September 18, 2019

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 02:30

The Netherlands: Reviewing the track 'Birds' has enlisted the aid of six professional music critics including producers, songwriters and even performers to pass their judgement on the songs which will be competing in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. All of the information is obtained from the official website of the international spectacle and indeed, pertaining to the running order as decided by the producers, The Netherlands will be performing in slot number eight (8) from the sixteen (16) entries which will be competing during the first semi-final. TROS, the broadcaster resposible for the participation of The Netherlands  in the Eurovision Song Contest will be represented by the song Birds co-written between Tore Johansson, Martin Gjerstad and Anouk who will also be responsible for providing the vocals.

In 1997, Anouk Teeuwe stormed the Dutch musical world with her single Nobody’s Wife, an explosive rock anthem about independence that stayed high on the Dutch charts for weeks. Holland massively fell for Anouk's powerful, clear voice, and the expression with which she poured out her heart and soul. A rock star was born. The singer from The Hague, then 22 years old, was already well-known in Dutch musical circles. Two years before her big break, she was a student at the Rotterdam School of Music when she came into contact with Golden Earring singer Barry Hay, with whom she sang a few songs live at a festival in The Hague. He was so impressed with her singing that he offered to write material for her, which resulted in a first single: Mood Indigo. A little under a year later Nobody’s Wife was released and everyone in the Netherlands knew who Anouk was.

Now, sixteen years later, Anouk is still one of the most popular performing artists in the Netherlands. No less than seven of the eleven albums she released are high on the Dutch album chart, and thirteen singles made the top ten. Over the years she has received many awards, including an impressive nine Edisons (the Dutch equivalent of the Grammy). In 2001 she won the Pop Award, a prestigious Dutch annual music award that is presented to a performing artist who has made an important contribution to Dutch pop music, and both in 2005 and in 2006 she won an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Dutch Act. Between 1997 and 2011 Anouk released seven studio albums, resulting in dozens of hits. Initially, the wilful singer from The Hague was mostly known for her explosive rock songs like Nobody’s Wife and R U Kiddin’ Me, but she has also made small and fragile songs like Lost and Michel, and in later albums she has experimented with soul, funk, and hip-hop.

But there is always that voice, like a recurrent theme - that voice that stands like a rock. The voice that can flatter, spit fire, touch your heart or blow you away. That is sometimes raw, and at other times fragile. Anouk's often painfully outspoken lyrics strike a chord in her fans, who identify with her personal stories. Anouk is internationally successful as well. Nobody’s Wife was a great hit in Norway and Sweden, and the singer scored a number one hit in Denmark with Lost. In Albania the single One Word ended up at the top of the chart. Anouk's albums are released in Belgium, Scandinavia, Israel, Turkey and Italy, and she works with reputable international names like Glen Ballard (producer for Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion), Reggie Perry (Jay Z, John Legend), and Ryan Lesie (Mary J Blige).

In the olden days, The Netherlands was one of the countries which always performed well within the international spectacle taking into account every aspect of their participation and seeing them achieve four victories in total. The last unfortunately was thirty-eight (38) years ago when the group Teach-In reached the top of the table with the track Ding-A-Dong. Since the introduction of the semi-final system back in 2004, things have not been successful for the nation noting that whilst they managed to qualify on that occasion with the track Without You performed by the group Re-Union, they have not managed to do so once more. For this simple reason, they have changed their broadcaster and ultimately also their method of selection. Anouk has been a target for several years and she is hoping to take The Netherlands back into the final as well as the top five if possible.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 67%

Magnus Kaxe: Unusual song for Eurovsion. Lovely melody and lyrics with an amazing harmony progression.  To make the song shine it needs a great artist performance. And who could do it better than Anouk? Nobody. This is going to fly high like birds in the contest. Maybe all the way to number one.

Lina Eriksson: To be honest this wasn't what I expected when I learned Anouk was representing The Netherlands. A beautiful melancholic song but I don't think it'll work in the Eurovision Song Contest and this is on what I am basing my opinion.

Matt Mercieca (Muxu): She is so cool, I would love to hang out with her, her speaking voice and singing voice are so different, it sound like a movie soundtrack. I love this, it has an old school vibe, I don't know how eurovision fanatics will respond to it, but I Love it, its so quirky, and so different, I am definitely a fan, and hope this does well, but man I love it, its so different, not commercial at all, it sounds like a soundtrack, I love it, what the hell I am going to give it a 10, it gives me a good old school vibe and makes me happy.


Published in Editorials
Monday, 11 March 2013 14:06

The Netherlands: Anouk Unveils 'Birds'

The Heads of Delegation meeting will be taking place this time next week and the countries are currently finalising their selections for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Some nations are somewhat making their revelations late for the simple reason that they wish to present a finished product rather than a demo version which might reason negative criticism as has been the case with several tracks. Anouk will be representing The Netherlands in a couple of weeks time and the song she will be performing is entitled Birds. It was officially presented earlier today.

Following in the footsteps of stars such as Bonnie Tyler and Cascada, the latter of which had to go through a national selection process, Anouk will be representing her home country with the hope of heading into the final of this years' competition noting that The Netherlands have only done so on one occasion, that being in the inaugural year of the semi-final system back in 2004. The act was made up of two men known as Re-Union and their entry was Without You. Since then, whilst there has been a lot of effort made by the broadcaster, the nation has not succeeded. According to the current betting odds, this will change as it climbs to fifth place hoping that Anouk will manage to get out of the first semi-final and achieve a successful result. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: TROS

Following a debacle on who would be representing The Netherlands in the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, it was internally decided that Anouk would be flying the flag due to the fact that she is one of the most recognisable faces in the foreign music industry, especially for her hit song Nobody's Wife released in 1997. The renowned Dutch performer has kept to the genre that made her notorious over the years and as a matter of fact, her music is still very much successful both in The Netherlands and the neighbouring country of Belgium. A couple of days ago, it was revealed to the national media that the song she will be performing in Sweden is entitled Birds co-written by Martin Gjerstad and Tore Johanson.

TROS is yet to give full details of the song presentation but it has been officially confirmed that the song Birds will be previewed for the first time on the 11th March 2013. Nevertheless, it seems that Anouk is quite ecstatic on promoting her new song, most likely a single release in the next couple of weeks because during a concert she was giving at Tivoli, she performed a thirty second snippet of the song in acoustic manner and her vocals somewhat stunning during the short yet extremely plausible performance. Anouk will be competing in the first part of the first semi-final at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest and will have the task of bringing The Netherlands back into the final for the first time in nine years. Stay tuned to for more news.

Source: YouTube

Friday, 22 February 2013 17:11

The Netherlands: Anouk Reveals Song-Title

TROS, the broadcaster responsible for the Dutch participation has been looking at a variety of ways how to succeed in the international showcase but nevertheless, qualification has not been achieved for the past nine years. As a matter of fact, the only time that The Netherlands managed to get out of the semi-final was back in 2004 with the group Re-Union who had performed the song Without You. In 2013, flying the flag on behalf of the nation will be Anouk, the thirty-seven old artist who has released a total of eight studio albums and gained credibility beyond the continent with her 1997 hit single, Nobody's Wife.


It has officially been confirmed by the broadcaster that Anouk will be performing the track Birds during the first semi-final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The track has been co-written by Martin Gjerstad and Tore Johanson with the latter being one of the pivotal producers behind the success of the artist in recent years. In an interview which he recently gave to Sydsvenskan, Johanson spoke about the unique quality of the songs, going onto add that it seems to be too good to win. Anouk replied in an extremely polite manner stating that one indeed should have faith. The anticipated track will be officially unveiled to the public on the 11th March 2013 with more details set to be announced by TROS in due course. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: TROS

Thursday, 27 December 2012 16:11

The Netherlands: Anouk Releases New Song

Since the introduction of the semi-final system back in 2004, The Netherlands have not managed to achieve successful results, only managing to qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on one occasion with the track Without You performed by the duo, Reunion. TROS, the Dutch broadcaster has finally decided to take matters in their own hands and try to achieve success. Formats have come and gone noting that earlier this year, a national selection took place with John De Mol leading the proceedings. Ultimately it was Joan Franka with the track You and Me who went to the competition and despite being a fan favourite and also receiving ample support from the public, it only reached fifteenth place and thus did not manage to qualify. For the upcoming competition, they selected Anouk internally and it seems that she is gearing up considering that she is releasing new music.

It has to be pointed out that her most successful track is surely Nobody's Wife released back in 1997 but her last four albums including Who's Your Momma? (2007), Live at Gelredome (2008), For Bitter or Worse (2009) and To Get Her Together (2011) have all peaked at number 1 in The Netherlands with three of the last studio albums managing to peak in the top five also in Belgium. Anouk has been working with EMI Music for a relatively long period of time but nevertheless, she will be releasing her upcoming studio album on her own record label. The name of the album is set to be Sad Singalong Songs whilst the brand new song which has just been released bears the name Stardust which was also the name of the recently released album by 2010 Eurovision Song Contest winner; Lena Meyer-Landrut. Despite the fact that the track does fit into the regulations of the European broadcasting Union, Anouk confirmed on her Facebook page that this will not be the song for her Dutch participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Anouk (Official Facebook)

The Netherlands have come through a lot of fiery criticism over their entries in recent years, so much so that they had initiated a collaboration with the renowned John Del Mol earlier this year in order to ensure a significant boost to the profile of the annual Eurovision Song Contest, a competition which they have won a total of four time, the last of which coming way back in 1975 thanks to the group Teach In with the track Ding-A-Dong. Nevertheless, since the introduction of the semi-final system back in 2004, the country has only managed the final once with the closes possible qualification since then coming in 2008 with Hind and her song Your Heart Belongs to Me. There has been a lot of exposure to the country thus far due to the fact that it seems that Anouk put her name forward to end the many years of disappointment but initially, it seemed like the broadcaster where going a different direction before it came out open in the public. Negotiations started and have ended positively because in a surprise announcement through social networking website, Facebook earlier this morning, Anouk announced her official selection at the 2013 representative of The Netherlands.

The 37 year old performer from The Netherlands started her career back in 1996, when she was part of the band known as Shotgun Wedding. She was discovered by a music industry professional who helped her release her debut solo single entitled Mood Indigo and despite the song only being a minor success, sheer talent could easily be noted and hence with a brand new songwriter, in 1997, she released the track Nobody's Wife, which was a major hit not only locally but even across Europe in countries including Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Italy. It was followed by an album bearing the name Together Alone being certified in The Netherlands, Italy and Sweden. Since then though, her record label decided to focus on the Dutch and Belgian markets respectively but her fan base is all across the continent and that will surely be an added plus to those following the Eurovision Song Contest.

Her popularity is on the rise and in Norway and Denmark, her high profile has been aided through shows such as the X-Factor due to covers made by the contestants getting the viewers to listen to their rendition and then possibly going to see who the original performer actually is so to speak. Her 2009 album bearing the title Three Days in a Row hit the top of the charts and thus, Anouk knew that she should continue making music whilst also continuously writing for other successful artists in the vein of Trijntje Oosterhuis. In the meantime, Anouk has confirmed that the song will be selected internally and will be presented towards the end of February. We would like to wish Anouk and The Netherlands, the very best of luck in the competition. Stay tuned to for more news about the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Anouk

Sunday, 16 September 2012 18:26

The Netherlands: Anouk Seemingly Chosen

Rumours with regards to the following years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest tend to go viral months before the competition taking place especially when it comes to respective representation of certain countries but then again, one of the names which has never been brought up is the one of Anouk for The Netherlands, noting that her fame in her own country and abroad would definitely serve well in the esteemed music competition. A couple of months back, TROS along with John De Mol almost wasted an opportunity to internally choose the artist which had put her name forward but the tables turned and negotiations started following a rant on social media, Twitter. Ultimately it seems that the discussions are reaching that pivotal stage with a finish line in sight and the light at the end of the tunnel looks positive.

Algemeen Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper have just learnt that the broadcaster have requested to cancel their airtime slots in January, the same period which was set to be used for the Nationaal Songfestival making it more likely that the internal selection will go ahead. Anouk seems to have a 'killer song' ready actually and considering her repertoire of songs which includes hits such as Three Days in a Row, Nobody's Wife, Girl and What Have You Done?, things look extremely well placed for the first Dutch qualification since 2004 when the duo Reunion had managed to make it through with their track Without You languishing in the lower part of the final table at the end of the evening. They have tried a variety of ways to try and send the right package but all has been in vain thus far. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Algemeen Daglad

The Eurovision Song Contest has been a positive experience for quite a number of countries throughout the years and although things might turn sour for some time, they would turn around eventually. The Netherlands are still hoping that they will shine again once more noting that a change in broadcaster has not helped the ailing nation get out of the negative funk which they have entered since the introduction of the semi-finals noting that they have only managed to get through to the final round of the competiiont just one, that being in 2004 with the song Without You performed by Re-Union. It seems that 2013 is set to be quite an interesting year with the press somewhat covering every possible edge to make sure that success is achieved.

In the past couple of weeks, one of the individuals to put her name forward to represent The Netherlands was none other than Anouk, one of the most popular names in the industry and known all over Europe for her hit song Nobody's Wife released quite a couple of years back. At first, the broadcaster, TROS were not looking at sending the artist internally with a national final thought to be taking place but there seems to have been somewhat of a change of heart according to the Dutch newspaper, Algemeen Dagblad which reported that; the director of the broadcaster; Peter Kuipers is prepared to 'have a conversation with Anouk'. The renowned performer is looking to represent The Netherlands in Malmo, so much so that she already has a 'killer song' lined up to perform at the esteemed event. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.
Source: Algemeen Dagblad

The disappointing results of the Dutch Broadcaster, TROS have been putting a lot of things in perspective so to speak and the fact of the matter remains that they do need to pull something out of the bag to make sure that they do eventually qualify to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. With the help of John Del Mol, known for creating the hit reality television shows, The Voice and Big Brother, they organized a very high profile national final this year which was won by Joan and her track You and Me which despite managing a tenth place with the tele-voting, was brought down to a non-qualifier with the juries, eventually finishing in fifteenth place.

In recent weeks, there seemed to have been talks going round about the possibility that Anouk would represent the ailing country as the contest moves to Malmo in Sweden next year but these plans seem to have been scrapped due to the fact that TROS would like to organized a high profile national final for the second year in a row. Insiders state that Anouk had already been working on a 'killer song' but nevertheless, it seemed that an internal selection was never going to be on the cards with a spokesperson of the Dutch broadcaster telling the media 'We are delighted that Anouk thinks about the contest, but (she) must take part in a national final'.

This decision is very disappointing to local and international fans who seriously believe that Anouk will do well in the Eurovision Song Contest. The last time that an internal selection was organized by The Netherlands was under NOS noting that Edsilia Rombley was picked internally before a song selection was well whilst Hind along with her track Your Heart Belongs to Me was also picked internally. Both entries failed to make it through to the final. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malmo, Sweden next year.

Source: RTL Boulevard

Once upon a time, The Netherlands were a nation to be reckoned with when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest noting that they had managed to win the competition on four different occasions but the last one came way back in 1975 thanks to Teach-In and their song Ding-A-Dong. Since the introduction of the semi-final system, the country has only made it to the finals once and that was in the first year of the respective system when Without You performed by Re-Union managed to make it through achieving a dismal result in the final unfortunately. They have been putting their best acts forward in recent years noting the internal selection of former representative Edsilia Rombley in 2008, well known local music star Hind in 2009 and even extremely popular Toppers in 2010 but the results have not lived up to expectations. They changed the format earlier this year by getting producer John De Mol on board and despite the positive viewing figures and the impressive national final, the result was still disappointing.

Joan Franka and her country track You and Me was definitely a fan favourite in Baku, Azerbaijan and in fact, had it been based just on televoting, the track would have made it through to the finals by virtue of achieving the tenth spot but the jury did not believe that it should make it through and therefore, it failed to make the cut. Nevertheless, it seems that John De Mol along with TROS have already started their proceedings for the 2013 participation of The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest and they do have one artist in mind, and surely, if they do have her on board, The Netherlands might have just secured one of their top finishes in years. The singer that has been touted as being the number #1 hit target on their respective list is Anouk who is well known around The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France having topped the albums chart in her native country on eight occasions, including one just last year. Her recent album To Get Her Together was a huge hit charting at the top in The Netherlands and also number #4 in Belgium. Stay tuned to as we follow this story even further.

Source: John De Mol, Eurovisionary

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