January 27, 2020

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Making a surprise return for 2018, Malta’s national selection this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest also includes the addition of original songs - for the first time in eight years. Budding artists aged between 8 and 14 from the island were invited to submit their original compositions earlier in the summer, whilst PBS enlisted the help of an expert jury to shortlist sixteen of them for a live show.

The national selection will take to our screens this Saturday (8th September) at 16:30 on TVM and TVM HD, live from the Where’s Everybody’s studios in Qormi. The host will be local TV presenter and actress, Taryn Mamo Cefai. PBS has released all of the finalists’ songs on their website, for listening before the show. Below you can see the full list of artists taking part in the competition - click their names to read more about them and hear their song.


01. Luana Schembri - "No Rest For The Wicked" (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Philip Vella, Luana Schembri)
02. Giorgia Borg - "10" (Muxu, Gillian Camenzuli Kerr)
03. Zaira Mifsud - "Shout Now" (Muxu, Cyprian Cassar)
04. Jahel Cardona - "Home" (Muxu, Cyprian Cassar)
05. Katryna & Rihana - "The Puppet and the Clown" (Christopher Azzopardi, Kaya, Katryna Borg, Rihana Azzopardi)
06. Isaac Tom - "Bonfire Nights" (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Dario Bezzina, Isaac Tom Spiteri)
07. Albert-Lauren - "Paper Boats" (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Cyprian Cassar, Albert-Lauren Agius)
08. Kristy Spiteri - "NANN" (Ritienne Frendo, Cyprian Cassar & Mark Scicluna)
09. Yarin Coleiro - "Can You Be the One" (Muxu, Cyprian Cassar)
10. Lora Grech - "Finish Line" (Muxu, Elton Zarb)
11. Riona Degiorgio - "Infinity" (Muxu, Dominic Cini)
12. Kylie Meilak - "Crystals" (Muxu, Elton Zarb)
13. Eliana Gomez Blanco - "Music Takes Control" (Muxu, Cyprian Cassar)
14. Aiden Aquilina Cohen - "Wherever You Go" (Muxu, Cyprian Cassar)
15. Ela Mangion - "Marchin’ on" (Emil Calleja Bayliss, Cyprian Cassar, Ela Mangion)
16. Thea Aquilina - "Back To My Freedom" (Bruce Robert Francis Smith, Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bondel Truumeel)

The outcome of the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be decided by a public televote and an expert jury, each having an equal say in the result. The public can vote once all of the songs have been performed, by calling the number 523021XX (the last two numbers being the songs’ number in the running order). Only one vote from each line will be registered. The winner will fly to the capital of Minsk, Belarus, to represent the country in the international final of the competition on November 25th - competing against 19 other countries in the biggest edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest yet.

In last year’s event, Malta was represented by Gianluca Cilia with the song “Dawra Tond” - composed by Dominic Cini and penned by Emil Calleja Bayliss. The 10 year old placed in 9th position overall, whilst obtaining 2nd place in the public vote. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2018 Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and subsequent Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. He will also perform as a special guest during the show, after all of the sixteen competing songs have been performed.

Source: ESCflashmalta.com, Public Broadcasting Services, BTRC (Image)

L-Għanja tal-Poplu Żgħażagħ, is making a comeback in 2018 after a 10 year hiatus, having run for a successful three year period between 2005 and 2007 welcoming Brooke, Marilena and Christabelle as winners. It is being organised by the L-Għanja tal-Poplu Committee in collaboration with St Benedict College in Kirkop, the Ministry of Education, L-Akkademja tal-Malti as well as the Malta Concert Orchestra.

Following the initial submission process, a professional panel of ‘expert judges’ heard the songs on CD before shortlisting on a total of 30 songs, all of which will have the chance to perform their original songs #live in front of another panel of ‘expert judges’. Please note that this next phase will be taking place on Saturday 2nd December.

Bradley Debono - ‘Bla Isem Bla Kunjom

Elisa Muscat - ‘Ċippitatu

Eliana Gomez Blanco & Aidan Jay Drakard - ‘Dwell

Sheridan Balzan - ‘Fil-Futur Qarib

Nicole Mifsud - ‘Ġejjieni

Thea Gauci - ‘Għerf il-Baħar'

Thea Gauci - ‘Ħmistax

Martina Abela - ‘Id Moħbija

Nicole Hammett - 'Id-Daqqa tal-Vjolin'

Kira Copperstone - 'Il-Ballata Tal-Vjolin'

Riona Degiorgio - ‘Il-Ħolma

Shazay Grima - ‘Illużjoni

Charisse Ann Vassallo - ‘Il-Verita

Thea Aquilina - ‘Kieku Nista

Eliana Gomez Blanco - ‘Kliem

Rachel Lowell- ‘Li Tiżra Taħsad

Bradley Debono- ‘L-Identita

Aidan Jay Drakard - ‘Ma Kienx ta’ Xejn

Martina Galea Lofreda - ‘Ma Nafx Għala

Luana Schembri - ‘Manikkin

Kacey Azzopardi - ‘Mhux Tagħna

Martina Galea Lofreda - ‘Moħħ ta’ Tifla

Kristy Spiteri - ‘Nann

Kayley Cuschieri - ‘Nanna

Elisa Muscat - ‘Sib Ħin

Kira Copperstone - ‘Skont id-Daqqa ż-Żifna

Nathan Psaila - ‘Stennejtek

Emma Cutajar - ‘Ta’ Rasi

Ilenia Camilleri - ‘Triq Oħra

Jahel Cardona - ‘Weġibni Ma

On behalf of the editorial team at escflashmalta.com, we would like to wish all the performers, and the respective songwriters of the 30 semi-finalists the very best of luck. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about L-Għanja tal-Poplu Żgħażagħ and the local music industry when it becomes available.

Source: ghanjafest.com


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