January 17, 2020

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During this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Finland was represented by Krista Siegfrids and her dance/pop entry Marry Me which stalled in the final, only obtaining thirteen (13) points to finish in twenty-fourth position. This was not the initial expectation of the broadcaster whose major success was recorded around seven years ago with the song Hard Rock Hallelujah performed by Lordi which finished in pole position in both the semi-final and the final respectively. 

YLE, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Finland in the esteemed music event is the first to announce the way forward noting that the preselection procedure known as Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu will be returning. The showcase was first adopted back in 2012 and was not met with success noting that it was not a ratings winner and the winner did not yield an international result despite a stunning performance. The system was altered ever so slightly in 2013 and seemed to work much better noting that people were tuning in with the voting being quite intense during the final. Many had noted Finland to have a beautiful selection of entries with the first and second runner-up deemed more appropriate to represent the country from an international standpoint. Songs for the 2014 edition of the competition have to be submitted until 16th September 2013 with the qualifiers set to be revealed by the 10th December 2013. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com and make to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest updates.

Source: YLE


Krista Siegfrids will be representing Finland in the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Marry Me co-written alongside Erik Nyholm, Kristofer Karlsson, Jessika Lundström. It is important to note that the national selection in the Scandinavian country was actually quite stunning both in musical and visual quality and it is something which Finland required following the disappointment of the previous year which had seen Pernilla Karlsson take to the stage with the song När jag blundar written by Jonas Karlsson. In the second semi-final, she will be performing in slot number #6, just one before Malta whose Gianluca will be performing the track Tomorrow co-written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek.

In recent days, Krista Siegfrids had the opportunity to speak to our senior editor, Antoine Farrugia about her upcoming participation in the international spectacle but did not want to reveal what is going to happen during the stage performance although it is worth noting that heads did indeed roll around when she took to the stage during the Eurovision In Concert especially towards the end when she grabbed one of her female dancers and planted a kiss on her. Krista is fighting hard for marriage equality in Finland and that was the main reason why she put on that stunt. Nevertheless, what she did reveal in her interview is that she will be wearing 'a huge wedding dress'. The Finnish delegation in collaboration with Krista Siegfrids herself have recorded a special video message to all of her followers in Malta, urging them to join #Team DingDong. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: YLE, escflashmalta.com