December 05, 2019

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Saturday, 24 August 2013 16:00

Denmark: 'Only Teardrops' - An Album Review

Summer, a season which is somewhat marred by extremely warm humid days and temperatures which soar well above the average mean especially when it comes to the Mediterranean Island of Malta but nevertheless, the music scene flourishes at an exceptional rate. Projects for the winter commence whilst a number of singles are released for the pleasure of many whilst at the beach. Jean Claude Vancell, a singer/songwriter who was a semi-finalist at the Malta Song for Europe back in 2008 is also an senior editor and known for his album reviews. It has been quite a while since he took up the role but he is back with the debut album from Emmelie de Forest entitled Only Teardrops, the winning artist of the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent months, he has heard studio albums by Loreen and Celine Dion with a critical eye pouring his thoughts out for the world to denote.

20 year old Emmelie brought victory to Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest after their last victory in 2001. Her song Only Teardrops was favoured by bookies from weeks before in what was considered one of the strongest contests in recent years. Emmelie won the bid to represent her country at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix last January and is now reigning queen of the Eurovision. Her album Only Teardrops was released just a week before her performance at the final in Malmo last May. The first studio album by Emmelie de Forest is released under the imprint, Universal Music Denmark which is the Danish subsidiary of the major record label.

Album Title: Only Teardrops

Released: 6th May (International)

The album opens with an instrumental overture of Only Teardrops which works a treat before introducing the more uptempo Hunter and Prey. The rest of the tracks offer a good mix of Nordic pop, which happens to suit my tastes very well. Some of the weaker offerings do sound like they were rejects from Eurovision participations which never happened. However the overall sound of the album is pleasant and easy going. With Only Teardrops appearing 3 times in this 12 track album, this makes it a little annoying, even though all versions are so beautiful in their own right. The album peaked at number 4 in Denmark, and fared well in other European countries. The song Hunter and Prey was the follow up single to her winning entry in the contest.

Tracks to look out for:

What Are You Waiting For - If Emmelie wants to break through the UK chart with something other than her winning Eurovision song, this has to be track to make it to the top 40. Cleverly written to suit her voice and sung with passion, this song has hit written all over it.

Change - The retro sequencer driving this track is one step away from the 80s euro-pop - but boy does it work. Hints of the Irish tin whistle which made her Eurovision song so popular are introduced in this number too.

Hunter and Prey - Had it been another vocalist, this track wouldn’t have worked so well. De Forest’s airy vocals are a wonder in this high paced number.

Final verdict:

The album shows de Forest’s potential. I wouldn’t expect this to do incredibly well if it were released by someone who hadn’t just won the Eurovision Song Contest. With more thought and time to develop her music, de Forest can take the European market by storm. It doesn’t happen everyday that you discover such a voice.

Published in Editorials
Saturday, 02 June 2012 15:00

Malta: Richard Edwards Ready for a Change

Richard Edwards has become one of the most prominent male artists in Malta by virtue of his classic runner-up finish at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 with the song Finally which even managed to rank first with the jury and third with the tele-voters which means quite a lot for someone who had previously appeared only once as a soloist and twice as part of his family group known as The Mics. He is quickly garnering a reputation for having a stunning vocal range which was even heard during this years' edition of the same competition as he competed with the track Look At Me Now. He is known for writing the lyrics to his tracks whilst Jan Van Dijck is the man behind the music. Nevertheless, Richard has shown that he has a career outside of the world of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He has released two tracks which have been equally successful amongst his fans, the first being You're Gonna Thank Me and then the second being none other than My Mistake. Now he returns with a completely new sound one given to his debut solo track actually. The track entitled Change was his very first entry into the Malta Eurosong competition in 2010 and made it to the television stage of the competition before being eliminated completely unfortunately. Nevertheless, there had been a lot of positive acclaim and it showed because Richard returned with an even stronger track and continues to be successful to this very day. The re-working of the track has been done by DJ Toby and as always, the music video has been directed and edited by Karl Alin who was also the same individual behind the videos of Finally and My Mistake respectively.

Source: Facebook

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