December 12, 2019

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Monday, 13 January 2014 05:21

Malta: 'Hawn Jien' by Corazon - Album Review

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Corazon is slowly becoming a household name in our country, the young talented singer songwriter has slowly established herself as one of the best contemporary artists on our islands – with three Malta Eurovision appearances to her name and three ‘Għanja Tal-Poplu’ wins, the name Corazon is surely a name to look out for years to come. Simplicity has always been the key for Corazon and when you see her performing, you would expect to see her behind a piano – a sound she truly cherishes. Apart from being the girl behind the piano, Corazon is popularly known for her crystal clear diction, something a lot of her critics praise her for. 

Defying all the odds, Corazon has finally managed to release her first studio album – surely a milestone especially since the album itself includes songs only in our mother tongue language, Maltese. The work on this album has been substantial and in all it took around five year to complete but the singer songwriter wanted this project to be launched at the right time, when every single thing would have come together. Surely, the wait was worth it as the tracks on the albums along with the arrangements and the detail in the production come together to perfection. Every little detail is important in fact even the CD cover and booklet compliment this maginifcent work.

Album Title: Hawn Jien

Released: 11th January, 2014 had the pleasure to be invited to this album launch which took place at Sir Temi Żammit Hall at the University of Malta and it was surely an absolute pleasure to be able to listen to the album carefully whilst enjoy each track in order to review it for our readers. I dare say it is one of the best releases in recent years. Unfortunately, most artist seem to focus a lot on releasing material in English and lately we did not have any artists releasing albums entirely in Maltese but Corazon has always been one to challenge the norm. 

The album is sophistacted with different musical genres and various subjects explored and exploited to perfection by the talented singer songwriter. Some of the subjects Corazon writes about, challenge the usual subjects we get to hear in songs and her insight into every little detail of the Maltese society makes you envious. In fact, a number of artists would tell you that you know how good a song is when they wish that a particular number is written by them and most of the tracks on this album would surely be the envy of many.

Tracks to look out for:

Jgħidu Kien Hawn Raġel – This track for me is surely the stand out track of the whole album. Musically is so different to what we are used to hearing that automatically makes this song and intruinging one for the listener. The music is complimented perfectly by the lyrics which speak about betrayal and mystery and this is also translated into the general feel of the song. The mastery of all this is that in this track one could hear the typical Maltese sounds and as the song progresses you find yourself tapping and also singing along to its lyrics. After it finishes, you find yourself wondering how it finished so quickly and without even thinking you would want to listen to it again.

Fid-Dar Tan-Nanna – A track I first heard live on television and as soon as I heard it stopped dead in my tracks, listening to every single word. It pictures the old Maltese household to perfection, to every single detail. Those listening to it will surely be reminiscent of either the houses they lived in or else the houses of their parents or grandparents. The younger generations can only picture the typical Maltese house which by time has been replaced by small apartments. The music serves as a bridge that takes you back to the old days and then brings you back to shock you with what the current generations are faced with. The mix itself is sophisticated and done so delicately that without wanting the listener stays on reflecting on what is happening to our generation.

Illejla B’Xejn – This is possibly the most sensitive subject Corazon exploits on this album – the theme of prostitution and someone desperately yearning to be loved. The way she puts the words helps in making the song acceptable. There is a very fine line when dealing with these theme but Corazon has the class to know that she does not need to cross it to get her point across. Musically the song it compliments the lyrics and strings are used to give the song a very intimate feel and her velvety voice help create the desired effect of lust. The song itself won the best social theme in ‘L-Għanja Tal-Poplu’ and this goes on to show that you do not need to conform to the norm to get good results in festivals – if it is done properly one can challenge the norm and achieve great results, something which Corazon keeps doing. 

Final Verdict:

Narrowing down three tracks from eleven tracks on the album have surely been challenging and I would simply put it down to a matter of taste. Each track can stand alone and carries an even weight. I guess this album sends out a clear sign to all doubters of local music and the Maltese lanaguge that songs in our native tongue can sound great and have a contemporary feel to them. Some might argue that this review is a tad too positive but when something is good, you can really fault it in any way especially when Corazon has made sure that even the nitty gritty things critics would normally pick on have been taken care of and dealt with to perfection. A big well done to all the people involved in this album – it surely worth listening to and its songs will surely be ones that will be played on for generations to come.

Last modified on Monday, 13 January 2014 20:33