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Saturday, 18 May 2013 23:00

Eurovision 2013: Denmark Triumphs in Sweden

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Emmelie de Forest on behalf of Denmark was crowned winner of the Eurovision Song Contest a couple of minutes ago with the song Only Teardrops co-written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen, Thomas Stengaard. The song managed to garner points from across Europe, ultimately totalling to 281 points. Such a stagerring total actually puts her in fourth place amongst total points achieved from winners behind Fairytale (2009), Euphoria (2012) and Hard Rock Hallelujah (2006). Only Teardrops had been the favourite to triumph at this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest since it was selected in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix when it had topped the charts.

SVT, the host broadcaster was slightly disappointing towards the end of the broadcast when with around four countries left to vote, they almost cut the transmission in announcing that Denmark was the winner but nevertheless returned to see the final votes which were met with almost complete silence as all of the buildup and excitement was lost. Only Teardrops is already a commercial success in several European countries noting that digital sales have seen it rise within the top ten in several countries including Sweden, Greece, Estonia, Malta, Denmark, Hungary and Belarus whilst entering other markets such as the one in the United Kingdom and Germany amongst others. The European Broadcasting Union will soon be announcing the way forward although it is expected that Copenhagen, capital city of Denmark. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

  • 1st: Denmark - 281 points
  • 2nd: Azerbaijan - 234 points
  • 3rd: Ukraine - 214 points
  • 4th: Norway - 191 points
  • 5th: Russia - 174 points
  • 6th: Greece - 152 points
  • 7th: Italy - 126 points
  • 8th: Malta - 120 points
  • 9th: The Netherlands - 114 points
  • 10th: Hungary - 84 points
  • 11th: Moldova - 71 points
  • 12th: Belgium - 71 points
  • 13th: Romania - 65 points
  • 14th: Sweden - 62 points
  • 15th: Georgia - 51 points
  • 16th: Belarus - 48 points
  • 17th: Iceland - 47 points
  • 18th: Armenia - 41 points
  • 19th: United Kingdom - 23 points
  • 20th: Estonia - 19 points
  • 21st: Germany - 18 points
  • 22nd: Lithuania - 17 points
  • 23th: France - 14 points
  • 24th: Finland - 13 points
  • 25th: Spain - 8 points
  • 26th: Ireland - 5 points
Cascada and Bonnie Tyler were two of the most well known artists in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but it seems that the fan base did not pull through unfortunately noting that they could only managed eighteen (18) and twenty-three (23) points respectively. On the other hand, host nation Sweden is surely disappointed at only managing sixty-two (62) points despite the support that Robin Stjernberg had prior to the competition. In this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ireland managed only five (5) points, two (2) from Cyprus, two (2) from Swedem and one (1) from the United Kingdom. They had also received the same scoreline like Dervish back in 2007 with the song They Can't Stop The Spring. 


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