January 29, 2020

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The Public Broadcasting Services are highlighting every inch of detail to make sure that this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is even better than the past two years in which the current administration decided to revamp the process by virtue of bringing in a more professional setup. Guests have always been an intriguing element of the showcase and there are rumours floating about with regards to who will ultimately becoming a part of the show but the focus here is with the participants themselves noting that the twenty four semi-finals will be having a number of additional individuals in the wings, taking care of vocal roles within the respective tracks. We have been in touch with a number of performers and their respective managements and learned some intriguing names will ultimately be seen despite not entering the semi-final stage of this years' competition. escflashmalta.com is exclusively bringing you a list of the names unveiled.

Kicking off things with the respective announcements was none other than Davinia who will be closing the semi-final at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with her entry Betrayed composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Muxu. She will be joined on stage by three backing vocalists which include; Rachael Tedesco Triccas and Jade Cini from the hit series D.R.E.A.M.S who will also be opening the showcase as well as former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representative; Nicole Azzopardi who is seemingly eyeing a possible entry in the next couple of years. The second performer is none other than Danica Muscat who will be performing the song Fantasy composed by Paul Abela and penned by Joe Julian Farrugia and will be joined by a fleet of people which feature Claire Mercieca, Chrissy Warrington, Jody Magri, as well as former Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalists; Dario Mifsud Bonnici and Benjamin Darmanin.


It was revealed yesterday that a request had also been made by Kevin Borg to have former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Glen Vella join the backing vocalists but due to his recent participation, this was not accepted and thus Glen will be taking care of a team of unknown backing vocalists which is rumoured to have several members of the Animae Gospel Choir which Glen and Pamela created a couple of years back. In an exclusive announcement, we are proud to reveal that former Malta Song for Europe finalist; Fiona Cauchi will be present within the team of Claudia Faniello who will be presenting the track When It's Time co-written between the performer and Errol Sammut, lead vocalist of Airport Impressions. The full team of this entry will be unveiled in due course on her Official Facebook Page. In a revelation made today on social networking website; Facebook it seems that Dorothy Bezzina of the song Starting from the End written by Magnus Kaxe and Gerard James Borg will be joined by upcoming artist; Martina Farrugia.


Two of the most intriguing performers in this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest are definitely Chris Grech with the track Never Walk Away co-written by Matthew James Borg, Peter Borg and David Cassar Torreggiani and Melanie Zammit with the song Loverdose co-written between Maria & Niclas Lundin and Gerard James Borg. They have both spoken to us and told us of the people that will be joining them on stage with the male artist bringing about one of his composers; Matthew James Borg of Red Electrick fame on stage alongside the upcoming Cheryl Balzan with the female on the other hand bringing two newcomers in the vein of Ann Gauci and Gabriella Azzopardi alongside Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and Malta Hit Song Contest finalist; Talitha Dimech. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the exclusive news as soon as it becomes available for publishing.

Source: escflashmalta.com


Wednesday, 09 January 2013 02:28

MESC 2013: Reviewing the track 'Fantasy'

The Public Broadcasting Services has carefully plotted the promotional campaign for each of the competing entries in this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest by virtue of guest appearances on a number of television and radio shows through several mediums such as Television Malta, Radju Malta and Magic Malta. Interest in the competition is peaking now that the competition is less than a month away with several people trying their best to find out every ounce of information possible about each of the tracks and the performers. The first two entries were given their running order positions because they were drawn first and last respectively but nevertheless, the rest of the field will be coordinated by virtue of song genres in order to avoid the possibility of having a section of the show with one type of music. escflashmalta.com is giving all the artists exposure by virtue of reviews by high profile critics which do not reflect the opinion of the editorial board and will ultimately lead to an award which will be given during the programme Sas-Sitta on NET Television on the 9th February. The third performer is Danica Muscat who will be performing the song Fantasy composed by Paul Abela and penned by Joe Julian Farrugia.

She Is a Diamond, the beautiful track found in Evita the Musical could gladly refer to the young talent that is Danica Muscat who has been somewhat going around the world competing in a number of showcases and coming away with several trophies including first place finishes in the Ti Amo Festival held in Romania as well as the Tralcio D'Oro which takes place in Italy. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that her local fame to existence following a stunning rendition of an original track entitled Stolen during the Malta Junior Eurosong competition in 2007, ultimately finishing in second place behind Cute and their entry Music which would only achieved a mid-table result at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Growing up, Danica had the opportunity to travel to Italy on countless occasions, after having been selected to take part in the show Io Canto on Canale 5 with the renowned Jerry Scott. She garnered experience and performed with the likes of Ornella Vanoni, Ron, Pierdavide Carone and Max Pezalli.  This experience also led to an official recording on the compilation of the second series of Io Canto performing the songs In Assenza Di Te, Sigla and Silent Night. In the past two years, she has been a finalist in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and also the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with 7 Days, Kliem Li M'Għidtlek Qatt and Indipendenti


Still a teenager, reaching the live stage of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest was never going to be easy but Danica Muscat has managed for two consecutive years and this time round she is presenting a different type of entry in the form of Fantasy which many have seemed to dub as a rock ballad hence the look that she took up in the track which gladly suits the element of the track. Many people seem to comment on the sweet vocals that Danica adds to the performance along with a shimmer in the eye. The song is made special thanks to this element and might not have been carried out better if given to another performer. he guitars, drums and the slight electronic synthesizer create a full sound, one which is gladly required and somewhat readjusted from the original version of the track as heard during the announcement on the programme Xarabank. The songwriting duo behind this entry is made up of composer Paul Abela and lyricist Joe Julian Farrugia whose most predominant and successful entries have come forth with the group Trilogy who finished third in 2006 with This Heart of Mine, second in 2007 with Starlight and sixth in 2009 with The Song In Your Heart. It is important to denote that Paul Abela was the composer of Maltese Eurovision entries in 1991, 1996 and 2001 respectively whilst also conducting the 1992 entry.

The Critics Speak Out

Rating: 43%

Sharon Vaughn: I am quite disappointed to say that this is quite a weak song and the performance generally lacks strength. It seems that the artist might be inexperienced in this type of track.

Martin Isherwood: Strong melody but let down by unclear lyrics. Lyrics unclear as to meaning. Lovely voice. Nice key change out of the first chorus. Ill advised solo! Good musically, could be stronger lyrically but could do well 

Stano Simor: This is a performer who seems to depend on her image in the competition and feels very home on stage but nevertheless, the tracks feels like something coming out of the 80's with such an arrangement. Guitar solos are now longer the tend in the Eurovision Song Contest. This young singer should select a track for her age and has everything in her favour except the song.

Roberto Meloni: Young and talented girl, but my my, this is quite a boring song… After 30 seconds of listening to it, I felt they changed the rules of Eurovision, allowing songs which could last 10 minutes.

Lina Eriksson: This, for me, is an ok song. Not more, not less.  I think it will have a hard time making it in this competition though. The old-school guitar from the 90’s in the background is a big no-no if you ask me. 

Source: Public Broadcasting Services, escflashmalta.com


Published in Editorials

The 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be staged in the first weekend of February noting that the Public Broadcasting Services purposely set it up as a weekend that will celebrate the local music scene noting the renowned competition taking place on the 1st and 2nd February with the Malta Music Awards taking place on the next day on the 3rd February. As a matter of fact, the promotional campaign for each of the twenty-four semi-finalists has commenced and the broadcaster has carefully planned ten promotional outlets in which their entries will be played along with one to one interviews. One of the shows that has been included in the roster is Carlo's Breakfast Cafe on Magic FM. The host of the show, Carlo Borg Bonaci is one of the leading figures in the industry having been on the radio for several years and also plays a role in the Malta Music Awards being a co-organiser with Noel Magri. 

In recent days, the editorial team at escflashmalta.com has been in touch with Carlo Borg Bonaci in order to learn the schedule and we are proud to fill you in on when which of the semi-finalists will be appearing on which day. We also had the opportunity to listen to some of the interviews held early in the morning around 08:15 CET just before the programme comes to an end and it is an extremely light interview featuring aspects of the budding performer, the track itself, the intentions of participation and many other tidbits which listeners will enjoy. In the meantime, the song is played in full and one gets a different vibe when hearing it on the radio, spotting that special hit potential which many might be on the look out for at the moment. The feedback that we have received about the interviews has been quite positive and it is quite a jovial start to the day so to speak. Have a look at the schedule below.

  • 17th December - Chris Grech (Never Walk Away)
  • 18th December - Claudia Faniello (When It's Time)
  • 19th December - Richard Edwards (Fall Like Rome)
  • 20th December - Corazon (My Stranger Love)
  • 21st December - Ylenia (Tides of Illusion)
  • 24th December - Jessika (Ultraviolet)
  • 28th December - Gianni Zammit (Us Against the World)
  • 2nd January - Scar (Superstar)
  • 3rd January - Richard & Petra (Wonderful Today)
  • 7th January - Klinsmann (The Remedy)
  • 8th January - Petra (No One's Home)
  • 9th January - Danica Muscat (Fantasy)
  • 10th January - Gianluca Bezzina (Tomorrow)
  • 11th January - Deborah C (Love-O-Holic)
  • 14th January - Domenique (Too Little Too Late)
  • 15th January - Raquela (Keep Believing)
  • 16th January - Amber (In Control)
  • 17th January - Melanie Zammit (Loverdose)
  • 18th January - Franklin Calleja (Let Your Heart Talk)
  • 22nd January - Marilena Gauci (Overrated)
  • 25th January - Davinia (Betrayed)
  • 27th January - Kevin Borg (Needing You)

As one could note from the list above, some of the interviews have already taken place and will therefore be missed unfortunately but nevertheless, most of the participants have not been on the programme yet. We invite you to turn on Magic FM in the morning and listen into Carlo Borg Bonaci's breakfast show known as Carlo's Breakfast Cafe. This is one of the several means of promotion that the Public Broadcasting Services is giving the twenty-four semi-finalists, despite them being either already well known or relative newcomers to the competition. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest as soon as it becomes available and remember to listen to all of the songs of this years' competition on the official website of Television Malta.

Source: PBS, Carlo Borg Bonaci


Published in Local Music News
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 18:10

MESC 2013: Annual ESCflashmalta Awards Return

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest has become a well respected event in the local music calender with several artists trying their luck to be amongst the elite showcase in which twenty-four acts compete against each other for the right to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest which in 2013 will be taking place in the city of Malmö within Sweden. The preparations by the Public Broadcasting Services are well underway and each respective participant is receiving ample promotion through all their representative media outlets including Television Malta, Radju Malta and Magic Malta amongst others with appearances on lifestyle programmes such as TVPM, current affairs programmes such as TV Hemm and TVAM and of course on radio breakfast shows. Nevertheless, whilst the result for the actual competition is decided, escflashmalta.com will engage a series of awards which for the second year running will then be handed out on television.

2013 will definitely prove to be an important year considering that many foreigners find our selection process quite positive. As a matter of fact, criticism has been very minimal and this will ultimately show the country moving forward musically. We have decided on three awards for yet another year starting with the Public Award which will be a public poll set to be engaged pretty soon where our system will record each IP Address so that one could only submit one vote, the Media Award which will be the choice of personnel from radio stations, television broadcasters and print media and last but not least, there is also the one which bears the most work, the Critics Award which will feature heavily in January due to the daily reviews we plan on publishing. Five members of the foreign music industry have been contacted and have gladly accepted to listen to the entries and judge them accordingly. Their criticism will appear in the reviews published daily but all the results will be revealed after the competition comes to an end. Therefore, no trouble there.

Our collaboration for 2013 will be taking place with NET Television noting that the editorial team of escflashmalta.com have been in contact with Spiteri Lucas Entertainment in the past couple of days securing the announcement of the three awards on the popular magazine programme which airs on Saturday afternoon and is hosted by Ray Attard and former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Debbie Scerri. The international critics which we have engaged barely need any introduction noting that we have managed to garner the likes of Sharon Vaughn, a songwriter who written songs for Delta Goodrem, Agnes, Emilia, September, Joe McElderry, Jedward and Charlotte Perelli as well as Roberto Meloni who has been to the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Latvia on two occasions, the first time on 2007 with Bonaparti.lv and their entry Questa Notte which reached the final and finished in fourteenth place and also the following year with Pirates of Sea performing the track Wolves of the Sea which also managed to reach the final and finished in twelfth place. Since then, he has been working on a number of solo tracks so this is definitely one of the many artists to look out for.


Another individual who has gladly accepted our invite is Stanor Simor from Slovakia who is a producer and has worked with a number of popular artists in Eastern Europe, amongst them Tereza Krendlova who represented the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2008. His work has been certified platinum on a number of occasions and considering the growing influence of the East, it is imperative to get an eat to analyse such music. The fourth and very respecting member of the critics is Lina Eriksson who has written for a notable amount of Swedish artists throughout the years including Jessica Andersson, Marie Picasso, Thomas Di Leva, and Nordman. She also co-write the 2010 Irish entry; It's For You performed by Niamh Kavanagh. She has made it to the Melodifestivalen selection for a number of years and is signed to EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia. The final member of this years' team is a welcome return of Martin Isherwood, a leading figure at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts who was also the songwriter of the British entry back in 2003. 

Just in case, anything goes wrong including a possibility that one of the critics worked with local artists in the past, Knut Oyvind-Hagen who is a singer/songwriter, known for his hit track Rocket Ride which finished second in the 2007 Melodi Grand Prix is also on stand by. As one of the main figures at the Norwegian broadcaster; NRK, he surely knows a thing or two behind the selection of the right song. He is standing in for Sharon Vaughn on the track Needing You by Kevin Borg due to the fact that they know each other professionally. We would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com in the coming days, weeks and months because the coverage of the 2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest is surely going to be cracking and we would like you to support all of the artists as much as possible so keep sharing their videos. We would also like to thank Spiteri Lucas Entertainment for their kind support through the programme Sas-Sitta.

Source: escflashmalta.com, Spiteri Lucas Entertainment


Published in Local Music News
Sunday, 16 December 2012 16:29

MESC 2013: Television Promotion Begins Today

The preview videos have become an annual tradition noting that their existence has become vital as a means of promotion and the Public Broadcasting Services should be commended for their effort in this regard. As a matter of fact, the clips are being shared even international and become even more popular as they are coming on related tags even on viral website, YouTube but nevertheless, the focus will now turn to local television as artists try to garner as much exposure as possible through a pre-planned schedule of appearances planned by the broadcaster through some of the major programmes. This is a means where the people will get to watch the video of the respective performer whilst also getting to know the artist a little bit better, something which is always quite appreciated.

It has to be noted that in the past two years, things have been rather intriguing with the interviews ranging from anything from the song to typical questions which relate to personal life. One of the shows which has been chosen to promote the entry is none other than TV HEMM produced by Where's Everybody, the popular company which makes several programmes for the national broadcaster, Television Malta. It is expected that daytime television will also be incorporating the elements that make the promotion viable due to the various demographics that each programme manages to reach. It is yet unknown what will happen but of course, from Monday to Friday, last year Television Malta proudly promoted the tracks through the programme Sellili hosted by 2000 Eurovision Song Contest representative, Claudette Pace but now another show known as TVPM has taken the time slot and it is hosted by Eurovision Artist Coordinator, Peter Carbonaro and Malta Eurovision Song Contest semi-finalist, Corazon. We will be keeping you posted with the schedule as much as possible so make sure to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: escflashmalta.com, Public Broadcasting Services


Published in Local Music News

The twenty-first edition of the annual Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza was organized on The Granaries in Floriana more than three weeks ago with many somewhat surprised at the final result as announced by Ronald Briffa and Christine Haber whose sheer professionalism shined throughout the whole evening broadcasted on NET Television. In the lead up to the competition, many had been talking about who the eventual winner would be and our poll is somewhat reflecting that opinion once more although it is to be noted that most of the votes for Deborah C and her entry Jekk Nużaw Moħħna came from Gozo, the Maltese sister island from which, the performer comes from. According to the readers of escflashmalta.com though it seems that it is the only point of agreement with two stars emerging out of their shadows to take centre stage finishing in second and third place in our poll, despite somewhat finishing in the second part of the top ten in the official results as revealed exclusively by this media outlet, the morning after the competition.

In a quick analysis of the results, it seems that the first major winner is none other than the eighteen year old; Danica Muscat whose reputation in the industry is quickly starting to precede her. She gave a masterful performance of the song Indipendenti penned by Cher Vella to the music of her father, Philip. Overall, the track finished in sixth place but our readers seem to believe that it should have been the one to challenge Deborah C for the victory noting the eventual runner-up; Marilena Gauci with the song Bl-Ikbar Serjetà composed by Philip Vella and penned by Joe Chircop could only manage seventh place in our poll. The statistic is somewhat extremely intriguing when one notes that the experience of the two performers is somewhat similar with Danica having a slighter edge having been to Italy on the show Io Canto on Canale 5 and thus gaining the opportunity to perform with some of the most well known names in the Italian music industry whilst receiving advice from world wide stars in the form of James Blunt as acknowledged in our recent exclusive interview. Both performers will be submitting tracks for the 2013 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.


The second biggest winner in the poll seems to be the rather unknown Rachel Verzin whose sheer talent evolved quickly on stage as she gave a rousing performance of the track Dell L-Istilel composed by Dominic Cini to the lyrics of Stephen Baldacchino. This was the first ever nationwide competition for Rachel and it almost did not happen when the backing track played and stopped in the first couple of seconds. Remaining calm and relaxed though, she performed with confidence, enough to earn her eight place with the jury on the evening. The actual third place was given to Domenique with the song Tama u Kuraġġ composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella which ended up in fourth place within our poll meaning that the people somewhat agreed with the official placing that the young, upcoming performer achieved during the evening. Another notable mention when taking this poll into consideration is the result achieved by Julie Pomorski with the song Għidli Int written by Augusto Cardinali which finished in fifth place as opposed to the tenth place result given by the jury on the night. A stunning performance left several people blank and it seems that her comeback has hit the right note already. The opinion in the poll only reflects the opinion of the readers and not of the editorial board behind this website.

Source: escflashmalta.com


One of the most promising up and coming talents in the local music industry is surely Danica Muscat who has been around for just a very short time, mostly appearing at the Junior Eurosong competition prior to leaving Malta for Italy to appear on the hit reality television series, Io Canto which is hosted by Gerry Scotti on Canale 5. She had the opportunity to perform with some of the most amazing artists there including the likes of Pierdavide Carone amongst others but then again, she has returned to Malta with more intelligence about the music scene than many others who have been around for longer. Throughout this interview, we have spoken about a number of things including possible participation in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Have a look at what she had to tell escflashmalta.com

Throughout the past couple of years, Danica Muscat has evolved as an artist not only in vocal capabilities but also in character and that is very important in order to succeed in this business. Going back a couple of years, one would remember your respective successes achieved in Romania as well as in Italy within a number of music competitions where you competed against individuals from all over the world including countries where the music scenes normally thrive. Do you believe that such experiences have helped you more in terms of becoming the musical artist that you are today and what advice would you give to aspiring performers who are hoping to follow in your footsteps?

I believe that such experiences do help ,Malta is a small country and obviously since our music industry is still in it infancy ,Malta  compared to bigger countries who harvest their talent early, local  talent is not usually appreciated early locally , as it stands   it is hard for new artists to be noticed and come forward since opportunities at a high level are few and limited. Also by competing and working abroad on a professional level helps especially in self-discipline .I must also stress that the level of training and especially the level of the vocal coaches is really important, and should not be regarded lightly when choosing.

Many people will first recall listening to your stunning vocal in the 2007 edition of the Junior Eurosong competition where you were competing with the song Stolen which was about the disappearance of the young Madeleine McCann. Unfortunately, you did not manage to come out on top on that occasion and thus missed out on representing Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the ticket being given to the group Cute who performed their respective track Music. Nevertheless, it was the first major stepping stone for Danica Muscat. What can you recall of that experience and would you have done anything differently when looking back?
Although I had already competed successfully abroad, in Romania and Italy and in Junior Eurosong the year before with “Play your violin”,  Stolen was the song that launched me in the Maltese  public eye ,I remember that I did not have high hopes of winning since the night of the final the international news was buzzing with the arrest of Madeleine McCann’s parents so when I was called in second place I must admit I was surprised, still I would change nothing looking back and greatly treasure the experience.
Reality television has become a pivotal role in life noting several programme such as The Voice, X Factor and Idol gaining recognition all around the world but for budding young artists, there is one show which has gained a lot of fame and credibility and that is surely Io Canto hosted by the renowned Gerry Scotti and broadcasted through Canale 5.  You were lucky enough to be selected to take part in the second series of the programme held in 2010 ultimately taking to the stage to perform duets with the likes of Ron, Pierdavide Cardone and Ornella Vanoni. How did the opportunity to be in the programme actually come about and what was it like to perform with some of the biggest names in the Italian music industry? 

Everything started when I was told by Italian music coach MS Rita Signorino that a talent scout was coming to Malta to audition me and others for the possibility of going to audition to Rome for a program. I did the audition and was chosen along with another 6 singers from Malta to go for the auditions ,when I got the call I refused to go because I had a French Ordinary level exam on the day, still my teacher persuaded me to go and I went to Rome for the auditions, this is were experience comes out because these are not your run of the mill auditions with professional singers ,coaches and people from the music industry doing the fist screening, it s very  hard to pass these screenings and  get to the first real audition in front of the producers.
Any way I managed to impress and ended up doing 13 shows opening the show each time  and singing with some of the best international talent around I got to meet people like Albano, James Blunt (who was really impressed I spoke English!!!!!!),Ron, Ornella Vanoni, Rafaella Carra, Piere Davide Carone, Emma, The Priests  and others, the atmosphere is very different and professional ,very disciplined and I feel this helped a lot towards making  me in to the singer I am today. Well what can i say singing duets with established artists can be very daunting especially due to the fact we had to learn the songs in a couple of days usually since we never knew who the guest artist would be the following week.
One of the local competitions which has helped give you exposure in the past couple of years has surely been the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza having made the finals of the event for two consecutive years; in 2011 with the track Kliem Li M’Ghidtlek Qatt composed by Mark Debono and penned by Christopher Azzopardi and in 2012 with the track Indipendenti composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella. Taking on such a daunting prospect of performing in front of a large audience is surely intriguing but when performing in an open air venue, the feeling is definitely different. How has this experience helped you develop as an artist and would you recommend it for other performers?

Apart from the Malta Eurovision, the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is the only other alternative to performing on a big level locally, it is also a very unique experience since the venue is one of the largest in Malta and the fact that it is open air adds to the magic of almost being to a big concert as we usually see on Television, I would definitely advice any artist to try his luck and participate. As I said earlier, the Malta Eurovision is the ultimate experience locally, with young kids dreaming of being there from a young age. I was lucky enough to get there at a young age, also lucky that I had other big experiences from abroad and Malta which helped me a lot .The other artists were supportive and fun to be with, all in all an amazing feeling ,amazing stage but most importantly an amazing public.
Earlier this year, you reached the live stages of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the track 7 Days written by the well known Philip Vella. You were just seventeen when this happened and therefore, many people have the habit of comparing up and coming artists in the competition such as yourself to the likes of Miriam Christine and Thea Garrett who both ended up winning at an extremely young age. How did it feel to make it through to the semi-final and then eventually the final and are you gearing up with the hope of a second participation in 2013?
I feel that age should not be the way to measure an artist’s performance, talent is always there it’s for the vocal coaches and people around the artist to find as early as possible and through guidance and coaching hone the artist into what he ultimately becomes.As for my Malta Eurovision Song Contest final ,I am sure I came as a surprise to some but it was something I really worked for last year, since the year before due to contractual restrictions with Mediaset/Sony I could not focus properly on a participation in that particular Malta Eurovision Song Contest, I’m definitely looking forward to submitting other songs this year. As I said earlier, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is the ultimate experience locally, with young kids dreaming of being there from a young age. I was lucky enough to get there at a young age, also lucky that I had other big experiences from abroad and Malta which helped me a lot .The other artists were supportive and fun to be with, all in all an amazing feeling ,amazing stage but most importantly an amazing public.
Whenever you appear on a stage you exude an aura of confidence which is not seen as much as one would imagine in Malta even though the level of talent is extremely high according to a number of foreign music critics and songwriters who have a habit for scouting brand new artists for their music. Many people have come to expect you to perform a ballad whenever you walk out on a stage and indeed, it has been proven that it is your best genre per se but then again, would you be open to performing something more up-tempo every now and then and also possibly in a competition such as the Malta Eurovision Song Contest?
This is were our limitations come in usually in Malta we artists are not versatile enough and  tend to stick to a genre and are uncomfortable to change from that genre, I have in many occasions performed up-tempo songs but even when I was in Italy the producers would only make me sing ballads ,  which like you said is were  I excel ,still I would definitely sing up-tempo songs and right now  I am working on an up-tempo tune for possible submission to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013.
Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers at escflashmalta.com?

Its been an amazing year thanks to my fans, who I am sure are also regular visitors to your site, I invite them to continue their support to all Maltese artists and your wonderful site.
Published in Interviews
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 01:35

Exclusive: Full Results of the KKI 2012

The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza has been well adapted not only to promote the best in local talent but also the language with the competition remaining the only particular background for Maltese, one of the main items which many can identify to be heritage. The pace of the festival went smoothly except for a small minor glitch during one of the latter entries which prompted an immediate restart and ultimately a great response from the audience. The Established Category featured performances from twenty acts in total with a variety of genres well represented whilst the Teenage Category features a total of four entries this time round because of a tie in third place in the second phase of competition which was televised through the programme Indifest as hosted by Ronald Briffa and Christine Haber who were also the comperes for the evening. In the end, the winners of each respective category were agreed upon by the jury panel made up of Mike Spiteri, Ludwig GaleaMandy Micallef Grimaud and Matthew Calleja

It is important to point out that the introduction of the mychoice.pn award was a welcome addition with the online voting racking in multitude of votes from all over the country whilst the tele-voting has always kept things on edge. The top three results were resoundingly met with applause especially as Domenique with the track Tama u Kuraġġ composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella was the first announced in third place, followed by Marilena Gauci and her song Bl-Ikbar Serjetà composed by Philip Vella and penned by Joe Chircop and then finally a content and surprised Deborah C with the anthemic Jekk Nużaw Moħħna penned by Joe Chircop to the music of Mark Spiteri Lucas. In the meantime, when it comes to the teenage category, the jury played a pivotal role in selecting the track Bil-Bnadar F'Idejna composed by Miriam Christine and penned by Joe Chircop therefore making Joe Chircop, one of the most decorated men in the competition alongside Mark Spiteri Lucas who together also went onto tele-voting with Deborah C and the aforementioned Jekk Nużaw Moħħna as well as the mychoice.pn award which went to Roseanne Cordina with the track Id-Demm ta' Raymond composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Paul Ellul. Below you can note the full result, an escflashmalta.com exclusive.

Teenage Category

01. Bil-Bnadar F'Idejna - Sarah Bonnici (Miriam Christine / Joe Chircop) - 208 points

02. Ħbieb ta' Veru - Maria u Justine (Kaya / Christopher Azzopardi) - 192 points

03. Il-Libertà - Antoine u Kayleigh (Ray Agius / Michael Vella Haber / Evelyn Saliba La Rosa) - 176 points

04. X'Qaltli L-Arzella - Antonella Rapa (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Joe Friggieri) - 164 points


Established Category

01. Jekk Nużaw Moħħna - Deborah C (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Joe Chircop) - 388 points

02. Bl-Ikbar Serjetà - Marilena Gauci (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop) - 368 points

03. Tama u Kuraġġ - Domenique (Philip Vella / Cher Vella) - 337 points

04. Id-Demm ta' Raymond - Roseann Cordina (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Paul Ellul) - 314 points

05. Mhux L-Ewwel Darba - Neville, Ivan u Claire (Augusto Cardinali / Giovann Attard) - 304 points

06. Indipendenti - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella / Cher Vella) - 294 points

07. Kemm Xtaqt - Laura Bruno (Frederick Camilleri) - 292 points

08. Dell L-Istilel - Rachel Verzin (Dominic Cini / Stephen Baldacchino) - 282 points

09. Ħalluni - Kylie Coleiro (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop) - 275 points 

10. Għidli Int - Julie Pomorski (Augusto Cardinali) - 274 points

11. Missjoni Impossibli? - Ishmael Grech (Philip Vella / Rita Pace) - 271 points

12. Se Nibda Jien - Dario u Grecia (Dario Bezzina / Rita Pace) - 256 points

13. Mill-Bidu Nett - Francesca Scerri (Elton Zarb / Rita Pace) - 237 points

14. Tagħna L-Isbaħ Żmien - Esilana (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant) - 229 points

15. Dan Mhux Tmiem - Corinne Caruana (Mark Scicluna / Rita Pace) - 225 points

16. Id F'Id - Simone Gauci (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit) - 221 points

17. Rebbiħin - Francesca Sciberras (Miriam Christine / Celestina Sciberras) - 205 points

18. Abjad u Iswed - Stephanie Zammit (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg) - 189 points

19. Kburin Bik - Christian Azzopardi (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop) - 177 points

20. Flimkien - Kristen Camilleri (Philip Vella / Cher Vella) - 176 points

escflashmalta.com had the opportunity like in the past two years to speak to the winning artist and composer of the track, this year being none other than Deborah C and Mark Spiteri Lucas respectively. The Gozitan singer who is currently reading for a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Malta is extremely happy with the victory stating she indeed 'did not expect it' and ultimately adding that it was even more positive to note that the 'jury and the public agreed unanimously' on the track which they have worked hard to present. She thanked all of the people who supported her from Gozo and Malta as well as her entourage for making this a possibility. Speaking to the composer of the track, he told us that since 2001, he has managed to finish on top on 'five different occasions' making this his 'third victory in six years'. He notes that it was a combination of teamwork which saw to the fact to break records in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza making this the first entry 'to win both the public and jury vote within the same year'. The editorial board would like to congratulate all of the respective winners and better luck next time to all those who tried and did not succeed this time round.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, escflashmalta.com

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 02:15

KKI 2012: A Stunning Spectacle Tonight

Mike Spiteri, Lawrence Gray, Amber, Annabelle Debono, Miriam Christine, Ira Losco, Tarcisio Barbara, Claudette Buttigieg and Kaya could all note to have at least one thing in common and that is being winners of the elite Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza which has been organized by Media.Link Communications for a numerous number of years, noting that this years' edition will be the twenty-first in total and fifteenth consecutive one as a matter of fact. The committee behind the competition led by Mark Azzopardi and including members of the escflashmalta.com editorial team have worked hard to include a number of innovations in the past two years noting the beginning of a seating area which would definitely keep the audience at bay as well as the official preview videos for each track to help aid in terms of promotion. There is stiff competition this evening, featuring twenty acts that will be leading the way in the Established Category and another four acts who will compete in the Teenage Category as revealed last week on Indifest as shown on NET Television.

The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will be hosted on The Granaries in Floriana by Christine Haber and Ronald Briffa and will be featuring guest performances by Mike Spiteri who returns as last years' winner as well as Kurt Calleja and his band who represented Malta in this years' Eurovision Song Contest albeit never managing to make it through to the final stage of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. In the meantime, it has to be noted that there will be a number of awards that will be given out this evening including the online voting which has been ongoing through mychoice.pn, the tele-voting through the clips which have been put online and on NET Television throughout the summer and also the jury voting as chosen by Media.Link Communications. The latter two will be important for both categories with a separate award for the Established Category for each and a combined vote for the Teenage Category which will feature 60% Jury and 40% Tele-Voting. escflashmalta.com would like to wish everyone the best of luck and invite the people to attend or tune into NET Television at 20:30 CET to watch the proceedings unravel live.

Teenage Category

01. Bil-Bnadar F'Idejna - Sarah Bonnici (Miriam Christine / Joe Chircop)

02. Ħbieb ta' Veru - Maria u Justine (Kaya / Christopher Azzopardi)

03. Il-Libertà - Antoine u Kayleigh (Ray Agius / Michael Vella Haber / Evelyn Saliba La Rosa)

04. X'Qaltli L-Arzella - Antonella Rapa (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Joe Friggieri)

Established Category

01. Flimkien - Kristen Camilleri (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

02. Tagħna L-Isbaħ Żmien - Esilana (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

03. Rebbiħin - Francesca Sciberras (Miriam Christine / Celestina Sciberras)

04. Id F'Id - Simone Gauci (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit) 

05. Abjad u Iswed - Stephanie Zammit (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

06. Kburin Bik - Christian Azzopardi (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop)

07. Indipendenti - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

08. Missjoni Impossibli? - Ishmael Grech (Philip Vella / Rita Pace)

09. Jekk Nużaw Moħħna - Deborah C (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Joe Chircop)

10. Kemm Xtaqt - Laura Bruno (Frederick Camilleri)

11. Se Nibda Jien - Dario u Grecia (Dario Bezzina / Rita Pace)

12. Mhux L-Ewwel Darba - Neville, Ivan u Claire (Augusto Cardinali / Giovann Attard)

13. Dan Mhux Tmiem - Corinne Caruana (Mark Scicluna / Rita Pace)

14. Mill-Bidu Nett - Francesca Scerri (Elton Zarb / Rita Pace)

15. Bl-Ikbar Serjetà - Marilena Gauci (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop)

16. Dell L-Istilel - Rachel Verzin (Dominic Cini / Stephen Baldacchino)

17. Għidli Int - Julie Pomorski (Augusto Cardinali)

18. Ħalluni - Kylie Coleiro (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop)

19. Tama u Kuraġġ - Domenique (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

20. Id-Demm ta' Raymond - Roseann Cordina (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Paul Ellul)

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, My Choice, escflashmalta.com


Thursday, 06 September 2012 17:25

KKI 2012: Having a Look at 'Indipendenti'

Many people might not realise that the music industry is full of steep challenges which require a lot of various sacrifices in a bid to reach desired success nevertheless, it has also to be noted that things have to occur gradually and most performers would show their talent at an extremely young age. In fact, experience should be achieved at an extremely young age because then when the peak hits, the artist should be ready to take on the challenge and become notable in the craft that he would have become extremely accustomed to during the previous years. The local music scene does not work too differently and in fact, thanks to a number of opportunities for youngsters around the country, it is quite intriguing to see the emerging talent evolve into something extremely special. The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is a competition which represents the journey that artists have to endure as normally, it is one of the prime festivals in which performers tend to submit tracks, feeling more at ease performing in their national language, the one which our forefathers worked hard to get recognized. Going through the running order in backwards fashion, the next entry in line for analysis is the one bearing the name Indipendenti composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella with the vocal accompaniment offered by Danica Muscat. Media.Link Communications have always sought to promote upcoming artists and therefore, this time, along with the committee of the competition, they have decided to work extremely hard to give as much exposure as possible and thus recording preview videos for each respective entries and uploaded through viral website, YouTube with additional analytic help offered by escflashmalta.com so that people would get to know the individuals behind the song a little bit better at the same time.

The reflection of national identity has to be one of the most important aspects of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza in terms of a competition and that is why, throughout the years, there have been a number of winning tracks with a particular message which speaks about unity and trust. Nevertheless, this has to be expected especially when the competition occurs during a week in which the country proudly celebrates the achievement of Independence and therefore, had the opportunity to take care of several affairs in terms of Government as studied within history class or so the books state of course. Danica Muscat has one revolving theme within her track and that is patriotism noting that she speaks about a time when things have continuously went forward and progressed, the achievement of liberty and the feeling that one looks up to the heavens above in order to feel proud about what has been achieved. The metaphors in the track are also well put to use noting that the individual has been compared to a butterfly whose wings have grown and thus could live the way that he would like without any restrictions, feeling liberated. This has to be the easiest tranlation for the people to relate to noting that in English, the title would simply be Independent and thus could easily be related to from a personal perspective as well. Danica Muscat is just about to turn eighteen and therefore, makes her one of the most youngest performers to grace the stage of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza.
Staying on track with the performer at hand, it is to be noted that Danica has been one of those artists who has been around for quite some time working her way up in the music industry. Following participation in the Junior Eurosong on a number of occasions including the 2007 edition of the festival with the track Stolen which finished in second place, she was chosen to take part in the show Io Canto on Canale 5 during which she had the opportunity to perform with a number of stars including the likes of former Sanremo winner Ron, Italian legend Ornella Vanoni and also recent Sanremo contestant and Dalla collaborator Pierdavide Carone. This will be her second participation in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza having taken part last year with the song Kliem Li M'Għidtlek Qatt composed by Mark Debono and lyrics by Christopher Azzopardi. She has also taken part in this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the track 7 Days written by Philip who just happens to be the composer of the track for this competition alongside his daughter. Technically, this is a relatively new team to the music industry with their first successful endeavor coming with the track In Your Eyes by Lawrence Gray as he tried to win the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite not finishing in the top three, they did well to finish in the top ten and came to the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with more than one entry. You can listen to his entry in this years' competition just below whilst also hoping you will keep on reading escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza.

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