February 18, 2020

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'The Celebrity Night' is a weekly television programme which has become somewhat synonymous with Saturday evening, is broadcast on F Living Channel. The series which officially kicked off at the beginning of October revolves around the one-to-one interviews, which speak of class, decadence and wit, and have become synonymous with Deo Grech's presenting style. Since the Eurovision Song Contest is now just a month away, the programme has taken a different twist, as entries competing in this year's musical extravaganza in Vienna, Austria are being reviewed by some of the most recognisable faces in the local music industry.

Tonight! Georgina, a female artist, and veteran, who was the first to represent Malta in English at the Eurovision Song Contest, while performing "Could It Be" in a duet with Paul Giordimaina, will be joined by Lawrence Gray, the male singer/songwriter who loves the international music competition and came twice close to representing Malta, finishing in second place in 1999, and 2003. They will be joined by 'Eurovision Time' hosts; Roderick Azzopardi Custo and Andrew Zahra, whose show will be kicking off in a couple of days time, in anticipation for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest set to take place in Vienna, Austria. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: F Living


Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 25 December 2013 11:15

ESCflashmalta: Merry Christmas from All of Us

In just a week, escflashmalta.com will be publishing a review of the year, one which was extremely successful within the eyes of musical luminaries and fans of Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest but today, we celebrate Christmas, one of the most special holidays in the world. We thank you for always choosing this portal, as your main news portal with regards to news about the local music scene.

We have been around for almost four years, and in that time, we have noted down several artists who have unveiled tunes in relation to the holiday, including none other than Malcolm Pisani, Kevin Borg, Josmar, Eleanor Cassar, Morena, GeorginaDebbie Scerri, Bartolo Sisters, Miriam Christine, Andrew Zammit, Paul Giordimaina, Enzo Gusman, Carmen Gusman, Chiara, Ludwig, Corazon, Deborah C and many others.  It is always important to stay current and original with such showtunes. Of course, most of the material denoted above was released in a compilation disc in aid of id-Dar tal-Providenza with musical arrangements by Andrew Zammit and original lyrics by Fr George Ocar Buttigieg.The editorial team at escflashmalta.com would like to wish you ALL a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Source: escflashmalta.com

Published in Local Music News

On the 10th December 2013, the Catholic Institute in Floriana will play host to the launch event of a brand new compilation album which aims to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas; the gift of giving. All the proceeds made from this record will be given directly to one of the most recognised charities in the country, that being; Id-Dar tal-Providenza.


The compilation album features a range of well known vocalists, including a series of former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Morena (2008), Ludwig Galea (2004), Mary Spiteri (1992), Debbie Scerri (1997) Chiara (1998, 1999), Georgina & Paul Giodrimaina (1991), Mike Spiteri (1995), Miriam Christine (1996) and Renato (1975). On the other hand, there are several artists who have been close to becoming representatives; Eleanor Cassar, Janvil and Richard Edwards.

A launch concert hosted by popular television host, Angie Laus is being organised at the Catholic Institute in Floriana with tickets being resered on a first come, first served bases. It is wo'rth pointing out that the compilation album, produced beith Andrew Zammit at Tone Studios will not be available for a fixed price and will always be against a donation. All of the money collected will donated to the charity announced beforehand.

In order to hear snippets of the songs found in the album, make sure to visit the official website of this project where you will also learn several interesting details about the singers who have been included within the project. We would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com and help support such local events in the music calender. More news from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest at the Eurovision Song Contest this throughout the week.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News

The festival will open on the 10th of May and will come to an end on the 17th of May and if last year’s event is anything to go by, this year’s festival will be better and even bigger, in fact they have moved the festival from their normal location to Bulebel. Slowly it is establishing itself as one of the event all the lovers of local music look forward to, in fact a number of people have been asking about the festival for quite some time. Each and every day has a special theme or a special act assigned to it which also includes a foreign tribute band of one of the biggest bands that ever existed.

Friday - 10th May at 21:00

Kevin Borg Live in Concert

Supported by: Glen Vella, Pamela, Barber’s Cut & Paul Curmi Dance Studio 


Saturday - 11th May at 21.00

Ira Losco Live in Concert

Supported by: Planet Seed & The New Victorians


Sunday - 12th May at 20.30

Pop Hits & Maltese Classics

Eleanor Cassar, Stephanie Zammit, Georgina, Franklin Calleja, Chris Grech, Olivia Lewis,

Luisana Bartolo, Nadine Barolo, Charlotte Bartolo & Gillian Attard’s Children Choir 


Monday - 13th May at 20:30

Red Electrick, The Riffs & The Crowns


Tuesday - 14th May at 20:30

The Green Gathering

Tarcisio Barbara, Kirstie Barbarbara, Kurt Galea, Naomi Balzan, Katoushka Mifsud, Malcolm Camilleri, Kirstie Balzan

Feast songs: Eleanor Cassar, Gillian Attard, Alexia Fenech, Stephen Mizzi


Wednesday - 15th May at 20:30 

Guns 2 Rose – Tribute Band

Supported by:  Fuse Box & Harriet Cohen


Thursday - 16th May at 20:30

Eurovision Song Contest – Second Semi-Final on a Big Screen (Malta’s Night)


Friday – 17th May at 20:30 

Bon Jovi Tribute

One can see the festival as an opening to the summer months activities as other activities take place all around the island during the summer months but most of them would not be held on such a grand scale. To organize such a massive event is not easy and Beland would not have been able to provide such a field with different artists were it not for the support they found from their sponsors. The event is free of charge but those in attendance are encouraged to give a small donation that will go directly to Puttinu cares as for another year, the event is being held in aid of Puttinu Care which works for such a noble case. So remember from the 10th of May to the 17th of May your entertainment spot should be in Zejtun at the Beland Music Festival. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more information.

Source: The Beland Music Festival Facebook Page


Published in Local Music News
Thursday, 18 October 2012 23:29

MESC 2013: Who Is The One To Beat?

As the preparations for this years’ Malta Eurovision Song Contest are underway with the composers, authors and singers finalizing their entries, the common public have already started discussing who they think is the clear favourite to succeed Kurt Calleja in Malmo, Sweden. Big names from the local radio industry have been mentioned throughout but attracting them to the local competition is always challenging but if any of them submit and make it through to the finals they will surely stand a good chance to do well and possibly win.

Albeit this, though it seems that the front runner for this years’ contest is none other than last year’s second runner up Amber. Amber made a name for herself after managing to come second in the local talent show ‘ID’ and from then on she never looked back. She participate in the Malta Hit Song Contest and the year after went on to win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with Trid Tapprezza. The same year she made it through the semi-finals of the contest with two songs Touch Wood and Catch 22, with the latter making it through to the final stages of the competition. 

Last year, it was Amber’s second time in the contest and she captured the judges’ attention achieving a third place thanks to her power rendition of Answer with Your Eyes. From this experience onwards, Amber was presented with a number of opportunities. She was approached by PBS to accompany Kurt Calleja in Baku as his main backing vocalist. This experience gave her a taste of the Eurovision world and having carried a vital role last year, some people thing that this could be her year; all this assuming that Amber is submitting an entry to this year’s competition but if she does she will surely be the main front runner. 


The other favourite will surely be Claudia Faniello who was last year’s first runner-up with her magical song Pure. A lot of people think that Claudia Faniello’s year was last year but if she decides to return to the competition for the eighth time expect her to return with a something strong and original. It will take something special to surpass Pure but Claudia showed what she is capable of achieving last year and few would be surprised if she manages to come back with something even stronger. So, if she returns no one should count her out, especially considering the strong results she’s had in recent years.

The return of former entrants is always possible. Fabrizio Faniello has been trying for a number of times and he has always done well. He is just one of two singers who represented Malta on more than one occasion and if he succeeds, he will emulate Chiara's feat. Other entrants who tried again after their win include; Paul Giordimaina  Georgina, Mary Spiteri, William Mangion, Moira&Chris, Mike Spiteri, Miriam Christine, Debbie Scerri and Ludwig Galea. The return of some of these is remote but others have kept in touch with festivals and haven't ruled out a return. These mainly include Olivia Lewis, Miriam Christine and Ludwig Galea; if any of these return, they will surely pose a significant threat.


Having mentioned the two main front runners one cannot forget other talented individuals who have been participating in the contest for a number of years. The finalists in recent years have all presented strong entries and none should be underestimated in such a competition. After all this is a song contest which should reward the best song at the end of the night and not a popularity contest. Two years ago, an unknown Thea Garrett won the hearts of the local public and the judges’ votes with her power ballad My Dream. So who knows, it might be someone new who can repeat the same feat, although it is not an easy one, surely it isn't impossible. 

Well, there are a lot of questions that are left to be answered, most of these questions will be answered in the upcoming days when the submissions come to a close at the end of this month but until then we have to play the waiting game. We cannot really comment either before we hear the final versions of the songs that will be submitted this year but we would like you to share your views with us on which singer, singers or bands you think should be the ones succeeding Kurt Calleja. In the meantime, keep following escflashmalta.com for all the latest updates about the local music scene.

Source: escflashmalta.com


Published in Editorials

Voices, the charity event which is organised every other year returned for yet another occasion with an evening full of spectacular vocal interpretations by some of the most well recognized names in the local music scene as well as others who are somewhat completely unknown yet definitely know how to perform in front of a major crowd. The opportunity to attend such a spectacular event should never be turned away especially when you know what seems to be in store and despite all of this, it has to be noted that the event held in 2010 was slightly better, the reason being that the song list was slightly more varied and therefore, people would have participated even more freely than they actually did. Nevertheless, it was a stunning showcase for all to watch especially one particular performance which definitely has to be noted down in the history of the show. A female duet featuring Anneliese Sammut and Rachel Fabri was definitely a highlight and they performed the song I Dreamed a Dream from the Musical, Les Miserables.

Rachel Fabri does not require a lot of introduction having made a name for herself through the show L-Isfida a couple of years back prior to making it to the finals of the Malta Song for Europe with the track We Can Do Better written by Carm Fenech and featuring Romina Mamo and Neville Refalo as part of a trio. Still, in recent years, she was also chosen to become a part of the group All Angels in the United Kingdom and has been performed around the country including in nationwide events such as the Classical Brit Awards amongst others. Her beautiful vocal range has been highly complimented by many and in this particular performance, she suited the tone of Anneliese resoundingly well. Anneliese on the other hand is a brand new name in music having also been part of last years' Students Fest at the University of Malta where she hit all the right notes. Should you wish to check whether, there are any tickets available for the last couple of shows, access the official website of the Mediterranean Conference Centre.


Their performance of last nights' show can be seen just above. At the end of their vocal rendition, one of the guests present during the evening, a certain former Maltese representative at the Eurovision Song Contest; Georgina rose to her feet and gave the duo a standing ovation for their respective effort. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that the evening had a number of other stunning performances including from Claire McCartin and Ryan Dale, both of whom have been in the Malta Eurovision in the past. Amongst the people in the chorus who have also tried their luck to represent Malta in the continental event were Jean Claude Vancell, Dorothy Bezzina and Andrew Barberi. The addition of a track in Maltese was also highly appreciated by the people present and they warmly applauded the songwriter; Joe S Grech and the producer; Paul Abela who were both in the audience. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news in the coming days and weeks.

Source: escflashmalta.com

Published in Local Music News

Miriam Christine, Annabelle Debono, Ira Losco, Amber, Mark Tonna, Claudette Pace, Eleanor Cassar, Lawrence Gray, Claudia Faniello and most recently Mike Spiteri all have something in common and that is, that they have all managed to overcome their respective obstacles to win the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, the most notable competition which promotes music in the Maltese language. Several of the individuals mentioned above were still up and coming when they managed to achieve the feat and therefore truth be told, the showcase helped them achieve the status and regard that they hold in present times. The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza first took place in 1983 but following four years, it had to be stopped in 1987 before making an even more successful return in 1997. Last year, Media.Link Communications appointed a brand new chairman, Mark Azzopardi who alongside his team including two members of the escflashmalta.com editorial board helped re-invent several aspects of the competition to make it more attractive both to the individuals concerned within the tracks and the audience watching. There has been a lot of exposure given to the acts in the past two years noting that this year, preview videos were shot for the very first time and could be seen through viral website, YouTube.


The 2012 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza features a host of talent noting that there are a number of newcomers as well as individuals who have been rightfully earning their place in the local music industry. Apart from meeting three (3) people each week, two (2) from the Established Category and one (1) from the Teenage Category, there are also a number of weekly special guests. The programme last week did not take place because of a national holiday so to speak but then again the week before, there were two special guests with a huge connection to the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza noting that Kaya (Priscilla Psaila) has finished as the runner-up twice and also win with the track Dan Hu L-Mument in 2007. On the other hand, the second guest was Janice Mangion who had an extremely positive year reaching third place in the last edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song Eternità and then reaching the semi-final stage of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

For the seventh programme of Indifest, Mark Azzopardi, the Chairman of this years' committee for the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza returns as producer alongside Lisa Libreri who has taken up the role of co-producer in the past four weeks. The role of producer is quite important to make sure that the television programme Indifest reflects the aim of the competition itself. In the past couple of years, things have not been so much in sync at times but this time round, things are relatively different so to speak. The programme which is broadcast live every Tuesday night is presented by Ronald Briffa, this years' male host of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and Christine Haber, multiple host of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. In this weeks' edition, it is imperative to note that the acts competing in the Established Category who will be making an appearance are none other than Marilena Gauci who will be performing the track Bl-Ikbar Serjetà composed by Philip Vella and penned by Joe Chircop as well as Kristen Camilleri who will sing the track Flimkien composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella.
The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is always looking to promote brand new talent and that is why the Teenage Category has always been promoted in the past couple of years. Week after week, there is a live performance by one of the ten competitors and frankly this is quite important due to the fact that 60% of the final vote will be based solely on this performance with members of the jury looking at the performances and marking the tracks as they please. This week, the turn goes to Natalya Galdes who will be performing the track Noli written by singer/songwriter Rita Paca. In the meantime, as always, there will be two guests and this week, Indifest will be meeting up with 1991 Eurovision Song Contest representative Georgina as well as multiple finalist and former second runner-up of the Malta Song for Europe and also first runner-up of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Janvil. So tonight on NET Television at 20:30 CET, make sure to tune into another programme of Indifest.