September 18, 2019

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team escflashmalta

team escflashmalta

Sunday, 12 February 2012 03:26

Sweden: Second Semi-Final Qualifiers

For years, Sweden's Melodifestivalen has been one of the most popular national selections to the Eurovision Song Contest, gaining more fans since it began being webcast in 2005. The evening was mostly surrounded by fans following the finals in Hungary, Norway and Iceland but there was still quite a large portion watching the Swedish selection for the annual music extravaganza.

The show kicked off with hosts Sarah Dawn Finer and Gina Dirawi did a medley featuring popular boy-band songs like "Larger Than Live" and "It's Gonna Be Me" with very well-produced vocals and choreography. Sarah's performance stood out. The show consisted of eight numbers, out of which the qualifiers are the following:


• Ulrik Munther – Soldiers

• David Lindgren – Shout It Out

Andra Chansen

• Top Cats – Baby Doll

• Timoteij – Stormande hav

It was expected Ulrik Munther's stage presence was good enough to become one of the finalists, whereas Melodifestivalen debutant David Lindgren would convince Swedish audience with an entry worthy of the likes of Danny Saucedo. Once more rockability proved liked by voters when Top Cats qualified to the Second Chance round along with ethno-pop band Timoteij, pretty well-known in the Eurovision community when they competed for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with Kom. Even when they did not win the ticket to Oslo back then, it was chosen to represent Sweden at the OGAE Second Chance Contest and finished at 1st place.

Known names like Andreas Lundsteng and Sonja Aldén did not stand any chance to make any qualification. Andreas put on a rather entertaining show and Sonja gave very nice vocals, but both songs were not strong enough to capture Swedes' voting instinct. This is not over yet as there are still two more semifinals to go plus the Second Chance round and the Grand Final before we all know who will follow Eric Saade's steps representing the Scandinavian country in Baku this year.

Source: SVT, ESCDaily

Thursday, 16 February 2012 17:44

Slovenia: EMA 2012 Song Titles Revealed

There has been a particular trend some countries' national selection procedure: They have opted to decide on the artists and later on the song. Slovenia went down the same path as Nika & Eva Prusnik and Eva Boto were lucky enough to take part of this year's EMA in their attempt to represent their country in Baku.

The year 2011 proved to be quite a successful year for Slovenian having selected the song 'No One' by Maja Keuc to represent the ex-Yugoslavian country finishing in a mid-table position in the final having the support of the juries to pass through from the semi-final stage of the competition. Nevertheless, this brand new route has been untested for Slovenia so it might prove successful.

The titles of the Slovenian songs are:

Eva Boto

  1. Run (Schilling, Gottschlack, Henrik Szabo, Daniel Nillson, Soren Bundgaard, Gaber Radojevic)
  2. Verjamem (Vladimir Graic, Igor Pirkovic)
  3. A si sanjal me (Matjaz Vlasic, Ursa Vlasic, Bostjan Grabnar)

Nika & Eva Prusnik

  1. Konichiwa (Bilbi, Gregor Stermecki, Teodor Amanovic-Tos)
  2. Love hurts (Chiron Morpheus, Iztok Turk)
  3. Malo srece (Magnifico, Barbara Pesut, Schatz!)

These songs will be aired on February 17th. 2012 at 18:00 CET on Val202 radio show and Misija EMA 2012 will be broadcast on February 26 th. on Radio Televizija Slovenija. Stay tuned for further details on live coverage and webcast links only through, the site which aims to keep you fully updated with what is going on with regards to the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

It was quite the hectic weekend but then again, presentations and selections of songs continue as the days go by and the next entry which seems to have been somewhat given a first outing is the one from Montenegro entitled 'Euro Neuro' which is set to be performed by Rambo Amadeus who was internally chosen to represent the Former Yugoslavian nation in Baku, Azerbaijan which will be hosting the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. There had been many hints about the way that the song would eventually turn out and it is expected to be a comedy entry. It will be quite interesting to see how it will be perceived.

Rambo himself is a singer/songwriter who sees himself as a musician, poet and a media manipulator. He is quite a popular individual in the countries of the Former Yugoslavia and that is something that the broadcaster definitely needed in presenting their first act at the Eurovision Song Contest in two years. He has been known to mix music with humor and therefore, people are going to be surprised with his performance most probably. You can hear the demo of the track which will be performed in the first semi-final on Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 just below.

Source: Youtube, Esctoday

Monday, 20 February 2012 18:28

Israel: Demo of 'Time' Leaks Online

Time by Israeli band Izabo can now be heard as a fan leaked it on YouTube. This is allegedly the country's song to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, something the national broadcaster IBA and the band itself yet will have to confirm. Izabo's members have stated to be clueless about how the song got leaked to the net and this is only a early version they had sent to IBA. It will be officially presented after the March 1st 2012 in a special event in Tel-Aviv, one of the largest cities in Israel.

As sources say, the indie rock group is described as including high vocals, expressive Arab-flavoured guitar work, powerfully funky basslines with disco beats. Within Israel, the group has a reputation of being an energetic and absorbing live act, formula that attracted a 11-member IBA appointed committee to internally choose the band as the next national representatives in the European festival and it is expected to cause the same impact on the audience in the arena and tele-viewers that will support them with their votes. It can be assumed the official version will be released after March 1st. 2012.

Source: Youtube

Monday, 27 February 2012 17:00

Spain: National Final Details Revealed

One familiar face to the Eurovision Song Contest is Spanish presenter Anne Igartiburu. She has been responsible for hosting TVE's national selection shows several times as well as reading the Iberic country's vote results to the contest itself. This year's Spanish pre-Eurovision show will take place on Saturday, March 3rd. 2012, where contestant Pastora Soler, a well-known and respected artist for her magnificent voice and stage presence, who was chosen internally by the broadcaster, will present three songs, out of which only one will make it to Baku in the Grand Final.

The gala will feature her by making duets with some known Spanish names in the Eurovision community such as Sergio Dalma (Spain 1991), David Bustamante (part of Rosa's choir, Spain 2002) among others. Afterwards, she will perform her three entries: Tu Vida Es Tu Vida (Your Life Is Your Life); Ahora O Nunca (Now Or Never) and Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me), being the latter the top favourite to win. The show will start on the aforementioned date at 22.30 CET on TVE1, TVE International and will be streamed live via TVE's official website. Stay tuned for more news about Spain in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest only through ESCflashmalta.

Source: TVE

Saturday, 14 January 2012 18:14

Bulgaria: Twelve Qualifiers Known

Preparations for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have commenced all over Europe and this evening will mark the beginning of the journey for the nation of Bulgaria as they prepare to host their semi-final stage. The process of the selection had started way back in the last month of summer being August with the call for entries and then following a multitude of audition phases which took place at the end of the year, a shortlist of twenty two artists and respective entries was chosen by the 'Academy', which is a predominant class of music professional. This evening, they will be the ones to have the power alongside the public through text voting.

The show which will be featuring twenty two (22) entries in total this evening is going to be aired through the main television channel of the broadcaster being BNT1 but people can also watch the show around Europe through BNT World through receiver Astra 3B. In the meantime, a live report of the show is also set to be carried out based on the webcast being offered by the broadcaster here. Most of the songs this evening are in English but then again there are also songs in Bulgarian to add the diversity of the event.

Running Order

01. Group 'New 5' - Chance for better life

Well the very first song of the evening is not really the one that one should pay attention to because it is being sung by a group of artists mostly led by a male individual. The vocals are definitely out of sync but not only that because this song is clearly going nowhere. I must say that this is very much a dreadful effort and a terrible start to the prospects of Bulgaria in this years' Eurovision Song Contest.

02. Vyara Pantaleyeva - Vyara

The second song of the evening is a ballad and the female artist performing the track looks enchanting in a long red dress. She is joined by three backing vocals, all being female. The stage is bathed in dark red and orange and suits the charm of the piano in the song quite well. The vocals are somewhat good but then again very harsh at times and one cannot help that this could be one of her detrimental features to be honest. Nevertheless, this is actually better than the first effort of the evening though still not my cup of tea.

03. Sonya Ivanova - Finalna lyubov

The third artist of the evening is another female and she brings about a ballad and therefore in order to acquaint herself with the musical style she is performing, she is wearing a dark black gown. On stage, she is aided by two backing vocals and a dancer who add to the atmosphere of the track. The genre is actually different because instead of a piano, there is a lot of predominance on the guitars this time round. The vocal performance is much stronger than the one preceding it and this is turning out to be a very enjoyable performance.

04. Monika Kirovska - You are my angel

It's another Irish-inspiried ballad with a nice voice singing it. She doesn't look exactly Eurovision-ish and chances to win might be pretty scarce. The female artist was clad in attire that definitely suited the performance and it has to be noted that sometimes as the saying goes eh, less is more because she does look visually stunning at this point. This has to be the best track up to this point in time but there is nothing more to add to the sheer presentation that has been put forward.

05. Margarita Hranova - Proshka

Her dress and this piece of music would work all right with older audiences who are into the yester days of Eurovision. Nice vocals and her dress might seem a little outdated, but her vocals are okay. The song in totality is just overall fine and nothing special.

06. Sunnie - Shut your mouth and do it

Her vocals are a little weak. The song itself would sound a little stronger with stronger beats. Performance and backing track will have to be remade provided it became next Bulgarian Eurovision entry.

07. Tsvetelin Atasanov-Elvisa ft. DZ - Love goes around

This one has got the style of percussion eurofans like. However, those trumpets might give it some antique touch, which is not that bad after all and well the girls are performing well, but the guy's voice sounds a little shaky solo. Let's see if this Burlesque act will make it to Baku.

08. Steliyana Hristova - Putyat

She might have sung a bit off key at the start, but her voice is actually nice. I don't think Bulgaria will send another rock-oriented ballad, given its neighbor countries' results in recent years. She looks very conservative, which is fine as one focuses on her vocals.

09. Viktoriya Dimitrova - Novo nebe

A little bland to capture a Eurovision fan's heart.Her presence isn't exactly gracious enough. The staging is fine, but that "hook" is still missing and it seems like the type of entry juries might think of as a good Eurovision entry.

10. Teni Omede - Without you

Pretty soulful, but I believe the song's key is a bit too low for his vocals. He's dressed up in a sort of Caribbean style that goes fine with his type of song, but I don't see this entry in Baku due to this fact but good luck nevertheless.

11. Alex & 4Give - Dream

She looks like a character from a Woody Allen movie. The song isn't so appealing, although its melody is pretty original. Instrumentation needs a serious improvement.

12. Todor Gadzhalov - Still love you

Here is a redition of "Unsubstancial Blues" in staging and music style. I am sure juries will vote this one as it came very professional. The guy seems easy in the eye, but we'll have to wait and see how Bulgarian televoters feel about it.

13. Dess - Love is alive

Another Eurovision entry has gotten its rendition with this one "Voda" (the country's 2007 contribution), especially at the beginning. This particular entry has been positively received by fans on the net. I find those Mediterranean strings pleasing and I'm sure it'll get some televotes.

14. Georgi Vurbanov - This is my green wave

Rockish entry that hardcore rock fans might find a little amateur. If Bulgarian audience wants to give Europe a reason to get a good kick and then a few boos here and there, this is it. Plus, I don't see ESC fans chanting this one in Baku. I like that folk touch that makes it sound like a horo song, though.

15. Sofi Marinova - Prosto lyubov

Once this song begins playing, it immidiately takes you to some Romanian dance floor. Pretty catchy and easy to party to. Also, she's singing smoothly without missing one single note. This one has a good chance to go to Eurovision.

16. Group 'Better than grey' - Dream

Not bad. It probably would have become the next Bulgarian contribution if it was chosen internally, but these boys still lack that Eurovision factor. The chance is pretty average.

17. Svetozar Hristov - Keep me down

It begins as a piano-driven ballad, but then these slow hip-hop-like beats kick in and the whole song takes a different turn. He looks too pop for that rap he's trying to pull and those string arragements makes it a bit heavy in the ear.

18. Rene Ranev - Alone

Good-looking fella with a nice voice at the beginning, but then the chorus comes and it just sounds too American to be an ESC entry, but alternative listeners might like and vote it.

19. Group 'Bee in the bonnet' - You are the world

They try to sound like The Cramberries, but a bit more acoustic and heavier. Good vocals, but a few notes went off key. Another song that might be equally voted.

20. Simona Sivanio - Eternal

The beginning may remind you of "I Don't Wanna Leave" (Poland's 2009 song). Very good instrumentation. It is to be noted that Maltese singer/songwriter Rita Pace was the person behind this track which seems to have been received well by the public.

21. Ivailo Kolev ft. Hipnotik - Searching for the words

It's like "Nomads In The Night" (2009 Lithuanian entry), but much nicer. Good bass voice at the beginning and well picked-up high notes. There's a good chance here to qualify.

22. Group 'Go week' - The way you see the world

Here's another garage song with some elements à la Coldplay. Despite its nice melody, it doesn't get as attractive as supposed and it doesn't get the best of the frontman's singing voice. Chances to qualify? Pretty absent.

The Show (Part 2)

The hosts have just announced that lines are open for viewers to cast their televotes as a recap of all twenty two hopefuls is currently being played as is done during most of the national selections and also the eventual Eurovision Song Contest. Now the hosts are giving the audience a dash of fun by him hiding behind her and making an impression of her speaking, which seems to amuse everyone on the crowd. Now a body of dancers have taken to stage to give the show some Burlesque flavor. We remain to see who passed ... now the artists are sharing some laughters with the host in the Green Room. A one-minute countdown has begun for televoters to do its job. Now it's time for string quartet StringS on stage performing "Nova".


  1. Tsvetelin Atanasov-Elvisa ft. DZ - Love goes around
  2. New 5 - Change for a better life
  3. Rene Ranev - Alone
  4. Go Week - The way you see the world
  5. Simona Sivanio - Eternal
  6. Svetozar Hristov - Kick me down
  7. Vyara Pantaleeva - Vyara
  8. Ivailo Kolev ft. Hipnotik - Searching for the words
  9. Steliyana Hristova - Putyat
  10. Todor Gadzhalov - Still love you
  11. Dess - Love is alive
  12. Sofi Marinova - Prosto lyubov
Jury's favorite pick was 13. Dess – Love is alive. Televoters went for “Love Unlimited” by Sofi Marinova. These were my pair of favorite songs to make it to the final. Will any one of these two go to Baku? Find it out on February 29th 2012, when the Final heat will be held live from the National Palace of Culture and covered here on



Source: BNT

Friday, 23 December 2011 21:25

Ukraine: Twenty One Finalists for Selection

A total of twenty-one entries will comprise Ukraine's National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nineteen entries will be selected from a handful of applications received by the Ukrainian National Television (NTU) by a jury panel. These applications' deadlines is January 25th. 2012.

One act has already qualified through Inter TV Channel's Show Number 1 hosted by Philip Kirkorov and Ani Lorak: It is the group Nerealnye. Another one will be chosen via, a brand new social networking system in Ukraine that recently launched a platform which encourages individuals from the general public to submit their own material. With regards to this particular selection process, videos will be accepted until the 31st January 2012. Acts interested in submitting their proposals include; Quest Pistols, Alexey Matias and Max Barskih.

The spokesperson of the Ukrainian broadcaster; NTU being Walid Arfush explained that everyone is welcome to submit an entry on the site up until the date aformentioned. The final of Ukraine will be staged on the 10th February 2012 in a showcase that will surely be spectacular. The winner will hope to follow in the footsteps of Mika Newtom whose entry 'Angel' finished in fourth place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Source: Esctoday, Oikotimes, Escdaily, Say Television

Wednesday, 04 January 2012 18:22

Portugal: Well Over 400 Submissions Received

A total of four hundred and four (404) applications have been received by Portuguese broadcaster RTP to take part of Festival da Canção 2012. Only one of them will get the ticket to fly the country's flag in Baku. Songs will be presented in a pair of auditions: The first one will be held on the 5th and 6th in Lisbon and the last one will happen on the 10th and 11th, both in January. These artists can sing in Portuguese or any other language of their choice.

Established artists will be directly granted a slot in the selection procedure based on their previous work and vocal skills. A total of 12 candidates will be picked and announced on RTP's official website. Five additional candidates will be chosen in case any of the originally selected will not be able to make it to the televised national final. Their songs will be written by 6 composers invited by the broadcaster itself. If needed, RTP might hire more composers in the event that more songs should be penned to suit the singers' vocal style and skills. What is for sure is that 2 producers have been recruited and will have the task to work on the chosen entries' final cuts before they are presented on television on the 10th of March.

The winning entry will be half the votes with the televoters and a special jury panel. Further information on the castings and their schedules can be found here for the times in Lisboa and Porto, here for the participants in Lisboa and for the participants in Porto. This year will mark the 46th participation of Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: RTP, ESCToday, ESCDaily

The Netherlands is one of those countries taking part of the Eurovision Song Contest when it began back in 1956. Ever since, it has reached the golden spot 4 times: 1957, 1959, 1969 and 1975, being the latter the second year for a non-native English-speaking country to submit an English language song and become victorious.

February 26th. 2012 will be the date when the Dutch nation give itself another try by organizing the Nationaal Songfestival, from which the Dutch contribution for forthcoming the Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen. It has been reported that 450 songs have been submitted to TROS, Dutch public broadcaster; a startling number, given the country's results in recent editions, bearing in mind it has never qualified to the final, since the semifinals were introduced. Expectations are higher than anyone has ever imagined: "We knew about a lot of people working on their entries, but this goes beyond what we have expected. They have been working real hard to come up with a song that may finally give The Netherlands the chance to be in the final. This proves the show is far from dying." Peter Kuipers, who is in charge of the song selection, has reported.

A few names that could possibly compete to fly the flag for The Netherlands in Baku in May 2012 are Bearforce One, Benjo Plandsoen, Bert Kuizenga, Brandi Russell, Burcak Sikar, Corazón, Danny Nicolay, Deniz Yasmin, Die Twa, Dries Roelvink, Drijfhout, Erikah Karst, European Classic RockShow, Gebroeders Ko, Gré Parelmoer, Jack Kunkels, Jade, Jan Rot, Janneke Iking, Jeronimo, Jerry van Vianen, Johan Vlemmix, LA The Voices ft. Belinda, Nicole Dee & Rene Kaaij, Marieke van Ginneken, Marco Gerits, René Karst, Roy Willems, Ruud van Overdijk, Simone vd Eertwegh, Tao Hypah, Till Seven, Tim van der Sluijs y Zafer Gulenc & Zeno Groenewegen. One of these acts will succeed Never Alone by 3JS, the most recent contribution from The Netherlands to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: ESCtoday, Eurovision Spain, Songfestival Weblog, NOS, Juergen Boernig

The preparations for the Swiss Final have been well and truly underway in the past couple of days but now the broadcaster Schweizer Fernsehen (SF) has also revealed the line-up of fourteen (14) entries which are competing to represent the Helvetic nation in the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan following the victory by Ell & Nikki with their song 'Running Scared'.

Schweizer Fernsehen (SF) (German-language broadcaster) selected six entries; each Schweizer Radio DRS and Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) (French-language broadcaster) selected three entries and Italian Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI) (Italian-language broadcaster) selected two entries. The winning song will be decided by televoting only. The chosen entry will follow in the footsteps of Anna Rossinelli whose song 'In Love for a While' made it to the finals of the competition where it finished in a disappointing last place.

This is the official running order:

01. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves – Real Love

02. Emel – She

03. Chiara Dubey – Amina Nuova

04. Guillermo Sorya – Baby Baby Baby

05. Macy – Shining

06. Sosofluo – Quand Je Ferme Les Yeux

07. Atomic Angels – Black Symphony

08. Ivo – Peace & Freedom

09. Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra – L’autre

10. Raphael Jeger – The Song In My Head

11. I Quattro – Fragile

12. Sinplus – Unbreakable

13. Lys Assia – C’était Ma Vie

14. Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong To Let You Go

One of these entries will eventually be selected to represent Switzerland in Baku, Azerbaijan and this decision will be taken on the 10th December 2011 live from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen, a city within the aforementioned Switzerland. All of the songs can be heard through the official website. One of our team members, Elaine Camilleri will be carrying the live report as the evening evolves, therefore we invite you stay tuned for more information about Switzerland in the next couple of days as the first national final takes place in the centre of Europe.

Source: SF, ESCdaily, ESCtoday, Glanz Und Gloria

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