February 17, 2020

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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 04:19

Malta: Christabelle Back with Say

Christabelle is one of the leading ladies in contemporary local music and she returns to the music scene with a brand new track entitled Say marking her sixth sing in total and one which has been recorded in Washington in the United States of America. The Maltese singer has been in the music scene since the age of four. Christabelle has participated and placed in numerous Maltese festivals. One can mention the song ‘Aċċettani Kif Jien’ (Accept Me as I Am) with which she won L-Għanja tal-Poplu Junior 2006. Christabelle was also a participant in the Malta Junior Song for Europe, but nevertheless, her latest local achievement was when she was crowned as the winner of the Best Solo Artist Award at the Bay Music Awards for the third time.

“This is my favourite single, so far”, Christabelle confesses. “The song speaks about love and that when you actually experience it you know how it feels.” She continues saying that although it is a very common subject, this is the main reason why she has decided to tackle this topic. Say is an urban song, written by Christopher Lawrence Carter (Millrace Music/ASCAP) and Christabelle Borg. On the first week of its release, SAY managed to achieve the number 7 on Malta’s Top 10 chart. More information about Christabelle can be achieved from her own website. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news regarding not only Eurovision, but also about other local artists who are achieving success away in the music scene.

Source: Press Release


Some of us believe that Eurovision is the main stage of a singers’ success in his career. However, one must believe that where there’s a will there’s a way and although, Eurovision opens a lot of doors to young promising artists, it is not the only road to success. Opportunities, come our way in many different forms and we must have our eyes wide opened to catch them before they are lost. Wayne Micallef is one of those singers whose ambition is to have success with his music in whatever life leads him into and most importantly for people to enjoy his music.

Micallef is a well-known artist in the local music scene with many of his songs finishing in the top local charts. Some of the singles released by the artist in the past years are ‘Breaking Down’, ‘Slip Away’, ‘Save a Life’ and ‘The Parade’. He is also one of the popular singers/songwriters in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with some of the past records being ‘Save a Life’, ‘Everybody Sing’ and the last one being ‘Time’.

Following his performance in the final of this year’s festival, Wayne has teamed up with Brandon Mueller to release a music video for his self penned track ‘Time’. The two talented people has shot the video in Wisconsin in the Fox Valley, USA. One must say that the music video continues to complement the beauty of the song which was very well liked by the fans of the festival. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news from the local music scene.

Source: Wayne Micallef Official Facebook


Tuesday, 24 January 2012 23:00

France: Anggun to Reveal Entry in January

Preparations for the next biggest event in Europe are taking place. All participants are preparing their entry with the main aim being that of winning this year’s contest. France is not an exception. Their last victory was in 1977 with the song “L’oiseau et l’enfant” interpreted by Marie Myriam and since then, they have tried hard to achieve a great result. Last year Amaury Vassili and the song ‘Sognu’ placed in fifteenth place with 82 points.

Last November, the French broadcaster responsible for the nations’ participation announced that the ticket to Baku was given to the French of Indonesian origin female singer, Anggun. This was announced after an internal choice during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest week and earlier this month they revealed that the song will be titled “Echo (You & I)”. The song has been composed by composers that she worked with on her previous album. According to eurovision-fr.net the presentation of the entry will take place on 29 January during the show ‘Midem à Canne’, aired live on France 3’s website at 16:00 CET.  We’ll keep you posted with all the latest news as soon as it becomes available. Stay tuned to ESCflashmalta for more details.

Source: eurovision-fr.net

Thursday, 26 January 2012 16:12

Montenegro: Song Title for Rambo Revealed

Montenegro is one of the ‘new’ countries in the Eurovision Song Contest with their first solo debut being in the 2007 contest. Although they have never managed to qualify for the finals, in 2009 the country managed to achieve the 11th place in the first semi-final with Andre Demirović’s interpretation of “Just Get Out of My Life”. In spite of everything, so far they have only participated three times in the contest because in November 2009 RTCG announced the withdrawal of the country from the 2010 contest, owing to financial difficulties at the broadcaster.

On 20 November 2011 the head of RTCG revealed that Montenegro will participate in the 2012 contest to be held in Baku and in fact, today they revealed the title of this year’s Montenegrin song. The song which Rambo Amadeus will perform is entitled “Euro neuro” and it is described as an ‘ecological’ song. Rambo Amadeus was given the ticket to Baku by the Montenegrin National Television (RTCG) after an internal choice. The song which he will perform will be presented most likely in February as the team is currently doing the mastering and mixing.

Art director of the project, Radmila Vojvodic said, “The text has such expressions like cycling... There are also terms relating to ecology, and Montenegro as ecological state". He went on saying that when he chose Rambo he knew that he should not suffocate his creative potential. “I didn't want to change Rambo for Eurovision, but I invited him to make a song that fits into his previous work and image, which was done. And those who were disappointed that he decided to participate in Eurovision have no reason to be because the music has remained consistent at what he is known". ESCflashmalta will continue doing its best to keep you posted with the latest Eurovision news. Stay tuned as lots of news is coming out.

Source: RTCG

Many people believe that Eurovision Song Contest is not the only road to success and this has been proved by many artists across Europe but most of all in our own islands. An artist who is proving this theory is none other than our 17 year old singer Sophie. We all remember her “Extra Cute” performance back in Bucharest during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 but time flies by and Sophie hasn’t stopped working on her career. Last year, she tried her best to win the ticket to Dusseldorf with her song “Love to Love You” but last November her management informed ESCflashmalta that due to upcoming projects, Sophie did not submit a song to compete in this year’s National Final. But what is Sophie upto this time?

Thru The Mill, Sophie’s current British based music management, has just confirmed that the award winning singer Corina Brouder (America’s Got Talent) is catching a flight out of Belfast this week to record a song that Malta’s own Sophie has composed. Corina was first discovered by legendary film music composer John Barry and recently has performed around Europe as a guest on the David Hasselhoff tour. She will be making her first trip to The Maltese Islands thanks to Easy Jet.

“I thought the song was beautiful when I first heard it and would love to have the chance to record it”. Having in mind a singer blessed with unique vocal skills, Sophie wrote a sumptuous ballad which Corina is very excited to sing. Although Sophie is currently working on her own album, the 17 year old singer will be involved in the recording along with the production from her label Thru The Mill. Label manager Giles Squire expressed his feelings that this could be just the start of Sophie writing songs for others.

“We were very impressed when we first heard the song and when you consider the other tracks Corina will be recording are John Barry songs this is no mean achievement!” Squire added “due to time constraints both with studios and Corina’s commitments we have only a tiny window and we are very grateful to Easy Jet for making this happen”. ESCflashmalta will continue to keep you updated with any exclusive news in the music industry, especially those regarding Maltese artists.

Source: Thru The Mill, Totally Sophie Music

It’s Friday, the beginning of another weekend and the evening in which the popular programme ‘Xarabank’ is aired. After revealing the 24 finalists of this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Peppi Azzopardi and the team behind Xarabank has invited all participants to be the main protagonists in tonight’s show. In the last couple of weeks, the participants were invited to many popular shows like ‘TVAM’, ‘Sellili’, ‘Sibtek’ and ‘Ħadd Għalik’ amongst other amazing programmes in which they have presented their songs to the public.

One must not forget to mention that the official broadcaster and collaborator for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, TVM has been busy producing the two special shows leading up to the biggest music event held in Malta: the daily show before the 8pm news and the two Sunday programmes aired straight after the 8pm news.

A week before the much awaited showcase takes place, the host of the show (Xarabank) will present the participants in a different way than all other programmes did. We saw the pariticpants in formal interviews talking about their experiences and the message they want to pass through their song and also, in a friendly environment playing games and building friendship between them. However, Xarabank is the balance between the two ways: formal but not so formal. Although we can only guess what the programme will consist of, as Where’s Everybody? has always dedicated their 100% commitment to present the public with an amazing show. Will we get to know any new gossips about our semi-finalists? Will they present the Maltese version of their song? What is ‘Jonny il-Kajboj’ up to this week? Will there be a prediction of who amongst the 24 semi-finalists may represent Malta in the coming Eurovision Song Contest? To get to know the answers to all these questions and much more, all you can do is watch the programme tonight after the 8pm news.

Do not forget that we’re just a week away from our National Final which will be held on the 3rd and 4th of February at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC), Ta’ Qali. Stay tuned for more exclusive news only on ESCflashmalta.

Source: TVM

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 09:46

Malta: The Red Carpet Countdown Show

The ‘Malta Eurovision’ week has commenced and in less than a week we’ll know which song will represent the Maltese Islands in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest being held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Preparations are in full swing, contestants are rehearsing day and night to give their 100% during this Friday’s semi-final, hoping that it will be the performance which will take them straight to Saturday’s final. From their on, their only hope will be to triumph and get the ticket to Baku.

Before all of this happens, Television Malta will be airing a live pre-final show on Saturday 4th February 2012 at 6.10pm named ‘Red Carpet Countdown Show’. During this show, we will be seeing the entrance of the VIPs which will make our national final a night to remember: the FINAL 16, the international and the local guests. Also, the producers will be bringing you some gossip directly on the spot. This idea was introduced for the very first time last year and has proven to be successful. During last year’s “Countdown” show, the final sixteen artists made their entrance together with the guests present that night: including none other than the English Boyband Blue (UK 2011) and local aritists Wintermoods, amongst others. So open your diary and pencil it down: ‘Red Carpet Countdown Show’, Saturday 4th February at 6.10pm on TVM. Until then, stay tuned on our site and Facebook page for all the latest news as it comes to our attention.

Source: TVM