September 23, 2019

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team escflashmalta

team escflashmalta

The twenty-fifth 25th Edition of the annual Second Chance Contest held by OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de L'Eurovision), the international Eurovision Song Contest fan club branched in thirty-seven (37) European countries has just been conducted and the verdict has been respectfully made. Gothenburg was the host city this year after Sweden's victory last year with Timoteij's song 'Kom' which of course, was a participant in the 2010 edition of Melodifestivalen.

A handful of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Iceland (as the entry for OGAE Rest of the World) made their comeback, making a total of 21 countries taking part in this contest. In the meantme, it is to be noted that Andorra, France and the United Kingdom were the guest juries for the voting process. In the past, important names in the Eurovision scene have had a spot in the fan contest such as Lena Philipsson, Sanna Nielsen, Måns Zelmerlöw, Saša Lendero, Arja Saijonmaa, Alcazar, Cecilia Vennersten, Hera Björk among others, have released their National Selection songs and have become successful commercial hits and even some remain classic tunes in their national popular music repertoire and still have managed to score more hits in their non-Eurovision music career, proving Europe's Favorite Show is a great way to expose great talent to the Old Continent and beyond.

For further information regarding each entry, you may want to browse, the official website. The full results are seen below, we would like to congratulate Iceland on their first ever victory at the OGAE Second Chance Contest with Yohanna, and the song 'Nótt' whilst it is to be noted that the Maltese entry 'Topsy Turvy' scored a handful of points from two nations. Nevertheless, this was another point in which the country was recognized for its sheer talent. The full results of this years' edition can be seen below:

  1. Iceland – Yohanna – ‘Nótt’ (224)
  2. Sweden – Jenny Silver – ‘Something In Your Eyes’ (201)
  3. Italy – Modà feat. Emma – ‘Arriverrà’ (153)
  4. Denmark – Le Freak – ’25 Hours A Day’ (136)
  5. Israel – Chen Aharoni – ‘Or’ (119)
  6. Greece – Nikki Ponte – ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’ (106)
  7. Norway – Helene Bøksle – ‘Vardlokk’ (99)
  8. Spain – Lucía Pérez – ‘Abrázame’ (80)
  9. Germany – Lena – ‘Push Forward’ (73)
  10. Slovenia – April – ‘Ladadidej’ (49)
  11. Portugal – Rui Andrade – ‘Em Nome Do Amor’ (36)
  12. Ireland – Nikki Kavanagh – ‘Falling’ (23)
  13. Finland – Saara Aalto – ‘Blessed With Love’ (23)
  14. Austria – Trackshittaz – ‘Oida Taunz!’ (16)
  15. Poland – Anna Gogola – ‘Ktoś Taki Jak Ty’ (13)
  16. Croatia – Jacques Houdek - ‘Stotinama Godina’ (12)
  17. Belgium – Gautier Reyz – ‘Addiction’ (10)
  18. Malta – J.Anvil – ‘Topsy Turvy’ (8)
  19. The Netherlands – 3JS – ‘De Stroom’ (8)
  20. Lithuania – Linas Adomaitis – ‘Floating To You’ (3)
  21. FYR Macedonia – Martin Srbinoski – ‘Ram Tam Tam’ (0)

Source: Official Website

Thursday, 13 October 2011 14:28

Latvia: Changes in Eirodziesma 2012

Eirodziesma is Latvia's National Selection televised show to choose the country's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest every year since the Eurovision nation's initial performance back in 2000 which saw them reach third place with the song 'My Star'. Internet fans will be able to vote on from October the 20th. 2011 to November 1st 2011. Authors of the songs' names will revealed on November 8th. 2011 and December 1st 2011 will see performers' names.

Next Eirodziesma edition will see a few changes: Semifinals will be broadcast live on January the 7th. and the 14th 2012. Each semifinal will feature 10 songs coming from the internet voting. The final show will take place on February the 18th 2012, comprising the top 5 most voted songs from each semifinal. Half the votes to choose the winning entry will be cast by a group of seven juries and the other half, by viewers' televotes, which will be hosted at Theatre House "Juras varti" in Ventspils.

Source: LTV, ESCdaily, ESCtoday

Saturday, 10 March 2012 21:23

Portugal: Festival da Canção - LIVE

Portugal has written its Eurovision history pages for a total of forty-five (45) participants. Tonight, it's time to keep on making history by choosing its 46 entries. Its best position so far has been in 1996 with "O meu coração não tem cor" by Lúcia Moniz. In recent years, the most memorable entry from the Western European nation has been "Senhora do mar" by Vânia Fernandes, which back then gave her native land its first qualification to the final ever. This year, the final will be quite different noting that there will be a lot of honour involved due to the fact that the Portuguese Fado has just got recognized on the Unesco's Oral and Intangible World Heritage list and therefore RTP are making use of the final to promote their culture.

The winner will be decided by a 50% Jury and a 50% Tele-Voting combination. Rehearsals had been released just two days ago and people have been quite positive about the quality in general. Portugal will look forward to sending a great track which will do them proud. You can watch the show through RTP1RTP Mobile and RTP Internacional. The show begins with a cheering crowd and Pedro Osorio is giving a message to the audience. Oh, please... I don't think I could take any more excitement!! There's an interesting stage performance going on now. A group of drummers have taken over the stage. They're all dressed up in white in the likes of Sakis Rouvas in 2009. "The guys in those platforms remind us of Romanian entry in 2005. Hosts Silvia Pedro and Granger have just walked into the stage to salute and give instructions on the vote procedure. Hosts are beign fun to look at and listen to. Now the first four songs are being presented.

Running Order

01. Ricardo Soler - Gratia plena

That balalaika-like sound gives the song that kind of Greek/Balkan touch most Eurovision Song Contest fans love in the musical showcase. His vocals are being very well-performed kicking off the show with a charming entry. This was a song to look out for in rehearsals and it seems that he has managed to live up to his reputation with such a performance.

02. Pedro Macedo - Outono em forma de gente

This cabaret-like act seems somewhat interesting. However, the singer's vocals aren't exactly exceptional as he's a little too nervous, but he's doing what he can. His boyish charm might get some voters' attention. Here's another Balaika-touched song performed on a stage that resembles Athens 2006. Wardrobe appropiate for the song, but not they singer's age.

03. Tó Martins - Amanhã começa o meu futuro

One might think this is an Irish entry: Sweet to the ear, melodic with a very optimistic message. That ballerina by the swings may be a little too unnecesary, but the singer is delivering a somewhat easy vocal performance, joined by this group of well-dressed musicians playing chords and strings, which old-school eurofans may really appreciate

04. Gerson Santos - Redescobrir Portugal

Gerson invites listeners to rediscover Portugal, promoting some nationalism. His vocals are very good and so is his stage performance. Some might think he'd get votes on his appearance, which would be nothing new in the ESC world. The song features a very nice melody that reminds you another old-school Eurovison entry.


Hosts are reminding voters how to cast their voices. They're going going through some Portugal participants that have made it to the stage of the music competition known as the Eurovision Song Contest. A homage on Mozart has stated to happen. The famous classic musician is being impersonated by this very young child. Now it's time for Beethoven's "För Elise" to be played in a hip-hop beat. Other musicians like Vivaldi were also celebrated in this eurodance-hip-hop music popurri.

05. Joana Leite - O amor é maior que a vida

A somewhat more modern entry newer ESC fans may appreciate. Her vocals are okay and everyone on stage is wearing black, which I don't think really goes with the type of song they wish they were playing... and, yes, more balalaika playing. She still has problems with higher and louder notes.

06. Palmela Salvado - Fica a saudade

Sweet voice that goes along with a nice melody. The staging is very simple, but it's what it should be for this entry. That short black dress makes her look good as well and she even took some cheering from the audience in the middle of the song. That's always a good sign.

07. Cúmplice's - Será o que será

If this entry were the actual Portuguese one, it would surely get many points from the Balkans... and Spain!! Very flamenco-inpired and it's blended with some modern pop touches. They seem to have some chemestry on stage. That flamenco dancing woman makes it interesting to look at and those Arab touches perfectly fit. Their vocals may take some improvements, but it might do fine in Baku.

08. Arménio Pimenta - Um poema na bagagem

His vocals are fine and he was well-dressed for the song. However, some might find it very forgettable. The choir wasn't exactly great though in this one and that is what went spiraling into dismay.


Now "Evoluçao", another interval act, has kicked off. Dancers are dressed up as if it was Danny Saucedo's "Amazing", but in black!!! The singer's operatic voice made the whole production very interesting. Now hosts are mocking typical Eurovision hosts.

09. Carlos Costa - Queres que eu dance

He's been one of the great favorites and his song sounds a bit more modern than the others. Michael Jackson comes to mind when one sees his jacket. However, his song sounds very Latin-inspired for him. I believe he deserves a more eurodance-oriented song, which he'd appreciate more himself. His vocals could have been more powerful, but in overall, they were fine.

10. Vânia Osório - O mundo passa

This Maltese-inspired song catches your ears from the moment it begins to play. She looks angelical in that white dress, but her sing voice shows how mature it is and it perfectly fits the song as a whole. A potential favorite.

11. Rui Andrade - Amor a preto e branco

Imagine a bunch of people like dressed up like LT United performing a decently produced tango track. All backing vocalists face Rui. All eyes go on him. An average song like this are usually appreciate for juries, but would it have the same effect on the public? Only time will tell.

12. Filipa Sousa - Vida minha

From the authors of the Portuguese entry in 2008 comes this tango track sung by this very good vocalist who receives a round of applause in the middle of the song before the key change. Charming melody, very good vocals and a key change; it's got what it takes to become a potential favorite and, why not? The next Portuguese entry.

The Show (Part 2)

It's the audience's favorite song, it seems! That also influences on voters when it's time to cast their votes. Lines have been officially open to votes and a recap of all 12 entries have commenced to run. Now there's Joana Teles in the Greenroom talking to the artists. After the CD album being promoted by the hosts, it's time for another recap to remind voters telephone numbers and songs' running order. It is quite funny how they end up using the music used for 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'. There have been numerous recaps up to this point in time. Once more another interval act from a modern like choir. The voting has commenced. It seems that song 12 is the one to beat at the moment. The voting continues, this is quite a lengthy process as all the regions in Portugal have to vote! Filipa Sousa has just won the Jury vote, look at how the juries have ranked the songs!

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