January 22, 2020

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RAI, a public broadcaster in Italy, responsible for Italy’s participation at the Eurovision Song Contest has taken to the media to reveal the names of the artists competing in next years’ edition of Sanremo, which in turn has been the selection pool for the international showcase for the past two (2) years. As a matter of fact, it was Nina Zilli who carried the flag in 2012 with the song L’Amore e Femmina with Marco Mengoni doing the honours earlier this year with his entry L’Essenziale. Both managed a top ten placing but it is to be noted that Italy does expect to win the near future.

At this point in time, it is unknown whether RAI will be putting forward this competition as a selection process in the manner that has been conducted in recent years, with rumours of an internal selection brewing up with every passing day. Nevertheless, escflashmalta.com is proud to cover Sanremo, an event which is followed by a large part of the population due to the popularity of the artists within the general music scene. The selection of the artisti was in the hands of a panel of experts, which included; Fabio Fazio, Claudio Fasulo, Pietro Galeotti, Massimo Martelli, Francesco Piccolo, Stefano Senardi, Michele Serra and Mauro Pagani


(Lentamente / Controvento)


(Bagnati dal Sole / Un Uomo e’ un Albero)

Raphael Gualazzi ft Bloody Beetroots

(Liberi o No / Tanto Ci Sei)


(L’Unica / L’Italia Visti dal Bar)

Christiano de Andre

(Invisibili / Il Cielo e’ Vuoto)

Renzo Rubino

(Ora / Per Sempre e Poi Basta)

Frankie Hi-Nrg

(Pedala / Un Uomo e’ Vivo)

Giuliano Palma

(Cosi’ Lontano)

Riccardo Sinigallia

(Prima di Andare Via / Una Rigenerazione)

Antonella Ruggiero

(Quando Balliamo / Da Lontano)

Giusi Ferreri

(L’Amore Possiede il Bene / Ti Porto a Cena Con Me)

Francesco Renga

(A Un Isolato Da Te / Vivendo Adesso)

Francesco Sarcina

(Nel Tuo Sorriso / In Questa Citta’)


(Un Abbraccio Unico / Sing in the Rain)

As you might have realised, the system for next years’ Sanremo will be similar to this years’, with each of the fourteen acts performing a total of two (2) entries each on the first night and with the public and the orchestra selecting the best song to go forward with for the rest of the week which will feature a second performance, as well as an evening of celebration and duets. From the list, one recognizable name is that of Raphael Gualazzi who represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 with Follia d’Amore, finishing in second place. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: RAI


Published in Sanremo
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 23:45

Italy: Brand New Format for Sanremo in 2013

The European Broadcasting Union did not come up with the idea of the Eurovision Song Contest alone noting that the very first original idea for a music competition was already initiated by the Italian broadcaster; RAI whose local edition of the Sanremo competition featuring some of the most notable talent in the country was adopted on a larger scale and open to most of the countries in the continent. Italy have been part of the historic Eurovision Song Contest and following a gap of more than ten years, they returned in 2011 to great success finishing in the runner-up slot thanks to the representation of Raphael Gualazzi with the song Follia D'Amore whilst managing to reach the top ten in 2012 with the track L'Amore è Femmina performed by Nina Zilli. The competition in Italy is still extremely well followed by the local tabloids and also in Malta with many fans of the showcase. In 2013, following two years of an organization led by singer Gianni Morandi, it will be Fabio Fazio who takes on the main role.

The renowned television host has decided to bring in a brand new formula for the 2012 edition of the Sanremo competition with an aim to attract artists of national fame, something which has become increasing difficult for the organizers as the artists know how much their credibility is hurt should they be eliminated in the first couple of nights. In fact, what Fabio is proposing is that there will be fourteen artists in total, all of which would have to perform two (2) songs each with the publc making the decision on which song is the best for it to make it through to the final. It will be quite interesting to see how the final details of this brand new format will work out but it seems that the reception from the industry has been very positive because in this manner, everyone will compete in the final and no one will be eliminated. Italy is expected to take part in the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest even though, there is yet to be an official confirmation about the matter. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Ilkar.blogspot.com


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