January 17, 2020

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Voices, the charity event which is organised every other year returned for yet another occasion with an evening full of spectacular vocal interpretations by some of the most well recognized names in the local music scene as well as others who are somewhat completely unknown yet definitely know how to perform in front of a major crowd. The opportunity to attend such a spectacular event should never be turned away especially when you know what seems to be in store and despite all of this, it has to be noted that the event held in 2010 was slightly better, the reason being that the song list was slightly more varied and therefore, people would have participated even more freely than they actually did. Nevertheless, it was a stunning showcase for all to watch especially one particular performance which definitely has to be noted down in the history of the show. A female duet featuring Anneliese Sammut and Rachel Fabri was definitely a highlight and they performed the song I Dreamed a Dream from the Musical, Les Miserables.

Rachel Fabri does not require a lot of introduction having made a name for herself through the show L-Isfida a couple of years back prior to making it to the finals of the Malta Song for Europe with the track We Can Do Better written by Carm Fenech and featuring Romina Mamo and Neville Refalo as part of a trio. Still, in recent years, she was also chosen to become a part of the group All Angels in the United Kingdom and has been performed around the country including in nationwide events such as the Classical Brit Awards amongst others. Her beautiful vocal range has been highly complimented by many and in this particular performance, she suited the tone of Anneliese resoundingly well. Anneliese on the other hand is a brand new name in music having also been part of last years' Students Fest at the University of Malta where she hit all the right notes. Should you wish to check whether, there are any tickets available for the last couple of shows, access the official website of the Mediterranean Conference Centre.


Their performance of last nights' show can be seen just above. At the end of their vocal rendition, one of the guests present during the evening, a certain former Maltese representative at the Eurovision Song Contest; Georgina rose to her feet and gave the duo a standing ovation for their respective effort. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that the evening had a number of other stunning performances including from Claire McCartin and Ryan Dale, both of whom have been in the Malta Eurovision in the past. Amongst the people in the chorus who have also tried their luck to represent Malta in the continental event were Jean Claude Vancell, Dorothy Bezzina and Andrew Barberi. The addition of a track in Maltese was also highly appreciated by the people present and they warmly applauded the songwriter; Joe S Grech and the producer; Paul Abela who were both in the audience. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news in the coming days and weeks.

Source: escflashmalta.com

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