December 06, 2019

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Monday, 08 July 2013 16:30

Norway: Submissions for MGP 2014 Commence

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In 2009, Norway swept to victory as Alexander Rybak charmed the public and the professional jury with his performance of Fairytale but following that, the Scandinavian country had seemingly been on going through a whirlwind of disappointment. Nevertheless, all changed this year as hype grew stronger in anticipation for their entry I Feed You My Love performed by Margaret Berger which finished in fourth place, their best result since that victory. NRK, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Norway has already confirmed participation in Denmark and it seems that they will be going all out with the pre-selection.

Vivi Stenberg, the woman who took over the Melodi Grand Prix selection process last year is currently looking for the songs which will be competing to represent Norway within the next twelve months. 'I want good songs that reflect the music genres we like to listen to in Norway. I hope to be surprised so pleasre think up something new an exciting'. This years' entry might have been thought to be somewhat marmite but that does not mean that it was not set to be liked by the general population and successfully did well with both the public and the juries respectibely. It seems that the semi-finals will be done away with for next years' Melodi Grand Prix stating that changes will be implemented with the aim of promoting the songs that will be competing for the highest honour. NRK are currently designing a model of programmes which will see a build-up in the presentation.

Vivi Stenberg, a musician in her own right has also spoken about the importance of Norwegian talent and thus songwriters from Norway will somewhat be preferred but nevertheless, submissions from abroad are also extremely welcome. If you are interested in submitting songs to compete in next years' edition of the Melodi Grand Prix, then make sure to read through the English regulations which could be accessed through the official website of NRK. All of the entries which will be hoping to get through to the final stages have to be submitted by the 15th September 2014. Remember, that next years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is taking place on the 6th, 8th and 10th May in Denmark. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news


Last modified on Monday, 08 July 2013 16:39