January 20, 2020

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Il Volo, an operatic-pop trio, comprising of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble have just been revealed as winners of the 2015 Sanremo. Their song entitled "Grande Amore", written by Francesco Boccia and Ciro Esposito managed to beat stiff competition from pre-competition favourite, Nek and his song "Fatti Avante Amore", written by Nek, Luca Chiaravalli, Andrea Bonomo and Luigi Fazio.

As a result of their overwhelming victory, with initial reports stating that they managed to win both the televoting and the professional jury, Il Volo will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is has also been confirmed that "Grande Amore" will be their entry, having also successfully international exposure, peaking at number #1 in Malta's Official iTunes Chart.

Once more, escflashmalta.com would like to thank a select number of people who offered their time to contribute as guest bloggers during the 2015 Sanremo including; Audrey Marie, Karen DeBattista, Andrew Zahra, Marilena Gauci and Brooke. We urge you to stay tuned for all the latest news about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria.

Source: RAI


Published in Sanremo

In 1951, following the aftermath of the Second World War, it was decided that a music competition was to be held, eyeing to strengthen the economy and lighten up the mood. It is quite remarkable, that the same competition, Sanremo, is still running strong in 2015. During the course of the next 5 days, Italy will not only be showcasing the best their local music scene is known to offer, but will also provide lots of entertainment, even courtesy of foreign guests.

With such a strong following in Malta, escflashmalta.com has enlisted the support of five celebrities in Malta, all of whom are familiar faces in the music industry, who will help assess the quality of the songs, and also the vocalists, in what has been coined the most reputable line-up for the Sanremo Music Festival in years.


During the first night (10th February), the dubious honour will be given to Audrey Marie Bartolo, a female vocalist from Gozo, who has made it through to the finals of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, L-Għanja tal-Poplu and the Summer Hit Song Contest on multiple occasions, whilst also having had the opportunity to participate in the Malta Eurosong competition back in 2010 with “Good Intentions” written by Rita Pace and Miriam Christine.


During the second night (11th February), the chosen celebrity blogger is Karen DeBattista, another female vocalist, who requires no introduction, having been a finalist in the Summer Hit Song Contest, the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and the latest esition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song “12, Baker Street”. She gained fame and credibility for her triumph in the 2014 L-Għanja tal-Poplu with the song “Jien Ma Naħdimx” written by Mark Scicluna and Rita Pace. She is a signatoree of Ironic PR & Artist Management.


During the third night (12th February), our special guest will be none other than male songwriter, Andrew Zahra, whose songwriting credits include “Fomm il-Vjolin”, winning entry of the International Festival of Maltese Song in 2001, “L-Arka tal-Liberta” winning entry of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2004 and “Stejjer”, a fan-favourite entry during the International Festival of Maltese Song in 2013, amongst others.


During the fourth night (13th February), the tapped special guest will be none other than Marilena Gauci, a female vocalist whose first ascent to fame came back in 2004, when she represented Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as part of the Young Talent Team. Since then, she has made it through to the final of the Summer Hit Song Contest on multiple occasions, as well as reaching the first runner-up slot at the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza twice, and also reaching the final stages of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest twice. She is a signatoree of Ironic PR & Artist Management.


During the fifth and final night (14th February), Editor-In-Chief Marc Calleja Bayliss, and special guest blogger, Brooke. The female singer/songwriter whose hit songs include “Fairytale”, “Bingo”, “Young and Free” and “Love Not War” is currently based in the United Kingdom, but has always made positive headlines in Malta, especially having been recognised by both the Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards, on multiple occasions.


Annalisa Scarrone - Una finestra fra le stelle

Malika Ayane - Adesso e qui

Marco Masini - Che giorno è

Chiara Galiazzo - Straordinario

Gianluca Grignani - Sogni infranti

Nek - Fatti avanti amore

Nina Zilli - Sola

Dear Jack - Il mondo explode

Alex Britti - Un attimo importante

Biggio & Mandelli (I soliti Idioti) - Vita d'inferno

Moreno - Oggi ti parlo cosi

Bianca Atzei - Il solo al mondo

Raf - Come una favola

Lara Fabian - Voce

Grazia Di Michele & Platinette (Mauro Coruzzi) - Io sono una finestra

Il Volo - Grande amore

Anna Tatangelo - Libera

Nesli - Buona fortuna amore

Irene Grandi - Un vento senza nome

Lorenzo Fragola - Siamo Uguali

Nuove Proposte

Serena Brancale - Galleggiare

Giovanni Caccamo - Ritornerò da te

Kaligola - Oltre il giardino

KuTso - Elisa

Enrico Nigiotti - Qualcosa da decidere

Rakele - Io non lo so cos'è l'amore 

Amara - Credo

Chanty - Ritornerai

All the LIVE blogging will be done through the Official Accounts on Facebook and Twitter, so whilst urging you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com as the main portal, we hope that you will follow our comments throughout the rest of the week, and also share your opinion on the songs competing in Sanremo. The winner of the ‘Campioni’ will also have the first right of refusal to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Source: escflashmalta.com


Published in Sanremo

In 1997, Jalisse and the song Fiumi di Parole represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Dublin, Ireland finishing in an extremely respectable fourth place. Unfortunately, RAI responsible for the participation of the nation did not see this as a positive outcome and saw that the competition was starting to lose touch opting for a withdrawal which would see them bow out for a total of fourteen years, until 2011. Jalisse have spoken of their love towards the international competition seeking to return either for Italy or San Marino, opting for the latter in 2008 when an internal selection took place but unfortunately were not selected.

In 2013, Italy represented by Marco Mengoni and his winning entry at Sanremo finished in seventh place, a couple of points ahead of Gianluca who represented Malta with his entry Tomorrow. A brand new page on social networking website, Facebook has been created to support the bid of the group Jalisse with the hope that they garner the ticket to represent Italy in Denmark. As current regulations set forth by RAI, it would be impossible for them to be selected without being in the Sanremo competition as the expert jury appointed to choose the artist has a precondition to select from the Italian music festival. This would be quite an intriguing prospect. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Facebook


RAI, the Italian broadcaster responsible for the nations' participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has been slowly increasing the enthusiasm put into the event denoting that the selection of the artist is coming down to the popularity and the talent rather than just one of the two. It seems that the pressure by the public is towards Marco Mengoni who was the winner of the third edition of the X Factor in Italy. Nevertheless, he achieved more success in the years after, managing to hit the number #1 position in the charts with Solo 2.0, his debut album released in 2011. The year before, he submitted a song entitled Credimi Ancora to the Sanremo competition, finishing in third place, with the single peaking at number #3 and being his first major success.


The Italian tabloids are pointing towards the strong possibility that it will be Marco Mengoni because of the public demand and negotiations are underway between RAI and his management from Sony Music Italia. Nevertheless, there seems to be two backup options with no respective order but nevertheless, featuring two females. The first from these is none other than Annalisa Scarrone who achieved fame following her first runner-up finish in the programme Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2010. She has gone onto release two albums, Nali peaking at number #2 in 2011 and Mentre Tutto Cambia going up to number #9 in 2012. The final name being mentioned is that of Malika Ayane, who was discovered back in 2008 and has gone onto major success with all of her three albums; Malika Ayane, Grovigli and Ricreazione which peaked at #9 and #2 respectively. The announcement from RAI will be made during the final night of the Sanremo competition although it is highly expected that the entry to be performed in the Eurovision Song Contest will be extremely different. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: Eurofestival


Wednesday, 17 October 2012 04:14

Italy: The Music of Sanremo Through the Years

Il Festival della Canzone Italiana, a popular Italian song contest, held annually in the city of Sanremo and it was the inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by RAI's radio station Rete Rossa and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani, supported by Duo Fasano. Starting from 1955 all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1. From 1951 to 1976, the Festival took place in the Sanremo Casinò, but starting from 1977, all the following editions were held in Teatro Ariston, except 1990's one, held at the Nuovo Mercato dei Fiori. 

Between 1953 and 1971, except in 1956, each song was sung twice by two different artists, each one using an individual orchestral arrangement, to illustrate the meaning of the festival as a composers' competition, not a singers' competition. During this era of the festival, it was custom that one version of the song was performed by a native Italian artist while the other version was performed by an international guest artist. The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997, 2011 and 2012. It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Marco Masini.
Eros Ramazzotti was the one that dominated the ‘New Comers’ winners in the 80’s. The song was called ‘Terra Promessa’, and it was just the very beginning of his great career. Terra Promessa recalled the young generations wishes, ambitions and dreams. Ramazzotti’s most popular songs, apart from this first debut single, are Un Emozione per Sempre, Piu Bella Cosa (dedicated to his ex-wife, Michelle Hunziker), Aurora (dedicated to his first daughter) and perhaps, the duet with Anastacia, I Belong to You. Following his success, the 90’s where rich of upcoming artists. Marco Masini was the first singer that dominated this era of new Italian artists, with the song Disperato. Masini is famous for his ‘nose-voice’, but also for his stong ‘love lyrics. Perhaps, his most famous song (for the title) is Vaffanculo.
One of the songs that I really enjoy listening to is Principessa. He may not be that popular world-wide like Ramazzotti, but his songs are greatly known with the Italians. Masini loves Sanremo and in fact, he participated various times, and managed to win the ‘Big Competition’ in 2004, with the song Il uomo volante. Most of his songs are piano-based and perhaps that’s a plus reason why I like to listen to his songs, because they are really calming and his voice really boasts out. In 1986, he returned to Sanremo and won the Big category with the romantic and very popular song Adesso Tu … which many use it as their first dance song since its lyrics just suit the moment. 1993 was characterized by none other than the exceptional, Laura Pausini.

La Solitudine, her debut winning song, became an Italian standard and an international hit, reaching the top spot on the Italian Musica e Dischi singles chart,  as well as on the Dutch Top 40 and on the Flemish VRT Top 30. Her eponymous debut album was released in Italy on 23 April 1993 and later became an international success, selling two million copies worldwide. Her second studio album, Laura, was released in 1994 and confirmed her international success, selling three million copies worldwide and spawning the hit singles Strani Amori and Gente. In November 1994 she released her first Spanish language album, titled Laura Pausini and composed of ten songs included in her previous works. In recent years, despite taking up motherhood, she has been devoted to her followers and balances family and work well.
Also during that same year, 1993, another popular female artist was present in the New Comers Section which was won by Pausini … Giorgia, with the song ‘E Poi’. In fact, she finished in 7th position. In 1995, she eventually won the ‘Big’ category, singing Come Saprei, and successfully, when sang a duet with Andrea Bocelli entitled Vivo per Lei. 2001 saw the comeback of Giorgia at Sanremo with one of her classical songs, Di Sole e d’Azzurro written by Zucchero. Giorgia’s voice is very jazzy and flowing, and suits jazzy and calm ballads. Andrea Bocelli won the New Comers Category in 1994 with the song Il Mare Calmo della Sera and that was the start of his unstoppable career. His voice is amazing, he gives you goose-bumps with many artists happy at the chance of performing with such a vocal master. The list of Italian artists who emerged from Sanremo is never-ending; Anna Tatangelo, Arisa, Sonohra, Massimo Ranieri, Francesco Renga … and many more which perhaps only made a hit only throughout the year in which they participated in.
Sanremo has really changed nowadays from the 80’s and 90’s and even early 2000. It is surely characterized by artists that participate and come from popular TV shows, like ‘Amici’ and obviously enough, the televoting affects the final results since the public know already that singer already through the tv show and perhaps, the ‘New Comers’ category has lost its real objective … that of giving a new artist to the Italians who adore their music and from there, they start their career, like Ramazzotti or Pausini. In fact, artists like Marco Carta participated immediately in the ‘Big Category’, even though he is quite young compared to the other artists in the competition. This influence nowadays cannot be eliminated, unfortunately or not … it’s the case to say that Sanremo really adapts to the changes, and that it grows according to these changes. After all, this is what makes it such an interesting festival to watch each year! 
Source: FIMI, escflashmalta.com

Published in Editorials
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 23:45

Italy: Brand New Format for Sanremo in 2013

The European Broadcasting Union did not come up with the idea of the Eurovision Song Contest alone noting that the very first original idea for a music competition was already initiated by the Italian broadcaster; RAI whose local edition of the Sanremo competition featuring some of the most notable talent in the country was adopted on a larger scale and open to most of the countries in the continent. Italy have been part of the historic Eurovision Song Contest and following a gap of more than ten years, they returned in 2011 to great success finishing in the runner-up slot thanks to the representation of Raphael Gualazzi with the song Follia D'Amore whilst managing to reach the top ten in 2012 with the track L'Amore è Femmina performed by Nina Zilli. The competition in Italy is still extremely well followed by the local tabloids and also in Malta with many fans of the showcase. In 2013, following two years of an organization led by singer Gianni Morandi, it will be Fabio Fazio who takes on the main role.

The renowned television host has decided to bring in a brand new formula for the 2012 edition of the Sanremo competition with an aim to attract artists of national fame, something which has become increasing difficult for the organizers as the artists know how much their credibility is hurt should they be eliminated in the first couple of nights. In fact, what Fabio is proposing is that there will be fourteen artists in total, all of which would have to perform two (2) songs each with the publc making the decision on which song is the best for it to make it through to the final. It will be quite interesting to see how the final details of this brand new format will work out but it seems that the reception from the industry has been very positive because in this manner, everyone will compete in the final and no one will be eliminated. Italy is expected to take part in the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest even though, there is yet to be an official confirmation about the matter. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Ilkar.blogspot.com


Published in Sanremo