February 17, 2020

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Apart from the means of FM Radio in the Netherlands on FM 106.8 and the audio stream from the studio via www.radiointernational.tv and on Digital Cable 781 & Cable 8.1Mhz in the Netherlands, the show will also be web-televised via the Radio International TV Channel from the studio and linking up the many international Eurovision fans and friends and play your requests and read your messages out on air. The simulcast will be from 2000 – 2300 hours CET when fans can join in and chat amongst each other via the Chat Room and request their favourite Eurovision entry.

Radio International has built a name for itself throughout the years by bringing about exclusive video and audio interviews with some of the most notable names to have either participated in the Eurovision Song Contest or even in national selections preceding the continental event. In this week's episode, the team will be chatting to Sebalter who represented Switzerland in the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, obtaining the second best result since the introduction of the semi-final system; Tinkara Kovac who got through to the final after representing Slovenia earlier this year; Mariya Yaremchuk who continued a string of top ten finishes for Ukraine; and last but not least, Ruth Lorenzo whose X Factor fame catapulted her to a tenth place on behalf of Spain.


As the curtain on the 2014 season of the Eurovision Song Contest is brought down, David Mann will continue to look at cover versions from the event whilst the latest news from escXtra and escflashmalta.com will be read out. In the meantime, former representatives of the Eurovision Song Contest are always looking for ways to please their fans and thus new music is being recorded and published throughout the year. Radio International will be playing the most recent singles as sent in by several record labels. We urge you to tune into Radio International this evening at 20:00 CET in order to request your favourite entry from the Eurovision Song Contest and listen to the special features.

Source: Press Release, Eurovision.tv


Thursday, 03 April 2014 12:21

Spain: Interview with Ruth Lorenzo (ESC 14)

In recent years, escflashmalta.com has been on the forefront in chatting to artists who would be heading to the Eurovision Song Contest and hopefully representing their country and achieving a positive result. Next up is Ruth Lorenzo who will be representing Spain with the song Dancing in the Rain co-written with Julian Emery and James Lawrence Irvin. She speaks of her time on the British version of the X Factor and her music career since then.

It was once remarked that one could never go wrong by performing a piano led ballad at the Eurovision Song Contest and it seems that Dancing in the Rain, co-written by Julian Emery and James Lawrence Irvin ticks such boxes. Why did you select this song to submit for the preselection and could you talk us through the creative process?

I wrote this song about 3 years ago, and at first many artists asked me if I could give it to them, but I always resisted. I knew it was a special song. When the opportunity of Eurovision came up I knew that ‘Dancing in the Rain’ was the best song. I selected it because it is really special to me and because of it’s message of hope and encouragement.

In the national selection a couple of weeks back, you had to endure an extremely fierce competition for a number of extremely talented artists including fan favourite Brequette who also ended up winning the vote of the professional panel of judges. What did you personally think of her entry Run and were you ever in talks with RTVE to represent Spain as an internally selected artist?

I think that Brequette’s song is amazing. She did such a good job that night. There were initial talks about an internal selection, but RTVE finally decided to let the public decide.


Despite the process though, you were clearly selected as the representative of the public which in turn gives you a lot of confidence to carry out their will in what is the most followed global event in music. Other artists describe that moment as a mixture of emotions, and thus comes the question, what were you thinking as the votes of the tele-voting were being read out?

I literally cannot remember! I was so nervous... I didn’t think I was going to win. Actually, when the result was said, I still did not know I had won!! The moment I relized I could not believe it so I started shouting!! I felt so much happiness because I have worked so, so much!

An emotional rendition of True Colors, originally by Cyndi Lauper is the song which got you through to the final phase of the X Factor, having been chosen by Danni Minogue and guest judge Emma Bunton to move forward. What were you thinking of whilst performing the song and why did you decide to audition for the British version of the X Factor in front of music mogul Simon Cowell?

It was a last minute decision! I was in my hometown Murcia and I decided to pack a suitcase and travel to London to audition for The X Factor. I thought it would be a great opportunity but obviously never expected to get so far!! It has been one of the best experiences of my whole life and career.


Away from the X Factor, and back in Spain, you have released at least two successful singles, one in 2011 entitled Burn and of course Dancing in the Rain, both of whic which peaked in the top twenty at number #16 and number #7 respectively. What many do not understand is why you took that much time to release new material following your stint on the reality talent show, care to explain?

After The X Factor I signed to EMI and worked during more than a year on songs for my album. But things did not go well because the record label and I had different visions of my project, so I decided to leave the record deal and start working independantly. That’s why it took so long for me to release material.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a global event watched by music fanatics all over the continent and beyond noting a strong following in Australia and the United States, with the European Broadcasting Union also introducing it to New Zealand this year. What do you plan in terms of performance for the night of the final and who will be joining you on stage?

I cannot wait!! We are still putting the finishing touched to everything. For the moment I can confirm I will be joined by 4 amazing backing singers!!


Most of the countries will have to get through a semi-final phase of the competition before coming up against you in the final of this prestigious event. Have you had the opportunity to listen to any of the songs taking part this year, and if so, would you be able to tell us your favourites?

I have listened to most of them! I love the entries from UK and Ireland. And of course I love Conchita! The Malta song really surprised me this year! I love it because in some way it reminds me of one of my favourite groups at the moment, Mumford and Sons!

Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers at escflashmalta.com?

Thanks so much for reading my interview! I hope you enjoy my song ‘Dancing in the Rain’ and see you in Denmark!!!!! xx


Published in Interviews

The German national final, Unser Song Für Dänemark, took place tonight, and after a mammoth show, the Germany people’s winners were Elaiza, who will go on to represent the country with the song, Is It Right? Eight artists each brought two songs to the national final, and after a complicated voting process during which the artists were narrowed down, and then the songs, just Elaiza and established rock group Unheilig remained.

Accordian player Yvonne, contrabass player Yvonne and lead singer Ela make up Elaiza. Whilst most of the other artists in the competition were well-known names, Elaiza are relative newcomers who came through the wildcard competition held last month to earn their place. Is It Right? was the song that won them the wildcard contest, and indeed was ultimately the song that won them the competition. Germany are directly qualified to the final as one of the “Big 5” countries, so Elaiza will be competing against Ruth Lorenzo from Spain, Molly from the United Kingdom, Twin Twin from France, Basim from Denmark and Emma from Italy on Saturday 10th May. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: ARD / DAS Ertse, Eurovision.tv


Saturday, 22 February 2014 23:45

Spain: Public Award Victory to Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo, a former finalist in the British version of the X Factor and once hailed by Simon Cowell as the one with the right mixture of talent and looks will be representing Spain in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest following an extremely tight voting session in which the jury and the public did not agree. As a matter of fact, it was Brequette who topped the scored following the votes of Mónica Naranjo, David Bustamante and Merche with Ruth Lorenzo being put in second place. In the Eurovision Song Contest, she will perform Dancing in the Rain co-written with Jim Irvin and Julian Emery.

RTVE hosted a national selection with five (5) artists but prior to the show being aired, it was a two-way race, even as exhibited in the past week on iTunes. Ruth Lorenzo stated in an interview a couple of weeks ago that the British Broadcasting Corporation had already asked her to represent the United Kingdom but she intended to represent her home country, even if it meant going through a tedious selection process which almost saw her finish in second place. In my opinion, Spain went for the better choice and this could see them re-ignite the interest that saw Pastora Soler finish in tenth place. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: RTVE


Saturday, 22 February 2014 20:45

Spain: Mira Quién Va a Eurovisión - LIVE

Buenas Noches! Spain have been known to mix-it-up when it comes to selecting their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest and have in turn decided to organise a national selection in 2014. Entitled Mira Quién Va A Eurovisión, five (5) artists will be taking to the RTVE studios to perform their prospective entries LIVE in front of the general public and the professional jury, made up of three top music stars; Mónica Naranjo, David Bustamante and Merche. You may follow all of the action through the direct stream being offered by the Official Website of the Eurovision Song Contest as from 22:00 CET.

Anna Igartiburu, the female hostess of the evening will make sure that everything runs smoothly as the master of ceremonies, hoping that nothing goes wrong, as it has in the past. Quién Va A Eurovisión will be taking place following two (2) internal selections which achieved mixed results for Spain with Pastora Soler reaching tenth (10th) place in 2012 and El Sueno de Morfeo languishing in the penultimate spot with just five (5) points. If this years' crop of entries are performed well enough, it could actually prove to be one of the most successful national finals of the season with all five (5) songs being relatively catchy and radio friendly.

The Show (Part 1)

Anne Igartiburu, our hostess for the evening is joined by five (5) male dancers, and suddently, we have a raging performance of former hits from the Eurovision Song Contest. The audience is really warm and one could understand how much it means to them to succeed in this competition. Anne is now speaking to a mermaid and if you think I am drunk, you are wrong because someone in the form of a mermaid is currently in the studios. Well, each of the competing acts have come forward to perform what is set to be the snippet used for the recap od this evenings' national selection. The jury is also introduced and the public are somewhat startstruck to see the wonderful Monica Naranjo.

Brequette - Más (Run) (Thomas G:son / Tony Sanchez)

... and the first act on stage is Brequette who is clad in a white dress. The staging is kept simplistic with green lasers used in the beginning of the performance before finally switching to a mixture of blue, green and pink. The vocals in the beginning of the song are a little bit strained but nevertheless, she does get the hang of it as the song evolves. The public have gone crazy for the first performance of the evening though and it seems that she is indeed one of the favourites.


Dama - Estrella Fugaz (Shooting Star) (Melendi)

Dama! I am in love with the stage name! Wearing a beautiful white gown, and making full use of the lighting in the studio, she seems to be enjoying her moment with a full blown wind machine. On stage, she is joined by an unneccessary band. Still, the focus is all on her and her vocals are pristine for most of the three (3) minutes. In the bridge, she comes forward but is making horrid facial expressions. I can see this song being a fan-favourite if chosen but then ranking badly in the actual final.


Ruth Lorenzo - Dancing In The Rain (Ruth Lorenzo / Jim Irvin / Julian Emery)

... she has been the one to watch out for according to iTunes sales, and considering her past endeavours on the British X Factor, she was always going to be the favourite. Clad in a white/silver fishtail gown, Ruth is enjoying her outing on the National Broadcaster. She has declined the role of British representative, hence she is definitely hoping for victory this evening. Her vocals are very good considering the long high notes she has to present. She is joined on stage by three (3) female backing vocalists and a pianist.


Jorge González - Aunque Se Acabe El Mundo (Rodríguez / Nicolás / Fuentes / Fernández)

Well, it would be incredibly silly not to see that Jorge has been blessed with latin looks and he makes good use of them through dance moves and a choreography aided by four equally dashing young men who also play the violins (sort of). The vocals are strong, especially when one takes into account the choreography that he is performing. Whilst I expect this one to be a fan favourite should it be victorious, I think it could work in the Eurovision Song Contest but we thought Soraya would do well. This is very well performed and could cause a surprise.


Raúl - Seguir Sin Ti (Go On Without You) (Duque & Sánchez)

It has been a relatively quick evening in Spain. We are already in our fifth song of the evening with the former first runner-up Raul taking to the stage and performing the most traditional ballad tonight. His vocals are definitely in my top two this evening. He might look a tad too stressed on stage but nevertheless, this has not hampered his performance. Keeping it simple with violinists and a bongo, that was beautiful but I just cannot see it winning or doing well in the Eurovision Song Contest.


The Show (Part 2)

Anne is currently chatting to the professional members of the jury who are seemingly discussing amongst themselves on who is the best considering that this line-up is just outstanding. David Bustamante is congratulating all of the acts this evening whilst Monica takes a short break. Gisela who represented Andorra in 2008 is now on stage performing a medley of hits from the Eurovision Song Contest. Afterwards, she speaks to Anne about her upcoming musical, an original entitled Gisela and the Magic Book.

Brequette won the Jury vote, but Ruth Lorenzo won the Public Vote, meaning that despite the tie, it will be Ruth Lorenzo who will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with Dancing In The Rain.

In just a couple of days, Spain will select their entry for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with five (5) acts putting their entries forward for judgement by the general public and a professional panel of judges. RTVE, the public broadcaster decided to hold a national selection after talks with a number of artists proved to be futile, and led to no concrete conclusion. Whilst the line-up features relatively known performers, the songs are very much potential hits, and this has been seen in the iTunes Downloads where two (2) of the five (5) tracks have peaked in the top five (5), based on pre-release sales.

At last years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Spain could only obtain five (5) points for what was an extremely below par performance of Contigo Hasta El Final by El Sueno de Morfeo, just months after having obtained tenth place at the event with the wonderful Quedate Conmigo performed by Latin Grammy Award nominee, Pastora Soler. This years' line-up features a mixture of genres, and talent but should not disappoint when it comes to the final result. Ruth Lorenzo, Brequette, La Dama, Jorge Gonzalez and Raul will put on a show to remember on Saturday kicking off at 22:00 CET. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: TVE


Spain, one of the countries with a direct pass into the final of the Eurovision Song Contest has decided against an internal selection in 2014, short-listing five (5) possible acts who wish to represent the nation in the illustrious event hoping to emulate Pastora Soler whose entry Quédate Conmigo reached tenth place two years ago, and indeed trying to forget the penultimate position achieve by ESDM and their entry Contigo Hasta el Final. The songs that each of the acts will be presenting were officially published by the public broadcaster earlier today.

RTVE, the public broadcaster, responsible for the participation of Spain in the continental competition is hosting a national selection on Saturday 22nd February under the name Mira Quién Va a Eurovisión with five possible entrants; Brequette, Jorge González, La Dama, Raúl and Ruth Lorenzo. The final versions of their entries have been made available on the official website of RTVE. In the final round, taking place this coming Saturday, the public and the jury will have equal footing with 50% of the final say. The professional members of the jury are renowned vocalists; David Bustamante, Monica Naranjo and Merche, two (2) of which had tried to represent Spain in the past. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: RTVE


RTVE, the public broadcaster in Spain has just announced a national selection which will comprise of five (5) artists, all of which will be performing one (1) song each. In the past two (2) years, Spain has had mixed fortunes at the Eurovision Song Contest, achieving 10th place in 2012 with Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me) sung by Pastora Soler, and then going onto rank 25th the following year with Contigo Hasta el Final (With You Until the End) performed by El Sueño de Morfeo. Both acts were internally selected with the public given the choice to select the entry, in a televised song selection which also included a panel of professional judges.

The line-up for the national selection comprises of five (5) talented artists; Raúl Fuentes, Brequette, Jorge González, La Dama and Ruth Lorenzo who will in turn be performing a song each, in the language of their choice. RTVE has now also revealed the names of the songs and in some cases even songwriters for those competing in Spain. Brequette will perform the song Mas (Run) written by Tony Sanchez and Thomas G:son, Jorge Gonzalez will sing the track Aunque se acabe el Mundo, La Dama will sing the song Estrella Fugaz written by her husband and famous singer/songwriter Melendi, Raul will perform the ballad Sueno Su Boca, leaving Ruth Lorenzo to sing the track Dancing In The RainStay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about Spain’s participation in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest as it becomes available.

Source: RTVE


TVE, the public broadcaster in Spain, responsible for the nations’ participation at the Eurovision Song Contest is currently considering a number of bids for next years’ competition taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. One of the most interested artists is Ruth Lorenzo, who despite being a relative unknown in the Spanish music industry, gained considerable fame during her time on the British X Factor, especially for her rendition of the track; Purple Rain.

Ruth Lorenzo is known to make the best possible use of social networking websites and took to Facebook to announce that the broadcaster has already been in touch with a possible bid to represent the nation. ‘I’m not gonna lie, yes there have been talks and I repeat what I have always said if the proposal was seriously musical, convincing and consistent with my music project, I’d love to step on that stage and make you feel proud. It would be a big challenge for me. Again, thanks to all for believing in me eurofans, you fill me with life!

In recent years, Spain has selected notable artists have gone onto represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest including none other than; Pastora Soler in 2012 with the song Quedaté Conmigo and ESDM in 2013 with the track Contigo Hasta el Final. TVE, the public broadcaster has already confirmed participation in next years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but made no announcement with regards to the artist or the entry. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest.


RTVE, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest is seemingly aiming to achieve success with their internal selection format following successive disappointments when a national selection took place. Nevertheless, following the top ten finish of Pastora Soler with Quedatè Conmingo, the nation found itself in a penultimate position a couple of days back with their entry Contigo Hasta El Final performed by El Sueno de Morfeo. One of the artists who has seemingly been asked yet is waiting for the right time to decide on taking up the offer is Ruth Lorenzo.

Ruth Lorenzo, was a finalist in the British X Factor back in 2008, finishing in an extremely respectable fourth place. behind successful acts, Alexandra Burke and JLS. At a special screening of the movie, The Big Wedding, Ruth Lorenzo was in attendance and spoke to Lizzie Cundy of The Express stating that she has been asked to represent Spain but is waiting for the right and opportune moment to see whether the offer is worth taking up, although truth be told, she added that she would love to do it for the United Kingdom. Ruth Lorenzo will be dropping her first single in the British music scene quite soon although her very first release following the X Factor, a single called Burn was released in Spain peaking at number #16 on the official charts. This is quite sensational considering the lack of promotion. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: The Express