February 18, 2020

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Friday, 15 February 2013 23:54

Italy: Antonio Maggio Triumphs in 'Giovani'

In February, millions of viewers expect to follow the annual Sanremo competition in Italy and this year is not any different with more then ten million viewers, averaging on each respective evening. The fourth evening has just come to an end with the winner of the 'Sezioni Giovani' revealed to the public following a public and jury vote, both accountable to half of the final votes in this evenings' showcase. The talent was extremely high and out of the four competing entries, there were at least three which deserved to do well and this was well regarded. All of the artists are backed by record labels by virtue of making such a notorious competition and the winner of the evening, Antonio Maggio is definitely gaining ground in the music scene.

Antonio Maggio took part in the first edition of the Italian version of the X Factor alongside another three members, collectively known as ARAM and they managed to triumph ahead of Giusy Ferreri. This was quite the achievement but unfortunately, things did not pan out in a positive manner their debut album did not really post successful results. In the meantime though, Antonio Maggio has been trying to establish a solo career having signed with an independent record label; Rusty Records in 2011 but since entering the Sanremo competition, he was contracted with Universal Music Italia and thus that is through which company his single Mi servirebbe sapere will be released. In second place this evening was Ilaria Porceddu with In equilibrio whilst the Mia Martini Critics Award was given to Renzo Rubino with the track Il postino (amami uomo). Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: RAI


RAI, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest have enjoyed relative success on their return to the competition in the past two years with the acts chosen from the Sanremo competition achieving top ten results. An internal panel of appointed music experts were behind the initial two decisions whilst a consensus also needs to be reached with a particular record label which would represent a number of the competing artists within the competition, whether in the Campioni or the Giovani category. Rumours have been on the increase in the past couple of weeks, noting that the public would like to see Marco Mengoni fly the flag on behalf of the country. It could be a strong consideration if the broadcaster, RAI is aiming for high viewing figures.

This years’ edition of Sanremo will be taking place in the week starting 11th February and escflashmalta.com will be on hand to cover the event in the best possible manner. Our senior editor, Elaine Camilleri will be taking over her annual duties to cover the event along with the rest of the editorial board. Italy have won the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, the first time in 1964 with Non Ho L’Eta performed by Gigliola Cinquetti and the second time in 1990 with Insieme: 1992 sung by Toto Cotungo. RAI confirms that the choice of the artist will be made from the Sanremo competition and therefore the list of potential candidates has been brought down to twenty one (21) acts in total, eight competing in the Giovani category with thirteen (13) competing in the Campioni Category. The list of potential representatives could be found just below.

Campioni Category:

Giovani Category:

Whilst it is highly unlikely, there is a possibility that former representative; Raphael Gualazzi might be select to represent Italy for a second time. He has gained considerable fame since his experience in Dusseldorf and might choose to take up the proposal again but in the meantime, there are a number of intriguing candidates including Max Gazze’ who has performed with 2002 Eurovision Song Contest representative; Ira Losco in the past couple of months during one of his notable tours. Competing in this years’ Sanremo as well is former winner; Simone Cristicchi. In the meantime, we would like you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news from this years’ edition of Sanremo as well as the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmo, Sweden.

Source: RAI, Eurovision.tv


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