November 19, 2019

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Fabrizio Faniello, a two time representative on behalf of Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest finally managed to triumph in the only song competition which had eluded him, that being the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. His entry entitled Aħfirli Jekk Trid composed by Minik to the lyrics of Rita Pace had been seen as a front runner-up in the weeks leading up to the competition and had also finished in first place on the poll which in turn garnered votes from more than 600 individuals. Media.Link Communications in accordance with the Organising Committee of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza published the full results of both the Established and Teenage Categories.

Deborah C, Alison Ellul, Ronald Briffa and Clint Spiteri who were judging last nights' competition seemingly disagreed with the result in general noting that the votes were extremely close. Prior to this year, the system of giving out points was set on forty (40) points for the live performance, thirty (30) points for the music and another thirty (30) points for the lyrics but nevertheless, this system has seemingly been abolished as the points are out of one hundred (100). In the meantime, with an even number of judges, it is highly predictable that you would get a series of ties or close results as seen in the final list published earlier this morning. Fabrizio Faniello had participated in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza on another three occasions, always managing to finish in the top three without achieving the top spot.

  1. Aħfirli Jekk Trid - Fabrizio Faniello (Rita Pace / Minik): 89 points
  2. Hemm Miegħek Jien - Neville (Rita Pace / Minik): 85 points
  3. Ħallini Ngħidlek - Nicole Brincat (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino): 84 points
  4. Perper Rebbieħa - Marie Claire Attard Bason (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino): 75 points
  5. Gloria - Mauro u Kim (Rita Pace): 74 points
  6. Ejjew Lkoll - Roseann Cordina (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Paul Ellul): 73 points
  7. Armonija - Minik (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino): 72 points
  8. L-Ewlieni - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella / Emil Calleja Bayliss): 71 points
  9. Mhux Pupa Biss - Raquel Galdes (Minik / Rita Pace): 70 points
  10. Magħqudin - Francesco Catania (Ludwig Galea / Augusto Cardinali): 69 points
  11. Inwiegħdek - Josef u Johanna (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino): 68 points
  12. Fejn Hemm L-Għaqda, Hemm Is-Saħħa - Christian Arding (Chan Vella / Alexia Schembri): 67 points
  13. Nibqa' - Janice Mangion (Chan Vella / Alexia Schembri): 67 points
  14. B'Ħarsitna 'l Fuq - Domenique (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Paul Ellul): 67 points
  15. Int Kont Hemm - Daniel Muscat (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Stephen Baldacchino / Marlon Polidano): 67 points
  16. Fraħt Għax Sibtek - Laura Sammut Bruno (Frederick Camilleri): 65 points
  17. M'Intix Waħdek - Kylie Coleiro (Philip Vella / Manila Bottone): 63 points
  18. Riflessi - Karen DeBattista (Mark Scicluna / Emil Calleja Bayliss): 62 points
  19. Rebbiegħa - Kristen Camilleri (Philip Vella / Cher Vella): 61 points
  20. Li Jien Illum - Simarija u Mikhail (Elton Zarb / Natasha Turner): 56 points

The evening was hosted by Christine Haber, a veteran of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza at just twenty-two years of age and Mark Azzopardi, Chairman of the Organising Committee. Despite apparently overseeing proceedings with regards to the competition, the male counter-part was constantly on stage every five (5) entries leaving backstage, jury members and the sound personnel unattended to. This is something that Media.Link Communications and NET Television should address for the following year. As a matter of fact, this point was brought up by Frederick Zammit, former Chairman of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza whose tenure came to an end in 2010, with Amber and her entry Trid Tapprezza, funnily enough, the last contest which critics denote as not bringing up any controversy what so ever. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza (Official Facebook Page)

Thursday, 19 September 2013 16:35

KKI 2013: The Night of the Final has Arrived

Mark Azzopardi and Christine Haber will be hosting the 2013 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza on the Granaries this evening which is set to incorporate twenty-three (23) performances, three (3) which qualified last week from the Teenage Talent Category and another twenty (20) from the Established Talent Category which were selected through an internal jury appointed by the committee. The event organised by Media.Link Communications has managed to modernise itself within recent years with the inclusion of preview video recordings for example and a television programme which aims to promote all of the finalists in each respective category. The set-up has been known to be quite different every year and visually speaking, everything has been of a high standard.

Amber, Mike Spiteri, Claudia Faniello, Eleanor Cassar, Miriam Christine, Kaya, Roger Tirazona and Nadine Axisa have all enjoyed their time in the spotlight when it comes to the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza upon being crowned winners. The music competition enjoys great respect in the industry and has managed to pave the way for a number of hit tracks in Maltese, a language which is nationally endowed in history. Tonight, each of the entries is considered to be of a very high standard and with being at the rehearsal earlier today, it is going to be quite a difficult decision for the panel of judges to mark their favourite entry. Seperate awards will be given to the entry which receives the most votes through tele-voting as well as the entry which receives the most votes from the audience present in a new initiative revealed by Mark Azzopardi.

Talent Żagħżugħ (Teenage Talent)

Demgħa - Christian u Jasmine (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino)

Il-Ħolma - Jean Claude Azzopardi (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino)

Kliem Maġija - Kimberly u Lyann (Minik / Lyann)

Talent Stabbilit (Established Talent)

Li Jien Illum - Simarija u Mikhail (Elton Zarb / Natasha Turner)

Fraħt Għax Sibtek - Laura Sammut Bruno (Frederick Camilleri)

Mhux Pupa Biss - Raquel Galdes (Minik / Rita Pace)

Magħqudin - Francesco Catania (Ludwig Galea / Augusto Cardinali)

Ħallini Ngħidlek - Nicole Brincat (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino)

Riflessi - Karen DeBattista (Mark Scicluna / Emil Calleja Bayliss)

Perper Rebbieħa - Marie Claire Attard Bason (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino)

Gloria - Mauro u Kim (Rita Pace)

Rebbiegħa - Kristen Camilleri (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

Inwiegħdek - Josef u Johanna (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino)

Nibqa' - Janice Mangion (Chan Vella / Alexia Schembri)

Hemm Miegħek Jien - Neville (Rita Pace / Minik)

M'Intix Waħdek - Kylie Coleiro (Philip Vella / Manila Bottone)

L-Ewlieni - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella / Emil Calleja Bayliss)

Aħfirli Jekk Trid - Fabrizio Faniello (Rita Pace / Minik)

Ejjew Lkoll - Roseann Cordina (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Paul Ellul)

Armonija - Minik (Minik / Stephen Baldacchino)

Fejn Hemm L-Għaqda, Hemm Is-Saħħa - Christian Arding (Chan Vella / Alexia Schembri)

B'Ħarsitna 'l Fuq - Domenique (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Paul Ellul)

Int Kont Hemm - Daniel Muscat (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Stephen Baldacchino / Marlon Polidano)

Christine Haber and Mark Azzopardi will be taking to the stage to host this evenings' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. It is the first time that the two will be hosting together and it will surely be a show for everyone to enjoy. Special guest stars who will be making an appearance include none other than; Gianluca who represented Malta at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Deborah C who was the winner of last years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and two foreign guests, being Jamie Knight and Hesael. The event will commence at 20:30 CET and will be aired LIVE on NET Television. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Media.Link Communications,

Simarija and Mikhail, a young and talented duo who have joined forces for the very first time to compete in this years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. The song they are presenting is entitled Li Jien Illum with music by Elton Zarb and lyrics by Natasha Turner. Below, our editorial board devised a set of questions in order to get to know Simarija and Mikhail a little bit better whilst Chris and Moira have also heard all of the entries in order to comment on them. With regards to the duet, they stated that whilst 'she is good, his diction is not performed well', they also added that there is 'good eye contact but no passion whatsoever', ultimately awarding it with five (5) points.

Li Jien Illum composed by Elton Zarb to the lyrics of Natasha Turner is one of three entries in this years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza which is performed in a duet with the others being Inwegħdek performed by Josef & Johanna and Gloria sung by Mauro & Kim. Would you care to explain to the readers what makes your song differ from the other duets when deciding who to vote for and how did the product in general come about?

Our song isn't just speaking about our beautiful island, Malta and it's people, it is a dialogue between Malta and the maltese nation. The main concept of the song is that through the years Malta has offered us food, shelter, sun and a beautiful history all of which couldn't be fulfilled if not for the maltese nation. All in all we think it's different from other duets because Malta becomes alive for a few minutes and together with the maltese nation they thank each other because their work through the years is what makes us Maltese today.

Simarija, this is your second time in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza having been able to get through to the semi-final stage of the Teenage Talent portion two years ago with the track Majestuża composed by Marco Debono to the lyrics of Rita Pace. Despite not being selected as part of the final three, it was still an experience to cherish. This time round though, it will be quite different though as you will be on the main stage of The Granaries in Floriana as part of the Established Category. How are you perceiving this experience and would do you think you would have done differently two years ago?

It has always been a dream of mine to compete in the indipendenza song festival and sing on the beautiful stage in floriana. I don't think I would change anything from three (3) years ago I think it has thought me a lot and boosted a lot of confidence and personality on stage.

Mikhail, the local audience knows you as a male actor on the popular drama series known as D.R.E.A.M.S which is produced by Rewind Productions in conjunction with the Public Broadcasting Services. Being a part of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is completely different though as you are getting the opportunity to perform live in front of hundreds of people. It has to be noted that this is your first major experience within a competition and many people will be hoping that you'll overcome any possible nerves. How are you preparing for the competition?

As you said, this is my first time in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza but nevertheless, I have had the opportunity to perform live in front of many people and also represented Malta in an international competition in Italy where I had won first place. I have been training for around nine (9) years and feel prepared to take on the local music scene through this competition. We hope that the people understand the message of the song. Ultimately, we should be proud of who we have become in life and how our country has moulded each individual.

The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is one of the foremost competitions in the local music scene and you have acquired the opportunity the open this years' edition thanks to the result of a draw which took place following the second phase held at Media.Link Communications. How are you relishing this opportunity which you have been given and do you think it is better to sing in the beginning or would have you preferred to perform towards the end?

We are extremely proud to have been given the opportunity to open this years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. This competition is full of history and has given rise to some of the most established performers in the scene, hence the honour.

What would you like to tell our readers at

We appreciate all the support that you have been giving us as seen even within the tele-voting where our song Li Jien Illum has consecutively maintained the first runner-up slot. Keep on voting and thanks for all your support!

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