Italy normally but has there been anything typical this year. She is enjoying each second of the performance as her emotions do show a performer at her very best. The song is very catchy indeed and it is one who uses the lighting the best. She seems very nice indeed on the stage and her fame is not that old having finished as the first runner-up in the 'Giovani' category not to long ago just behind Tony Maiello.


06. PierDavide Carone ft. Lucio Dalla - Nani (Carone, Dalla)

This is the second song this evening which was initially removed from the competition but then again, a strong performance managed to get it back into the fray. The main performer is wearing a black suit although he does keep his casual look. Lucio Dalla, the renowned Italian performer is directing the orchestra as he has done throughout the week. The performance is very strong from both of the men this evening and it does look as if they are having fun out there especially PierDavide. The music does develop in the way that most of the songs by Dalla have in the past. What makes it stand out is the remarkable spark in both voices. What a performance! Well Done!

07. Noemi - Sono Solo Parole (Fabrizio Moro)

This is one of the most heartfelt performances of the competition by an artist who knows show business well despite being somewhat young. Her fiery red hair along with the beautiful floor length blue dress go down well actually and she is one who is definitely enjoying the performance full of emotion. The screens depict the word 'Parole' whe she sings it out loud and out of tune. She is having her best performance thus far this week but she is too much off key at times whilst being perfect in others. I just cannot see this winning tonight.

08. Arisa - La Notte (Giuseppe Anastasi)

Arisa was and remains my favourite for the victory. She is performing what can be described as the typical ballad of Sanremo and her song clearly identifies well with what Italian music should be. She takes to the stage in a tight black dress bubt she dons it beautifully along with high heels. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to speak about certain performances like this one before they are just perfect. Arisa could be amazing at the Eurovision Song Contest but I believe that it would be just a dream actually. Her vocals are stunning and I would be very surprised if she does not at least make it to the top three this evening.

09. Eugenio Finardi - E Tu Lo Chiamo Dio (Roberta Di Lorenzo)

The penultimate performance of the evening comes from Eugenio Finardi who seems to have enjoyed each second of his experience this week on the stage of Sanremo. The song which he has presented to the competition is definitely written in the style that the winning song by Roberto Vecchioni was written last year because it does feature poetry in terms of lyrics. The music is very simple and features a lot of violins. The vocals are strong, the best of the week but I just cannot wrap my finger around the song because it is not memorable so to speak. Nevertheless, a commanding performance from the artist this evening and could be a possible dark horse.

10. Francesco Renga - La Tua Bellezza (Renga, Mancino, Rani)

The final performance from this category for this portion of the show is now on and the former winner of the Sanremo competition is oozing with charm and charisma this evening. He kept to the same style in terms of clothing but changed the colours for this evening. The song is pop/rock track which starts out very slowly and evolves well. The orchestra is really uplifting for this particular song and the vocals for Renga are very strong this evening and I am sure that Elaine Camilleri would be extremely proud of him this evening. The chorus and the hook-line are very good and once more this is another song which can do well. Everyone seems to have upped his game this evening with the final night in tow.

The Show (Part 2)

The performances have come to an end and therefore, the voting is now open. It is quite important to note that once more, there is the idea of remembering how things went last night when it came to the 'Giovani' category. Nevertheless, things continue and Morandi following another promotional break is back on stage and in the audience, doing what he does best meaning performing. He introduces the next guest star; Adriano Celentano who was received that well during the first night of the competition for his several anti-religious remarks along with some other political remarks. A monologue commences and yet another song does come up. Once more the commentary continues but it seems that Celentano has left the building leaving Morandi on his own. He speaks about the tele-voting once more saying that lines are still open for the people to cast their vote. The winner of the 'Giovani' being Alessandro has been invited on stage to be crowned as the winner of the competition as yesterday it was after midnight when he was announced as the eventual victor. One of the female co-hosts is called back on stage and together, they close the tele-voting portion of the competition.

Interval Act

Whoa! Quite incredible to see that Sanremo have managed to get the Cranberries to perform and they indeed give an enticing rendition of their biggest hit 'Zombie'. The vocals are sublime as always, that has always been the case with them. The results are being calculated at the moment.

The Show (Part 3)

Gianni Morandi calls upon the media hall to decide their respective vote in totality and in fact, the top three were quite decisive with Gigi D'Alessio and Loredana Berte in third place, followed by Emma in second place and finally, Arisa in the top position. The same representatives of the media believe that Noemi deserves the golden share and she climbs at the top of the leader-board. Therefore the decision has been made and three females will be fighting it out to win this years' edition of Sanremo. These are none other than Arisa, Emma and Noemi who had been tipped as favourites for quite some time. Two clowns are now on stage, and one can easily note them as being last years' interval act.

Final Three - Running Order

01. Noemi - Sono Solo Parole (Fabrizio Moro)

Well the second and last performance of the song in a running order and with that fiery hair and shimmering blue dress, she takes to the stage one more time and indeed, her vocals her never impressed me that much this year. The song is a slow moving ballad which is quite interesting actually and should be appreciated for a number of things. Noemi tries to put into it the emotion that it does indeed require and she manages to transmit it well. This time round, the performance is not off key and she is most probably giving the best performance of the whole week as she tries to wrack up the votes needed to finish at the top after having been given a second chance by the media.

02. Emma - Non E` l'Inferno

Last years' runner-up is back on stage as she manages a second consecutive result in the top three of the competition. The image that the singer is portraying is one which really suits her especially the choice of outfit showing some leg whilst going sleeveless. The vocals of the song are strong as always and it is so uplifting seeing an artist grow the way that she has grown in the past couple of months. Nevertheless, the song might have been slightly stronger but the conductor, who arranged the song, Pino Perris. She is definitely enjoying the moment in the spotlight. It is quite a beautiful performance and she can definitely win of course.

03. Arisa - La Notte (Giuseppe Anastasi)

The final performance of the evening comes from none other than Arisa, the women who has not been that lucky when commencing her musical career. She came to prominence through the 2009 edition of Sanremo with the song 'Malomoreno' picking up the Critics Award known as the 'Mia Martini Prize'. This evening, clad in a black dress, she is enjoying her time on the stage of Sanremo and definitely wants to win the competition. The subject of the song is simple and to the point but the song does indeed reach the climax that is should and that is why it is so special in so many ways. The orchestration is just beautiful, what a charming song! This is the winner in my opinion!

Leading to the Result

RAI is currently promoting one of their upcoming programmes actually before the host, Gianni Morandi calls for his special co-host being Rocco to perform a song which he stops after coming down the stairs. He tells Gianni that he needed some space and ultimately removes the piano. This should be a comedic act although his voice is definitely not bad! The tele-voting is stopped just after Rocco was publicly congratulated on his performance. A break follows and now Gianni is on stage with the main conductor of the orchestra, the one appointed by RAI known as Marco Sabiu. He plays the song 'Limitless' on the piano and is joined by the Sanremo orchestra. The announcements are now being made it seems but then the co-hosts seem to have to get a word in as well. Ell and Nikki are on stage and they announce Nina Zilli as the next Italian representative at Eurovision Song Contest. The results of the competition are also on the way now!

  1. 'Premio Mia Martini' - Samuele Berani
  2. 'Premio D'Oro' - Emma

The introduction of digital media has had a large impact on several industries but then again, music has been rapidly changed or rather accommodated to fit with the needs of the present generation. Recording labels have been speaking publicly in favour of removing physical singles completely due to the fact that many people are making use of platforms such as Spotify and Itunes to make their purchases. Artists all over the world have also been getting a clear indication of their charting position in physical sales by following the charts that the digital sales are showcasing. This is the same in Italy whose Itunes Digital Singles Chart features all of the tracks that were presented in this years' edition of Sanremo as organized by RAI.

It is quite remarkable the artists in the 'Artisti' category made the charts but considering all of their previous successes combined together, it might be that much of a surprise. The songs in themselves represent the best of the Italian music industry and whilst the focus in this respective artist is mainly on the singles, the albums of the artists will also do well with some of them even re-issuing their last compilation along with the track they performed during the 2012 edition of Sanremo which took place at the Ariston Theatre in the past week. If  you would like to catch up with what happened during the event you can look back towards the coverage we brought here on www.escflashmalta.com but in the meantime, the charting positions are shown below respectively along with the official videos (where possible).

#01: Emma - Non e' l'inferno

#02: Arisa - La Notte

#03: Noemi - Sono Solo Parole

#04: Nina Zilli - Per Sempre

#05: DolceNera - Chi Vediamo a Casa

#06: Francesco Renga - La Tua Bellezza

#09: PierDavide Carone & Lucio Dalla - Nani

#11: Gigi D'Alessio & Loredana Bere - Respirare

#23: Samuele Bersani - Un Pallone

#26: Irene Forniciari - Grande Mistero

#58: Matia Bazar - Sei Tu

#80: Eugenio Finardi - E tu lo chiami Dio

#135: Marlene Kuntz - Canzone Per Un Figlio

It is quite interesting to note that the results somewhat match those achieved during the showcase because the top three spots in the Italian Itunes chart are occupied by the same three ladies that made it into the top three in the same respective order according to figures released on Sunday, the day after the competition. What is quite interesting is that they are followed by Nina Zilli who will be representing Italy in Baku, Azerbaijan in May following negotiations between RAI and Universal Music Italia. A track from her new album released this week is expected to be chosen to be performed during the event.

Source: RAI, Sony Music Italy, Universal Music Italy, Warner Music Italy, Itunes

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