October 20, 2019

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Monday, 31 March 2014 22:00

Malta: Promotional Video Causes Controversy

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As it was the case in most years, the Public Broadcasting Services has once again taken the initiative of producing a video for the Maltese entry Coming Home. Gianluca’s video was a massive success and it was never a surprise that PBS led by Tonio Portughese and Anton Attard decided to go to the man behind its success. Duane Laus along with his spouse Angie Laus were the brains behind the promotional video of Malta’s entry. Along with the input of PBS, Rodney Gauci and Gordon Bonello they came up with a product that will fit amongst the best popular videos in the music scene. 

The idea behind the Maltese video this year was exceptional and the cast and crew made sure that the message came across well. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War and the video is “REMEMBERING THOSE WHO NEVER CAME HOME.” As any Brit would tell you, the idea of the 100th anniversary of this event has take the country by storm, as the media has been promoting this event for quite a long time now. Surely the Maltese video will feel right at home there and one would think, we really hit the right spot by appealing to the emotions of the public and gave the song a newfound meaning. Having said that, the perspective from where you actually look at it plays a vital role.

In fact one could say not everyone took a liking to our creative masterpiece or rather it was misinterpreted. The first reports of complaints came flooding in, after our video was previewed on BBC. A senior representative released an official statement earlier this week saying: “My heartfelt sympathy goes to all the families who have lost someone dear to them during the First and Second World War. The Maltese video has been sent to us by the European Broadcasting Union to promote the Maltese entry at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and like every other promotional video we were obliged to air it - we never thought it would touch so many people. We would like to express our sincere apologies but the video intended no harm.”


A number of nursing homes reported that after the preview of the Maltese video most of the patients were moved to tears. In fact in some extraordinary cases there were patients who needed medical attention as they started hyperventilating and went into a panic attack during and after the video was previewed. One disgruntled family member went on to comment that if she knew what the video was about she would have never let her mother watch it especially since she her mother had lost her father in the First World War and her husband in the Second World War. After the St Catherine’s Nursing Home in Surrey revealed their story to thesun.co.uk another twenty-four nursing homes said that they had experienced a similar situation.

In an ironic tone some even went on to comment that after the preview video was aired they had estimated that for this particular week they have used 5% more toilet paper as they had to provide their patients with a lot of tissue paper to wipe away their tears. Local markets also said they saw a sudden increase of sales in tissue paper but never thought that the reason behind all this would be a Eurovision video from the tiny country of Malta. On the other hand locally, the video was well received although some senior citizens did comment that the video was a bit overwhelming but would have loved to see more scenes featuring the happy moments were families of the lucky ones who actually made it home were reunited.  

Well, not all press is bad press because thanks to this those who hadn’t yet watched the video went on to the popular website YouTube to watch the most talked about video in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and thanks it the video has garnered almost 170,000. In fact most the hits came in the past week after it was previewed on BBC. Coincidence or not, the video is a strong one and perhaps in the light of recent political turmoil Malta’s song and video will make the troubled countries realize that in every war there are no winners - only martyrs – the ones who never come home. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more of the latest news.

NOTE: We would like to inform everyone that this was the April Fools Article for the day. It is pivotal to point out that the reception for the video has been more than satisfactory. We would like to wish Firelight the very best of luck as they represent Malta with Coming Home.

Source: BBC, escflashmalta.com


Last modified on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 19:41