October 23, 2019

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It has been reported in the local media that being in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in three years was a huge success and everyone seems to be in full agreement that Kurt Calleja along with the rest of his team did their best to impress the voters all across the continent with their rendition of the track This Is The Night despite this somewhat not materialising in the amount of points which were predicted in the lead up to the final competition held on Saturday evening which was won by Loreen and her entry Euphoria for Sweden but nevertheless, there have been a lot of positive and important factors which make this years' edition of the esteemed event, one of the most successful for the Maltese entry especially considering the amount of digital sales.

In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of talk with the fact that the charts are being affected by digital sales with the most predominant ones being through the medium of iTunes, a company which sells music, videos, e-books and films through an online store and downloaded onto one of several devices created by the company Apple. The song that represented Malta in this years' music competition has to be the most successful thus far noting that it has managed to enter the charts in fourteen countries based on being downloaded from the official Eurovision Song Contest album. This data was sent in to escflashmalta.com at around 02:00 CET and might vary within other times of the day both in positive or negative ways because the charts are updated within a matter of hours.

  • Austria: #85
  • Belgium: #170
  • Denmark: #162
  • Estonia: #197
  • France: #164
  • Finland: #119
  • Germany: #73
  • Greece: #56
  • Malta: #4
  • Norway: #80
  • Sweden: #20
  • Switzerland: #174
  • The Netherlands: #151
  • United Kingdom: #143

I must say that the song has really managed to do quite well and the countries which have put it in the top hundred in their respective digital charts show that it was extremely well liked. In fact, Kurt Calleja who will be releasing his debut album later on this year might have had the right impact on his career and could most likely plan his material release in a number of nations especially following his success in Norway, Austria, Sweden, Greece and Germany. The Maltese delegation is expected to return back to the country is just a matter of hours with the plan scheduled to land at 11:25 CET. Make sure to go and support Kurt Calleja, his band and all of the Maltese delegation including Peter Carbonaro, Daniel D'Anastasi and Anton Attard amongst others as a showing of goodwill and good faith.

Source: Brooke Borg, escflashmalta.com


Published in Local Music News

The adventures of the Eurovision Song Contest began quite abruptly this year noting that the very first rehearsals for Malta were on the third day of proceedings despite competing in the second semi-final of the prestigious competition but nevertheless, the delegation was ready and found their ground in Baku, Azerbaijan easily with the team having been there before for a number of promotional activities. The time has come and this evening, Kurt Calleja, Rebecca Mifsud, Warren Bonello, Kevin Paul Calleja, Amber and Christian Calleja will be flying the flag for Malta with the song This Is The Night which has been written by Kurt himself alongside the music stylings of Johan Jämtberg and also Mikael Gunnerås.

The track has grown to become a well known song in Azerbaijan with a number of people humming along to it in the streets apart from making sure it receives ample promotion, a case in point being the flashmob organised earlier this week. The rehearsals have move swiftly and the team has been confident throughout, hoping to secure Malta a place in the finals for the very first time since Chiara had done way back in 2009 with the song What If We which was also written by foreign songwriters. Glen Vella was quite close last year with his track One Life, failing to garner that one point which would have been enough to secure us qualification. Tonight, I would like to call on the Maltese people to support our representatives during the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest as Kurt and the rest of his team take to the stage in the position #4 within the running order following The Netherlands and prior to Belarus.

I would like to commend everyone for their hard work including the team behind it all which includes, the Artist Manager; Peter Carbonaro, the Head of Press; Daniel D'Anastasi and also the Head of Delegation; Anton Attard who have done as astonishing amount of work to make sure that whatever happens, Kurt would have made the right contacts to kick start a career. We spoke to the Head of Delegation and also the Chief Executive Officer at the Public Broadcasting Services about tonight and he gave us a set of very nice words saying 'I just want to praise the band, the team and the media like escflashmalta.com who collaborate with us.' The band have shown great chemistry between then and whatever happens tonight, they will remain to be Maltese and we should support them unconditionally throughout without saying that we could have done anything better. Let's keep positive though and remember that the Eurovision Song Contest is a great stepping stone for upcoming artists with millions of viewers all over the world.

Source: escflashmalta.com


In the past couple of days, the press centre has been brimming with excitement with people from all over the European and the Oceanic continent taking over to cover what is arguably the biggest non-sporting event to be held in European waters. With coverage of rehearsals, interviews, pictures and exclusive news, many people have to remember that the accredited media have their chance to cast their vote in the press centre and it seems that Malta has been doing quite well in the second semi-final noting that we have managed to keep our place in the top ten in quite a consistent format. The best placing which we have had is our current one, which actually marks sixth noting that there were days in which we had fallen to eight place. Kurt Calleja along with the rest of his entourage gave two astonishing performances of the song This Is The Night during the technical rehearsals and are now therefore looking set to qualify to the final stages.

Kurt Calleja was selected to represent the country with the majority of the public votes as it was the swing that he ultimately needed when winning the competition with just four points over Claudia Faniello, the lady who will be joining us this evening for the live commentary of the first semi-final. Our performer has been consistent with the media and his jovial character has come across very well noting several invitations to delegation parties across the city including those of Slovakia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia amongst others. The fact of the matter is that this list constantly updates and therefore, one has to see whether there is a consistent showing before reporting on it but the Maltese entry has garnered more than 300 votes and stands just below Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Norway and Ukraine who are currently found in that particular order on the scoreboard. The Maltese delegation have to enjoy what could be their real last 'free' day but nevertheless, there are a number of things planned actually including a flash-mob in an Azeri square. Good Luck to Malta, Kurt Calleja, his entourage and delegation and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news. 

Source: ESCflashmalta.com LIVE


Saturday, 14 April 2012 01:05

Malta: The Biggest Dance of 2012 Arrives

It has been noted on more than one occasion that the Maltese Islands take their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously and this seems to be the case this year with Kurt Calleja who will be taking to Baku in Azerbaijan with the track This Is The Night, co-written between Johan Jämtberg, Mikael Gunnerås and the performer himself. One of the main aspects which seems to befit the track is an enjoyable routine which is being carried out by a number of people and was also the subject of our April Fools Joke here on www.escflashmalta.com but nevertheless, the day has come as several individuals are expected to flock to Valletta for the biggest dance of 2012.

Later on today at around 10:30 CET, the main square in front of Parliament will become a sight of colours and amusement with a number of people carrying out the dance that has been choreographed by Warren Bonello, part of the staging committee for this years' delegation. All of the team that will be representing Malta is expected to be in attendance alongside members of the Public Broadcasting Services who are shouldering the event through Where's Everybody and their flagship programme Xarabank hosted weekly on Friday nights by Peppi Azzopardi. We would like everyone to go and support the Maltese representative and have an enjoyable time. You can view the children of St.Paul's Bay Primary School training for the day in the video clip below. Stay tuned to www.escflashmalta.com for more information.

Source: Xarabank


Saturday, 31 March 2012 22:10

Malta: The 'Inverted W' Causes a Stir

The Kurt Calleja mania is taking over the country and ‘This is the Night’ can easily be heard on the local airwaves, in the discotheques in Paceville and occasionally you also hear it whilst driving past a Eurovision maniac whose sound would contend with some of the biggest sound systems on the island. One thing is for sure; Malta is still and will always be a Eurovision mad nation and although some do not admit it they still watch it and secretly love it even though they loath it when coming to speak about it in public. 

It seems that this years’ mania is taking a serious turn. Xarabank in collaboration with PBS has decided to organize a flash mob dance with this years’ entry and in order to get people prepared they released an online video on the dance steps one has to follow to get ready to join the ‘This is the Night’ craze. Looking at the video and the dance steps, it looks like fun and enjoyable and a lot of people commentated that they have included the routine in their daily exercise whilst preparing themselves to get fit for summer. 


The department of health was also thinking of joining the fun to promote this activity in order to get people moving and doing some exercise; this will surely help considering that Malta is known for its obesity problem. Lately though the department started getting a number of calls from annoyed fans who were opposing the flash mob idea that Where’s Everybody alongside PBS and Kurt’s team came up with because people are getting injured trying out the dance. 

Disgruntled parents have commentated that although it looks fun and definitely harmless their children ended up hurting themselves. In fact after numerous phone calls which came from different factions of the society, the department of health decided to announce that the famous ‘INVERTED W’ which also became known as the ‘applejack’ is dangerous to attempt unless you are a fully trained dancer with plenty of experience behind you. It remains to be seen whether the flash mob dance scheduled on the 14th of April in Valletta will take place and whether or not the applejack will be removed from it.


Although embarrassing to admit a number of our readers came forward to let us know that they are recovering from sprained ankles after attempting this move. A physician who works at the emergency section at Mater Dei said that the week after Kurt won they had around ten cases of sprained ankles all varying in terms of injury extent. The physician said that they didn’t see a number of cases after that until recently when the video with the choreographer Warren Bonnello went online – from then on, the cases increased drastically. 

Although for the commoner who has not tried the move, it looks odd, very odd those who tried it seem to think otherwise. It remains to be seen whether Kurt Calleja and his team will use this in their final performance at the Eurovision considering that it attracted a lot of attention and can surely be a hit with the international audience. The Eurovision Song Contest is known for these antics and if all the team, including Amber who joined the team recently, can pull it off without injuring themselves they should really have a go at it – maybe it will be the extra oomph we need to make it through to the finals.