February 17, 2020

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The editorial team of escflashmalta.com is proud to announce the return of the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija which had officially been suspended in 2002 with the last winning entry being Eklissi composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Ray Agius. The void of a local competition in which entries are performed in Maltese has been felt on several occasions with only the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, organised by Media.Link Communications under the hospice of a political party and traditional-folk inspired L-Għanja tal-Poplu carrying on in recent years. 

Robert Cefai, a former Chairman of the board responsible for Malta's participation within the Eurovision Song Contest and currently the Secretary General of the World Association of Festivals and Artists seems to be a key figure behind the comeback, as he is the one to have made the announcement on his personal page on Facebook. The first official meeting for songwriters, artists and the media will be taking place on the 24th July 2013 at the Isouard Hall found within the Manoel Theatre in Valletta. The committee behind the competition will be revealing the regulations as well as other important details about the return of this prestigious competition which will be focusing on the promotion of Maltese through the medium of song.


escflashmalta.com will be covering the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija having been the only editorial outlet to hark about the return of this competition in the past three to four years. The final edition in 2002 also boasted first runners-up; Julie & Ludwig with the track Adagio composed by Rene Mamo to the lyrics of Ray Mahoney and second runner-up; Olivia Lewis with the song Ħolm u Realtà composed by Paul Giordimaina to the lyrics of Fleur Balzan. The editorial team of escflashmalta.com would like to thank the organisers for their quick reply to the enquiries made in recent hours whilst urging our readers to stay tuned for all of the latest news.

Source: Robert Cefai (Organising Committee)


Published in Local Music News

In the next couple of weeks, more interviews will be appearing during the week as the editorial team at escflashmalta.com has been in touch with the committee of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza securing a talk with all of the twenty-finalists in the established category. Nevertheless, as those plans commence, the original summer series of interviews continues today with none other than Amber, a three time finalist at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, a backing vocalist for Malta at the Pan-European competition as well as a guest performer with a number of artists, she is one of the fastest rising stars in the local music scene.

At just eighteen years of age, you reached the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time with the track Catch 22 composed by Ray Agius to the lyrics of Godwin Sant. Whilst the final result was somewhat dull in comparison to the whole experience, you managed to pick up a signifant tele-vote, faring higher than a number of established performers including; Wayne Micallef, Claudia Faniello and Ally amongst others.  Ultimately, what did it mean to you to succeed in making it through to the final, and when there, how did it feel to be appreciated by the public?

It was a surprise to find myself competing with 2 songs during the malta eurovision considering the fact that this was my first appearance as a eurovsion participant. Making it through to the final was a big achievement for me as I was a new comer to the eurovision at that time. I felt honoured that people had believed in me and in my song.

You have already participated in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions, achieving your best result to date in 2012 when the track Answers With Your Eyes composed by Ray Agius and penned by Godwin Sant finished in third place with only points achieved by the mixture of local and foreign juries. You were not far off in 2013 as the song In Control composed by Paul Giodimaina with lyrics by Fleur Balzan finished in fourth place. The genres of both entries were remarkably different from each other yet you performed them with relative ease. Which one of the two do you cite as your favourite and why?

I believe that I cannot compare these 2 entries as they were perferomed in different times during my life and apart from the different genres they also have a different message. Answer with your eyes is all about passion, love and betrayal whilst in control is all about being dominant and independent.As a performer I always study each and every song intensly and try to deliver the message behind the song. Therefore I do not believe that I have any preferences. However I enjoyed performing both songs to the full.


On more than one occasion, you have been the subject of severe criticism, kicking off with the appointment of backing vocalist to This Is The Night performed by Kurt Calleja at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 to the release of an article published the official website of the Pan-European competition saying that you were supposedly the winner of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the track In Control. It is important to denote that you handles both events in the best possible manner, giving the public a response which was honest and clear but nevertheless, from your own personal perspective, have such issues made you a stronger individual?

I believe that I can learn from each and every experience whether it is a good or a bad experience.  The general public has a right for the truth.  However it might not always be easy when giving an explanation as unfortunately there will still be a minority to prefer to interpret the situation in their own way. Luckily such situations have thought me that “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger”. As a performer I have learnt that these are difficult and challenging situations that I have to come across during my career, from which I always learn and look ahead.

In 2012, following your participation as a backing vocalist during the Eurovision Song Contest, you returned to another astonishing opportunity, and that was to perform with Joseph Calleja, an internationally renowned opera singer whose affiliation to the international showcase was introducing the country during the postcard preceding Glen Vella’s performance of One Life back in 2011. During the summer concert which also featured Ronan Keating and Lucio Dalla, you had the opportunity to sing the song A Thousand Years originally by Christina Perri. Why was that specific track selected and would you have done anything differently or do you believe the setup was just right?

Perfroimng with Joseph Calleja was simply perfect and I would definately leave the same set up if I had to to it all over again. It was a dream come true and I still cannot believe that I was given the opportunity to perform with such a prominant and humble artist. We had chosen the song a thousand years together after we had short listed our options. We had finalised our decision to this song as it had quite a powerful message behind it and it suited both our voices.


In 2010, you entered the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza for the very first time, making it through to the second phase with no less than two songs, out of which one was selected to get through to the final, that entitled Trid Taprezza composed by Ray Agius and penned by Alfred C Sant. This was your second major local festival having also participated in the Malta Hit Song Contest earlier that year with the track Take It Easy written by the same team of songwriters, finishing in fourth place. Nevertheless you managed to improve this time round coming out as a winner after a tight competition, finishing just ahead of Gloriana Arpa Belli. What does the year 2010 stand for in your mind and what is your perception on local competitions?

2010 was a total turning point in my career.  Both festivals have not only given me a boost but they have also given my name a recognition and also gave me a clear picture of what i wanted to establish in my career. Our islands inhibt people with talent. I believe that professional local competition will show case various talents and  not only provide the artists with exposure but also with experience.

escflashmalta.com had the pleasure of being the first to publish the video to the track So Good written and performed by Matt Mercieca (Muxu) but nevertheless, you feature heavily in various parts, predominantly within the chorus. The track, a mixture of pop and r’n’b is somewhat well suited to your vocals as attributed by general comments of readers of our portal as well as comments on viral website, YouTube. What could you tell us about the collaboration and would you consider working together once more, maybe even for the Eurovision Song Contest, following his success with Davinia and her track Betrayed earlier this year?

Working with Muxu is always a fun and remarkable experience. He is a very talented artist with fresh and unique ideas.When working with Muxu I can give my own interpretation to the song and he even considers my own ideas. 


During last years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, your third place result was attributed thanks to the support of juries, as the public failed to award you any points unfortunately. We have recently spoken in favour of the professional jury panel for selecting Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat with vocals by Gianluca to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest, having obtained the nations’ best result since 2005. Do you believe that the public are still entitled to have a say in the final result or do you think that the jury should make the decision?

Although during my last year's participation I did not receive any public votes I still fully agree that the general public together with the jury deserve a say in the final result. After all the winner will be representing the country and its citizens. 

Would you like to say anything to our readers at escflashmalta.com

I would like to thank the readers for their constant support throughout my career.


Published in Interviews

In 2011, Glen Vella represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest with the track One Life composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. It was rather unfortunate not to see him qualify by a mere one point especially following such a brilliant performance on the night. Glen has increased his fanbase over the past couple of years and at the moment, he is in Sweden supporting Gianluca, this years' Maltese representative. Glen is a major fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and has gone on record stating that he would absolutely love to return to the competition in the future should the right track come along.

SVT, host broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 invited Glen Vella to attend the reception held last night in accordance with this years' competition. The festivities were incredible and Glen had the opportunity to meet quite a large number of fans with whom he also took the liberty of speaking to apart from posing for some pictures. This evening, as already mentioned on escflashmalta.com, Glen will be performing the EuroCafé in the Malmö City Centre alongside the likes of former winners; Bobbysocks and Linda Martin whilst there will also be the representatives of Armenia and Albania who are known for their rock numbers in the second semi-final. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: Press Release


The Maltese Islands are found in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just below Italy and have become somewhat well regarded through the beautiful voices that it has honed throughout the years. Several people denote that the inspiration must have come from the love towards the Italian language but nevertheless, genres have become varied with pop being the most predominant along with rock and dance. One of the main showcases in the country is surely the Malta Eurovision Song Contest which is organised under the scrutiny of the Public Broadcasting Services and acts as a preselection method in which an act is selected through jury and public votes to represent the country in a foreign nation amongst key nations in the European continent. The opportunity to meet major producers and songwriters along with performers comes into existence and with the growing popularity of the event, this will surely not prove futile. Malta has a history of twenty-five years with our last participation seeing us manage to reach the final following a stunning performance of This Is The Night by Kurt Calleja and his team. This years' competition is said to be quite close and escflashmalta.com has called upon five critics to help divulge the competition with an award set to be given the week following the competition on the programme Sas-Sitta. The ninth performer is Corazon and she will be performing the song My Stranger Love composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. 

Corazon is neither a newcomer nor a veteran to the local music scene noting that she had a habit of entering competitions which were rather oriented with the national language of the country for the very reason that her compositions were set to achieve a goal and that is to send a message to the audience with regards to a number of social issues. In fact, the Għanja tal-Poplu Festival is known to be a second home to the performer having triumphed in three of the past five editions including in 2007 with Hawn Jien, in 2009 with another song entitled Tal-Aħħar and last but not least in 2010 with the track Mill-Għajnejn ta' Tifla alongside a group of friends. In 2012, she was also a part of the proceedings but only as a host alongside Alfred Zammit, giving rise to a secondary career which she is gladly carrying out at the moment holding a presenting role on the programme TVPM which airs daily on Television Malta, the main broadcasting channel of the Public Broadcasting Services. During the 2009 edition of the Malta Eurosong, Corazon had made the television stages with the song Another Side of Me written by Philip Vella but it did not make it through to the final competition stage unfortunately. She indeed returned last year with the beautiful Mystifying Eyes composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. Following this came two singles, one entitled Looking For You and the other being just weeks old bearing the name Save Your Smile.


Corazon is seemingly ecstatic to have managed to make it through to the semi-final stage of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the second time especially just a couple of months after managing to make the cut the first time round. The concept of the track that she is presenting entitled My Stranger Love is quite similar to the track presented last year but there has been a little bit of an emergence of a rock sound, only if just slightly. As a matter of fact, the charming opening notes are almost identical to Mystifying Eyes but it does indeed play out different. The track in itself had to be somewhat similar because it might indeed be coined as a formula for success and bringing the songwriters from the previous year on board is surely an added positive with Paul Giordimaina returning as composer and Fleur Balzan as lyricist. They bring about experience of the kind that many wish to have in the competition especially considering that the composer also was the Eurovision Song Contest as both an artist and a songwriter in 1991 and 2011 respectively with the tracks Could It Be and One Life. Experimentation will be the key to success for Corazon and she might need to go a bit out of her comfort zone in order to achieve greatness in the local music industry. She needs to delve deeper to make sure that her crystal cut vocals are presented well to the audience as seen in some of her recently released material including those previously mentioned.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 42%

Sharon Vaughn: I don't understand what this song is trying to say. The text is very contradictory… a lot of pretty words that don't fit the title or the rest of the song. A nice pure voice, too bad on the song selection.

Martin Isherwood: Trips clumsily into the chorus. As with many of the songs the lyrics seem very personal with the meaning only relevant to the writer / singer. Nice voice but quite thin. Uses standard musical tricks and turns but nothing that makes the song stand out. Interesting 80s style solo! Rock pop ballad but not really suitable for the competition.

Stano Simor: Love song. Type of music that can help or hurt the performer. One needs to listen to the lyrics before going into the general track. Very nice, sensual vocal lines. Corazon is a singer who has good voice technique most probably through studying classical music. Color of voice is not so distinctive. Particularly in the first part of the song where it would be necessary to adopt a listener. The music production would also help fill the whole atmosphere of the song which is basically excellent.

Roberto Meloni: Such a great and gentle voice, very beautiful and charming. If only her song would be as good as she is…pity…But Corazon is an amazing performer.

Lina Eriksson: These kind of songs seldom work that well in the Eurovision Song Contest. I start to feel like I’m repeating myself in my reviews now but this is yet another song that doesn't feel like 2013, neither song nor production-wise.  Sorry!

Source: Public Broadcasting Services, escflashmalta.com


Published in Editorials
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 23:00

MESC 2013: Reviewing the track 'In Control'

The spectacle that has been coined as the Malta Eurovision Song Contest has undergone tremendous change in the past couple of years both in song and visual quality noting that there has been major effort put forward by songwriters, producers, and artists a like with the hope of presenting a show that is worthy for the local and international public to enjoy. This years' edition of the showcase is being highly promoted through various means which the Public Broadcasting Services can offer, both on television and radio. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that escflashmalta.com is giving all of the artists the maximum exposure possible by virtue of daily reviews about each of the participants and this is done in order to bring in an international perspective to each song noting that renowned songwriters, producers and musicians speak their mind about each of the possible representatives with the eventual winner given an award on the programme Sas-Sitta on NET Television on the 9th February. The fourth performer is Amber with the track In Control composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan.

Amber is definitely not a newcomer to the local music scene noting that her music portfolio has been on the increase following her first major break within the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza competition where her entry Trid Tapprezza co-written between Ray Agius and Alfred C Sant emerged as the winner despite an extremely tough field of entries. Suddenly, from an almost complete newcomer at the time, she managed to make it through to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with two entries, the first one being Touch Wood co-written between Ray Agius and Alfred C Sant and the second one being Catch 22 co-written by Ray Agius and Godwin Sant. She was the only artist to have two entries and on the final night, the latter was the one which made it through and exposed the voters to someone relatively different with a swing type of entry having made the cut. Ultimately though, her big break came at the same event within the following year noting that her entry Answer With Your Eyes co-written between Ray Agius and Alfred C Sant finished in third place despite the lack of support from the public which failed to award her any points. Nevertheless, she was chosen to replace Ylenia Vella as Kurt Calleja's backing vocalist in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and also performed with tenor Joseph Calleja during the summer.
2013 could definitely be the year that Amber could surprise and music critics are already some intrigued by the fact that whilst keeping into her typical genre, she has decided to work with new songwriters noting that In Control is co-written between Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan who have been to the Eurovision Song Contest with the track One Life performed by Glen Vella in 2011. It was quite a disappointment to see them go to the actual event and rank in eleventh place within the semi-final, missing out by just one point but after all, it was indeed a competition. Their most successful year in Malta was in 2009 as their entries Someday performed by Eleanor Cassar and Before You Walk Away by Q finished in second and third place respectively. This time round, this is a song which is quite different from their usual area of expertise yet still feels like it has their touch, due to the songwriting credit. The surprising element in the track is surely the finger snapping which will surely be the gimmick of the performance and will most likely be made to full use by the apparent backing vocalists which if not toned down could also be the highlight of the track according to many. There are a number of tricks which have to be added to this performance in order to make it stand out and the running order of the evening will play a pivotal role.
The Critics Speak Out
Rating: 60%
Sharon Vaughn: I am quite disappointed to say that this is quite a weak song and the performance generally lacks strength. It seems that the artist might be inexperienced in this type of track.
Martin Isherwood: Chorus not very strong. Voice ok but derivative. Production feels dated. Not really a Eurovision song. Hints of ‘let me be the only one’ by Eternal but nowhere near as strong. 
Stano Simor: Amber has very good attitude. It is clear to me why Kurt chose her as vocalist in Baku :-). The song has a good flow and arrangements are very well executed. The color of her voice is not specific,but she is one of the best singers in the competition. 
Roberto Meloni: She is that kind of singer that definitely stays in mind. Very musical, professional, attractive and into the song. The song itself is not that special..If I was a Maltese songwriter I’d definitely try to collaborate with her in the competition. 
Lina Eriksson: At first I really like the retro feeling in the verse of this song. But then the chorus isn’t at all what I expected and I feel they don’t really fit together. I’m left disappointed. Good verse – but not such a good chorus. 
Source: Public Broadcasting Services, escflashmalta.com

Published in Editorials
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 00:43

MESC 2013: Corazon Joins the Submission Fray

A week from today, the Public Broadcasting Services will be brewing with activity as established and upcoming singers and songwriters or rather at times their family members, friends or producers will be submitting tracks for the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as closely observed in recent years by members of the editorial team at escflashmalta.com who will be on hand this year as well within the vicinity of the respective offices weather permitting to keep you posted on the acts that intend to try and represent the country in this years' edition of the continental event. One of the artists that has been somewhat of a question mark in recent weeks has surely been the talented Corazon who has just taken up a presenting role on Television Malta alongside Peter Carbonaro who is known to many as being the artist manager during the actual competition. Through a status posted on social networking website Facebook, the stunning vocalist confirmed that she is recording.

In fact, many people might think that she is recording an album of original Maltese songs and indeed she is with none other than Manolito and Dominic Galea, the sons of Doreen Galea but through this public status, she went onto state that she 'spent the afternoon recording at Tone Studios with Andrew Zammit, Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan'. Technically, this should not come as a surprise to many actually noting that these particular individuals got her into her first ever edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and have a successful history in the competition, even winning the ticket with Glen Vella and his entry One Life in 2011. Andrew Zammit of Tone Studios, a close friend of Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan has helped produce all of the tracks of the songwriting duo including Whispers by Pamela in 2008, Hypnotized by Eleanor in 2011, Walk On Water by Isabelle in 2012 as well as Mystifying Eyes by Corazon herself earlier this year which was the only song of the dynamic team to make it through within the final sixteen. We would like to officially wish the trio, the very best of luck with the competition as we believe that Corazon has a great vocal and could really shine with the right track. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more news about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Source: Facebook


Published in Local Music News
Monday, 22 October 2012 01:46

MESC 2013: Eleanor Cassar Confirms Absence

The preparations for the upcoming edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest have already begun with a number of songwriters having prepared their compositions and their lyrics with producers finalising their work on the tracks prior to the submission dates which as set by the Public Broadcasting Services will be held next week and do not fret everyone because escflashmalta.com will be present on Tuesday and Wednesday outside the place of submission to witness all of the possible names that will ultimately be trying to make it through to the final stages of the competition. Nevertheless, the focus here is definitely the fact that one of the most pivotal names in the industry, Eleanor Cassar has now went public through TVPM that she will not be submitting into the competition in 2013, taking at least one year off.

Eleanor Cassar came into the Malta Song for Europe competition back in 2003 with the beautiful ballad Someday You Will See composed by Marco Debono to the lyrics of Doris Chetcuti and has taken part ever since, not making it through to the live stages in 2007 but finishing as the first runner-up in 2009 with the track Someday composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. In recent years, the renowned performer has been mixing it up quite a bit, coming into the competition in 2011 with a gospel inspired entry bearing the title Hypnotised but went fully blown disco/pop in 2012 with the track I Want to Runaway which the judges did not take through to the final stage of the competition despite Eleanor putting in her heart and soul into the performance. She does not intend to slow things down during this year off though having given a spectacular concert in memory of the late Whitney Houston a couple of months back, being a resident singer of the television programme Ħadd Għalik on Television Malta hosted by Angie Laus and making numerous appearances around the country.


Eleanor Cassar had the pleasure of speaking to escflashmalta.com today with regards to her decision and this is what she had to say, 'After participating for a total of ten years at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, I decided to have a break from this festival which requires lot of energy, time and dedication to end up with a good song and a great performance on the night. This is what I always aimed together with the team behind every song. I am sure I will miss the preparations, the rehearsals,  the performance week, and last but not least the feeling on stage during those those minutes. Also I'll be missing all the other participants and friends of mine who will take part and the Eurovision fans whom I meet regularly during the festival period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans who always believe in me, for their continuous support throughout my career.' We would like to wish Eleanor Cassar the very best of luck in her endeavours throughout the year and encourage everyone to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news with regards to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmo, Sweden.

Source: escflashmalta.com
Published in Local Music News

Glen Vella, one of the nations' most notable names in the local music industry both before and after representing Malta in the 2011 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song One Life composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan which had only failed to make it through to the finals by a mere one point. It has just come to the attention of the editorial board that in recent days, Glen was actually on the road promoting his music once more, this time in Sweden which will be playing host to the continental event in a couple of months time. In fact, the showcase organised by the OGAE Branch in Sweden took place in Harrys Katrineholm which is known to be quite a popular nightclub. Various local and foreign media outlets were covering the event and therefore, there was quite good exposure attributed to the event.

Glen Vella was one of the six acts which received the invite to appear in the event amongst; Lys Assia (Switzerland 1956, 1957, 1958), Joan Franka (Netherlands 2012), Sinplus (Switzerland 2012), Esther Hart (Netherlands 2003) and Birgitta Haudkal (Iceland 2003). During the evening, Glen took to the evening to perform a number of tracks starting with his Eurovision entry One Life before performing an acoustic version of Knockin' on a Heaven's Door in a duet with Joan Franka, which was very well enjoyed by the people present, so much so that the two are in contact to work together on a track in the very near future. Nevertheless, he followed with a cover of the track This Is My Life which represented Iceland back in 2008 and then ended the show by singing a medley of Swedish hits from the Eurovision Song Contest. Glen would like to wish all of the readers of this portal, a huge thanks for all the support shown throughout the years.


Glen has been on a high following his appearance at the continental event though being awarded the Best Male Artist at the ONE Tribute Awards before garnering a nomination for the same accolade at the Malta Music Awards last year. This year in the meantime, he has been busy with brand new single releases of Lie and Louder whilst also getting the opportunity to perform with longtime friend; Eleanor Cassar during her show, a Tribute to the great Whitney Houston. He is currently very busy preparing to leave for a performance in Italy with his Gospel Group Animae which also includes performers such as Annabelle Debono, Janice Mangion, Pamela, Nadine Axisa and Anna Azzopardi amongst others. We would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about former representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Press Release


Published in Local Music News
Saturday, 22 September 2012 04:33

Malta: The Voice of an Enchantress

The Maltese Islands have been truly gifted with some astonishing vocals throughout the years, some of which have shined at particular moments and others which just amaze at any given point in time. One of the latter is surely that of Corazon who brings about a touch of warmth and peace to every track, especially ones which are specifically written for her either in Maltese or English. Looking back through a personal record collection, it has to be noted that her very first outing within a competition came at the 2005 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza where she had performed the track L-Irġiel which she co-wrote alongside her mother Mariella but nevertheless, things have changed a lot since then and so has her respective genre with fast, uptempo pop songs seemingly set aside giving way to slow, piano ballads which are much more suited to her voice and soothing to the ear.

She would wait another two years before returning to the local music scene with the track Hawn Jien being entered in the 2007 edition of the Għanja tal-Poplu and ultimately winning. She would return the following year with another song bearing the title Illejla B'Xejn which won the prize for the best interpretation. In 2009, performing alongside singer/songwriter Walter Micallef, she won with a masterful performance of the track Tal-Aħħar and she would take part once more in 2010 achieving victory with Mill-Għajnejn Ta' Tifla becoming the first consecutive winner in a very long time. This string of successes was playing quite the role in general with many people getting to know her even better as a performer and an individual because the lyrics and music, written by herself expressed her beliefs and thoughts in the best possible way. 


Moving onto the English portion of competitions, Corazon achieved success in the 2010 edition Malta International Hit Song Festival with the song Set the Night on Fire written by Philip Vella. She would also represent Malta in Spain with the song Come Fly With Me composed by Renato Briffa and penned by Alfred E Baldacchino. She entered the Malta Eurosong competition for the very first time in 2009 with the song Another Side of Me written by Philip Vella. Many believe that it should have made it through to the final but it did not unfortunately and thus, Corazon had to wait a couple of years before finding the right song once more, managing to do it with Mystifying Eyes composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. Things are definitely moving into the right direction for the twenty five year old performer and we believe that she will become more of a star in the years to come with a strong possibility to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest. One of her last releases Looking for You showed how versatile she truly is, eventually making the radio chart on 89.7 Bay Radio. The voice of an enchantress is a personal opinion at this stage and many are hoping that she will enter the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest features.

Published in Local Music News
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