February 17, 2020

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escflashmalta.com has engaged a set of professional individuals who are getting through all of the entries competing in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The tracks are supported by biographies, other music from the respective performers involved along with a background on the participating country. The formal introduction of each entry continues. All of the information is obtained from the official website of the international spectacle and indeed, pertaining to the running order as decided by the producers, Slovenia will be performing in slot number three (3) from the sixteen (16) entries which will be competing during the first semi-final. RTV SLO, the broadcaster resposible for the participation of Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest will be represented by the song Straight Into Love co-written by Hannah Mancini, Gregor Zemljic, Erik Margan, Matija Rodic and Marko Primuzak with vocals provided by Hannah.

Hannah, singer, composer and lyricist, has appeared on Slovene musical stages and on TV screens for a number of years. She also appeared in international music theatres like the Radio City Music Hall, the Universal Amphitheatre and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She has worked on numerous Disney movies, collaborating with top music authors and producers, such as Todd Chapman and the Grammy Award winner, Larry Klein, as well as the highly acclaimed American group Haute Chile, who used to perform as the opening act for Sheryl Crow and Seal. She has also worked as a backing vocalist with stars like Luis Miguel. Hannah, who is American-born and is currently busy writing music in Europe and Slovenia having moved here from the USA six years ago after marrying a Slovenian.

During this time she has appeared on the international productions of various albums and compilations, collaborating with DJ Umek (Vice Grip, Circle Records 2009; Dementia, Hell Yeah Records 2009), the DJ and producer Sare Havliček (three singles from the album Toscana Nights, Nang Records 2010: Dreams in Light, Pleasure Storm and In/Out, and a single from her latest album Vibe on You, Nang Records 2011). Hannah has been the lead singer of the Xequtifz group for a number of years now, and with them she has recorded the Slovene and English versions of three radio hits. In 2011 she took part in the EMA Contest for the Slovene representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, performing the pop song You're The One (Sylvain, Mike Vale & Hannah). She didn't win, yet the song was a huge radio hit in Slovenia. She is currently working on her upcoming international albums (Don't Give A Damn by Mike Vale and Connect Us by Beltek).


This year, the country decided in favour of an internal selection for the simple reason that recent results have not been hopeful and despite going through the issue of an extremely long national selection process last year, it did not yield a positive outcome. Following weeks of voting, a casting show selection, which was extremely popular in Slovenia saw the creation of a young idol, one whose name was Eva Boto. Ultimately Eva was competing against two twins and when the specially designation songs were put forward in front of the public and the jury, the choice was somewhat well adjusted to select Verjamem co-written by Vladimir Graic and Hari Mata Hari. The latter represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2006 whilst the former had composed the winning entry for Serbia in 2007. In the end, thirty-one (31) points and non-qualification saw Slovenia suffer for yet another year. Hannah will be hoping to turn the result around with her dubstep inspired track.

Eighteen participations reflect the history of Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the best result at this point in time still being a seventh place finish on two occasions, the first time in 1995 at the hands of Darja Svajger with the track Prisluhni Mi and then in 2001 when Nusa Derenda had done the honours with the song Energy. This is a nation which has not been so successful since the introducition of the semi-final system back in 2004 noting that qualification has only come on two (2) occasions out of a possible nine (9). The first time being in 2007 with Alenka Gotar and her operatic track Cvet z Juga and the second time being in 2011 when Maja Keuc, a newcomer took to the stage with the song No One. The nations' success has always been somewhat resounding for the simple reason that the music of the balkans is known to be somewhat similar and therefore a split vote has always been the case with countries such as Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia for example.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 60%

Magnus Kaxe: Verses are promising and the melody in the chrous is good but gets lost because of the bad house production. Get back to the production room.

Lina Eriksson: Strange with a dupstep intro... Hannah's got a great pop-voice. I'm sure we'll hear this tune on the dancefloors this summer. Still, this song feels more like a remix than an original song. It doesn't really get under my skin.

Matt Mercieca (Muxu): It starts off very Dubstep, Don't like the dress. first verse is a little slow, but chorus is so strong, I REALLY like this, its something that if i heard it in my car I would put this up. don't like the way it suddenly ends, but love the rest of it. very catchy, its gonna be interesting to see how she performs this live.

Source: eurovision.tv


Published in Editorials
Thursday, 03 May 2012 03:09

Slovenia: Reviewing the track 'Verjamem'

The tenth entry on the evening of the second semi-final is actually more of a taste of what was to be expected following the opening of Serbia because it seems that most of the Balkan countries kept to the style and touch and one is somewhat sure that they will most likely all turn out to be successful especially those which have been put in different and opposing sides of the draw. The nation in this case though is Slovenia, a nation that is yet to reach a top five placing at the event but ultimately one which has mediocre results throughout the years. This year they will be represented by the young and charismatic Eva Boto with the song Verjamem composed by Vladimir Graić and Hari Mata Hari with the lyrics penned by Igor Pirkovič.

Eva Boto was born on December 1st, 1995. She lives in the small town of Šentjanž pri Dravogradu which lies in the North Eastern part of Slovenia, 120 kilometres from the capital Ljubljana. She is now a second-year student attending the Ravne na Koroškem High School, but she is already thinking about continuing her studies in Graz, Austria, or London where she would like to study soloist singing. She has been singing since a very early age and practices daily in her specially designed music room at her home. At 10 years of age, Eva entered an international singing competition in Austria and won. Later, she performed several times at the FENS Youth Musical Festival, where she won twice.


Eva Boto was only 15, when she applied to audition for the Mission Eurovision contest. The national broadcaster RTVSLO produced this series of programmes, which started on October 2nd, 2011 and ended this February, with only one goal in mind, to choose the singer who would represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Convincing renditions of songs from Mariah Carey, Shaina Twain, Irene Cara, Leona Lewis and Darja Švajger made a huge impression on the members of the jury and audiences alike.


In the end, Eva Boto won a landslide number of votes with the song Verjamem (I Believe), one of the three she sang on the final night of Mission EMA 2012. Eva's favourite singer is Beyonce, but she likes 1980s and 1990s music as well. In her spare time, Eva plays guitar, plays with her dog and cat and, as every teenager loves to hang out with her friends. She's no stranger to computers and make-up, either. Eva enjoys cooking, especially baking. She is very emotional and sometimes shy. Her biggest bad habit is laziness. Eva's best friends and supporters in life and in her music career are her mother, father and elder sister Sanja. Eva describes her participation in Baku as her greatest life experience and challenge so far.

The Critics Voice Their Opinion

Magnus Kaxe

  • Good-looking, vocally decent singer in a nice song with a powerful chorus that gets stuck in my head. The verse melody goes too low in key for the singer to be able to sing it properly and the song loses a bit there. But still one of my favorite ballads this evening! But please let go of the ugly hat on the backing singers! They deserve a six (6) points for that entry.

Marion Welter

  • This is a completely different track than the one before it but I am not too fond of these kind of ballads even though, I have to compliment her on a beautiful set of vocals. She has a good range and will most likely impress. Unfortunately one (1) point from my end. 

Tobias Larsson

  • Like Serbia but weaker - another Balkan ballad that wants to be overwhelming but that doesn't quite nail it. The singer has an excellent voice, but the chorus just isn't convincing enough. Hmm, like my colleague, I agree on six (6) points.


Entry Background

Performer: Eva Boto

Composers: Vladimir Graić and Hari Mata Hari

Author: Igor Pirkovič

Song: Verjamem

Language: Slovene

Broadcaster: RTVSLO

History of the Nation

The eighteenth entry from Slovenia and hopefully continuing a trend that was built last year when they managed to overcome a number of disappointing years to reach the finals and also reach a decent position. This year, they have decided to take up a brand new route by looking for the performer first and foremost, a system that was used well by Germany to find both Lena and Roman actually. In the final, the finalists performed three songs and ultimately this was chosen. The best results that the country have achieved amount to a seventh place in 1995 when Darja Svajger took to the stage for the first time with Prisluhni Mi and then also a couple of years later in 2001 with Nusa Derenda and her entry Energy. Since the introduction of the semi-final system, Slovenia has only been in the final twice, missing out very closely on two other occasions. Eva Boto will be hoping to be the third woman to take the country to the final.

Source: Eurovision.tv for the Biographical Information and all respective media

Published in Editorials