December 07, 2019

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Franklin Calleja, second runner-up at this year’s edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and an artist who profile has risen in a relatively short amount of time owing to his incredible vocal skills has just released his first radio single, “Let You Go”, composed by Cyprian Cassar and penned by Matt ‘Muxu’ Mercieca.

This is the second time that the trio have worked together as a unit, having previously been responsible for his success at Malta’s leading competitive event, “Little Love”. “Let You Go” is written in a significantly different genre that what people have come to expect from the talented artist, merging a thumping bass, with an ethnic sounding brass instrument.

It is new, it is different and it works. In a supporting music video, produced by Fade in Media, Franklin is scaling the heights and having fun with the song, something that he does not normally do, noting that he tends to feel very emotional as he tackles a ballad.

“Let You Go” has amassed a stunning number of views through social networking website Facebook, but it has also made an impact on the local radio stations, making Malta’s Top 10 on 89.7 Bay. We urge you to listen to the song below, and also stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Franklin Calleja (Facebook, Twitter)

Franklin - Let You Go

Here's the music video for my new single guys... Enjoy!

Posted by Franklin Music on Monday, 29 August 2016
Published in Local Music News
Saturday, 09 August 2014 20:17

Malta: Maxine Pace launches Sophomore Single

Maxine Pace, a female singer/songwriter whose debut single "Fed Up" quickly rose to the upper echelons of Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D on 89.7 Bay is back with a new track, "Alive". Co-written by Maxine and Ramzi, the song speaks about the carefree months of summer, and how one should always be ready for the next challenge by virtue of being alive.

Maxine Pace was nominated for Best New Artist at this year's edition of the Malta Music Awards held in February, finding herself in great company alongside; Norbert, Andi and Plan Zero, the latter being the eventual winners. Easily recognised for her strong voice and stunning beauty, Maxine Pace is currently being tutored by Gillian Attard of La Voix Academy as well as Joshua Alamu whilst being taken care of Ironic PR & Artist Management. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Maxine Pace (Facebook, Twitter)

Published in Local Music News

"One Fine Day" co-written by Errol Sammut and Claudia Faniello, the latter providing the vocals is the first release of the hotly anticipated sophomore album. Since finishing in second place at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the second time back in 2012, Claudia has been riding a surge of popularity, performing at major events including Rockestra and Ġensna amongst others.

Her latest release, a new entry at number #9 on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D earlier this week, has been receiving rave reviews from both the public and critics alike. The female vocalist has always been seen in a positive light, noting that her raspy vocal adds that special something, a quality which not many artists have. CAP-Sounds, the company responsible for the recent releases of Daniel Testa, Amber, Fabrizio Faniello, Miriam Christine and Rikki Lee is responsible for the publishing rights and have put the song up for purchase on digital stores worldwide, including iTunes. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest music news.

Source: Claudia Faniello (Official Facebook, Official Twitter)

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"Smile" is a five letter word which we use often in life, hoping that the pain and worry of everyday stress is relieved by a quick change of self expression. It is a crafty word, and also the name of the brand new single release by Rikki Lee, the male singer/songwriter and former lead vocalist of the band; Gypsy Genes. This follows debut single "Lies" which was a number #2 hit on 89.7 Bay and could still be purchase through iTunes.

Rikki and his team have been working for weeks on end on an extensive promotional campaign involving selfies of smiling people. Well known artists who were a part of this project included none other than; Daniel Testa, Rachael Tedesco Triccas, Karen DeBattista, Thea Garrett, Danica Muscat, Kylie Coleiro, Maxine Pace, Raquel Galdes, Fabrizio Faniello, Malcolm Pisani and Christabelle.

In support of "Smile", a music video is being shot and your services will be required throughout the afternoon at 4pm at the Xara Lodge in Rabat, that is if you are able to make it. Rikki Lee is fully supported by CAP Sounds, a German record label whose distribution is handled by Universal Music Germany. We urge you to stay tuned to even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news. 

Source: Rikki Lee (Official Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 14:00

Malta: CAP-Sounds Support Rikki Lee Debut

Rikki Lee, lead vocalist of the group Gypsy Genes until a mere couple of months ago is quickly establishing himself as a solo artist with his debut single Lies close to topping Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D on 89.7 by peaking at number #2. In a couple of weeks, Rikki will be releasing his sophomore single Smile having drafted Luca Caligari and Andrew Mizzi to work on producing the track, ensuring optimal quality and a sound which people will remember way beyond the summer of 2014.

In recent weeks, Rikki along with his management also finalised a contractual agreement with CAP-Sounds, the German based record label with distribution handled by Universal Music Germany. As a result, the first single Lies is now available for purchase through iTunes both locally and internationally. Manfred Holz, Managing Director and Owner of CAP-Sounds is proud to welcome Rikki Lee to the family stating that his sound is fresh and modern, one that should also aid the label to grow. We urge you to purchase the track as soon as possible and stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: Rikki Lee (Official Facebook Page)

Published in Local Music News

Sophie, a nineteen year old, originally from Malta but based in the United Kingdom, has successfully entered the local music charts as published by 89.7 Bay with the track Lil’ Game. This is rather surprising, especially days after the official music video for her entry Let the Sunshine In co-written with Lou Mullen, Alexander Dew, and Adam Packard was made available by the Public Broadcasting Services. It is well worth noting that this will be her second participation in the event, having also made the cut back in 2011 with the song Love to Love You which she co-wrote with Junior Eurovision Song Contest winning songwriter, Elton Zarb.

In 2006, Sophie managed to triumph in the Malta Junior Song for Europe competition, with the track, Extra Cute which she claims to have written, something which could be the case especially noting that she has been writing her own material for quite some time. Every now and then, the female artist would like to make a splash in her home country, Malta and therefore it does not come as a surprise that she has entered the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, or that she has managed to enter the charts on 89.7 Bay. A new entry at number #8, Lil' Game is also co-written with Elton Zarn and has given Sophie several success stories in the United Kingdom. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: 89.7 Bay

Published in Local Music News
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 17:00

Malta: Singing for Bay Kids '13 Single Released

Throughout the years, the Bay Music Awards have acquired a sense of belonging, and also a major role in promoting the best of the local cultural calendar by managing to attracts several individuals from the music sector whose aim is to bring music to the masses. 89.7 Bay have been one of the sources on how the music is being passes on from one generation to another and the public have previously noted this on several occasions considering that the network has always enjoyed a steady audience, keeping it at the top of the surveys for consecutive years. In the run up to the event, one could easily note the recording of a track which would be done with a big heart representing the charity that the country has been known to offer to those who are in need and in fact, the Singing for Bay Kids single returns for yet another year and this time bearing the name Today.

Today, co-written by Ivan Grech, Peter Borg, Wayne Camilleri, Matthew James Borg and Raphael Tonna is performed by five artists in total; those being none other than Christabelle; a multiple Best Solo Artist Award winner, Rick Scicluna; lead vocalist of Gypsy Genes (nominated for Best New Artist), Ivan Grech; lead vocalist of Winter Moods, Victorio Gauci; lead vocalist of The Crowns (nominated for Best Band) and Matthew James Borg; lead vocalist of Red Electrick (nominated for Best Band). You could view the music video of the track below which has been directed by V SQUARED Media and Entertainment. It is a stunning piece of work and we at for starters are proud to be promoting this track as part of the spectacular event set for the 21st December 2013 at the Bay Arena. Stay tuned to as we cover the categories of this years’ Bay Music Awards in the coming days.

Source: 89.7 Bay

Published in Local Music News
Thursday, 05 September 2013 11:20

Malta: Video for 'Me Luv u Long Time' Released

Ira Losco, considered by many as the leading lady within the local music scene has just released the music video, accompanying the third single Me Luv u Long Time from the album The Fire. A favourite amongst her fans, the song has already managed to peak at the top position on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D on 89.7 Bay and the PRS Chart which ranks the most airplay on all music stations.

The music video, directed by Francis Ghersci with production by The Bigger Picture is yet another impressive visual for Losco. All in all, there were around twenty-five people who were involved in the shoot, which took place at ONE Studios in Marsa. The Bigger Picture, Nexos Lighting, The Atrium, Portomaso Casino, GUESS and FCM Bank were vital in the realization of this video. Make up and hair was left in the expert hands of award-winning Justin Brincat and Clinton Attard. Drew Warhurst, Matthew Pace and Andrea Gauci provided wardrobe and props. 

This is the third music video for Ira Losco from her latest album and with such a background, it comes to show that she has become one of the most active local artists. With two previous hits; What I'd Give and The Person I Am which also successfully topped the charts and a studio album which managed to stay at the number #1 for eleven (11) consecutive weeks, it seems that Ira is truly reaching her peak as an artist, combining her songwriting and performing skills together. 

Fans are asked to visit the page to be informed about a competition regarding this video release with many prizes to be won. Besides the funny bloopers during the end credits there is also a link to be found for the making of video teaser. 2 making of videos will be released shortly. "I find it is of utmost importance to add a strong visual to music especially in today’s age. Releasing a music video with every single is a challenging task for obvious reasons but, I’m a firm believer that the audio and visual creative sectors compliment each other perfectly” concluded Ira Losco. Stay tuned to for another guest editorial by Ira Losco in the coming weeks along with more of the latest news.

Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

Rhiannon, originally known behind the scenes as the female backing vocalist in My Dream composed by Jason Paul Cassar to the lyrics of Sunny Aquilina with lead vocals by Thea Garrett. As many remember, the track eventually went onto represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest with Pamela, Nadine Axisa and Jacqueline Pace Delicata appearing as female backing vocalists. The problem for Rhiannon at the time was that she was just sixteen years old and unable to take to the international stage. Almost four years later, the young female vocalist is set to take the local music scene by storm as she plans to reveal her debut single on Malta's Top Ten with Nathan D which airs weekly on 89.7 Bay.

The debut single entitled Take a Look is a co-write between Rhiannon and Ramzi, the latter of which has already found success in recent weeks with the track Fed Up by Maxine Pace, a former participant within the Malta Junior Eurosong competition. In recent years, this portal has helped promote the local music scene to the best possible capacity and therefore made contact with Rhiannon prior to the full release of her debut single. Following a quick discussion about her upcoming plans for the near future, we came to an agreement to exclusively preview forty-five (45) seconds of her debut single which remember will be available to listen to through all major radio stations within the next couple of days. We would like you to stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the local music scene.

Source:, Tonio Lombardi (Image)

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A couple of weeks ago, On the Dancefloor, written by Matt Mercieca was unveiled as the second single by Jan Cortez following the smashing success he had with the track My World which was selected as the Best Song of the Year at the Bay Music Awards. As expected, the brand new track has a thumping beat in retrospect of the hot summer months that have somewhat engulfed the country. It's the type of song that one would hear by the pool or the beach during an extremely wild party and it can also be yours for a mere €0.99 through digital portal, iTunes. In order to support the release of the song, the male vocalist published an official music video just a couple of days back which you may also view at the bottom of this article.

Through his latest track, Jan Cortez garnered airplay on 89.7 Bay as well as all the major radio stations in the country but his success has been denoted on iTunes where he did enter the local chart for around a week. The songwriter of this track, Matt Mercieca was also responsible for the second runner-up entry at this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Betrayed which was performed by Davinia to the music of Elton Zarb. In the meantime, the music video for On The Dancefloor is quite technical with special effects throughout the four minute track. Special thanks for the music video goes to  Jon Camilleri and Marlon Polidano who were responsible for filming and editing respectively. Stay tuned to for the latest news as it becomes available. 

Source: YouTube

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