December 14, 2019

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016 22:17

JESC 2016: The Final Running Order Made Public

During the opening ceremony which took place last night, the allocation draw of the Junior Eurovision which will be taking place on Sunday, 20th November was decided. During the show, they actually chose at random the country singing in first place and the country singing in last – Ireland drew first, whilst Georgia drew last. 

The other countries then were either drawn in either the first half of the show or in the second part of the show. Malta was drawn up in the first half of the draw. The final running order is determined by the producers of the show. The running order of the 2016 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is as follows: 

01. Ireland: Zena Donnelly - Brice Ar Bhrice

02. Armenia: Anahit & Mary - Tarber

03. Albania: Klesta Qehaja - Besoj

04. Russia: The Water of Life Project - Water of Life

05. Malta: Christina Magrin - Parachute

06. Bulgaria: Lidia Ganeva - Magical Day

07. FYR Macedonia: Martija Stanokjkovic - Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta ne Vodi)

08. Poland: Olivia Wieczorek - Nie Zapomnij

09. Belarus: Alexander Minyonok - Musyka Moih Pobed (Music is my Only Way)

10. Ukraine: Sofia Rol - Planet Craves for Love

11. Italy: Fiamma Boccia - Cara Mamma - Dear Mum

12. Serbia: Dunja Jelicic - U La La La 

13. Israel: Shir & Tim - Follow My Heart

14. Australia: Alexa Curtis - We Are

15. The Netherlands: Kisses - Kisses & Dancin'

16. Cyprus: George Michaelides - Dance Floor

17. Georgia: Mariam Mamadashvili - Mzeo

Throughout the week, will be on hand at the Mediterranean Conference Centre proving you with recaps of the events that take place during the day, while giving extra attention to Christina Magrin, who is representing Malta at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned to this portal even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.


Ben Camille and Valerie Vella will be hosting the 14th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in Valletta, Malta on the 20th November at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

Ben Camille, started out as a model, before turning his attention to acting taking on a lead role on the popular television series “Strada Stretta”. In recent months, following his successful hosting of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016, he has also been asked to host the television programme, “Twelveto3” taking over from Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist, Corazon Mizzi.

On the other hand, Valerie Vella is a seasoned female host, having been asked to host the national final for the senior edition of the Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions, the most recent being in 2011, been the spokesperson giving out the points and also serving as the Head of Press in one of the Advisory Teams that had been appointed to oversee Malta’s participation.

We're not done yet though, as the hosts of the red carpet and the opening ceremony will be none other than two female actresses whose star has been on the rise in recent years: Taryn Mamo Cefai and Larissa Bonaci. We are more than sure that they will be up to the task at hand.

We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and Malta’s participation with Christina Magrin and her entry “Parachute”.


According to close sources to the Public Broadcasting Services, can proudly announce that the most likely combination of hosts for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will feature none other than former representatives; Ira Losco and Gianluca Bezzina. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, this portal was the one to confirm the hosts of the event to be Keith Demicoli and Valerie Vella, Elaine Saliba and Ronald Briffa as well as Elaine Saliba and Gordon Bonello. The Public Broadcasting Services is yet to confirm the news although it is expected that an official announcement will be made in the next couple of days.

Ira Losco, Malta’s most successful female artist, represented the country at the 2002 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 7th Wonder composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Gerard James Borg, eventually finishing in second place. In recent months, she released her sixth studio album, The Fire which has spawned three successful singles; What I’d Give, The Person I Am (ft David Leguesse) and Me Luv U Long Time. Ira has just set plans in motion for the release of a fourth single entitled The Way It's Meant to Be to which an official music video will be released in due course. The album, which you may still purchase through iTunes managed to stay on top of the local charts for more than two months.

Gianluca, Malta’s most successful male artist, represented the country at the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat, finishing in eighth place, the nations’ best result since Chiara’s Angel managed a second place finish in 2005. Since returning from the international spectacle, Gianluca has been on a high, performing in concerts such as the Isle of MTV and Teatru Unplugged as well as sharing the stage with Joseph Calleja. He also released his debut album Waiting for Tomorrow with independent record label, Albam Records. We urge you to stay tuned to for more of the latest news.


L-Għanja tal-Poplu, a local music competition in which all of the entries have to be submitted within the national language and ultimately performed live. In recent years, the lacklustre showcase has been dusting off the remnants of disappointment and gearing up with innovative strategies and this has been of great help considering that the list of entrants has been improving and will continue to do so should the direction continue in such a manner. Sir Temi Żammit Hall found within the University of Malta will once more be playing role of the host venue on the 20th April as nineteen entries will be vying for the top three places, all of which will be getting the chance to represent the country in an international competition.

Corazon Mizzi and Alfred Zammit were the hosts of the evening last year, a showcase eventually won by Kantilena and their entry Malta Tiegħi. but due to the fact that the former is actually a finalist in this years' edition, the organising committee thought it best to call upon two fresh faces for the role and indeed, it has called upon former finalist; Frank O'Neill as well as Valerie Vella who does not require any introduction within the world of the Eurovision Song Contest having hosted the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions, read out the scores of the Maltese Jury and Tele-Voting as well as been a commentator within the same event. Whilst keeping in line to the centrist changes made in recent years, there will be a traditional element to this years' showcase but we will not be revealing any details except that many will be surprised. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about this years' L-Għanja tal-Poplu competition.

Source: Għanja Fest

Published in Local Music News

The pre-qualified entries for the final of the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have already had their technical rehearsal, spread over a period of two days, the first being on Saturday where they had forty (40) minutes of allocated time and the second being on Sunday where they were allocated another thirty (30) minutes in total as were all of the other competitors in the competition. One of the main features prior to each semi-final is that we will be releasing the results of the polls and the reviews combined in order to see whether they were close to the actual results, nevertheless, we can now also reveal the comments put forth for the six finalists which include the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Spain and Germany. The reviews were carried out by none other than Valerie Vella.


The female host on local television does not need a lot of introductory notes and this is because she is well known with the fans of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and also around Europe having occupied the role of spokesperson, commentator, national final host and also as the Head of Press during the actual competition. She has exclusively decided to voice her views with us and of course with you our readers about the tracks which have already qualified to the final due to their respective status when it comes to finances along with the honour of the previous winner and therefore host country. We would like to make it a point that these views are not those of but are personal views of an individual with years of experience within the field.

United Kingdom

The last time the UK came up with something decent in recent years was with Andrew Lloyd Weber’s composition ‘It’s My Time’ in 2009. Actually, they gave me the feeling they had given up on the contest altogether. I must say that the UK pleasantly surprised me this time round. Love songs rarely come more classic and soothing than this. Meaningful lyrics combined with a perfect diction and technique make it a surefire hit ….at least for me….but I must confess that I’m a big fan of good ballads, so I might be slightly biased here!


For France this year we’ll see the diminutive but very shapely Anggun. Famous in the 90s for her song "Snow on the Sahara", the Indonesian-French singer's entry is a sprightly pop entry. Whether it catches the imagination of European audiences remains to be seen however….I must say it hasn’t grown on me yet, but I like the whistling sound all throughout the song. Its interesting to note that songs in French have repeatedly failed to garner any significant placings in recent years, but that could well change this year if she manages to put up a good show.


A quite unusual song that grabs you from the very first note. Nina oozes style with her stage presence and impeccable voice. I must say I’m surprised the Italians chose to sing in English after the romantic Italian language to have worked wonders last year as they placed second. It seems that after the 14 year absence from the ESC, the Italians are doing their utmost to keep away from the stereotypical Italian ballad. All in all … Like!


Although this is the only the 5th appearance of Azerbaijan in the ESC , they seem to be on the right track year after year. Strong entries, spectacular stage performances, and, let’s face it, big budgets, have landed them top ten placings every year. They seem to strike the right note whatever the style of the song. This year’s ballad has potential, but what are the chances of winning twice in a row? Besides, polished as it may be, it’s not really a winner to me.


Where do I start? I like her voice and I don’t mind the melody line, but that’s just about it for me. It’s an average classical ballad. I doubt it will stand out, especially when faced with other, stronger ballads in this year’s festival. Had Spain not been one of the Big Five, I’m pretty sure the chances of seeing them in the final would be close to zero….yawn!

A young cool male after 2 years of cute Lena. A chill out song that tends to bore me by the time its over. A repetitive chorus which lacks creative lyrics....but usually that goes down well with viewers. I believe that a potentially winning song is one that people can hum or sing through parts of it the first time they hear it, because let's face it, most of the people voting on the day would have never heard the songs before even though they are widely available on the various media. Hopefully he will keep up his unwavering voice when singing live.
Published in Editorials

The Public Broadcasting Services shows all of the respective shows in the lead up to the Eurovision Song Contest including the semi-final in which Malta would not be competing in and that is to add to the overall value of entertainment whilst surrounded by family. The preparations for such shows is normally aided through a live commentary which in recent years has been conducted by two personnel, the first of which is none other than actress, producer and host Eileen Montesin and the second of which being the multiple national final host, Valerie Vella whose years of experience have always proven an asset. We are now in a position to exclusively reveal that neither of the females has been given the nod by the broadcaster this time round despite their years of experience.

It is to be noted that both of them has left the Public Broadcasting Services in recent weeks and months noting that Eileen Montesin is currently preparing to host another edition of the popular talent show Don't Stop Me Now whilst just finished wrapping up the first season of the series Deja Vu with Media.Link Communications and their television broadcaster; NET In the meantime, Valerie has recently undertook a role on the show Ilsien In-Nisa through another private station in the form of ONE. We are also proud to exclusively reveal that Valerie Vella will be reviewing the tracks competing directly in the final meaning Azerbaijan, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom as part of the Critics' Choice feature initiated earlier this year through The last time that neither of the ladies was in the commentator booth was in 2007 when Antonia Micallef, now a newscaster took on the role yet she did not manage to bring about any of the enthusiasm of the event as was astonishingly dull presenting the acts during the evening.

There have been initial rumours that the position of commentator might be given to none other than Elaine Saliba, the female host of this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest but we would like to hear your opinion on any possibility. Apart from the question of the commentator, there is also the question of the spokesperson and rumours keep circulating that this position will be give to Ylenia Vella as a sort of apology issued by the broadcaster. This could be an interesting jolt to her career nevertheless, gaining worldwide exposure during an extremely interesting part of the show. The year before representing Sweden, Eric Saade was the one to give the votes on behalf of the nation gaining recognition as the individual with the pretty face. We will be vying to keep you posted on all of the latest happenings as soon as they become available so stay tuned.

Source: escflashmalta