January 25, 2020

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These English don’t live without the Eurovision. That’s a fact. After Engelbert Humperdinck’s  ‘flop’ last Saturday (with only 12 points, finishing second from the bottom), BBC was unsure whether it should continue participating or not. Nevertheless, big names are already emerging as ‘favourites’ to represent the country next year in Sweden … and let’s face it, it’s the 5th time Sweden will be hosting the Eurovision, and I think that they are ‘experts’ in organizing a great and superb contest, thus no country should miss this showcase contest in such a ‘Eurovision expert’ country!

UK should really choose it’s representative well this time round. Ok, big names are big names, but they are repeatedly doing the same mistake, year after year. They were ‘favourites’ to winning last year’s contest since world-known boy band Blue participated, but … instead … all their high hopes ended at position number 11. 

Funnily enough, American pop band ‘Scissor Sisters’ have vowed to end UK’s Eurovision crisis. A big statement indeed. Well, rules state that contestants do not have to actually be from the country they are representing. This rule was also opted from the Swiss, when in 1988, Celine Dion, despite being a Canadian, was chosen to represent the country with a French song (Ne Partenz Senza Moi – Don’t Leave Without Me), and eventually won the contest. Jake Shears, Scissors Sisters’ singer, told BBC Radio Five Live that he would go for the Eurovision if he was asked to do so, “If I was asked I would gladly do it for you. I would love to. I’d be happy to.”


Another big name tipped to represent the country is Sir Cliff Richard, who was also a favourite for this year’s edition, but since he has been busy with personal commitments, he preferred to leave this ‘mission’ in someone else’s hands. Sir Cliff Richard, 71, has carried the nation’s hopes twice before. A BBC insider said: “Cliff has been approached and there is potential interest. He’s obviously one of our most respected performers and he’s certainly among the frontrunners for 2013. Cliff is a real perfectionist and would have to be convinced he has a strong song to work with. Hopefully he won’t be put off after the disappointment at the weekend.”


Sir Cliff finished second in 1968 with Congratulations and came third in 1973 with Power to All Our Friends. “There’s a sense of unfinished business for Cliff at Eurovision as he’s come so close to winning in the past. Hopefully it will be third time lucky,” said the insider.

The UK hasn't won Eurovision since 1997, with our entrants finishing last in 2003, 2008 and 2010. Well, one thing the UK must make sure to avoid this time round … another disappointment from yet another big name. Between Scissors Sisters and Sir Cliff … I think I’ll prefer the second, although his past achievements in such a prestigious contest don’t really ‘predict’ his future achievement if he was to be the chosen. In that, Scissors Sisters would be the ‘modern’ choice for the Brit’s in 2013. Let’s hope they’ll make the best choice! ;)

Source: Daily Express, Eurovision.tv

There has been a lot of fuss in recent years over the participation of the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest especially due to the fact that one of the largest music markets cannot manage to achieve consistent results. The British Broadcasting Corporation has been said to be making quite an extra amount of effort although it seems that they are not really meeting the budgetary spending that they should paying much more for a series of other things and therefore putting the competition on the backbone of their strategy. This morning, the British media has gone all negative and sour about this years' participation noting that Engelbert Humperdinck only managed to garner twelve points from four countries putting him in twenty-fifth position.


The history of the United Kingdom as the prestigious event is definitely not worth retiring upon with five victories and fifteen runner-up finishes to their name although the last time they did finish in the top three was way back in 2002 with Jessica Garlick and her track Come Back although one has to note that they also finished in fifth place in 2009 when Jade Ewen performed the song It's My Time penned by Diane Warren and Andrew Lloyd Webber. British viewers took to social networking websites and also message boards calling for the broadcaster to withdraw from the event with the well known Philip Schofield also going about saying 'It’s time to pull out. Not even Robbie Williams could win it for us, it's too political'.


Nevertheless, it seems that the general consensus is that Engelbert was not the right choice to represent the United Kingdom because it showed that the country was somewhat old fashioned instead of promoting a new array of perfomers which somewhat dominate the British music scene at the moment including acts such as Hurts, Pixie Lott, Leona Lewis, Jessie J and of course Adele who has taken over most of the charts with a huge number of hit tracks. The very fact of the matter is that some people like to say it was political voting but the top five was relatively strange and whilst there might have been an interesting element of this kind of voting this time round, it has been acknowledged by a British Broadcasting Corporation spokesman that the affect was only on 'mid-table positions'. 


One of the most influential men in the world of Eurovision is surely Paul Gambaccini who despite being an author of a book about the competition, is also a presenter on BBC Radio 2. He speaks about the possibility of a world class singer and songwriter chosen to represent the United Kingdom adding that while he does not expect starts like 'Adele to sign up', he believes that there is the possibility of finding the 'modern equivalent of Cliff Richard and the songwriter team behind Congratulationrs, Bill Martin and Phil Coulte'. His idea was backed by none other than 1997 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest;  Katrina Leskanich who would love to see songwriter Cathy Dennis write the song for the United Kingdom having written hits such as Toxic for Britney Spears and Can't Get You Out of My Head for Kylie Minogue. 

Source: The Telegraph


The most noteworthy participant in this years' Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan is surely Engelbert Humperdinck, one of the biggest stars of the olden days with a large number of hits including tracks such as Release Me, The Last Waltz, A Man Without Love, and After the Lovin' amongst others. The selection of the British Broadcasting Corporation did not go without any criticism from the British and the foreign press actually but nevertheless, he has somewhat been tipped as one of the favourites with the United Kingdom being almost at the top of the list in terms of the Betting Odds ranking in position number #4 at the current moment. It will be quite interesting to see how the performance of the track Love Will Set You Free will go down with the rest of the continent.


Engelbert is currently signed to Conehead Records which is an independent recording label to which stars such as Peter Andre, Stacey Solomon and Rhydian Roberts are also signed. The single was released last Monday and it seems that Engelbert was out to promote the track prior to leaving to the Eurovision Song Contest making appearances on the Graham Norton Show on BBC1 in the United Kingdom and also on the Late Late Show on RTE in Ireland where Jedward where also guests. In both shows, the legendary performer decided to perform his track LIVE for the very first time and despite the age, his performances were still above average yet not perfect and might require some work before going to Baku, Azerbaijan. Stay tuned to all of the latest news from the Eurovision Song Contest with our live coverage on escflashmalta.com thanks to our team on location including Juergen Boernig, Garrett Mulhall, Patrick Strouk, Šira Carolyn Bezalel and Lilian Brunell along with our collaborators including Luke Fisher of escXtra and Keith Mills of All Kinds of Everything.

Source: BBC, RTE


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