September 18, 2019

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Ira Losco, local singer/songwriter has become a leading force in the music industry for the simple reason that she is highly talented, and has full creative control over the type of music she creates hence forth where the Fire is indeed coming from. in collaboration with Jagged House will be unveiling a monthly playlist of tracks which the renowned performer ranks as her best during the respective month in an editorial form. The tracks which will as much as possible be a mixture of local and foreign will be solely chosen by Ira Losco based on her opinion of what makes a song, a true hit. This will be done in just a couple of sentences; concise and extremely to the point.

In recent days, Ira Losco along with her management  revealed  that later on this month, she will be officially releasing her latest debut album The Fire which is already available for pre-order through digital stores, helping it climb to the upper echelons of the local iTunes Chart. 'To me music is about how you feel at the moment. It’s a soundtrack to your life. It shouldn't try to be something it’s not, it should be honest, true to its roots and above all at times it should also be fun. This is my take on what’s playing in my car or on my iPod right now.  I’m not setting any trends I’m just sharing things I like with you. Hope you like.'

Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko (UNAPOLOGETIC)

Probably a VERY predictable choice, but let’s face it Rihanna’s beautiful tone of voice really comes out in this strong ballad accompanied only by a piano and Mikky Ekko’s  gorgeous vocals.

Storyteller - Mel Xkejfa (Who Me?)

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Melissa when she was still part of the duo ‘Chasing Pandora.’ I love the way she effortlessly tells a story.   This new single introduced her as Mel Xkejfa.

Black Chandellier - Biffy Clyro (Opposites)

Biffy Clyro never cease to amaze me. The first single of their album launched this January is hot, hot, hot.

Dancing Alone – Alex Alden

A breath of fresh air here on this tiny island. A girl with a beautiful voice, reminiscent of Patty Smith in my humble opinion, with some great song writing skills. I love this tune!

Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars (Unorthdox Jukebox)

When Bruno Mars hit the scene, it was pretty obvious that the locals would fall in LOVE with his very radio friendly first single. I have a tendency to not like what EVERYONE else is Loving. But that all changed when Bruno Mars released this track. Many criticised it sounded like a ‘Police’ track, reminiscent of it, but it does sound great!

That’s all folks…or at least for this month it is…I’ll be posting my favourite tunes next month.  Watch this space for some Fresh NEWS on my album The Fire Pre-Orders here! Ira Losco, the singer/songwriter will be with us, the editorial team as a special guest for the rest of the year as she gives her take on five hit tracks, always according to her opinion, one which is valued by many in the music industry having earned, both experience and respect amongst her peers. In just a month's time, another editorial, but until then, we join Ira in saying goodbye and stay tuned to for more news about the local music scene and the Eurovision Song Contest on a daily basis.

Published in Editorials