September 23, 2019

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Friday, 17 January 2014 19:20

Slovenia: RTVSLO Confirm 2014 Participation

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark will be hosting thirty-six (37) countries in this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest following the announcement that Slovenia will indeed be present at the event following an extension as granted by the European Broadcasting Union. With a positive result, the private sponsors will surely see a reason why this country should partake in the international event, hence, everyone is hoping for the best considering that Hannah and her entry Straight Into Love finished at the bottom end of the scoreboard in the semi-final at last years' competition.

Whilst the results have not always been favourable, Slovenia has sent some fantastic songs to the Eurovision Song Contest including; Prisluhni Mi performed by Darja Svajger in 1995, Energy sung by Nusa Derenda in 2001 and most recently No One performed by Maja Keuc. They have yet to trouble the scoreboard for a possible victory but have a good pulse on the event and may succeed especially at the expense of the missing nations from the Former Yugoslavian Republic. RTVSLO, the broadcaster is yet to make an announcement about the way forward although an national selection is looking highly plausible. Stay tuned to all the latest news.


The Euro Fan Café is the only place in this year's Eurovision Song Contest home-city, Malmö, where it's program is specifically dedicated to Eurovision Fans. After several announcements on what is being held at Moriska Paviljongen (mostly known as Moriskan), here are some fresh new announcements about additions to the packed schedule for this amazing Euro Fan Café that everyone is waiting anxiously for them. is proud to support the Euro Fan Café, which is an innovative setup which is seemingly attracting fans already.

The Euro Fan Café Talk Shows

The Euro Fan Café just released the publication of their talk shows. These talk shows are very very interesting to attend. What will happen is that Eurovision fans gets to meet the performers closer and more personal than ever. Rick Jacobs, one if the editors on a companion website of ours, will be the host of these talk shows. Jacobs was talking about this huge opportunity and great event and he said "As a huge Eurovision fan myself, I am excited to be able to meet with Eurovision contestants past and present. I am going to try to get them reveal their deepest and darkest schlager secrets each nights - who knows what will happen." 

The line up for the Euro Fan Café Talk Shows is as follows:

  • 7th May at 22:00 - Birgit Õigemeel (Estonia) and Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium)
  • 8th May at 22:00 - Despina Olympiou (Cyprus)
  • 10th May at 22:00 - Natália Kelly (Austria) and Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov(Bulgaria)
  • 10th May at 23:00 - Hannah (Slovenia) and Klapa S Mora (Croatia)
  • 13th May at 16:00 - Cezar (Romania)
  • 14th May at 16:00 - Dorians (Armenia)

With this list, more countries are expected to be announced soon so keep an eye on this website to know who of the performers will get his/her own Euro Fan Café Talk Show.

The Biggest Eurovision Quiz Ever

Apart from the Euro Fan Café Talk Shows, it has also been released that the biggest event of the Euro Fan Café will be a quiz! OGAE Sweden (Melodifestivklubben) and Moriskan came to an agreement to create this big quiz about the Eurovision! On the 13th May between 00:00 and 02:00, you can test your Eurovision skills! Obviously, the winner of the quiz will win something! That thing to be won is no other than a ticket to the Green Room on the final night, 18th May, where all the final contestants will be waiting for their performance, relaxing after it, waiting for the result and hopefully jumping up and down with the happiness after the results! The commentary of this quiz will be done by Sweden's stand-up queen Lena Frisk, so insane commentary, difficult questions and lots of laughter are three things surely to be waited for.

Also, adding to this quiz, it was revealed that four past Eurovision acts are also invited to take part in this marvelous quiz. These artists don't need any introduction as they are familiar names in music industry and mire familiar with Eurovision fans. First one to be named is Bobbysocks. Bobbysocks is a duet formed by Elisabeth Andreassen and Hanne Krogh. Bobbysocks, Norwegian representatives in 1985, won the contest with their song 'La Det Swinge' which translates to 'Let It Swing'. La Det Swinge is written by no other than the magnificent composer/author Rolf Løvland, who wrote 'Nocturne' which was a winning Eurovision song in 1995 too.

Also, joining Bobbysocks at the biggest Eurovision quiz is Linda Martin who won the 1992 contest. Martin represented Ireland with the song 'Why Me?' Martin was also in a famous band in 70s and 80s called 'Chips'. 'Why Me?' written and composed by Seán Sherrad was the 4th win of a really successive country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Joining these two acts is no other than Hera Björk who was the Icelandic representative in 2010 with her song 'Je ne sais quoi' translating to 'I don't know what'. Lately, Björk won a competition in the United States of America and now has also released her 12th album named 'Because You Can' which the main single of this album, having the same name, peaked at number 21 on the Icelandic charts. The last and not least past act added in nonetheless, one from our own country.

Adding to these three beautiful acts is Glen Vella who represented our country back in 2011 with his song 'One Life'. One Life ended up 11th in the first semi-final, nit making the cut to the final by just one point. Glen Vella is a certified by Victoria Music and Arts College London in voice. He is one of the most well-known artists in Malta and also, one of the most energetic people that lately participated in this contest bringing his own fashion of nerdy glasses to a trend. One Life was written was written by Paul Giordimania and Fleur Balzan, a writing and composing duo that has taken over Malta with their sings lately.

A night of Melodifestivalen Stars

As it is quite obvious now that this year's Eurovision Song Contest would be held in Sweden, to be more precised, in Malmö, it is a chance for Melodifestivalen Stars to shine a bit, even though they didn't make it to represent Sweden. On Friday 17th May, a day before the actual Grand Final would be taking place, at 21:00, at the Moriskan, the event called Melodifestivalen Madness would take place. This event is part of the thirteen days packed with over fifty events at Euro Fan Café, where everything related to Eurovision is celebrated. This event is being presented in partnership to Scandipop is a leading UK website covering pop music from Scandinavia and mostly Eurovision songs. After the live performances, Karl Batterbee, the founder if Scandipop, would play a DJ-Set. He has had residences at G-A-Y London, and Stockholm clubs Torget, Paradise and Summer Nights City.

There are going to be three live performances by leading artists from Melodifestivalen which will commence at 21:00 on the 17th May. Appearing at Moriskan are no other than Pay-TV. This group is created by a trio of Claudia Cash, Neena Fatale and Chanelle Ferrari. This lady-trio is going to reunite in Malmö to perform their biggest hits. Including to these hits, one notices that they are performing their 2004 and 2005 songs, 'Trendy Discotheque' and 'Refrain Refrain' respectively. The ladies have turned down an invitation from Pope Francis I to make sure to meet their fans at Moriskan. Adding to this, Eddie Razaz is also appearing at Melodifestivalen Madness. Razaz competed this year with his song 'Alibi'. He is mostly known as a competitor in Sweden's IDOL in 2009 who was eliminated at week 6.

Eddie was also part of the group 'Rebound!' who had several singles such as 'Hurricane' and 'Not Helpless'. The last act to perform at Melodifestivalen Madness is Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is formerly known as 'Love Generation'. This group is another trio made up of Charly Q, Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson and Melanie Taylor. These girls participated in the Melodifestivalen in 2011 with their song 'Dance Alone' and in 2012 with 'Just A Little Bit' where that same year, Loreen was picked to represent Sweden and finally got Eurovision to Sweden. Stockholm Syndrome will sing their singles at this event but will also bring new tracks to Malmö so keep an open eye if you like this girl-trio.

Source: Press Release has engaged a set of professional individuals who are getting through all of the entries competing in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The tracks are supported by biographies, other music from the respective performers involved along with a background on the participating country. The formal introduction of each entry continues. All of the information is obtained from the official website of the international spectacle and indeed, pertaining to the running order as decided by the producers, Slovenia will be performing in slot number three (3) from the sixteen (16) entries which will be competing during the first semi-final. RTV SLO, the broadcaster resposible for the participation of Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest will be represented by the song Straight Into Love co-written by Hannah Mancini, Gregor Zemljic, Erik Margan, Matija Rodic and Marko Primuzak with vocals provided by Hannah.

Hannah, singer, composer and lyricist, has appeared on Slovene musical stages and on TV screens for a number of years. She also appeared in international music theatres like the Radio City Music Hall, the Universal Amphitheatre and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She has worked on numerous Disney movies, collaborating with top music authors and producers, such as Todd Chapman and the Grammy Award winner, Larry Klein, as well as the highly acclaimed American group Haute Chile, who used to perform as the opening act for Sheryl Crow and Seal. She has also worked as a backing vocalist with stars like Luis Miguel. Hannah, who is American-born and is currently busy writing music in Europe and Slovenia having moved here from the USA six years ago after marrying a Slovenian.

During this time she has appeared on the international productions of various albums and compilations, collaborating with DJ Umek (Vice Grip, Circle Records 2009; Dementia, Hell Yeah Records 2009), the DJ and producer Sare Havliček (three singles from the album Toscana Nights, Nang Records 2010: Dreams in Light, Pleasure Storm and In/Out, and a single from her latest album Vibe on You, Nang Records 2011). Hannah has been the lead singer of the Xequtifz group for a number of years now, and with them she has recorded the Slovene and English versions of three radio hits. In 2011 she took part in the EMA Contest for the Slovene representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, performing the pop song You're The One (Sylvain, Mike Vale & Hannah). She didn't win, yet the song was a huge radio hit in Slovenia. She is currently working on her upcoming international albums (Don't Give A Damn by Mike Vale and Connect Us by Beltek).

This year, the country decided in favour of an internal selection for the simple reason that recent results have not been hopeful and despite going through the issue of an extremely long national selection process last year, it did not yield a positive outcome. Following weeks of voting, a casting show selection, which was extremely popular in Slovenia saw the creation of a young idol, one whose name was Eva Boto. Ultimately Eva was competing against two twins and when the specially designation songs were put forward in front of the public and the jury, the choice was somewhat well adjusted to select Verjamem co-written by Vladimir Graic and Hari Mata Hari. The latter represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2006 whilst the former had composed the winning entry for Serbia in 2007. In the end, thirty-one (31) points and non-qualification saw Slovenia suffer for yet another year. Hannah will be hoping to turn the result around with her dubstep inspired track.

Eighteen participations reflect the history of Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the best result at this point in time still being a seventh place finish on two occasions, the first time in 1995 at the hands of Darja Svajger with the track Prisluhni Mi and then in 2001 when Nusa Derenda had done the honours with the song Energy. This is a nation which has not been so successful since the introducition of the semi-final system back in 2004 noting that qualification has only come on two (2) occasions out of a possible nine (9). The first time being in 2007 with Alenka Gotar and her operatic track Cvet z Juga and the second time being in 2011 when Maja Keuc, a newcomer took to the stage with the song No One. The nations' success has always been somewhat resounding for the simple reason that the music of the balkans is known to be somewhat similar and therefore a split vote has always been the case with countries such as Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia for example.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 60%

Magnus Kaxe: Verses are promising and the melody in the chrous is good but gets lost because of the bad house production. Get back to the production room.

Lina Eriksson: Strange with a dupstep intro... Hannah's got a great pop-voice. I'm sure we'll hear this tune on the dancefloors this summer. Still, this song feels more like a remix than an original song. It doesn't really get under my skin.

Matt Mercieca (Muxu): It starts off very Dubstep, Don't like the dress. first verse is a little slow, but chorus is so strong, I REALLY like this, its something that if i heard it in my car I would put this up. don't like the way it suddenly ends, but love the rest of it. very catchy, its gonna be interesting to see how she performs this live.


Published in Editorials
Thursday, 28 March 2013 14:58

Slovenia: RTVSLO Presents Preview Video

All of the songs were formally submitted to the European Broadcasting Union a couple of days back and therefore, most of the versions being presented now are the final ones that will be performed during this years' Eurovision Song Contest. Music Videos are a necessary promotional tool in the market and with the right adjustments, a track would reach its full potential. Malta officially released their music video around two weeks ago featuring a vintage outlook of the performing band, Jeremy and his new mysterious love. A story-telling affair, in the true sense of the word. Today, Slovenia have unveiled their final product as well, and frankly, it has really improved.

Straight Into Love, heavily features more electronic bears in this new version surely to encompass the genre and the theme better. The music video in itself features several dark shots, with neon coloured lines. The protagonist is the performer, Hannah who is seen either along or surrounded by male dancers throughout. The man who Hannah has set her sights on has also been exposed and there are quite a number of shots which depict him in the best possible manner. There are some extra lyrics following the first different which despite being extremely minor changes make the track sound more unique. Like many of the others songs selected, the revamp has been substantial. Slovenia will be perform in slot number #3 within the first semi-final. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.


Slovenia, one of the countries to have never won the Eurovision Song Contest have made an extremely brave decision to select both their artist and their entry internally following a number of budget constraits and it seems that the decision might very much end up working in their favour considering that the track is receiving mixed comments at the moment. The broadcaster, RTVSLO are resoundingly content with the selection of Hannah, who despite being originally from the United States of America, currently resides in Slovenia. The entry that she will be performing in the first part of the first semi-final bears the name Straight Into Love.

Dubstep has not really been done at the Eurovision Song Contest and when mixed with Pop and Dance, could actually echo a distinctive sound, a genre which might not be done once more in the competition due to being quite club related. Honestly, listening to this track for the first time, it bears elements of brilliance and this will surely be one of the songs that the Euroclub will enjoy playing with the fans and the visitors dancing along. The decision of the song was made by Andrej Karoli, Mirko Stular, Blaz Tišler, Aleksander Radic and Andrej Hofer who are music critics or members of the entertainment department at RTVSLO. I believe that this could be a song that does well at the Eurovision Song Contest but I'll leave you to judge the song based on it's merits. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: RTVSLO,

It seems like yesterday that the year had just begun but the first month has already passed and thus comes February which will be an extremely busy month of selection procedures in several countries but nevertheless, some have decided on making internal selections whilst revealing dates in which their respective entries will be revealed to the general public. The latest two countries to confirm their artist are Cyprus and Slovenia who followed suit in that order earlier today. They have both decided on sending female performers with a specific genre, in order to represent the best of their nations' music scene. It is also important to note that both countries will be performing within the first semi-final, the one which includes just sixteen (16) participants.

The first artist to be selected and revealed this morning was Despina Olympiou who will be taking to the stage to represent the small Mediterranean Island of Cyprus. CyBC, the broadcaster had made a shortlist of entries in recent weeks and had been looking at all of the possibilities before finally taking the stance, finding a sponsor in the form of Vodafone Mobile and make the selection. Despina is popular also in Greece and has released a total of six albums in thirteen years. The track which is yet untitled is going to be in Greek and will be written by Andreas Giogallis and Zenon Zindilis, the latter of which having penned the lyrics for the Eurovision Song Contest entry back in 1998 entitled Genesis and the former composed the music for the 1996 entry entitled Mono Yia Mas. Therefore, experience in the event is definitely something that does not elude them. Despina is currently working on a brand new album entitled Mikra Mistika which is expected to be released at one point during the year and her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest will definitely aid the promotion.

RTVSLO, the Slovenian broadcaster responsible for the participation had last month announced that they will be holding an internal selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and indeed, in an unexpected announcement, it was revealed that Hannah will be representing the nation. The up and coming performer who apparently has been in the United States for some time has already tried to go to the international showcase back in 2011 having performed the track Ti Si Tisti alongside Sylvain and Mike Vale. Potential entries where submitted to the broadcaster during the past couple of weeks, by five well respected songwriters and one of them has been selected for Hannah to perform in the first semi-final of the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is the very first time that Slovenia have selected their entry internally and one would hope that their choice is successful. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the upcoming international showcase as well as the nations' selections as soon as they become available. 

Source: CyBC, RTVSLO