December 13, 2019

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Sunday, 09 February 2014 17:12

MMAs 14: Firelight Added as Special Guests

Firelight, composed of Richard Micallef, Michelle Mifsud, Tony Polidano, Matthew Ellul and Leslie Decesare are still fresh off their victory at the 2014 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song Coming Home written by Richard Micallef but nevertheless, they are ready to kick off their promotional campaign with a special guest appearance at the Malta Music Awards later on this evening. The event hosted by Angie Laus, Arthur Caruana and Nicole Tabone will commence at 19:00 CET and will be broadcast on TVM at a later date.

Apart from Firelight, the star studded event will include a multitude of performances from the likes of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 hostess; Ira Losco as well as participant; Sophie whilst the local music scene will be in full force as Red Electrick, Winter Moods, Norbert, The Crowns, Gaia Cauchi and The Rifffs will all take to the stage of the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre. The evening is surely set to be another one to remember with the best talent being recognised by a panel of professional judges who selected their favourites a couple of weeks ago. A full detailed report on the Malta Music Awards will follow on in the coming hours. Stay tuned.

Source: MMM

Published in Local Music News
Sunday, 02 February 2014 18:30

MMAs 2014: Interview with Noel Magri (MMM)

Whilst the focus of the local music industry and most of the continent is on the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, it is worth pointing out that this years' edition of the Malta Music Awards are set to take place on Sunday 9th February at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali. Therefore, got in touch with Noel Magri, from Mega Music Management to oversee the preparations whilst having a look at former editions of the prestigious event.

On the 20th October 1995, Mega Music Management organised the first edition of the Malta Music Awards, a different time in the local music scene with the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest considered to be the elite point a vocalist or a songwriter could reach at the time. Looking back, why did you feel that such recognition had to be given, and was it too late a start?

At that time, efforts were being made by local singers and musicians to improve their standard and although many countries were honouring their artists for their achievements, there was nothing similar in Malta, and I thought of creating an Awards show giving due recognition to artists for their work throughout the past year, and to motivate them to better their standards.  The first edition was a huge success and all artists and those involved in the music scene wanted this kind of event be held yearly.

It is fair to say that the professional jury behind the choices made at the Malta Music Awards have been rather on the money in their choices for the Best Newcomer with recipients including; Olivia Lewis, Glen Vella, Miriam Christine, Hooligan, Red Electrick and Mikaela amongst others. How rewarding is it to see that artists who are bestowed this prestigious honour succeeding in their career?

Our intention has and will always be, to award the best talent at the time, and to help them succeed in their musical career.   It is rewarding to see artists who have won awards, being successful over the years, and that the MMA’s has given them that much needed confidence to move forward and improve their all round performance.

In 2013 and 2014, the Public Broadcasting Services decided to conduct an experiment, and hold the Malta Music Weekender, which basically features a weekend of local talent, kicking off with the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and then following it up with the Malta Music Awards. This experiment has been seen to be extremely positive and has generated interest amongst both local and international audiences alike. What was your initial idea to such a proposal and will you be implementing any changes this time round?

From the very first edition, my aim was to help better the standards of local music in general, and to help artists succeed in the International scene.   Having a sound backing is important to hold such a professional show, and the idea of holding the PBS Music Weekender has been very successful.  Holding two major local events in one weekend has helped to attract more attention from the Maltese general public, and give the local artists a major platform to showcase their talent.

Cliff Richard, Blue, Peter Andre, Robin Gibb and Bob Sinclar have all been invited to Malta on behalf of Mega Music Management, making the Island a better attraction in the entertainment scene. It has become somewhat at the best interest of everyone to denote the best possible attractions that such events can promise. Should the public be expecting any foreign special guests during this years’ edition of the Malta Music Awards, possibly even performing at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest?

There will be foreign guest singers performing during the Eurovision Festival, coming from the Eurovision background, however this year’s edition of the MMA’s will see a very strong local line-up with 14 top performing acts, plus an after show concert by Xirka Rock which is expected to blow the roof down.  Certainly, not to be missed.

Gaia Cauchi, winner of the 2013 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was selected by the Public Broadcasting Services to represent Malta following her International Achievement Award at the Malta Music Awards last year. Would you go as far as to predicting the artist who might be doing the same honour for the country in a couple of months time and how proud as a company were you to be recognised in such a manner?

Last year, we recognised Gaia’s talent and we honoured her for her achievements.  PBS decision to select Gaia reaped benefits and I would go as far as proposing the same method be used to select our Eurovision representative in the coming years.  We are honoured to have exposed such young talent who achieved such a huge success.  There are various young promising singers who, if they are well looked after, can achieve success Internationally.

The Rifffs, Airport Impressions, Red Electrick, The Crowns, Norbert, Plan Zero, Andi, Sophie, The New Victorians, Ira Losco, Gaia and Winter Moods are all being given the opportunity to perform during this years’ edition of the Malta Music Awards. What should the public be expecting from these acts, and will there be any special surprises, maybe which you could reveal?

All the major artists will be performing their songs for the first time in public, and obviously having such a majestic set-up and stage, we will be looking forward to their performances.    It is worth mentioning the new talent who will be exposed in this show and who I’m sure, will go down very well with the crowd.  People hear their music on Radio stations, but probably are not aware that these are Maltese!

Would you like to say anything to our readers at

The MMA’s have always been very well attended by the public, and my appeal is to keep on supporting this show which is promoting local music and motivating artists to improve their product. Ticket prices are only Eur 10.

Source: Official Page on Facebook

Published in Interviews
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 20:00

Exclusive: Revelation of MMA 2014 Nominations

On the 9th February, the Public Broadcasting Services in collaboration with Mega Music Management will be hosting this years' edition of the Malta Music Awards at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre. In line with last years’ proceedings, the Malta Music Weekend will return, with the event coming hot off the feel of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, which in turn would have taken place on the previous two (2) nights. During the course of the evening, six (6) awards will be given; Best Album, Best Song, Best Band, Best New Artist, Best Solo Artist and Best Video with a number of artists taking to the stage for a series of special performances.

In an exclusive announcement, is proud to present the nominations of this years’ edition of the Malta Music Awards prior to their respective announcement on Mixage, a television programme hosted by Peter Cossai on Television Malta which is set to air at around 22:30 CET. The showcase, for which you may purchase tickets here, has also finalised the line-up of performers with Airport Impressions, Gaia Cauchi, Plan Zero, Winter Moods, The Crowns, NORBERT, Red Electrick, Sophie, The Rifffs, The New Victorians, IraLosco and Andi all taking to the stage.

Best Solo Artist 



Ira Losco



Best Band

Airport Impressions


Red Electrick

The Crowns


Best Song

 Daphne (Lyndsay)

Hymns of June (Airport Impressions)

Me Luv U Long Time (Ira Losco)

The Runaway (Red Electrick)

Start the Revolution (The Rifffs)


Best Album

All things with love (The Shh)

Someone else (The Crowns)

Summer lovers (Skimmed)

The Fire (Ira Losco)


Best New Artist


Maxine Pace


Plan Zero


Best Video 

Hymns of June (Airport Impressions)

Me Luv U Long Time (Ira Losco)

Marija s-Sabiħa (No Bling Show)

Tomorrow (Gianluca)

The Runaway (Red Electrick) is also in a position to reveal that some of the performers during the course of the evening will be unveiling some brand new material or rather performing live for the very first time. As a matter of fact, The New Victorians will be performing an original track off their upcoming studio album for the very first time, whilst Airport Impressions will give their first live rendition of Hymns of June. For the first time on television, The Rifffs will perform Start the Revolution and Ira Losco will be performing the brand new single The Way It’s Meantto Be whilst also airing the music video shot in London. Stay tuned to this portal for all the latest news.

Source: MMM

Published in Local Music News
Saturday, 21 December 2013 17:55

MESC ’14: Official Preview Videos Published

It has been expected for quite some time, and indeed, the Public Broadcasting Services have just published the official music videos accompanying the entries in next years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. It is well worth noting that the videos were recorded last Sunday, at WE Media Studios in Qormi, and that the production team should be well regarded for being quick on their feet in publishing them so quickly, in less than a week.

Next years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre on the 6th and 7th February and seems to comprise of several genres, with ballads being the most predominant, something which is to be expected from Malta, a country known for sending that type of genre to the international showcase. It is well worth noting that for the first time in years, the Mediterranean Island managed a top ten placing with Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat with vocals provided by Gianluca.

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William (Wayne Micallef)

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela (Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia)

Brand New Day - Davinia (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Let The Sunshine In - Sophie (Sophie DeBattista / Adam Pakard / Alex Dew)

Hypnotica - Jessika (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Invisible - Raquel Galdes (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa (Stephen Rudden / Lawrence Peter Bridge)

Pin The Middle - De Bee (Peter Paul Galea / Debbie Stivala)

Oblivion - Chris Grech (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Because I Have You - Amber (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Lovetricity - Christabelle (Magnus Kaxe / Gerard James Borg)

Coming Home - Firelight (Richard Micallef)

Safe - Miriam Christine (Mark Scicluna / Emil Calleja Bayliss)

Addictive - Romina Mamo (Ylva / Linda Persson)

Now and Forever - Andreana (Vinny Vella / Karl Spiteri)

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin (Glen / Beatrice Eriksson / M Frenell / Michael J Down)

Ten - Corazon (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Take Me - Pamela (Boris Cezek)

Just No Place Like Home - Fabrizio Faniello (Johan Bejerholm)

The Public Broadcasting Services, responsible for Malta's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has shown clear dedication to the programming of the event in recent years, noting a certain aura of professionalism, even with regards to a year-on-year improvement. The video clips this year, also include an introductory postcard, preceded by a list of sponsors who are covering the costs of the event. Special thanks goes to all personnel involved including; Anton Attard, Gordon Bonello, Rodney Gauci, Daniel D'Anastasi and Anna Dalli. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services

On Sunday, the Public Broadcasting Services was busy recording the preview videos for the entries competing in next years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with a promotional campaign set to kick-off as soon as they are published onto the world wide web. Nevertheless, most of the artists competing in the local showcase have already been taking to several forms of social media in order to keep the general public updated with opinions, personal insights and past experiences amongst other things. has quickly rounded up relevant social media accounts for everyone to follow in the weeks leading up to the competition and beyond.

The preview videos for each of the songs are expected over the next couple of days, with next week being the latest date, and therefore, it is pivotal to make sure that everyone is gearing up to promote their entry in the best possible way throughout the Christmas period. in collaboration with the Public Broadcasting Services will be then publishing a list of programmes where the artists will be appearing on throughout the next couple of weeks. Just a swift reminder that as a portal, we will be indeed carrying out a set of critical outlooks on each of the entries with our panel of professional personnel including; Sharon Vaughn, Lina Eriksson, Greig Watts, John Scott and Martin Isherwood.

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William (Facebook / Twitter)

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela (Facebook / Twitter)

Brand New Day - Davinia (Facebook / Twitter)

Let The Sunshine In - Sophie (Facebook / Twitter)

Hypnotica - Jessika (Facebook / Twitter)

Invisible - Raquel Galdes (Facebook Twitter)

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa (Facebook / Twitter)

Pin The Middle - Debbie Stivala (Facebook Twitter)

Oblivion - Chris Grech (Facebook Twitter)

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C (Facebook / Twitter)

Because I Have You - Amber (Facebook Twitter)

Lovetricity - Christabelle (Facebook Twitter)

Coming Home - Firelight (Facebook / Twitter)

Safe - Miriam Christine (Facebook / Twitter)

Addictive - Romina Mamo (Facebook Twitter)

Now and Forever - Andreana (Facebook / Twitter)

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin (Facebook Twitter)

Ten - Corazon (Facebook Twitter)

Take Me - Pamela (Facebook / Twitter)

Just No Place Like Home - Fabrizio Faniello (Facebook Twitter)

At this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Gianluca was selected to represent Malta with the track Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat, finishing in eighth place. It will be quite an intriguing element to see who will follow the success achieved by the singing doctor, especially after also managing to succeed at this years' Junior Eurovision Song Contest where Gaia Cauchi was the victor. The 2014 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 7th and 8th February at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.


It has only been two (2) weeks since the revelation of the twenty (20) entries that have made it through to the semi-final stage of next years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, with the Public Broadcasting Services planning a promotional schedule for each of the artists over the next couple of weeks. First things first though as tomorrow marks the beginning of a new journey with the recording of the official video clips, which will be shared through social media and will also play a pivotal part in the awards presented by ONE Radio 92.7.

It is important to point out that apart from the official preview videos, all of the artists were called into the Public Broadcasting Services yesterday in order to record what was coined as a postcard, that will support the preview video during the promotional campaign. Next years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest set for the 7th and 8th February 2014 will be taking place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta’ Qali and will most likely be part of the Malta Music Weekend, also incorporating the Malta Music Awards. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services

Sophie, a nineteen year old, originally from Malta but based in the United Kingdom, has successfully reached the semi-finals of the Open MIC UK Songwriting Competition, days after making it through to the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the track Let the Sunshine In co-written with Lou Mullen, Alexander Dew, and Adam Packard. At the beginning of the process for this songwriting competition, there were about 9000 entries, with Sophie being the only Maltese act. She is now a stone's throw away from the Grand Final of this contest and up against some of the best emerging writers in the UK.

Bursting onto the local music scene is no mean feat, and at a young age, Sophie was one of those artists who showed a lot of promise and went onto represent Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the track Extra Cute, which achieved a mid-table showing. Since then, she has collaborated with a number of local and foreign songwriters and released several singles, including some incredible cover versions. In 2011, she tried to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Love to Love You which she co-wrote with Elton Zarb, winning songwriter of this years’ edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

Sophie DeBattista, one of the fastest rising stars of the local music industry who has already represented her Malta in foreign competitions such as the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, albeit almost seven years ago to this day. Currently based in South East London, the young female vocalist was performing at the Open Mic UK Regional Showcase a couple of days back and now has the opportunity to fight for a coveted slot to perform in the prestigious O2 Arena in London.

The Open Mic UK Showcase is known to feature some of the best unsigned artists from all across Great Britain with different regions hold their own shows and picking the best. Sophie had the opportunity to perform in front of a maximum capacity audience, achieving the support of the expert panel of judges to get through to the Area Finals taking place at The Beck Theatre in Hayes, Middlesex with the chance of getting thorugh to the National Grand Final taking place at The O2 Arena in London on the 18th January 2014.

In order to get this far, Sophie performing an original track, Silver Bullet receiving comments which ranged from 'committed performance' to 'good dynamics to deliver' and ultimately 'great energy'. A spokesperson for Open Mic UK commented “We are searching for an act that not only has the ability to impress an audience, industry judges and A&R associates, but an act that has the potential to become a professional recording artist. Acts that have made it are just one step away from performing at the best live music venue in the country!”

The competition is brought to you by Future Music; the company behind the discovery of artists such as Warner Music’s Birdy, Columbia Record’s Lucy Spraggan, Union J’s Jaymi Hensley and Jahmene Douglas both of which are now signed to Sony Music. The competition is divided into three age categories; Under 16, 16-20 and 21 and Over. All types of singers, vocal performers, groups and acoustic singer/songwriters are invited to enter Open Mic UK.  For more information go to the official website, and stay tuned to for all the latest about Sophie's journey.

Source: Press Release

Malta, the tiny nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea saw to the participation of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for a total of eight years before calling it a day. All of the artists who represented the country have remained in tact within music noting the predominent success of Thea Saliba, Marilena Gauci and Sophie. The latter two in particular have both made it to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Sophie now based in the United Kingdom working on her debut album after noticeably releasing some of her material with Universal Music as her distribution company. In recent days, a competition was held to select the next supporting act for r'n'b star, Ciara and our very own Sophie was the one chosen.

It has to be noted that the competition was no easy feat having to compete with some aspiring singers from the United Kingdom through social networking website, Facebook. The aim was simple, to garner the most votes from the public and following a promotional campaign led by her management which saw spots on 89.7 Bay, Television Malta and amongst others, it was confirmed that she had been the one chosen for the gig which will be taking place at the O2 Arena in London. Ciara had a string of hits in the beginning of the millennium including Goodies featuring Peter Pablo, 1,2 Step featuring Missy Elliot, Oh featuring Ludacris and Get Up featuring Chamillionaire with her most notable in recent years being Ride featuring Ludacris as released in 2010. We would like to congratulate Sophie on this achievement. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Sophie on Twitter

Sophie, semi-finalists in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 which took place the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre has definitely had a positive couple of months touring across the United Kingdom whilst working on her debut album which will be released in due course. It is also worth noting that the teenage performer had also represented the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006 with the song Extra Cute achieving a mid-table position.

At the moment, Sophie who lives in London, the United Kingdom and has shared the stages with the likes of former X Factor runner-up Marcos Collins is hoping for the opportunity to perform with r'n'b star, Ciara. The renowned artist who is signed to Epic Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment is known for a string of hits including Lose Control, and Takin' Back My Love amongst others. In order to cast your vote and support Sophie, we would like you to visit this page and then just press the word 'like' on Sophie's video. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about local artists as well as their experiences in foreign territories. 

Source: Sophie on Twitter

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