January 19, 2020

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Leading ladies have always had a major role in the local music industry but nevertheless, it seems that there has been one who wanted not only to stick around for a while but ultimately dominate and export her music abroad, something that she has managed to do quite successfully. Ira Losco along with her management have worked her career out carefully noting a sound which has developed gradually and an image which has always been adapted to the particular sound. Music releases have not been scarce noting that since 2002, she has gone onto release six (6) different albums, four (4) of which had original material and the other two (2) including acoustic and remix versions of other songs which had been previously released. Earlier this morning, Ira Losco released the first single What I'd Give off her upcoming album through 89.7 Bay who are collaborative partners on escflashmalta.com noting the interviews being carried out this summer.

Honestly to say, following four years since her epic Fortune Teller album, there was not idea on what to expect from the pop/rock chic of the country but she has mellowed it down for this brand new track laying her raspy, sweet vocals on a reggae tune which will definitely be receiving a lot of praise this summer. It is imperative that the track receives airplay guys so make sure to request it on all of the major radio stations. This is one comeback which we will be following in closer detail noting that there are a lot of things planned in the upcoming days, weeks and months when it comes to Ira Losco but do not fret because we will be keeping you posted with all of the latest news possible. There has been a lot of hype for this release noting that there had been talk of a different style for the renowned performer but I believe that Jagged House and Howard Keith have definitely outdone themselves on this track. Speaking to Ira Losco earlier this morning, we can also confirm that there is quite a variety of genres on the upcoming album, ones which the people might not have been expecting, therefore stay tuned.

Source: 89.7 Bay, Ira Losco Official Website


Published in Local Music News

Twelve years ago, one young artist by the name of Ira Losco graced the stage of the Malta Song for Europe competition with two tracks, a huge achievement for an upcoming performer. The tracks entitled Shine and Falling In Love did quite well by finishing in sixth and seventh positions but then she decided to take it up a notch and submitted more material the following year going onto qualify with four entries, these being We'll Ride the WindSpellboundDeep Inside My Heart and Don't Give Up which finished in eleventh, second, ninth and fourth place respectively. This was just the beginning as later on that year, she would go onto win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the track Fejn Staħbejtli as well as being the first runner-up with Hawn Jien Jekk Tridni. She would get the opportunity to go to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 with the song 7th Wonder.

Ira Losco finished in second place abroad but soon after returning from Tallinn, she started being managed by Howard Keith of Jagged House who saw that her sense of music should be somewhat altered to cover a more pop/rock type of genre and thus Ira became the nations' rock chic so to speak going onto release a total of six albums, the most recent being Mixed Beats in 2009. Nevertheless, in an interview she recently gave to ESCDaily.com it was stated that she will be releasing her brand new single in just two weeks time and it will have somewhat of a summery feel but apart from that, she was also asked about the possibility of returning to the Eurovision Song Contest to which she had quite an interesting reply 'I feel it would be risky for me to re enter the contest unless I’m convinced of the song I’m singing. I say never say never! There might be a time when doing the Eurovision Song Contest again could make sense for my career.'

It has been mentioned in music circles that this could actually be a good direction for Ira to promote her music noting the success of a number of artists from the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years including Roman Lob, Lena-Meyer Landrut, Loreen, Ivi Adamou, Dima Bilan, Helena Paparizou, Eric Saade, Amaury Vassili, Jade Ewen, Alexander Rybak, Raphael Gualazzi and Jedward. Ira Losco will surely be conjuring up a following in a couple of weeks time as she releases her new material and we hope to be able to chat with her a bit as well in due course. In a recent article published on escflashmalta.com it seems that Ira is the favourite of the former representatives whom they would like to see represent the country therefore, it would definitely be an interesting follow up with a new style hoping to conquer the hearts of Europe in the best possible way.

Source: ESCDaily, Allen Venables


Published in Local Music News

Malta just happens to be a country found in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea but nevertheless over the year, it has been noted that we have a lot of talent despite our size. The results achieved at the Eurovision Song Contest during the years reflect those of bigger countries and made us contenders each and every year but then again with the competition growing and moving all around the continent it became more difficult but nevertheless, one does not give up and we have also managed to do well on sporadic occasions noting the success achieved by Chiara back in 2005 with the song Angel. 

Since the introduction of the semi-final system way back in 2004, we have managed to get through to the final round on three occasions, the last time being of course just last week when our very own Kurt Calleja and his track This Is The Night did what Chiara did during her third appearance in 2009 with the song What If We and what Julie & Ludwig had done in 2004 with their entry On Again .. Off Again. The level of the local competition in recent years has really grown but nevertheless, there has been a lot of talk in Malta on whether we should attract well known artists who will from their background experience do well. There are quite an interesting number of performers who are proud to call themselves as nationals of this country and yet have not put their name forward for the event despite being a huge showcase which has been creating a number of careers especially in recent years since the victory of Norwegian native Alexander Rybak with the song Fairytale followed by an even more noteworthy win by Lena-Meyer Landrut for Germany with the song Satellite


It seems that the number one name to be considered at this stage is none other than that of Kevin Borg. Kevin is of course one of the most popular singers in the country after winning the Swedish Idol just a couple of years back seeing him succeed with his debut album as well as with his single releases. He is one who knows the country well and would receive the same heartfelt reception if he competed at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. During his stint on Idol, he even had the opportunity to duet with American Idol winner; Jordin Sparks on her hit song No Air and was definitely not phased by her stardom. To this day, Kevin has continuously been on the go by appearing in a number of musical productions such as High School Musical amongst others whilst currently being busy in the studio recording a number of tracks for his upcoming album which is yet to be given a release date.


In Malta, it seems that if one does not succeed, then he tries again until it is finally right and this would be the same with the second name that is being mentioned. Chiara has already represented the nation on another three occasions, the first being in 1998 with 'The One That I Love' finishing in third place, the second being in 2005 with 'Angel' finishing in second place and the final one coming in 2009 with 'What If We' ranking in twenty-second place. The possibility of going for a fourth time is somewhat unexplainable at times but nevertheless both locals and foreigners would not mind her having another go at the competition because they know that with the right song, she can definitely succeed. She has been working hard on her comeback and has shed a lot of weight and she can manage to get a track like one which she has from her 2005 album entitled 'Here I Am', then she might just do extremely well abroad.


Another two names which I have been picking around through a number of message boards and comments from people all around the country are those of Ira Losco and Natalie Gauci. The former is someone who has already represented the country way back in 2002 with the track '7th Wonder' achieving second place during her stay in Tallinn, Estonia. Following her return though, Ira decided to take up a brand new management deal which has seen her transform from a Pop Princess to a typical Pop-Rock Chic and this has been quite an interesting change as she has gone onto release five studio albums and two compilation albums. She is currently working on her new material, which will surely be vying for a number of awards on the music scene once it comes out. On the other hand the latter is a former winner of the Australian Idol competition whose debut album peaked at number #11 on the charts with her first major single Here I Am hitting number #2 position on the charts. Both are current and extremely credible and it would be great to see one of them in contention.


The Public Broadcasting Services are yet to confirm our participation for 2013 but nevertheless, we are optimistic as Malta has taken part every year since 1991 and has also managed to reach positive results on most occasions. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be taking place in one of three major cities in Sweden. We would like to thank you for your renewed faith in our web portal in the past couple of weeks and hope that you will continue visiting in the weeks and months to come as well.

Source: escflashmalta

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