September 19, 2019

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Reload Captcha is proud to present another editorial piece by Ira Losco, former representative of Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest as well as one of the most popular female singers in the Maltese Islands. Following her return to the local music scene around a year ago, it seems that everything is moving right on track with both her initial singles What I'd Give and The Person I Am proving to be major hits as well as her latest studio album The Fire which peaked at number #1 on iTunes for more than two months.

Dear All, Summer is slowly creeping in and I’ve got a schedule that’s packed to the brim. I’ve also just gotten some incredible news about jet setting away again and playing amidst international stars and to huge crowds, which undoubtedly excites me!! Watch this space for more information! I’ve also started work on the NEXT VIDEO with ‘The Bigger Picture’ for the third single off The Fire. My lips are still tightly sealed about this one. Can’t wait to start filming it. It’s gonna be a blast.  Here goes my top five for the month of June!

Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey (USA)

When Lana Del Rey hit the music scene, I didn’t get it 100%. I couldn’t understand why the whining and the pining worked in a world where mass produced music was doing so well. But that’s probably why it worked. There are a few of us out there who like her way of turning each song into a 3 minute sob which tickles some musical taste buds. It’s a welcome change to all that thumping stuff we listen to on the radio. The song is also part of the soundtrack to “The Great Gatsby” which I’m dying to watch!

Come and Get It - Selena Gomez (USA)

Let’s make things crystal clear..I’m not a huge fan of Disney Club kids. I’m not a major fan of this song either, but when you’re choosing Top 5 songs for the month, they must be somewhat relevant and score the “singing along” points. Miss Gomez really does this track well. She’s turning into a real fox! Can’t believe her tender age (can’t believe she dated the Biebs either…eughhh) I really like the percussion in it and it’s very radio friendly, so I stuck it in here.

I Love It - IconaPop (Feat. Charli XCX) (SWEDEN)

I was in my teens during the late 90s. I remember wanting to do music with a passion so fervently that it was annoying to all those around me. Some of the bands I really liked at the time were Blur, Republica, Radiohead, Catatonia, The Cranberries, The Cardigans and loads more. During that time bands were VERY popular and most of them were fronted by real women. I guess THAT was really appealing to me and I couldn’t wait to front a band myself. During the same time the pop world was buzzing too and these two chicks who called themselves “Shampoo” were hitting the charts with songs like “Trouble.” They were a ton of fun and wrote the type of songs you would scream to while drinking thick shake and dipping fries into it. “I Love it” does this to me. Whenever it comes on the radio I roll my windows down and I sing to the top of my lungs. It’s an effortless pop song by the Swedish DJ Duo, Iconapop and it’s reminiscent of those carefree 90s days me thinks!

Treasure - Bruno Mars (USA)

I Love how everyone is going back to that glitzy, fun, disco sound. Bruno Mars, is totally on the ball with his new album “Unorthodox Juekbox” he seems to really be pleasing his audience with this one.  This is a feel good summer track which will I will gladly sip cocktails to, while strutting my stuff by the pool hehehe.

Up In The Air - 30 Seconds to Mars (USA)

When I first heard that Jared Leto was pushing his acting career to the side to pursue his song-writing/band one, I was sceptical. I thought he was a fine actor who chose dark and demanding roles and I thought he wouldn’t be as good a song-writer. I was however proven wrong after the first track to hit our airwaves. (previous singles were obviously released in their territory before they hit Europe) I especially like the short film by Bartholomew Cubbins which accompanies this song, featuring a number of well-known hand-picked personalities like Dita Von Teese. 

As always stay tuned to my Facebook Fanpage for status/picture/video/music updates and also some rather silly stuff. In the meantime, for those of you who STILL haven’t purchased The Fire …you can do so by clicking on the link!! My next LIVE performance open to the public, is the ever so popular Beer Festival…let’s hope that dust doesn’t screw me up this time round again :( I will obviously be holding a meet and greet session to sign albums and pose for pictures (good at that ‘un ain’t I?) Followed by a massive performance at Hal-Ghaxaq where I will be performing alongside…guess who? Shhhhh!!!! Stay tuned to for another blog next month!

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 02:40

Malta: April's Favourite Tunes by Ira Losco

Dear All, I’m still reeling from the extremely positive reception of my album The Fire. I have been flooded with a barrage of amazing comments. Many of you had pre-ordered the album and listened to it at the stroke of midnight on the 20th of March. Words cannot express the gratitude towards you all, for supporting local music and for always having believed in me!! Heartfelt thanks also go to Island Caterers, Villa Bologna and JUGS Malta for having organised a wonderful press event.

The press was present for the launch of the second video of The Person I Am by Keith Falzon and for interviews, which then followed. Many asked why it wasn’t open to the public. It was by no means meant to exclude anyone of you incredible people, but it was not a concert launch and more of a press do. I will be performing new tracks from The Fire Live and Electric at the Zejtun-Beland Show on Saturday 11th May with my band in concert in aid of Puttinu Cares. We look forward to seeing you there! I will obviously also be holding my FIRST Meet & Greet Signing session for The Fire there. So bring your album copies to be signed or purchase them there! Below are some of my fave tunes this month.

Bruno Mars – When I was Your Man (United States)

This guy just gets it right all the time. His lyrics are incredibly NON he sure he’s a guy who thinks like guys? Hehe I sense a bit of metro-sexual there. Definitely a very strong melody and strong words!!!

P!nk – Just Give me a Reason (United States)

P!nk Is on my list of the most amazing vocalists I’ve ever heard, not to mention how jaw-dropping she is live. She is now an acrobat besides being an incredible song-writer and performer. I’m not a hugs fan of Nate Ruess but his voice totally compliments hers on this great track.

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - The Best Things in Life are Free (Australia)

The first time I met the mastermind behind this orchestra I was in Australia with Tribali helping myself to some food at the buffet at “The Blues and Roots Festival” back-stage area and I must’ve cursed in Maltese. I know what you’re all thinking…shame on her and all that…but ironically it got Nikki Bomba to ask if I was Maltese and what the hell I was doing there? After a brief introduction I quickly learnt that he was from Paola, that he played in the John Butler Trio (an incredulous top selling artists in Oz) AND that his sister Mama Kin (also an amazing artists in Oz) was married to John Butler …Booooo (Did I forget to mention that John Butler is hot? hehe) Nikki Bomba is inspirational, his energy is infectious. In this video he is the drummer and his brother Michael is playing the piano. We should b very proud of this Maltese/Australian Family they are flying that Maltese flag high!!!! This is the ultimate feel good song!!

Emeli Sandé - Clown (Scotland)

She is the most honest song-writer to hail from Scotland in my humble opinion. This song is like the ray of hope amidst the dark moments. Her voice just rips your heart out and holds it in her hands. She is the answer to Dionne Warwick with the savvy of Whitney Houston. She will be even bigger than she already is… mark my words!

Gianluca - Tomorrow (Malta)

During the month in anticipation for Eurovision I cannot but place the young doctor on Top in my mini chart. I think this entry for Malta is fresh, relevant to today’s music and above all is fronted by a really genuine young man who stole the hearts of our islanders. Good Luck Gianluca All Malta is behind you!

I’m very excited about my LIVE season opening very soon!! Needless to say the band and I will be playing our heart and soul, cause that’s what we do best! Can’t wait to meet you all at my gigs Don’t forget to leave a comment on the ITUNES Page, this will help The Fire get the international recognition! You may purchase your copy of the album by following this link, here! It is important to note that The Fire, the fifth studio album by Ira Losco has managed was the first by a local artist to be available on preorder and performed extremely well with sales rocketing it up to the pole position prior to being over taken for a brief period by Gianluca whom Ira has just ranked as number #1 in her respective list above. Stay tuned to for another blog next month!

Source: Tonio Lombardi (Image)

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Ira Losco, local singer/songwriter has become a leading force in the music industry for the simple reason that she is highly talented, and has full creative control over the type of music she creates hence forth where the Fire is indeed coming from. in collaboration with Jagged House will be unveiling a monthly playlist of tracks which the renowned performer ranks as her best during the respective month in an editorial form. The tracks which will as much as possible be a mixture of local and foreign will be solely chosen by Ira Losco based on her opinion of what makes a song, a true hit. This will be done in just a couple of sentences; concise and extremely to the point.

In recent days, Ira Losco along with her management  revealed  that later on this month, she will be officially releasing her latest debut album The Fire which is already available for pre-order through digital stores, helping it climb to the upper echelons of the local iTunes Chart. 'To me music is about how you feel at the moment. It’s a soundtrack to your life. It shouldn't try to be something it’s not, it should be honest, true to its roots and above all at times it should also be fun. This is my take on what’s playing in my car or on my iPod right now.  I’m not setting any trends I’m just sharing things I like with you. Hope you like.'

Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko (UNAPOLOGETIC)

Probably a VERY predictable choice, but let’s face it Rihanna’s beautiful tone of voice really comes out in this strong ballad accompanied only by a piano and Mikky Ekko’s  gorgeous vocals.

Storyteller - Mel Xkejfa (Who Me?)

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Melissa when she was still part of the duo ‘Chasing Pandora.’ I love the way she effortlessly tells a story.   This new single introduced her as Mel Xkejfa.

Black Chandellier - Biffy Clyro (Opposites)

Biffy Clyro never cease to amaze me. The first single of their album launched this January is hot, hot, hot.

Dancing Alone – Alex Alden

A breath of fresh air here on this tiny island. A girl with a beautiful voice, reminiscent of Patty Smith in my humble opinion, with some great song writing skills. I love this tune!

Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars (Unorthdox Jukebox)

When Bruno Mars hit the scene, it was pretty obvious that the locals would fall in LOVE with his very radio friendly first single. I have a tendency to not like what EVERYONE else is Loving. But that all changed when Bruno Mars released this track. Many criticised it sounded like a ‘Police’ track, reminiscent of it, but it does sound great!

That’s all folks…or at least for this month it is…I’ll be posting my favourite tunes next month.  Watch this space for some Fresh NEWS on my album The Fire Pre-Orders here! Ira Losco, the singer/songwriter will be with us, the editorial team as a special guest for the rest of the year as she gives her take on five hit tracks, always according to her opinion, one which is valued by many in the music industry having earned, both experience and respect amongst her peers. In just a month's time, another editorial, but until then, we join Ira in saying goodbye and stay tuned to for more news about the local music scene and the Eurovision Song Contest on a daily basis.

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