November 19, 2019

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The European Broadcasting Union is working round the clock in order to ensure that their predictions with regards to the amount of participating countries is still around the target that they had set earlier this year, which is that involving around thirty eight nations which just happens to be the current number of countries confirmed to take part in the event following the earlier withdrawals put forward by Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and followed by the decisions taken up today which will also see Turkey and Bosnia & Herzegovina not taking part in the esteemed competition due to completely different reasons. Both countries have been known to succeed at the Eurovision Song Contest with the latter in particular having a perfect qualification record since the semi-final system was introduced noting that the former only failed to quality on just one occasion since the same system came into effect.

Both announcements were somewhat unexpected especially that of Bosnia & Herzegovina who are definitely coming off what seems to be one of their most disappointing results with Korake Ti Znam performed by Maya Sar, achieving just fifty five points and eighteenth place after managing to finish in sixth place within the semi-final. BHRT noted that due to financial difficulties they would have to give the competition a miss and therefore, would be taking a year off with the strong possibility that they would be returning in the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest should the financial situation stabilize. Despite never winning the competition, they have been close on two occasions, the first time with Hari Mata Hari and his entry Lejla which was written by Zeljko Joksimovic in 2006 and the second would be a sixth place achieved by Dino Merlin in 2010 with the song Love In Rewind.

In the meantime, the second withdrawal of the day came about from Turkey who have been pretty much inconsistent in their line of thought as of late noting that their choice has been somewhat based on the fact that they do not believe the voting system to be fair with the reintroduction of the juries as well as the power that the big five have, which enables them to compete directly in the final. It seems that their somewhat lackluster result achieved in 2011 with the song Live It Up performed by Yuksek Sadakat is being blamed on this whilst noting that they failed to drum up the support they could for the seventh placed entry Love Me Back by Can Bonomo. Turkey did not do well with the jury, finishing in twenty second place whilst managing a fourth place in tele-voting. Therefore, they would like some issues to be addressed. Without both nations, there will surely be less diaspora voting though and this is a plus. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: BHRT, TRT

Sixteen tracks have come to be reviewed by our esteemed panel of critics who have clearly defined their own personal opinion over a number of notable concerns including technique of the voice, genre of the song and also hit potential amongst other things. The penultimate track in the second semi-final of this years' Eurovision Song Contest is coming from Bosnia & Herzegovina, a successful nation in the music competition whom this year will be represented by the musical stylings of Maya Sar, who just happens to be a very notable name in the music industry of the Balkans. She will be performing the song Korake Ti Znam which has been composed and penned by her husband whose name is Mahir Sarihodžić. Also aiding in the composition is none other than the renowned Adriano Pennino who was the musical director at the Sanremo festival earlier this year.

A supremely talented singer/songwriter, Maya Sar brings passion and depth to her music and performances, including the self-penned song Korake ti znam, which she will perform for Bosnia & Herzegovina in Baku in May. Maya Sar is a songwriter, composer and singer who works with the biggest names from the Balkan region. For many years she has been a member of Dino Merlin's band with whom she performed on stage at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf.

She is the founder of a regional humanitarian project, which helps to fight against cervical cancer Moj je život moja pjesma (My Life Is My Song) and the composer and songwriter of the eponymous song. For this she received the Golden Plaque Of The Great Human Heart by the International League of Humanists. With her first self-penned single "Nespretno", Maya Sar achieved remarkable success and gained the respect of the audience. She composes for other artists in the family studio Long Play with her husband and producer Mahir Sarihodžić and is also finishing her first solo album.

The Critics Voice Their Opinion

Magnus Kaxe

  • I love these kinds of songs – the Disney ballads. A beautiful song and an amazing voice. Maybe the chorus is a little bit weak. Hard to say how the Eurovision audience will vote. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it through to the finals and with such an assessment, fully deserving of eight (8) points.

Marion Welter

  • This is a very sensual song and I must say that it is one of the few Balkan entries to have struck a chord with me and apart from that, her vocals are flawless and just beautiful. Like my colleague before me, eight (8) points.

Tobias Larsson

  • I adored MayaSar already last year, when she was part of the Bosnian backing group. This year she offers a quite little ballad that might be too soft and introvert to capture the large masses on a first listening. But the ones who listen carefully will be strongly rewarded for doing so. A pearl. Beautiful indeed, nine (9) points.

Entry Background

Performer: Maya Sar 

Composer: Maja Sarihodžić

Author: Maja Sarihodžić

Song: Korake Ti Znam

Language: Bosnian

Broadcaster: BHRT

History of the Nation

Next year will be a notable year for Bosnia & Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest as they will be hitting their first milestone by virtue of entering into their twentieth participation. Their history has been nothing short of successful especially in recent years noting that since the millennium, they have managed to reach the top ten six times in total, just missing out on another three or four occasions. Their best result thus far remains to be that achieved by Hari Mata Hari and his song Lejla written by Zeljko Joksimovic who will be representing Serbia this year. Their second best result was achieved last year with Dino Merlin and his track Love In Rewind besting his previous best of seventh place in 1999 when with Beatrice he finishing in seventh place with the track Putnici.

Source: for the Biographical Information and all respective media

Published in Editorials

Maya Sar who is the representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘Korake ti znam’ which is described as a typical Italian ballad, had shared some info regarding her performance on a Bosnian TV show. She claimed; “The song Korake ti znam is full of emotions and I want to stick to it – I will perform alone on stage in Baku, give a performance without any special effects and try to bring all my emotions to viewers. I hope I will make citizens of B&H proud and that they will appreciate my job”.

She also said that her favourite song from all the other 41 competitors is Ott Lepland’s song ‘Kuula’ which is representing Estonia. She also said that she likes the current hot favourite of the contest; Sweden. And as for the Balkans she said that Željko, Nina, Amadeus and Kaliopi are all special in their own way for the simple reason that they present who they actually are. There will also be an an Italian version of ‘Korake ti znam’ which is to be released very soon as the English version can be seen below. We would like to wish Maya Sar and Bosnia & Herzegovina, the best of luck. They will be competing in the second semi-final with Malta on the 24th of May.

Source: BHRT, ESCDaily