January 25, 2020

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In 2009, Brinck represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest with the track Believe Again co-written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Michael Larsson and Ronan Keating achieving a mid-table finish. Earlier this year, the male vocalist showed interest to represent the Scandinavian country once more by virtue of submitting two entries for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix but both were explicably different than his entry at the Pan-European competition. The one which was chosen entitled Human was thought to be relatively inferior and as such did not make it through to the final round of the competition.

The name of the other submitted entry was Sommer which translates into Summer and has a relatively good vibe, somewhat more attributed to the competition funnily enough. The panel of judges did not think the same and thus did not select this entry to possibly compete against Emmelie de Forest who went onto win the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and the Eurovision Song Contest with her entry Only Teardrops. The music video for Sommer was filmed in Kollund with surroundings in the South of Jutland envisaging the beautiful scenery of Denmark within the summer months. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Official Website


Saturday, 26 January 2013 19:01

Denmark: Dansk MGP 2013 Final - LIVE

Throughout the month of December, five countries selected their entries for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which is set to take place in Malmö, Sweden thus leaving the month of January somewhat selection free apart from the early stages of a number of countries including Norway, Finland and Iceland amongst others whose final showcase will be taking place at several points in February. Tonight, all eyes will be on Denmark as the sixth entry will be selected from a pool of ten songs which were selected by an internal panel of judges. Following the disappointment of Soluna Samay and her entry Should’ve Known Better, several songwriters wanted to try their hand at writing a track which could succeed internationally and hence a large amount of submissions were received and DR, the broadcaster chose the ones which stood out.

The spectacle this evening will be definitely be one to follow and indeed, a live stream is being offered on the official website. The favourites for the evening are most notably females with Stay Awake by Simone being the public favourite as per a poll on the official broadcasters’ website and Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest receiving the most international acclaim. The showcase is set to be hosted by three females who are none other than Lise Rønne, Louise Wolff and Sofie Lassen-Kahlke whilst the broadcaster also pulled out stunning names for the jury which will include professional individuals such as Jørgen de Mylius, Lis Sørensen, Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg, Mich Hedin Hansen, and Thomas Kato Vittrup. Follow our live report of the show and let us know your thoughts about the performances as the selection takes place in the Boxen Arena in Herning.

The Show (Part 1)

The show has just started and it seems that the hosts for this evening are being introduced through a pre-recorded video with a choir of boys singing the Te Deum which has been adapted as a hymn by the European Broadcasting Union. This is a huge arena but they have managed to fill it up nicely and the warm crowd is definitely a positive addition. The stage is stunning and it shows that DR, the broadcaster have put in a great deal to make sure that this evening is a success. The hosts are now on stage and they are clad in black leather outfits. The voice of reason, the oracle is calling out all of the performers on stage in the respective running order. Following the performers, the jury is introduced along with what they have achieved in their careers and why they have been selected.

01. Frederikke Vedel - Jeg har hele tiden vidst det

The first song, and one cannot help note that this is one of the few being presented in Danish. The camera is clearly focusing on Frederikke before giving her two dancers a bit of time to showcase their early parts of what seems to be a routine choreography. The stage is stunning and is bathed in white and blue lights. The female singer is clad in a white shirt, black trousers and a black jacket to match and suddenly, the dancers closer her in what seems to be a prison of sheets. Mid-way through the performance, three female backing vocalists join in. Vocally, this is superb and it is good to get the feeling of the genre that will be predominant during the evening.

02. Brinck - Human

Brinck, who represented Denmark in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is back and he is wearing casual attire whilst playing the guitar. The backdrop behind him is completely black and suddenly, some lights are on to match the shooting stars in the lyrics. The vocals are quite off in the beginning unfortunately but the performance is definitely camera friendly. He is joined on stage by a drummer and two male backing vocalists and one could easily see this as a radio hit and nothing else. Such a disappointing entry by someone who'd like to represent his country once more. The lyrics are really bland as well and one cannot get the meaning out of them. The audience though is very enthusiastic and they are clapping along mid-way through the performance.

03. Kate Hall - I am Not Alone

Third performance of the evening and despite the studio version of this entry really putting my hopes up, I have to say that I am very disappointed by the live vocals of the performer who seems to be off from the very first note. Wearing a red dress, she is walking down stairs, dancing and trying to look like a diva but unfortunately, the singing is terrible, especially in the high notes. She is joined on stage by a multitude of dancers who try to add that something special to the performance but if anything, they are extremely distracting. This would crash and burn at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

04. Louise Dubiel - Rejs dig op

The second entry in Finnish this evening and this very much reminds me of We Are Young by the group Fun which could prove problematic should it manage to win the ticket to represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest. The female performer is wearing a white jumpsuit and is joined on stage by four drummers whose drums light up every time they are hit. The vocals are slightly off once more but nevertheless, the focus is on the stunning arena which is clearly made to host the international competition. The Ohh Ohh in the middle of the song is a great way to involve the crowd and this could go far because the audience is going mad. A good presentation and first threat to success this evening.

05. Daze - We own the universe

Daze are somewhat legendary in Denmark having achieved success in the nineties for a string of hits in the vein of Aqua. They might have aged but nevertheless, they are still very much recognisable and one could easily notice that this is written by Thomas G:Son considering that it is extremely schlagertastic. The stage is alternating between a night sky and a purple lighting session. The vocals are key on point and this is the first real contender this evening. The people are enjoying the enthuasiasm and one could see that they would really like to do this. Stunning! Daze to Malmo!

06. Simone Egeriis - Stay Awake


Simone is the major favourite this evening as mentioned above and she had a stunning ballad a couple of years back which finished in third place. This time round, she is performing a pop/dance track and she is doing it whilst wearing a short gold dress. She is joined on stage by three dancers clad in white attire. The stage itself is once more bathed in purple lights but this is clearly a strong entry which needs a little more oomph. Nevertheless, despite the choreography, Simone is hitting all of the notes and she looks like Ivi Adamou but with blonde her and distinctly stunning vocals. This could very much be the next Danish entry at the Eurovision Song Contest.

07. Jack Rowan featuring Sam Gray - Invincible

Clearly a British performer for this entry considering the accent and his charming looks might appeal to the tele-voters considering that the camera is eating him up. He is joined on stage by a masked man who seems to be featuring in this track as Jack Rowman. There is an arena feel instantly and the warm audience is clapping along to this track, as if at a major concert. The staging is beyond impressive and pyrotechnics are used quite a lot, causing a bit of a fire hazard. This is clearly a party anthem and really follows with the element of a Saturday evening. The vocals are almost perfect but there are a few bum notes here and there. I am not sure about the reception at the Eurovision Song Contest, but it would surely get a lot of attention.

08. Emmelie de Forest - Only teardrops

Whoa! This girl looks very similar to Soluna Samay and this entry seems to be very distinct from the rest because it has celtic elements which have already been seen in Iceland Norway. Emmelie has a very peculiar look which makes her memorable to the uaidnece. She is wearing a cream dress which is flowing with the effect of the wind machine. She is joined by three backing vocalists; a female and two males as well as two drummers. The vocals are on point and this is a really strong contender. I coudl understand the reason why the international community liked this because it's appeal goes beyond. Major response from the crowd!

09. Albin - Beautiful to me

One of the songwriters of this entry is Bryan Rice who had finished in the first runner-up position a couple of years back and his genre is very much reflected in this track. Albin is clad in black attire which a long leather coat. He is joined on stage by four backing vocalists but it seems that the focus in this performance is truly the song because there is nothing distracting my sight. The camera loves Albin and he sings into it at the end of the catwalk creating a stunning effect. The vocals are spot on and this could surprise although, am not sure that it would do well at the Eurovision Song Contest because of being very middle of the road.

10. Mohamed - Unbreakable

Mohammed is a former X Factor contestant and therefore brings the reality show feel to the competition making him a popular option. Nevertheless, this type of entry has been presented several times in a number of countries and somewhat echoes the sound that was very much predominant in Danny's runner-up entry in Sweden last year. Mid-way through the performance, the stage is darkened and he is joined by four male dancers. The vocals are completely off in the second part of the song and despite the fact that he is enjoying the performance along with the crowd, I am definitely not. The choreography is brilliant though and the additional pyrotechnics, give it an Eastern touch which would do Denmark proud. I am not too sure, this could go either way in Sweden!

The Show (Part 2)

The hosts are back on stage relatively quickly and the first round of tele-voting has already opened with the first recap of performances currently being shown on screen. We believe that this could be very much a four horse race involving; Daze, Emmelie, Simone and Mohammed. It seems that the earlier songs are very much the no hopers according to the cheers from the crowd during the recap. This will be an extremely packed interval act and kicking off things will be Soluna Samay who represented Denmark at the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Her entry did qualify to the final but did not live up to the expectations unfortunately. The three finalists have already been decided and they are;

01. Simone Egeriis - Stay Awake


Simone is the first finalist who takes to the stage for the second time and the stage is once more bathed in a mixture of purple and blue. The blonde performer is really enjoying her performance and dare I say that her vocals are much stronger this time round. The choreography is very hellenic in my opinion and the camera shots are just great for this performance. A pop dance track which would definitely qualify at the Eurovision Song Contest should it be selected this evening. I believe that it is typical of Denmark but nevertheless, not a middle of the road entry. The audience has gone mad and this is the main favourite now.

02. Emmelie de Forest - Only teardrops

The internationally sounding entry and the one which in my opinion would get them the best result at the Eurovision Song Contest is this one, because it has a celtic feel mixed with that typical pop/folk type of sound which has done really well in the charts within Scandinavia and has attracted attention from a lot of countries. One has to envy being in that warm crowd, which is giving ample support to the three finalists. The vocals are spot on and Emmelie is enjoying her performance which includes the drummers and fire visuals which fit in perfectly with the yellow and red lighting on stage. 

03. Mohamed - Unbreakable

A slightly blurred feed as we enter the final stages but nevertheless, Mohammed is back on stage for his final performance. He is still clad in his black leather attire and the vocals this time round are slightly better, maybe he realised that his routine was somewhat making him lose his breathe quickly. The choreography is extremely tight and in a Danny Saucedo meets Eric Saade, performance this could very much be the favourite of the public. I just cannot see the jury going for it especially because his vocals were off towards the end. The feel in the hall is just electric and this could be surprising but should this win, this will most likely have a similar result to Norway in 2012.

The Show (Part 3)

The three performances of the super-final have just come to an end and the showcase continues with the three hosts back on stage and they introduce a recap for the top three entries this evening. They are being shown an empty suitcase and going crazy for some weird reason and this looks extremely funny for a foreigner. First foreign guests are on and they are Brotherhood of Man with Save Your Kisses for Me. Next up are The Herreys with Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley who will surely be followed by Johnny Logan who is performing his signature track Hold Me Now from 1987. The results are coming and it seems that the jury is going as expected for Emmelie followed by Mohammed and then Simone in third place. After the jury votes and the tele-voting, the final result is;

1st: Emmelie de Forest - Only Teardrops

2nd: Mohamed - Unbreakable

3rd: Simone Egeriis - Stay Awake

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 11:41

Denmark: Full Versions Published by DR

A catchy chorus is most noteably very important for success in the Eurovision Song Contest unless the track is generally well written and produced but nevertheless, Denmark is presenting completely fresh sounds, ones which would get anyone dancing and featuring a mixture of newcomers and veterans. The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix has become an annual spectacle with the broadcaster, DR going all out on that one special evening to make sure that the people are entertained. This year will be no different and one could listen to the full songs competing on the official website.

A couple of weeks back, it was revealed that within the evening, there will be special performances given by three former winners of the Eurovision Song Contest including; Johnny Logan (1980, 1987), Brotherhood of Man (1976) and The Herreys (1984) adding to the spectacle. The entries that are being presented for Denmark this year reflect on the result that was achieved by the nation during last years' international showcase as Should've Known Better performed by Soluna Samay finished at the latter end of the scoreboard despite being tipped for a possible victory in the betting odds. It was not the typical song that one would enjoy but it was indeed extremely radio friendly. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the news from Denmark as they select their representative and entry on Saturday evening. 

Source: DR


Wednesday, 16 January 2013 16:10

Denmark: DR Announces Ten Finalists

Since the introduction of the semi-final system, Denmark has only failed to qualify on two occasions, those coming in 2004 with Thomas Thordarsson and his track Shame On You finishing in thirteenth place as well as in 2007 with Drama Queen performed by DQ only managing nineteenth place at the end of the evening. From 2008 onwards, their entries which have been dubbed on more than one occasion as a typical middle of the road type of genre have performed moderately well, with their appearances in 2010 and 2011 being the most significant noting fourth and fifth place finishes with the track In a Moment Like This by Chanée and N'evergreen as well as New Tomorrow by A Friend in London. Earlier today, DR announced the ten acts along with the entries that they will be performing as they aim to represent Denmark in the next Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in the neighbouring country of Sweden.

Expectations have always been relatively high for Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest and despite their list of successes, it has to be noted that they only finished at the very top on two occasions, the first time in 1963 with 'Dansevise' performed by Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann and the second time being in 2000 when the Olsen Brothers sung their beautiful melody 'Fly on the Wings of Love'. The artists that have been selected bring about dance and pop and the main genres whilst English is also seemingly predominant. One will definitely focus on a couple of names in the list especially if history serves right of course with major nineties group known as Daze making a comeback to music alongside former Eurovision Song Contest representative Brinck who in his national final had beaten Simone Egeriis who is also back for another shot and is a favourite to triumph according to a poll conducted by the official website.

  1. Jeg har hele tiden vidst det - Frederikke Vedel (Georgi, Thomas & Jeppe Reil)
  2. Human - Brinck (Niels Brinck)
  3. I'm Not Alone - Kate Hall (Jensen, Larsson, Bell, Holter, Erixson, Hermansen)
  4. Rejs dig op - Louise Dubiel (Lindstad, Braager, Dubiel)
  5. We Own The Universe - Daze (G:Son, Boström)
  6. Stay Awake - Simone Egeriis (Jensen, Lindberg)
  7. Invincible - Jack Rowan ft. Sam Gray (Darwich, Rowan, Gray)
  8. Only Teardrops - Emmerlie de Forest (Cabble, Jakobsen, Stenggard)
  9. Beautiful to Me - Albin (Clausen, Haugaard)
  10. Unbreakable - Mohammed (Friss, Parsberg, Bjørnskov, Dissing)
You could listen to snippets of the ten finalists on the official website. DR had received a total of 692 submissions for this years' edition of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix which will be taking place in the Boxen Arena in Herning but ultimately selected eight (8) entries from them to compete with another two (2) added later on during the proceedings as wildcards in an effort to make the field as diverse as possible. The voting will be the same as it has been in recent years with a professional jury and tele-voting each having a 50% stake in the choice of the top three finalists before each judge will allocate 1,2 and 3 points to the respective top three (3) choices whilst the tele-voting will have thirty (30) points in total which will be divulged through percentage. At the end of the evening, the winning entry will be performed once more. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.
Source: DR